Counselor helps ex-felons find jobs

Counselor helps ex-felons find jobs

There are 285 comments on the Kansas City Star story from Aug 21, 2007, titled Counselor helps ex-felons find jobs. In it, Kansas City Star reports that:

Patrick Danley brushes aside doubt with a preacher's zeal. 'What you want to do, bro?' he asked an ex-felon on a recent day.

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Mark Demeritt

Charlotte, NC

#167 Jul 10, 2009
katyjopetrus wrote:
<quoted text>
just wondering how you go about getting the bs expunged. I was young and stupid and it ruined me for life
If you only have one offense you have been convicted of(which would be the felony for shoplifting) or if you have never had a felony expunged before you could be eligible to get rid of the felony.If you have two charges on your record,even if one is just a misdemeanor,from what I have read you can not get it removed.I know because I was convicted of herion posession 11 yrs ago and have been clean and living a honest law abiding life for 9 yrs and have been trying to move from where I live and no one will rent to me.No one.Unfortunantly,I had a felony removed in my mid twenties and also have a single misdemeanor charge from 94 that is on my record with the felony from 98.You might be ok.Anyway,I wish you well in the future.
Iam a beasley

Erick, OK

#168 Jul 10, 2009
hope beasley wrote:
which one are you, Beasley that is.

San Diego, CA

#169 Jul 23, 2009

Kansas City, MO

#170 Jul 24, 2009
It is hard for ex-felons to get employment, especially if you did time for stealing. Really, who wants to hire a thief? I do feel bad for all of you felons ex or otherwise out there and pray that the Lord will help you find employment, sooner rather than later.

Since: Jan 07

Raytown, MO

#171 Jul 24, 2009
Tina wrote:
Wow I sympathize with you all. I stumbled upon this post in search of programs that will help my boyfriend, who is a convicted felon, find a job! I must say after reading your messages I am a now a little discouraged. I've heard that there are some types of jobs and employers that will hire felons but they are scarce. However, the thought of self-employment crossed my mind. I think that may be an option. You may want to brainstorm and figure out what you may be talented and or skilled at and maybe somehow create a job for yourself. That is what I am now planning to help my boyfriend do. I mean is a very driven, hard working, humble, and intelligent man. Hey it means me having to buy him a lawn mower and some shovel to cut grass and shovel snow "WE" (he, I, and God) will get past this obstacle somehow. So you may want to start thinking in the perspective.
• Cook and sell dinners at churches, beauty salons, barbershops, etc,
• Yard work; snow removal
• Baby-sit at home for friends and/ or relatives
• Type papers for college students
• Wash cars
• Tutoring
• Teach music, dance, or other skills you may have
• Pet sit
• Prepare peoples taxes
• Repair computers, other electronic, maintenance/handy work
• Haul/move stuff
• If you have a degree of some sort provide consultant services
• If you don’t have a degree, or any sort of skills or training looking into free community classes that may be able to offer you some sort of certification and the necessary edge that you need to be an entrepreneur!
These are just some thoughts that come to mind. However, it will probably require some investigation, research, hard work and maybe even a small investment (that may be obtained from friends and relatives) to get you started but at least you will be self sufficient to some degree.
And last but not least, continue to network! Market yourself ! GO to and order yourself some business cards and every opportunity you get, pass it on to someone and let them know that you are looking for work and if they know someone or know someone that knows someone that is looking, recommend you. But of course you still have to be honest about your haunted past of conviction.
I hope this information has been helpful or encouraging for you all and can get you to thinking about how to get some resolution and relief from this nightmare called life after conviction!!!
And to the lady that has attempted suicide and has given up hope, please stay in prayer and know that God has the final say. I am available to talk to anyone that has something on your mind and need a confidant! Feel free to contact me confidentially on my web site www.atime2talk.NET .
God Bless you all and I wish you all well!
********The Website has been changed to ATime2Talk.Net AND .ORG "NOT" ATime2Talk.Com ANY LONGER....THX

United States

#172 Jul 30, 2009
Keep ya head up, Nancy. It will work out, you just got to make it happen!!! I'm in the same boat as you, you just can't give up!
Thomas Hockaday

Hobgood, NC

#173 Aug 2, 2009
I appreciate the encouragement from the person of faith who encouraged me with the life of Joseph. I came to Christ, or more accurately, Jesus came to me through the gospel preaching of Chaplain Ray. When I repented in godly sorrow the Lord saved me, changed my heart and changed the course of my life. When I first got out of prison, I continued to work for a man who was working men on work release and taken advantage of the cheap labor. When he sold the business, I continued to work for the new owner. Then I landed a job with a Christian owner. He was the greatest employer on planet earth. After he went out of business, I helped my wife at home for 7 years. Because of all of what I just mentioned, I was never denied employment because of my criminal background.I never hd a reason to have to even deal with that issue. The Lord had shown me so much favor in the way my life was going. When I went in healthcare benefits I was constantly faced with my past even though it has been over twenty years. Even my long term employment record, good references and impressive resume didn't land me the jobs that I was initially told I was more than qualified.Now that I am unemployed, I find myself faced with the same question again, "Have you ever been convicted of a felon?" If I did not believe to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, I would faint and lose my confidence. But I must keep on trusting that the Lord is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what I can even imagine!
Jennifer wrote:
Hello everyone:
I am located in Charlotte, NC and I am here in search of something, not for me, but for one of my friends. I am a successful person here, and recently came across an individual who is VERY depressed b/c he has been out of jail for a couple of years now and is soooo frusrated that he can not find a job. Now normally i ususally do not associate myself with these people, but there is no way I can turn my back on this situation. I am going above and beyond to help this person find something.
If anyone knows of anything in the Charlotte, NC area please email me at [email protected]
I hate to see a young person so depressed and negatve because of some bad choices that they have made in the past. There is so much to look forward to in life. He has indeed served his time, and I KNOW that he is sincere!
Please help if at all possible.
Thomas Dionizio

Olathe, KS

#174 Aug 7, 2009
I am a convicted felon trying to find a job but it seems there are none out there for convicted felons. what should i do?

e-mail me at:
[email protected]
Thomas Hockaday

Angier, NC

#175 Aug 15, 2009
There is another forum where ex-cons write in their comments about the difficulties about finding jobs, or the frustration of being fired after employers discover their criminal background. One angry fellow wrote " ... anger and frustration consumes me. Im so sick of hearing "hold on" I so sick of the religious bullsh$%# people tell me about a mystery god. I need a F@!%# JOB!"

Guys like this, with this mean angry, irreverent attitude fuel the belief in some that we never really changes, that all ex-felons feel that society owes them something, or that we feel that we have nothing to prove. Well, I believe we do have something to prove! I responded to this guy by, first of all, acknowledging his right to own his own blind unbelief and his irrational anger at being sick of hearing, what he calls, "religious bs!" My faith in the Lord is not shaken by such foolish and stupid comments! But I told this guy that he should at least have sense enough to acknowledge that he screwed up his own life. He can deny the truth of the Word of God all he wants but deep inside that sick angry mind of his he know this... he is reaping what he himself has sown! Can I get a witness?
Thomas Hockaday

Angier, NC

#176 Aug 17, 2009
MsTina wrote:
<quoted text>
********The Website has been changed to ATime2Talk.Net AND .ORG "NOT" ATime2Talk.Com ANY LONGER....THX
Thanks Ms Tina, Out of all the posts that I've read, you are the only one that actually list some practical suggestion for us ex-felons to think about. Thank You! Thomas

Kansas City, MO

#178 Aug 19, 2009
Don't give up. It is always hard to do the right thing but so easy to do what is wrong. I will be praying for you.
angelbabylove2008 wrote:
i have multiple drug convictions and petty theft convictions with a DUI and driving on a revoked to top it off, they are ALL midsimeanors. So with midsimeanors i can not get a job, i am trying 2 go 2 college but dont know what to go for because it seems like my record keeps holding me back, i did reasearch and gettin it expunged wont really even make a difference in most cases, so i can not imagine what it would be like with fealonies. I am trying to do the right thing 2 support my 2 kids on my own i am 22 a single mother, and because of my past when i was 18 no less, i can not get a job. i dont know what to do...WALL MART would not even hire me because it has not been 7 years..
Thomas Hockaday

Angier, NC

#179 Aug 19, 2009
No Different in Texas wrote:
I am a single mother now with two children (17 & 7). I was convicted of two class H felonies in April 1998 and have not been in ANY trouble since not even traffic. I have had two jobs since my convictions and now find my self unemployed, YES it is hard to find decent work, YES it sucks, YES life is unfair and YES people are unforgiving. But DON'T sit there and let other people control your life still. Ask yourself "Who am I?" don't say I'm a felon, say I am a good person, I work hard, I have changed. When you let other people control your life and put labels on you that is what you are destined to become you conform to what THEY want.
I have cried for the last two days because I lost out on another job that I know I was perfect for I am an educated woman and I have the knowledge and experience they needed. But of course my history caught up with me yet again. I REFUSE with all of my heart to let someone else tell me I am not a good person. I believe and YOU should believe that a mans/womens character is built on his actions everyday. Take back control of your life and find out what your state law is on Expungments and Pardons, get online and do your own leg work. You can go to you state and look at it's General Statues. Go to and ask a questions to an attorney. You can do alot of this with very little if any money. But for me any amount is worth getting my life back. I can not get mine expunged until 20 years have passed since the last day of my sentence was served.
Take care of yourselves and hold your head up high!
This is in response to "No Different In Texas." First of all, I love youe confident attitude. I had to read your letter twice,(Very slowly the second time)because I almost missed the meaning and the point. My first glance almost made me feel that you just did not understand the difficulties of having one's past haunt him, even when he desires to do right. I thought, "This guy must live outside the realm of reality." Then I read your post the second time and I got it! You are simply saying what I have also been saying, "We should not let others define who we are or what we can accomplish." I don't know whether the source of your confidence is in the Lord or simply in yourself but you cannot ultimately fail with that sort of take charge, confident attitude. May your success serve as an example to others! Thanks for the encouragement! Thomas In NC
Thomas Hockaday

Angier, NC

#180 Aug 19, 2009
j-dog wrote:
Get off the pity pot.I know its hard to find a job .But somtimes you have to dig a little deeper to get what you want. when you are out there looking for a job learn how to sell yourself. If jobs are that hard to find then ,when you find one keep it and make sure that is what you want to do.I know a lto of you have had jobs so getting out there is no problem for you.
J-dog! I love your opening comment, "Get off the Pity Pot" I believe I'll write a song with that title! I have been reading these posts for a few weeks now. There are some who, like me, maintain their confidence in the Lord. There are others who are frustrated, upset and even angry about their plight. I have watched those who remain angry or bitter lose hope and return to a life of crime and then blame the it on the rejections. But then I have seen those, like you, who get up off the "pity pot" who do not sit around feeling sorry for themselves, but continue to move on beyond the turn downs and the "We don't hire ex-felons." These who move on in faith are the ones who always win! Keep moving J-Dog! You da Man!

Kansas City, MO

#181 Sep 5, 2009
I went thru the same as everyone else with no more luck than the rest. Companies just arent going to hire someone with a felony conviction. Now I am in a screen printing business so if anyone knows of group or companies in the kc area needing shirts made have them E-mail me at [email protected] Hopefully this will pan out and I never have to go thru the pointless process of filling out job applications. You know its bad when the temp services and employment agencies wont even consider hiring you. Oh well guess we all have to live with it.

Santa Clarita, CA

#182 Sep 17, 2009
Weimar wrote:
Yeah, get off the pity pot and start looking! I'm a felon too but I never gave up hope. My situation was a little different than the rest of you, because I NEVER "intentionally" commited the crime I was charged with and now I'm labeled just like the rest of you. This is what happened:
I was pulled over for speeding (just going over 5 miles an hour), but I had been drinking a little that night too. The cop asked me to do a sobriety test and failed me. I also had a concealed carry permit and yes, the gun was in the car that night too. I figured this wouldn't be a problem because of my permit, so I told her told her exactly where it was, and she freaked out on me. I told her it was only for my own protection, but she seemed like she could not care less. This was when I was like, oh shit... Under normal circumstances, I would have been able to have the gun on me, but since she had suspected me of drinking, she arrested me on the spot and charged me with improper handling of a firearm, which is a 5th degree felony. The courts eventually found me guilty and even though I did no jail time other than for that one day I was arrested, I'm stuck with this stupid thing on my record.
Total fucking bad luck... I didn't rob a bank, I never sold drugs (never even did drugs), I'm definitely not a sex offender, never wrote a bad check, hell this was only my first DUI, and the gun was to PROTECT me from criminals, and look what the cops do to me! I'm paying my price for a mistake I had NO intention to make only because one anti-gun police officer wanted to make an example out of me.
Well guess what? I'm still able to live and sure, I may not get the job I want at a large company like Nationwide Insurance or Chase Bank, but I can still get a job at private companies who don't do background checks.
Some of you people just make me sick. We all make choices in this world, some are good and some are bad. I made the choice to drink and I was screwed over for it. You chose to commit the crime. Some of you don't even deserve any sympathy, because YOU were exactly the type of people I kept my gun to protect myself against. Now my right to baer arms are taken away (just like the cops want) and I'm tagged with the title of felon. Pish Posh... If I can survive through this, why can't the rest of you?
you took no responsibility for your actions here, and you know good and well not even an officer can have a concealed weapon and be drinking.. so basically you are a felon like the rest, good thing you got a job... but you still havent learned that the felony you have is your one put a drink in your hand, and im sure when you got the permit.. it was well outlined the perimeters. Glad you have a job but your felony was well earned...

Waxhaw, NC

#183 Sep 19, 2009
Sheila - Roanoke-VA wrote:
I employ everyone to ask this of the TV host in America, CNN, NBC,ABC,CBS,Oprah, etc. There is force in numbers please everyone email them, I did.
where are the jobs for felons..all i want to do is go to work

Irvine, CA

#184 Sep 29, 2009
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Saint Louis, MO

#185 Sep 30, 2009
MGW wrote:
what can I do to help my boyfriend find a job in kansas city kansas with a felomy for selling pot. Every job wants a background check. He has a 12 year old son and rent among ather bills. What jobs are available for somebody with that kind of background?
Try labor-ready. They hook you up with temp. jobs that can lead to permanent employment for the ex-offender. Parole officers are also helpful. Usually tattoos aren't.
Desperate in Chatt TN

Nashville, TN

#186 Oct 10, 2009
My boyfriend/fiance' is currently in jail. When he gets out he wants to make some major life changes that includes staying out of jail and getting a job. However, getting a job has been very difficult and virtually impossible with his background. I want to help him desperately but we are not sure where to find help. Would someone please email me with any information that will help. [email protected]

Lewisburg, TN

#188 Oct 30, 2009
hello to all iam looking for a good job in the charlotte nc area so if there rare any employers looking threw this site help me out iam a really good me at [email protected]

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