Karnak Mayor is a JOKE!!!
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#21 Jul 27, 2009
Karnak Forum


Help which quote we need to use

the young good looking cop "When was the last time you had sex?"

officer D.H. "When is the last time you had sex?"

Got to love this copy paste stuff.
Them Glasses fogged up again unless D.H. is the young good looking cop too

"You got some good publicity now don't blow it and make us look Bad".

"You got your selves some publicity and raised money. Just don't blow it and make us look bad"

"You got some good publicity NOW 'Don't Blow It!' and make us look like fools.

Well Well If your going to post it get it right.
Come on Clean them glasses

Lighting Never Strikes Same Spot Twice


If it looks like it
If it smells like it
If it sounds like it
It must be it
No more to say here
Jennifer Pratis

Hartselle, AL

#22 Jul 27, 2009
This post is for anyone out there that think that I am posting on this board....I AM NOT pegib and I AM NOT silver arrow, so if I am who you had in mind you are very wrong. If I have something to say I will say it with my name on it. It is true that I don't agree with Janice on alot of things that she does and the way she does things, but I have stated this to her myself to her face. I would suggest if you have any questions about me or my family, you need to ask me, not sit behind a computer and talk shit. I have read the posts here and I can say I know for a fact that there is truth in some of these posts, and I know the truth hurts, but if your going to accuse someone you really need to be sure you are accusing the right person. And if anyone truely knows me, they know that I will say what I know to be true, I always make sure I back myself up with facts, so in the future if I DO decide to post, be assured it will be facts, and also be assured I will have my name there too.
Dean Hamilton

United States

#23 Sep 21, 2009
My Name is Dean Hamilton, I want everyone to know that the DH that Silver Arrow is referring to is not me. I have lived in Karnak for the last 25 years and I think that the little town is a good little town. I think Steve said it best.
stew padasso

Morristown, NJ

#24 Oct 10, 2009
but man can she take the chrome off a trailer hitch! gobble gobble!BONUS she swallows

Lynn, MA

#25 Oct 21, 2009
My god people, your talking about Karnak Il. It's a shit hole of a town! Does it really matter what kind of Mayor they have! the who place is a joke, and so are the people that live there!.
someone outthere

Mount Carmel, IL

#26 Oct 22, 2009
guest wrote:
My god people, your talking about Karnak Il. It's a shit hole of a town! Does it really matter what kind of Mayor they have! the who place is a joke, and so are the people that live there!.
At least we can spell and use proper english:)
making changes

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#27 Oct 23, 2009
If you would volunteer more of your time to the good. There would be more good come out of this.I think that if you want more you have to make more.To make more you have to give more.Now is the time to get busy some have already started.So do you want to do or not.now if you do this then you can help the kids,people,mayor,town workers.I everyones mad no good thing get done.I'm sad to have read this so i know out of town people are to.Go to the board meeting and said were here what can w do.Dont ask the mayor ask the board they will let you know.(mayor will tell you to if you ask her)
making changes

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#28 Oct 23, 2009
Were is this fire chief i never see him.what does he do. Is he doing anything i can't tell.good thing he's not getting payed

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#29 Oct 23, 2009
mayor was out of state ice storm time in a motel. she jump when the going got rough.and the town paid for it!!! WHY????? she good

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#30 Oct 26, 2009
what are you people doing on here I've never would have beleave what i see
Lance Coardill

Plainfield, IL

#31 Jan 17, 2010
See, the problem here, is that you have to let love in your heart. The Karnak mayor is a human being, formed in God's image, and a beautiful human being, just like every other poster to this board. Amen.

The problem with small towns like this wehere may an inbread lives is that you get these so called "big fish in small ponds." I recommend that some of these lady bountifuls of Karnak and environs (had a girlfriend from Dix, IL, once, more pairs of shoes than teeth) put down the "People" magazines and find a book or two by Max Weber or Robert Merton. This explains it all. Like a goldfish thrown into the Atlantic, so many of these trailer dwellers could never survive outside their insular, petty, ass-backward milieus. This town and its "brahmin" (ha) deserve one another.
jim annail

Grand Chain, IL

#33 Feb 21, 2010
Karnak Resident wrote:
Janice Wright is a joke, she has NO clue what is going on or how to run a town. She is a liar, and a two faced, ignorant, pervert. No wonder her husband left her, it was the best thing he could ever do for himself.
ha ha
Lance Coardill

United States

#34 Mar 2, 2010
I am trying to get Todd Stroger to move down near Marion. Man, that would shake up the lives of lots of the F1 generation inbreads and other vermin that, like manna from heaven, fell to the fertile and fecund land and never emancipated themselves from this area.

I own 645 acres of land outside of Harrisburg and Todd may be here soon. We need a Stroger Hospital in Marion, IL.

Since: Mar 10

karak il

#35 Mar 18, 2010
Past Karnak Res wrote:
"Leadership skills?? Ha ha that is too funny! She has her own agenda and if it don't prosper her or her "Click" then she does not want anything to do with it."
Sounds like our POTUS.
What do u think of mayor who hires a cop and doesnt run a back ground check on him , know she was gonna turn a man loose in her town with a gun and not do a back ground check , now that is intelligence and she is your mayor be proud be very proud.[NOT}

Since: Mar 10

karak il

#36 Mar 19, 2010
Silver Arrow wrote:
I do not know you but you are very mistaken.
I was at a Public Hearing June 18 2009 (Meetings are supposted to be published seven days prior to such meetings to allow the public to attend.) at 1:00 PM when the public at was all at work and knew nothing about such a meeting. Those who were not working did not know either as it was not in the newspaper.
Public meetings are supposed to be formal Just as village board meetings are. This one was not.
To get to the point here are the closing statements of the meeting verbatum: Trustee W. D. stated that he was on the village board when a grant had been written and awarded to Karnak but was never completed and the funds were never disbursed. D. A. was the mayor at the time about 2003-2004, maybe he can help me get the records.
QUOTE Janice Wright "W---- was that when you and D-----l were cross dressing and smoking pot?" W----- did not hear her and said "What?"
Shirley Evers repeated verbatum what 'Janice Wright said to her village trustee W-----' She is just as guilty. She should have avoided the situation with silence.
W----- was embarassed and unhappy to say the least. Down right sexual harrassment, liable and defamation of character. Spoken at a Peoples Public Hearing.
The rest of us felt badly for Trustee W.D. He is an upstanding citizen working for the people who elected him.
Last but not least Janice Wright has run off more police officers than anyone ever in public office.
The worst offense and I do mean offense was what she said to professional trained law officer D. H. At the village hall she asked officer D.H. "When is the last time you had sex?" (Barf!!)
D.H. decided to move on to greener pastures. He is now with a county department but keeps in touch with his friends in Karnak. So stay tuned because all meetings and discussions are going to be entered into a journal and photographed when deemed needed to get to the public as is a right to any citizen when done in an orderly and tactful manner.
The last ten years have been nothing but lies, deceit and criminal in the federal government.
The present one has not been in office long enough to evaluate on that topic. If it is seen it will be shared when recorded.
The Southern Illinois "Good Old Boy Society" is no better than the "Blago" crime boss capers.
Perhaps he will share a cell with Ryan. A jackass and an elephant in a 10 x 10 cell. Life is all about choices and the criminals & perverts deserve to pay the price for their choices.
Well she hired a cop and didnt do a back ground check on him . he didnt even have a foid card to carry a gun and il drivers license , now what does that say for are mayor ? intelligence is'nt her strong suite i mean a person that going to carrry a gun through are town to protect u and me and she didnt even ask for something as simple as an {FOID CARD}, i hear it just because the board liked him what a damn excusse blame it on the board because u dont have a clue and she hires back d.h what a winner the ticket man the only thing that makes him feel important because he is just a little man . evedently the mayors comment didnt bother him at all , maybe he liked it and she will let him work here till he right somebody in the click a ticket and then he gone faster then he came some people never learn , because janice doesnt stop at the stop signs in town and i beat anything she doesnt get a damn ticket.......
Ferlin Finfrock III

Plainfield, IL

#37 May 13, 2010
People, we gotta find a way to get along. I read these posts and am very troubled by the overt expression of hostility and disdain for my fellow man. The root cause of this may never be known, but I truly believe that the lack of riboflavin in the modern American diet has lots to do with this. I went and saw my chiropractor, a mixer from up around Centralia, and he told me this. I done believe him. He said that Riboflavin deficiency causes everything from goiterous cretinism to one constantly thinking about the librarian in Big Muddy in an unpure way. I tend to believe him.

After getting out of his office, I felt liberated. I felt I could do anything. At that point I made it my #1 goal to always try and make silk purses out of sows' ears. This is not easy, given the things that I have seen in my life. However, if you experience something that don't seem right, you gotta embrace and change it. I was at the library reading about tRNA and the Krebs Cycle and I saw this hear beautiful lady with auburn hair and the best looking ankles I done ever scene. She had a shirt on that said something about Al Sharpton. I went to my car, ate 2 bowls of corn flakes, and came back to talk to her but she was gone. The guy behind the counter there at the libary told me she lived in Karnak, IL. Do any of you know her? I think her name might be Trena or Trish or something like it. Karnak has lots of beauty and I am going to git my chriodoctor to open up a clinic there. He helped me cleanse my colon without me ever having to go to the bathroom. I will right more about it later. Thank you and God Bless.

United States

#39 Jun 26, 2010
I know everybody didn't know! But Janice is now in the Hospital and is receiving Morphine to ease her pain. She has had terminal Cancer for a while. Pray for her.
In Rememberance

Bel Air, MD

#40 Jul 26, 2010
I heard today that Janice Wright has passed away.
I worked with her for years and didn't really know her last name. Now i see on the news that she has passed. I hope everyone will look back and see these awful posts and ask themselves if it was fun writing stuff about her.
She was always so nice to me. She always was smiling. She never once said a mean thing about anyone to me. Lord Bless her family.She was a good lady in my eyes and i will miss her.
Steve Heisner

Elizabethtown, IL

#41 Aug 8, 2010
Thanks, "In Remembrance" for your comments about Janice. I have thought about this site several times during her illness and passing. Words are cheap - and if some of you feel better to have slandered her, maybe you'll have some peace now. She certainly has found hers. I miss her, too and I know her family, and especially her grandsons, miss her terribly. Somebody you know, loves you, too. They wouldn't want to read where someone had dragged your name through the dirt and you wouldn't want them to have to see it. It's time now to pull together and keep this little burg moving forward. She did her part, now it's time for us to do ours.

Marion, IL

#42 Apr 5, 2011
Sure hope that these boring disareements are OVER.

It is time to" MOVE ON!" in 2011.

And work together, as citizens.
AND to invite "Nay Sayers" to get off their behinds and do their "Civic" duties by volunteering, spending their own money, either in donations in money OR FOOD for Karnak Fire Departments fundraisers.
After ALL! The firemen/women risk their lives, Day in and day out either fighting fires, and also risking their lives as FIST RESPONDERS. THEY ARE NOT PAID for the services, but are willing to risk their lives for their communitiy !! AMEN
On May 7, 2011 at the fire department there will be another fundraiser
NOT everyone can do that

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