David Temple Appeal

Milford, CT

#42 Jul 29, 2012
It's interesting to observe that everyone who read 'Shattered' believes he is definitely guilty (as do I) but many of those who only saw the 48 Hours special are questioning his guilt. The reason for this is that the book offers a great deal more insight into this case than a one hour TV episode can provide. 12 people on a jury voted him guilty; they were provided more details than any of us who simply read the book and/or were able to see from the 48 Hours special.
If you think he's guilty but have not read the book, take the time to do so as it will definitely alter your perception on this case. As 12 peers on a jury decided, he was 'guilty beyond a reasonable doubt'. This comes from looking at some powerful evidence. Nobody takes a guilty verdict in a murder trial lightly, realizing the tremendous impact on the defendant and his friends/family. If only one person out of the 12 had disagreed, he'd be a free man.

Houston, TX

#43 Aug 9, 2012
hope he is having fun in jail while his tramp keeps being a slut ha! Rot in hell worthless humans!

Spring, TX

#44 Aug 20, 2012

Woodway, TX

#45 Aug 24, 2012
I have not read "Shattered" but I HAVE seen the 48 hours show of David Temple. Knowing that the TV show is bound to spin some sensationalism, I easily concluded at the end he was guilty. Yes, there may be a couple of things that don't add up, as in most murder trials, but the evidence is overwhelming. I'll have to read the book when I get the chance. For those of you that believe he is innocent, you can at least be thankful he wasn't sentenced to death.

Carlsbad, CA

#46 Sep 2, 2012
Damon wrote:
I agree. If 48 Hours ran a true depiction of what happened then the 12 people who convicted him are looney! The neighbour kid failed THREE lie detector tests; he lied when asked where he was during the murder. That right there is enough to suggest David's innocence.
Read the boom Shattered.
48 Hours did not accurately present the evidence. There is a lot left out. Including the fact that Seigler proved over and over again with David's own testimony that he was a liar. He lied about just about everything. And he wasn't nice. He was mean and abusive. There were a lot of witnesses that testified to his behavior and treatment of his wife. Including making her do yard work pregnant while he laid on the couch ( when not screwing Heather or other women) and watched sports, criticizing her weight in front of her friends and family while she was pregnant, and actually refused to go visit her parents calling them fat, white trash. He isn't this perfect innocent lamb 48 hours made him out to be.

Haslet, TX

#47 Sep 18, 2012
Kathleen Schneider wrote:
Are you serious, this guy is as guilty as they come. He is a seriously ill mentalty sick individual who blew his pregnant wife's brains out, killing his unborn daughter. The guy needs to be excuted!
I did see any evidence that he was guilty and some that should have helped clear him was thrown out. What evidence did you see. Cheating is not a crime.

Northfield, NJ

#48 Nov 18, 2012
KDB wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you Caroline Cutler...when I read this I think of what a dramatic life you must live. It makes me sad for you, but thankful for how I live mine. As 'they' say - if you don't have anything nice to say...(especially when you don't know what OR who you're talking about) Take care now
Take the blinders off KDB lol. Glad you are such an awesome person but......this is just common sense. Quite frankly i don't see how the comment has anything to do with how this person lives their life. He is so guilty and they hit it right on the head.

Etobicoke, Canada

#49 Dec 13, 2012
This is a scary world when people like K.S are DA's.. This is a master manipulator without a conscience, who is out to win at ALL /ANY costs- regardless of innocence/guilt. That neighbour kid had motive, means, and opportunity, and failed his polygraph. I don't know if. The kid did it. I dont know if David Temple did it, or someone else- but I do know If the evidence I saw on 48 hours was enough for 12 jurors to convict a man to life in prison, we'd better all be afraid.

Etobicoke, Canada

#50 Dec 13, 2012
Leele - How would you like to be convicted of murder in the first degree based on common sense?forget the constitution, forget about "EVIDENCE" and " BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT" lets convict people based on common sense. Wow I really hope you're never called in for jury duty.
Get Real

Waco, TX

#51 Dec 14, 2012
Nikki, he WASN'T convicted off of common sense, he WAS convicted by evidence. Read the book "Shattered", you can't base your opinion solely off the 48 Hours show.

Salt Lake City, UT

#52 Dec 29, 2012
No 48 hours did not depict story as accurately as they could have. I watched it after I read the book 'shattered'. Read the book for more info and you'll understand more of why he was convicted.

Chicago, IL

#53 Jan 6, 2013
We have all seen examples of DA withholding evidence and sending innocent people to prison. Was the husband scum, yes but that doesn't mean he deserves be in prison for something he didn't do.
Get Real

Rosebud, TX

#54 Jan 9, 2013
No way am I going to waste any more of my time precious time trying to convince anyone of his guilt or innocence. If you want to believe he's innocent, then live in fear that the real killer is still out there, and will kill again. I sleep well at night knowing the killer is behind bars the rest of his life, and HE lives in fear of the same thing happening to him.
Jayzico Morales

Ribchester, UK

#55 Apr 25, 2014
David Temple is innocent. NOT! After reading the book thus getting a good idea of his background then watching his farcical tears in the 48 hours programme it beggars belief that an asshole like DICK d would yet AGAIN pledge an oath to a killer. Dick D should be put to death, all the killers he gets off charges and celebrates with their millions.

Put it this way. David 'supposedly' looked 'unremorseful' after the killing. He never shed a tear. OK - he was a hard man, a ball player, a tough guy... he thought that might be his get out clause. CRAP.

As soon as the dude is banged up for LIFE... Yeah. Hell YEAH he sheds a tear or zillions... he's lost his frickin freedom!

Execute the spineless, soul-less bastard... and take Big Dick D with him. AMEN

Houston, TX

#56 May 29, 2014
The main detail David forgot was the dog. No one would have been able to go in through the backyard without the dog freaking out. Police were actually getting ready to shoot the dog because they needed to get in the house.

Never understand why husbands who are having affairs believe they will get away it. Get a divorce morons.
What I know

United States

#57 Jul 24, 2015
I don't think David is guilty it's like the cop's completely 4got about this young guy that in my opinion done this horrible crime the 2 young boys heard gun shots while mind you David was out shopping with his son this reminds me of the state of Indiana v. David Camm he finally got out years later when a detective and the court system I think he might be innocent and I'm extremely sad and feel for Belinda's family my prayers go out to them and his son
Think farts

United States

#58 Oct 26, 2015
Guilty farts

Katy, TX

#59 Nov 7, 2015
Caroline Cutler wrote:
He did it. I read the book and watched the special they had ran on 48 hours mystery. David Temple lied, his family lied and they don't really care who did this horrible murder. He never did ANYTHING to try to find out what happened to his wife and unborn baby girl and his family didn't do anything either. Thats because David Temple murdered his wife and if he hired a private detective then the truth might come out. He was in love with another woman and didn't want his pregnant wife or new baby to complicate his life. His girlfriend wanted more and he couldn't give her more since he was married and his wife was pregnant. He knew that his girlfriend would break-up with him if things didn't change and she was a huge flirt anyway so it wouldn't be a problem to make him jealous. He thought that he could get away with this murder since he was so popular in his hometown. This man is heartless. He only cares about himself and his family is heartless as well. They have no respect for anybody and treated the victims family like trash. David Temple was raised to be like this so it doesn't surprise me that he ended up murdering his wife and unborn baby.
The glass in the door was broken from the inside. Nothing was stolen even though there was money and jewelry in plain view. It was a staged scene. No one could get into the back yard with that dog except someone he knew.

Noblesville, IN

#60 Nov 15, 2015
What I know wrote:
I don't think David is guilty it's like the cop's completely 4got about this young guy that in my opinion done this horrible crime the 2 young boys heard gun shots while mind you David was out shopping with his son this reminds me of the state of Indiana v. David Camm he finally got out years later when a detective and the court system I think he might be innocent and I'm extremely sad and feel for Belinda's family my prayers go out to them and his son
Sadly, David Camm was released from prison on his third trial; Camm is as guilty of murdering his wife as David Temple is.
Fart sniffing

United States

#61 Jan 27, 2016
Farts were set free as well

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