How to report Link Card Abuse

Bourbonnais, IL

#21 Mar 17, 2011
Anonymous wrote:
Helo!again.Sorry I had to comeback and to let you know about what happen on Wednesday 3/9/2011.A man came in bought some things at Walgreens,got cash out of Chase ATM,paid for his stuff with cash and then got cash back and then I saw his Link card.Then he left.Thankyou for your time again.
Or maybe you did see a link card, but the question is did he use it? I used to get link and I still carry my old link card in my wallet.

Richton Park, IL

#22 Mar 24, 2011
well i have three kids lost my job working in boubonnais because my car broke down i live in university park,applied for food stamps and was told they'll only give me 125.00 cause i make too much money,lol i do!! on unemployment?,three kids,1,000 dollar a month rent,light,gas,and water bill what the hell!!125.00 only last us 1week an a half the rest of the month i struggle to feed us off my unemployment check that too me is the joke!! how can someone making 200,000 yearly get food stamps and i barely have a income of $1,400 and they barely wanted to give me that, and when i was working i couldnt get any an my income was 2,100.00 somebody tell me the secret to getting more food stamps i would really like to know?

Richton Park, IL

#23 Mar 24, 2011
just go get yourself a link card too and stop hating,i think this person has made you bitter so now you want to report them to get back at them for something they did to you..let the bitterness go. and stay out there business calculating up what they have go get a job as an accountant. i looked up the info. for you:
SNAP or Link Card. Potential fraud on the part of clients or retailers, contact the Illinois Link Help Line at: 1-800-678-LINK (5465) 1-877-765-3459 (TTY)..

Bourbonnais, IL

#24 Mar 25, 2011
SMH wrote:
well i have three kids lost my job working in boubonnais because my car broke down i live in university park,applied for food stamps and was told they'll only give me 125.00 cause i make too much money,lol i do!! on unemployment?,three kids,1,000 dollar a month rent,light,gas,and water bill what the hell!!125.00 only last us 1week an a half the rest of the month i struggle to feed us off my unemployment check that too me is the joke!! how can someone making 200,000 yearly get food stamps and i barely have a income of $1,400 and they barely wanted to give me that, and when i was working i couldnt get any an my income was 2,100.00 somebody tell me the secret to getting more food stamps i would really like to know?
You should appeal that decision, because you should be getting way more than that. I have three children alo and I was getting almost a 1,000 dollars also and I was getting $454 a month in link. Im not sure if it has anything to do with the different counties, but I live in Kankakee county.

Chicago, IL

#25 Nov 22, 2011
same old bs stories about abusing the "system" but no answer as to how to report someone. i was in a grocery store the other day behind this fool person who wore his CITY OF CHICAGO ID and used his link card to buy some food. how the hell do you work for the city and get a fucking link card??? Answer that one!

Kankakee, IL

#26 Nov 23, 2011
how about this..
there is a list of things you can and cannot buy with the link card.

what makes you think you can go behind the governments back and re-write rules?

trimming what can and cannot be bought with the card allows the government to ignore any complaints.
and if they are going to ignore those complaints, there really isnt any reason to give you a place to report link card abuse.

we need a place to report a whole long list of things, but those places to report are far out of reach.
they want you to hire a private investigator, but wont advertise their importance.
and paying for help is about as stupid as paying for friendship.

that creates an ultimatum, allow idiots to pay for a private investigator while the investigator hides their affiliation with the government.
simply admit that every private investigator should be associated with the government and their services come free because it is all paid for from the governments 'obligation'

you cant just dial an operator or call 911 and start talking about what you need to report and NOT expect some harassment to ensue later.
you get into trouble with 911 .. and you dont get any measure of insurance from talking to the operator.
you certainly dont get any priority when you leave a line of bait out in the water and nobody knows about the bait being there.

it feels stupid to intelligently ask for help and receive an acknowledgement 3 months later.

realize this..
the word 'acknowledgement' contains four words:
1. act
2. now
3. ment
4. ledger

only TWO Choices..
1. admit the english language is trash
2. get on the request and be pre-advised to avoid lies or confusion.

far too much effort to hide undercover cops.
if the whole community was participating as an undercover cop, those people would MOVE AWAY to avoid getting caught.

the art of business is not working in the governments favor.
neither is humanitarian law.
they are too busy attacking the sub-conscious part of the situation to pay any attention to the conscious part.

the hippocritical cannot be avoided.
it takes conscious thought to attack society's sub-conscious thought.

but realize this..
we are all being beaten, abused, and neglected (assumed and proclaimed before mentioning torture).
that makes it easy to share life with eachother because we are all in the same boat.

life can look up when everybody is in the same pond of stress.
some will develop anxiety, others will develop sadness.
as long as it is over the same things.. everybody is coming together instead of growing apart.

the sub-conscious part is coming together, and the conscious part is growing apart.
back in the 1980's the sub-concious part was growing apart and the conscious part was coming together very badly.
some were geeks and nerds with no stamina outside of a book.
others avoided the books and grew stamina to physically attack the smart ones.
it got real bad..
dumb people were hanging out with smart and deserving people.. and those people were not earning respect because of the people they were associated with.

see..'stupid' has the letter D at the end.
'dumb' has the letter D at the beginning, and the letter B at the end.
each word is different math and should be taken with different priorities.
'yum' has um in it, and we all heard of 'mmmm good' before.

we were headed to very large amounts of violence without love and respect for eachother.
it is the most critical event that could ever happen when the sub-consciousness fills up with a lack of love and respect for that which we should share.
lets just say we were headed towards the mental thought 'shouldnt share with eachother'
and a massive movement had to take place to slap the taste of the thought out of the large brain in the air we call a 'concensus'

Kankakee, IL

#27 Nov 23, 2011
you people wanting to complain about the abuse might be viewed as the staggering hate and confusion left behind from the 1980's.

it is impossible to hide money spent.
even if you send somebody else to the store to buy your things.. you forget how hard it is to own a business when the government does everything much better.
that means the government can create the jobs that pay cash and catch the person with a 'sting'

if you go to work everyday.. there will be an effort to see what you've been up to.
that doesnt mean people need to come into your house and see what you've collected.
it means robotic birds with cameras following your goofy tail as you leave the house and drive to work.
those things have high amounts of zoom, and you cant even see them in the air.

think about how small an airplane looks when it is in the air.
now think of a seagull you see in parking lots.
you cant see the bird that high up.. but they can see you.
you cant go to work if you cant leave the house because you are trying to avoid the cameras.
stop being 'so' stupid.
the jobs that pay cash are at typical locations.
something in the country
these would be places to think of first.
a team of people create 'think tanks' to make the list of places to think of second.
and then again to think of a list to think of third.

you should be more worried about a place to report misconduct.
because verbal abuse and neglect happens more often than anything else.
these things grow and swell up energy until something ruins something else.
imagine getting fired because your boss was confused.
imagine being sent home from work early and never getting clean from that day.

what does it feel like to think your job is safe and you will be getting money for rent, food, and remaining clean for your future?

what does it feel like when they let you keep your job because everybody needs money for food and rent.. but that is when all of the fun and joy goes away with no sight of returning EVER unless you pay for those emotions after you leave work?

i hate seeing it.
i want everybody to win at home, at their job, when they are out in public, and when they are in school.

joy should be an emotion available any time of the day.. 24/7
not any of that fake trash-y crap that turns intelligent people into lards of fiber and poo with glowing veins until they live each day as if it is normal and they go on believing there is no way out.. and sometimes even thinking there is no such thing ever to exist.

look at those 'best places to work' and see what they are doing right because there is some free time at work.
the right to talk while working is real.
some people cant talk and work at the same time, and that means not everybody can get the job when they apply.

it is a clear divide, that is why we are in recession..!!
the amount of work that can be generated when everything is running perfect is absolutely astonishing for some people.

you get a place full of respectable people.
you turn that into an emporium of intelligence and respect.
you hire some private investigators to watch over the place for any hostility because there is no reason for such hostility to be there.
that way jerks and punks get what they got coming to them and we can start to clean up the world.

maybe those private investigators dont find anybody all week.
if the emporium of intelligence is real, they will be parented and treated with high grades of social happiness.
wisedom is in the eye of the beholder, and to live and share that wisedom makes dieing something easy to handle.. because you enjoyed your time alive and you are willing to accept your time is up.

you dont stay on the ride at the carnival when it is over because you know your time is up.

that is what they mean to say when you hear 'get a grip'
if everybody walked around with the ability to say 'get a grip'
then the whole world would have a better grip and sadness wouldnt rule the galaxy.

Kankakee, IL

#28 Nov 23, 2011
as it is now..
the rest of the world isnt complying with high-grade socialism.
and the government isnt stepping up their game any to compensate the thirst of people in dire need.
that creates a situation where the government was trying to prevent a social divide between the non-compliant and the high-grade citizens.
at the same time, they ignore the thirst of people who cannot stand to see the lack of compliance.
those people down-spiral into an oblivion of hurt, pain, and suffering until their personality is stripped of their high-grade qualities.

keeping the view fair for the non-complaint and totally torturing the high-grade in dire need.
the non-complaint are supposed to be looking at what is going on more and more.
and the high-grade cant help but see it going on.
it is psychosocial murder for the high-grade geniuses, and false-padded care.. attention.. schooling for the non-complaint lower grade society that is 'becoming unplugged' and learning what life is and why it is important.

they dont teach anything about how it can be fun, because the high-grade people run that all day and night long.
those people's personality is growing thin and weak.
it means there will be less 'play' for recess after those non-complaint children been in school.

might as well be selling false hope and taking notes to the psychological rationale.
because it will take time for any corporate industry to be affected.
it takes a while for an individual to become weak and thin, and that is how you imagine the corporate industry growing weak and thin at a much slower pace.

each producer does not need to be a mastermind to produce results.
how many results and the quality of those results will certainly change though.

some say going on break is 'hiatus'
and in that word contains these words:
1. hi
2. at (point or stop)
3. us

when i was a kid.. i always thought knowledge was the only thing i needed to be a member of 'us'
i've grown up and been beaten, tortured, neglected, ignored, and otherwise abused because of taking the path of knowledge to be a solid member of 'us'

i think members of 'us' are the ones giving the sadness and anxiety.

more than one group of 'us'
and that really annoys me to death.

United States

#29 Dec 14, 2011
Call Public Aid office or Google report fraud Public Aid..
get a life

United States

#30 Dec 15, 2011
i just think everyone needs to just mind their own business ....worry about yours and that should be it...i mean i bet if you could do it and get away with would do it too.. you are just mad..get over it because thats life...
Enough wrote:
I was wonder how to report someone for abusing the system. I know someone how has a link card with $350 and month on it, medical card, utility assitance.
The thing that bothers me is this person works for cash in a bar during the day for a few hours a week and is able to buy the following in cash in the past two years:
1) Jetski $7500
2) Scooter $2500
3) Two Boats $6000
4) Corvette $5000
5) Tires for Corvette
6) Hut Tub
7) Swimming Pool
8) Two Hot Tub Covers
9) 50" LCD TV
10) Pool Table
11) Boat Dock $1200
12) Wii + Games
13) New Patio Furniture
14) Wooden Swing Set $1200
The list could go on and on. It makes me sick seeing someone buying all of this when you have a link card and medical card. I know they get a tax return but doesn't pay taxes since they rent there home and work for cash in a bar during the day time.
Don't forget about the monthly living expense of $800 rent, gas bill, water bill, cable / internet/ phone bill, garage bill, sewer bill, car insurance on two cars.

Oak Lawn, IL

#31 Apr 22, 2012
Reports should be made on people here in illinois using a link card driving a new car with indiana dealer plates on it. If someone has a husband who has a car dealership in indiana
they should not be getting a link card in illinois. so just out out curiousity we followed a car from an aldi store and sure did see them 4 women heading too indiana after shopping with their link card at an aldi store here.

so if we had minded our own business when we thought something was fishy here we would not have contacted indiana police. they were stopped and arrested by the way. this is not fair too all the illinois if I see you shopping with a linkcard, driving a new car
I will take down your license plate number and call it in too spring field il where they will see who owns this car. a case worker will contact you
and ask about your newcar and reconsider your link card. so I am one who will not mind my own business when I see this going on.Because if people are doing this we should all pay attention and take action, this is our tax payer dollars they are getting ilegally, if they have new cars
they are probably not eligable for link cards.
so for all you link card people who do not qualify without telling false information on your application watch out I am out here and I am reporting all the ones I consider not right.

Oak Lawn, IL

#32 Apr 24, 2012
youvebeenserved wrote:
same old bs stories about abusing the "system" but no answer as to how to report someone. i was in a grocery store the other day behind this fool person who wore his CITY OF CHICAGO ID and used his link card to buy some food. how the hell do you work for the city and get a fucking link card??? Answer that one!
Heres an idea for you next time you see this employee with his work id on shopping with his link card watch what kind of car they drive and write down the license plate number and call public aid or even better chicago mayor.

Oak Lawn, IL

#33 Apr 25, 2012
Bobby would love too know who this jerk is
so I am going too contact public aid and have tham look you up by fing your information on the computer you know your ip address will tell them who you are.
and then you can tell on this fool who brags about renting a house and all the free
assistance he gets. see ya soon.

Kankakee, IL

#34 May 7, 2012
there isnt enough money collected from taxes and the court system to pay for everything.

jst how many government employees do you think there are that gives you a right to demand where your tax dollars go?

and when you are done with the government employees you can see right there in your face, consider all the secret service agents that blanket the country.

your tax dollars are for the right to be welcomed into the world as a person that pays for all the features and benefits the government controls.
its not jst smooth roads and safety equipment to control traffic.

people dont seem to care to think deep enough.
that money you pay could be the airborn medicine they feed your ass.
it could be the robotic insect that finds its way into your house that has a video camera and microphone to see jst what is going on in there.

if you would complain to the right people, they can make those taxes go down for valid complaints.
all the best things in life have no menu or telephone number nowadays.

complaining about your tax dollars is simply a scheme to get your irrational ass into trouble for not thinking clearly.
because to be fairly honest, if they showed you the list of what your tax dollars could pay for.. your eyes would flip backwards at the thought of fixing a bump in the road.

at worst,
they could charge you a monthly fee for keeping track of what you do and storing that information in a computer somewhere.

there is always going to be a battle between 'us' and 'them' when there is a logic and rationale divide.

keep thinking like a clueless consumer and your anger is going to cause health problems.
wake up to what is and isnt possible.

jst because they take money from you every month and give it the label 'social security' or 'federal tax'
that doesnt inform you of any reality.

you are either going to believe what you read, or believe what is and isnt possible.
if you havent gotten the clue by now, believing everything you see or read is a really idiot thing to do.
when it comes to feeding you through news and articles.. they've done lies, they've done emptiness, they've done far out and dumb, they've done misleading, they've done fear tactics, etc.

what you see and read is a bloody river of psychological programming.

then they come yelling at me for not 'waiting' for you to figure it out yourself, because now your new 'talent' isnt natural since i told you.
waiting on the world to stumble upon something themselves takes too damn long and the only way the human species is going to better themselves is to teach them.

hearing 'figure it out on your own' year after year = the same dumb person.
besides.. they say 'figure it out on your own' and when you actually take charge yourself, then they come with fines and tickets and jail time.
its jst another scandal they want to use to try and prove you dont care about yourself enough to realize what is going on.

sad thing is..
themselves dont care to think about what the emotional burden does to a persons ability to represent themselves.
relying on passion is a primal tactic that requires the person to be seeing red and spitting blood and burning up memories and losing thought cycles as they lash out to physically save their own life as nature's instinct would have it.

then they say that is jst the FDA putting chemicals into the air to keep your ass from becoming physically violent and they want to test it, because people are too stupid to realize those tests can be done in a closed lab.

i see you hating.
you jst need a mirror.

Kankakee, IL

#35 May 7, 2012
for the record..

you cant report link card abuse.
the card has cash that can be spent on whatever.
the money for food is electronically locked to buy food.

if you go any further with your complaint, you are basically saying out loud 'i dont think the government is smart enough to pick and choose who should get a link card'

and for that, they can sue you for mutiny.

there are people that have memories burned into their body and organs that allow them to remember the long list of petty things people can get sued for.
these personality traits are typically the type of person that simply stops talking and suggests other people remain absolutely silent, because they know in a past life they got their ass handed to them over and over and over and over and over again from getting sued.

two words of advice:
1. what is and isnt possible?
2. at what consequence?

if you think your government wont lie to millions and millions of people, then you arent mature enough to realize it is the same government that will murder and torture people to keep you protected and seek revenge for you.

perhaps i am old fashioned.
simply because you feel as if your family has grown too far away from the government, that doesnt give you the freedom to use reverse psychology to find your way to them.
besides, it is our very own government that thinks they can re-write rights and freedoms for their selfish benefit.

the majority of people go to work and return home to go to bed and return back to work the next day.
they spend their whole life without realizing all of the scandals going on.. because they are already rational in their own mind when they go day to day thinking 'it shouldnt happen at all'

nobody goes to the court house to see all of the unfair trials.. all of the oppressing fines they order to pay.. all of the freedom of speech, conscious, and thought they remove.
people are in there being tortured and put into debt slavery every single day.
but NO..
you dont care to complain then to help your neighbor.
you are too stupid (or lazy like me) to realize that if you go in there and help your neighbor, then the problem will be fixed if you should ever be in there.

they dont seem to realize what mental or emotional burdens can do to a persons personality, as well as the person's character.
they expect you to be some super hero athlete that doesnt flinch or budge at all of their flatulant effort within the realm of religion you disagree with.

i dont blame you for not touching that disgusting trash.
its infected with diseases as they want you to lower yourself to their level and claim your class and taste has gone up.

you are right to think they dont deserve to live, because they went above and beyond dedicating their life to something.
they are criminals of mental and emotional abuse, as well as mental and emotional neglect (unless you are in their house playing their game).

they leech off of the power of support, and they see that power every time they walk by the metal detector.
the problem is..
they dont get to see the shortcoming of their downfall because that anger and rejection cant make its way into the building.

its like locking yourself into a room and inside that room you need to be taught something.
you wont learn and you wont change until somebody comes crashing into the room.

lets look at the word 'lesson'
inside contains two words:
1. less
2. on

good luck getting that into the court room.
you can take all that anger in there with emotional energy, but they wont let you speak.
they dont want to hear about change because the system has been there for as long as it has.

they are mouthy children as hidden microphones and hidden webcams provide all the evidence necessary to end their job.
they dont show you evidence, they dont talk to you about evidence, and the only communication you hear is 'a cop was within reach to touch you.. now go to jail or pay a fine because we are inhumanely non-functional with you.'

Kankakee, IL

#36 May 7, 2012
your treatment from them is prosecution by itself.

being asked to pay a fine or go to jail is like double jeapordy.

criminals of cruel oppression they are.
(multiple counts per victim too)
(as if their arrogant ego tells them 'multiple counts' is gangster fun in their realm of play.. comparable to additional game points.)

we get zero receipt of them hating themselves for what they do.. and even if we did, it wont change the facts of what they've done.

when you do a job you disagree with, they say 'expect to want more money and more benefits from the company'

and to that i say..
you are willing to sell your morality and do something you disagree with if the price paid to you is high enough.

those sell-outs are dangerous, they are infectious, they are a mental and emotional disease that need to be cleaned to help heal the human species rather than allowing them to continue sickening the human species.

only because there are people still more dumb than they are, is why they havent gotten caught and brought to justice yet.

meanwhile.. we've got people in this thread with the exact opposite problem.
there cannot be anybody more dumb than they are, and the dislexia has the equation folded inside out to the point where they are lashing out at the exact wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

if the government says that money is their property.. you have zero right to tell them how to spend it, and they will sue you again because you tried to tell them what to do with their own material possessions.

with the above said,
all you can do is try and stop giving them that possession.
you really cant control it.
you really should realize you arent special or unique enough to channel all your specific money down a specific channel for your specific request.
i mean, did you get the number on the dollar bills and expect to see those same exact dollar bills used to pay for whatever your request is?

are you seriously going to stop everything to look at each and every dollar bill to see if the ID numbers are the same numbers from the dollar bills you gave the government?
because the money was taken elecronically and you simply cant do it.

at first thought..
them taking your money for taxes looks like torture.
what that money can pay for, if you seen the list.. you wouldnt ever complain ever again.

sad part is, and i think there are too many of us that can agree here is..
that money can pay for our protection, and they say there is many ways we already are protected and most needs require us to stop caring any further.
there are some of us that need the extra effort and not only are we not seeing it, but we are seeing it go in an exactly opposite direction.

there is no humor in torture.
there is no brighter side to torture.
facts are exactly chiseled into people's personality and character as it molds their primal survival instinct to grow and become something strong enough to fight off whatever is in their way.

if you deny a cleansing of the human species by murder, it is easier to spend the extra money per needed event than make the rest of us wait on your atmospheric 'pampering'

all you need is time and people that find it fun.
it is the key to unlimited funds.
drugs are organic.
organics are grown.
master growers know their plants come free as long as there is enough plant for the job.

it is utterly amazing how far-fetched people became when they grew apart from the concept of farming.
(they are smart.. you can see for yourself as there are millions of people playing 'farmville' on facebook .. the tease is right there in your face)

United States

#37 Jul 30, 2012
KaNE wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha you're a f*ckin dumass!! I couldnt tell you how many people I know with link. They all are living a better life than me and I have the joy of working for a living. I could see someone on link having all of the things he listed. I hate link! Wasted tax payers money, I would say let them all starve but we all know that if we got rid of link they wouldnt. They just wouldnt be able to afford some of the things on that list. A few friends of mine decide we would see how hard it is to get link, one friend is a pharmacist he makes $150,000+ a year, guess what? he was approved for link. Another friend of mine which is an older gentlemen I wont get into his career but he makes $200,000+ a year and he was approved for link. Its easy you just go in there and lie. Both my friends never used there cards and canceled them. Funny to because when they canceled them the people at human services didnt understand why they were canceling and actually tried to stop them from canceling and offered them other programs!!! Its all a joke! Just like you my friend!
ok so i do recieve link but thats only because i have a child and i do work full time and between daycare, powerbill, car payment, and rent i barely recieve enough money to buy formula let alone feed myself, there are people who really need the help but also people who abuse the. I hate when people sell it to buy weed, alcohol, and whatever ele but trust me you will not see me driving a flashy car, having nice clothes or hair or living in an exspensive home. I take car of my childs needs, i barely even half enough work outfits, i actually have to borrow clothes from my mom so please dont say no one needs the help, i do not recieve child or any other type of help from the state just link and i pay my taxes, and as for your friends who applied the state is almost willing to help anyone who says the need the help how much did they het approved for though honestly becauses now that im off maternitly leave, i only get 80$ and idk where they beg people to keep a link card cus here in danville if you say you dont want it they will not try to keep you on it.

United States

#39 Mar 9, 2013
You all are a bunch of jealous haters, why do you care what others are doing. Maybe you need to worry about yourselves. Do you want someone getting in your business, you should be ashamed of yourselves. A bunch of busy bodies If you ask me. In the bible it says in the last days neighbor will turn against neighbor. This is talking about all of you. Get a life! A bunch of tattletales, is this what you teach your children? Nice example to set. You tattletales will reap what you sow. Have a great day!
Was There

Bourbonnais, IL

#40 Mar 11, 2013
Love wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok, that could have been his unemployment card, that he was using to get cash...just because someone has a little bit of money does not mean they have enough to pay rent, bills, insurance, things for self and kids, and money to buy food...come on now people, use your heads for something other than trying to accuse people, when you dont know them or their situation.
here is what I Jewel in Kankakee guy with link card got 100 dollars cash off of the link card wtf! bought a pack of gum and got 100 dollars ,no check cashed ,no credit card just link I ask you ,what is wrong with that picture??????????
Was There

Bourbonnais, IL

#41 Mar 11, 2013

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