At least 6 hurt when boats collide on...

At least 6 hurt when boats collide on Kankakee River

There are 119 comments on the Chicago Sun-Times story from May 30, 2010, titled At least 6 hurt when boats collide on Kankakee River. In it, Chicago Sun-Times reports that:

At least six people were injured -- and possibly as many as 10 -- when two boats collided in the Kankakee River in southern Kankakee.

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Grow UP

New Lenox, IL

#1 May 31, 2010
Kankakee Boat Accident 6 Hurt

Way to go Robyn and Paul. Finally all of the drinking and the drugs catches up to you. The sad thing is you had to hurt harmless people in the process. You drink all day long, you have every low life know to man drinking with you at your house all day and doing drugs. You get in your cars and boats and drive around after drinking all day and you are shocked this happened. Paul is all ready on one DUI and does not have a drivers license at the current. Robyn has had one DUI in the past. So this is nothing new to either one of them.

Maybe DCF needs to look into what is going on at Robyn's house on East Water. She has her crazy drug addict brother Shawn (AKA Fish) hanging out over there. He spends more time in prison than out of prison. He does tons of hardcore drugs and has a problem stealing from people his sister included. How about your convicted Sexual Predator Cousin Adam Yonka that hangs out over there at Robyn's house. A complete alcoholic and drug abuser. It's not like this is anything new people this is a four nights a week over here at Robyn's house she rents from John Thompson.

As I said the really sad thing here is the inocent people that became a victim to Robyn and Pauls careless and immature actions on Saturday night. Which happens to be a very nice doctor in the community. Both Robyn and Paul need to be sued for what they did but since neither one of them have anything to there name they should be required to sit in jail for the next three months to think about what they did.

Yes Robyn is a complete abuser of the welfare system and that needs to stop as well. With the job she has there is no way she should be able to afford that boat, the jet ski, her corvette, her hot tub, her pool table, her LCD TV, her scooter, her boat dock, a pure breed dog, and the list goes on and on and all of these items were purchased in the past year and a half plus the cost of raising a child. But when you work the system for link card and medical card I guess you just don't care.

AS far as the boat accident goes if you all remember back to last summer of 2009 when there was a the exact same boating accident when Russ Kinton ran his jet boat over the top of a pontoon at night time as well, the exact same way Robyn and Paul just did on Saturday night. Well if you all want to know or remember Russ was at Robyn's house partying with Robyn and Paul all day before he got into his boat all drunk and drove over the top of another boat.

You all want to feel bad for Robyn and Paul as they lay in the hospital but what you need to realize is these people have no respect for themselves or anyone else when it come to there drinking and drug abuse which goes on everyday at Robyn's house. As they lay in the hospital with no medical insurance or insurance on there watercraft we the taxpayers are once again paying there bills for there careless mistakes. Which is why both of them need to be put into jail for this screw up.

Chicago, IL

#2 May 31, 2010
What the hell is wrong with you "Grow Up"? It is a good thing that you did not put your real name up there because I would say Robyn and Paul just may have a slander suit against you. In all your infinite wisdom about this girl and the way she lives her life why did you not do anything about it. You make comments about DCFS and fraud and seem to feel like this accident was inevitable due to her "drinking and drugs" so my question is why the hell did you not do something??? It is very easy to sit back and judge but apparently too hard to pick up a phone and make call?? It also seems like you have spent a lot of time doing inventory of this girls life, so why not try and help. ne. I suspect it may be because you are NOT worried about how others were affected, you just want to take your moment on the soapbox and spew hate. I find it disgusting that you, according to you, had knowledge (pretty detailed I might add) of all these alleged illegal things and did nothing. That makes you accountable too doesn't it?? I'm praying for all involved, including you Grow Up.

North Chicago, IL

#3 Jun 1, 2010
It's quite obvious that Mr or Ms Ridiculous is a concerned member of the offenders' extended family or circle of friends. You're also an idiot. Grow UP explains why something this awful could have happened, and you decide to call Grow UP out instead of acknowledging that there's likely a high degree of truth to the assessment. Don't be so obvious next time. Those two are bigger idiots than you are and thank God they didn't kill anyone this time. Let's make sure there isn't a next time, OK?

Chicago, IL

#4 Jun 1, 2010
What makes it so obvious that I know these people? Guess what, I do not. I'm a human being who is very tired of people sitting on their lazy asses doing nothing when they seem to be in the know that something awful is going to befall someone else. I agree that if these things Grow Up speaks of are true that someone should have intervened LONG AGO!!! But I imagine that doing the right thing is just too much to ask from people huh? I mean really, how long did it take that person to not only observe this behavior but then to sit down and write such a detailed post. They OBVIOUSLY know quite a bit about that person. Why did they not say SOMETHING TO SOMEONE?!?! You say "Let's make sure there is not a next time", well I am saying from all this person alleges to know there did not need to be a FIRST TIME!!! That post was pointless. Now that is OBVIOUS.

Akron, OH

#5 Jun 2, 2010
To Grow Up:

You know nothing about any of these people. I do. You look in at their lives from the outside and make assumptions and you judge them. Why? Where all your choices in life good ones? No regrets? If you think you have none, then you have no character. Not to mention some of what you stated are out and out lies. Robyn is one of the sweetest loving people you could ever meet and I'm proud to call her friend. I'm grateful to call Adam and Paul friends too. You don't know the person or the story behind any of the allegations you bring on. A horrible mistake was made BY ALL involved. Witness's state the lights were NOT on the other boat AND all where at cheesburger night so share the blame. This was an unfortunate accident and we should all be grateful no one died. 6 good people were injured or hurt but you can't assume all were inocent. Were you on either boat? NO you weren't. I feel sorry for you and I hope someday you find happiness, acceptance and serenity.

New Lenox, IL

#6 Jun 2, 2010
I have never met Robyn VanGilder or Paul Hale. I wish I'd never heard their names. Why? Because a close family member is sitting at home, unable to work, because she was hit by a drunk driver, plowing a speedboat through the Kankakee River, at night, in the dark, going AT LEAST 40 mph (he admitted he was going at least that fast to the police). She and her friends were traveling the required speed limit WITH THEIR LIGHTS ON. This was verified by numerous witnesses, including some who saw them turn their lights on when they left the Kankakee Boat Club, and CHECK them before they left. Perhaps these other "witnesses" who say their lights were off, saw the boat after the collision, when yes, the lights were off because the impact took the engine off their boat ENTIRELY.

As I said, I don't know Robyn and Paul, but I wish I'd never heard their names. I'm sorry Robyn was hurt by Paul's drunk driving as well. She, however, had options to NOT get in the boat with him, or to take the keys away because he was drunk (he also admitted he'd had at least 10 beers).
The four people in the other boat had no such options.

Bad choices? Well, this bad choice hurt many people, including a local doctor who has done nothing but serve this community tirelessly. And I plan on making it my personal agenda to see that justice is done to the maximum extent, so no other family is hurt by his future reckless actions.

By the way, I was at the "Cheeseburger Party", as you call it, with the other group. How dare you suggest that just because we were there, we were drunk. The fact that you assume anyone who goes to a party where alcohol is served automatically gets drunk tells us more about the kind of people they hang out with.

New Lenox, IL

#7 Jun 2, 2010
I'd also like to add that the Kankakee Daily Journal has just released a full article about the accident today, which identifies all the parties involved and injured, and also cites the Illinois Conservation Police's findings that the Franklin's had their lights on at the time of the accident. Please refer to that article.

All the gossip and nonsense really isn't helping things. Please find out the facts before posting them on websites, including information about Paul and Robyn. I would imagine its increasing everyone's stress and keeping them from recovering.
Oh Boy

Chicago, IL

#8 Jun 2, 2010
The journal made it sound like it was Pauls boat when in fact the boat is owned by Robyn. Robyn must have let Pual drive her boat that night. Bottom line is they need to take responsibility for there actions and the damage they caused due to being drunk and reckless. Hope she has insurance in that boat.

Barrington, IL

#9 Jun 2, 2010
I happen to be very close to this case. I happen to have the facts first hand. I just read the article in the journal which makes Robyn look like a victim. The article makes it seem that Robyn was an innocent passenger in someone else's boat. The fact of the matter is it was Robyn's boat and Robyn's boyfriend operating it. They were both drinking and drugging. The Goldfain's and their passengers are the only victims, and the were posted in the last paragraph of this article listed as "others injured" ARE YOU EFING KIDDING ME!!!! The Dr and her passengers were innocently cruising back to the boat club when TWO DRUNKEN/STONED IDIOT'S ran them over and Robyn is made out to be the victim. OMG WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO???? As a matter of fact right after the accident Paul and Robyn proceeded to Robyns dock and were trying to say someone else had hit a boat and they were witness to it. How stupid are these two standing there full of blood on wrecked boat claiming they weren't involved. That my friends is the level of intelligence we are dealing with here. Robyn and all of her coked out, ex convict, white trash friend are going around blaming the Golfain's for not having their lights on!!!! These two morons need their ignorant asses beat and have no business ever on the river again. As a matter of fact, the only other accident on the river came from Robyns crack house as well. I hope that Dr Goldfain sues the crap out of these two....and makes an example.
Get ur facts st8

Barrington, IL

#10 Jun 2, 2010
Hey Cheryl, I know the witnesses and you don't. Both boats had their light on! One boat was full of law abiding professionals and the other had two drunk dope fiends speeding at midnight, on the river, in the dark, and on a holiday weekend...ENUF said!!
Get ur facts st8

Barrington, IL

#11 Jun 2, 2010
I agree with lebabe...really enough is enough. I just hope that lessons are learned here and that people that really don't know what they are talking about don't say it just for the sake of seeming as if they do. I don't like to see anyone injured, in pain, or suffering from an accident. There is, however, a big difference between a true innocent accident vs one that is almost made inevitable by the participant and their actions. This could have been avoided had people behaved responsibly. Lessons need to be taught here and examples do need to made of this incident in the hopes of preventing another. This accident had the potential of taking several lives and needs to be treated with a lot more seriousness than it seems to be. All the gossip in the world won't change a thing!!!
You got it

Barrington, IL

#12 Jun 2, 2010
I couldn't agree more with "Really" I as week know the situation and very well. The journal article was complete crap. Robyn is at fault just as much as her Boyfriend Paul. They both should pay dearly for this to learn a lesson. Sometimes you got to learn the hard way. Hey Paul it's a good thing Robyn was so hurt that night so that the cops couldn't find the bag of weed and pipe on the floor of the boat. The cops were to busy dealing with her and her cousin Adam acting a fool on the dock so you could ditch the weed. I agree Robyn and Paul should be ban from anytpe of watercraft and use of the river but being this is America that would never happen.

Yes that boat is owned by Robyn and she was letting Paul drive it drunk that night. They both should have been arrested and charged with the accident.

As far as Illinois goes I can't believe you are not required to gave insurance on a watercraft. Robyn had no insurance on that boat. Sad to say she will probably never have to pay a dime for the damages she caused.

United States

#13 Jun 3, 2010
Cheryl you're glad to call Robyn and Paul friends? A raging back stabbing two faced alcoholic/drug abuser?? What kind of life do you live where its ok to operate any type of machine while drunk or stoned,or both for that mater? Paul is a worthless drunk/ coke head/ pot head who now has 2 dui's in the past year.
Robyn leaves her 9 year old with her under age niece to go out bar hopping and to play beer pong with Paul and his white trash friends. These 2 people are reckless and irresponsible and should have the book thrown at them.
The poor people they ran over where just out to have a nice nite and robyn and Paul turned it into a crime scene.
seriously II

New Lenox, IL

#14 Jun 4, 2010
It's about time some of the facts come out on Robyn and Paul's reckless lifestyle. Yes her son is left at home all the time with her 13 year old niece all of the time to go out partying with Paul. I can't get over the fact that Cheryl thinks that everything is ok and it was just a simple accident. Paul was very drunk driving Robyn's boat, they both were stoned on some weed. People saw them leave the boat club and drive very fast as soon as they left with the front end of the boat way up in the air. I hope someone makes an example out of both Robyn and Paul since neither one of them think this is very serious and they both have said "What can they do to me I don't own anything and I work for cash". How about some jail time for both of force them to pay a monthly amount to the people injured for the next 40 years.

Shawn VanGilder Robyn's brother is bad bad bad news. Robyn lets him hang around with them and everyone knows about his drug habits and the way he likes to steal. Just ask Robyn he just robbed her again.

People like Robyn and Paul just amaze me, they will never learn and they don't think what they did is wrong or there fault. All of there friends want to say the lights weren't no and etc. etc. etc. Bottom line you crashed into them. I hope the 4 other people take them for all they can. Now we have conservation police on the river which is fine but they are stopping every single boat and check everything on them that's a bit much. Conservation Police are setting a standard and making an example out of everyone because of Robyn VanGilder and Paul Hale.


United States

#15 Jun 4, 2010
When a 34 year old woman is with a 23 year old kid that shows what kind of character, morals, and standards Robyn has. It shows consistent irresponsible behavior. A 34 year old woman who thinks this behavior is exceptable behavior to go out drinking, playng beer pong, throwing parties on week nites when her son has to go to school the next day shows Robyns inability to make responsible judgements.

This is a trend of immature, irresponsible, and reckless behavior that has got to stop. It's just to Bad that the innocent law abiding citizens Robyn and Paul hit had to be there victims.

New Lenox, IL

#16 Jun 4, 2010
The families and friends of the victims are doing everything in their power, legally, to make sure Robyn and Paul are taught an adequate lesson, and made an example of. Add to that the literally thousands of patients that love and support their much-appreciated community doctor. If Robyn and Paul feel like their life is now under a microscope, well, it is.

Robyn and Paul may think that because they have nothing they can't be sued. Well, they can. And working for cash for the rest of their lives to avoid paying will be difficult. Especially after the community-at-large (including the IRS, maybe???) steps into establishments that pay criminals under the table.

Add to that, victims,family members, and friends will be in touch with the State's Attorney regularly, plan on being at every hearing, and won't settle for a "slap on the wrist", including the relinquishing of one's boat keys to a drunk individual.

All of the responsible, law-abiding citizens of Kankakee County need to get together and let it be known we have not place in our community for habitual drug and alcohol abusers who terrorize us.

And if there is not enough justice here on this earth, I'm sure adequate justice can be handled by God. Eventually, the joy-ride will be over. Hopefully before they kill someone.
Out of Hand

United States

#17 Jun 4, 2010
The Kankakee river has gotten out of hand the past few years. Boats are getting bigger and faster. People are driving them to close to docks and other boaters. People should learn the rules and common curitsy or stay off the river

Barrington, IL

#18 Jun 4, 2010
The river has gotten out if hand because if people like Robyn VanGlider and Paul Hale who have no respect for anyone out there. Yes I know both of them and they like to party is all I'll say.
River Rat

United States

#19 Jun 5, 2010
Who's going to put thier life in someone elses hands and go boating this weekend.

New Lenox, IL

#20 Jun 5, 2010
It all depends if Robyn and Paul are to be boating on the river this weekend. I see they got there boat home and parked in Robyns front yard. From the street it looks fine to me.

To bad the doctor won't be boating this weekend cause the boat they were on is completely trashed I here.

Oh and way to go Lebabe. I sure hope you guys are able to stick it to Robyn and Paul for being drunk and stoned and being reckless to hurt so many people.

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