Once again leftists prove themselves hysterical, irrational and completely incapable of evaluating anything in its proper context. This wasn't a matter of censorship, it was a matter of obedience at a public school.

The right to "Freedom of speech" does not mean that you have the right to DEMAND a platform (or a microphone or an audience) for anything you have to say - it is up to you to provide that platform yourself. Since those girls don't own that school and hence have no right to dictate its rules or regulations, and since it is generally understood and accepted that ONLY certain elected individuals have the right to dictate and enforce those rules, it is NOT a freedom of speech issue. A newspaper reserves the right to decide which reader letters to print every day - those whose letters are rejected are NOT being denied any rights.

Similarly, those girls didn't have any rights violated - in fact, it was THEY who violated the rights of others, since they ran roughshod over the rights of parents of young children not to hear a word they may or may not be comfortable with them hearing.

Sure, maybe there's "no need" to be frightened of a word, but there's also "no need" to be frightened of circus clowns and yet some people quite clearly are. The point is, it is unacceptable to FORCE people to accept your point of view in this way, without the prior consent of everyone affected.

The comment from the author of the Monologs, Eve Ensler, regarding children "resisting authority" when it's not "appropriate or wise" defies belief and for this she's a jackass of the highest order, I don't know how else to put it. Ensler is typical of the left in her naive, romantic belief that "children know best". Perhaps children are to be the deciders of what's right and what's wrong from now on? In fact, why not just throw the kids on a huge desert island without adults and tell them to get on with it, a la Lord of the Flies?

Leftists. They take the most mundane, innocent dispute, read all sorts of symbolism and metaphor into it and before you know it they've warped it into some indignant leftist cause or other and they're having buttons made with slogans on them.