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Risen from the dead - Holocaust Survivor haunts Kalispell

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Karl Gharst

Kalispell, MT

#1 Sep 28, 2011
The Bernie Madoff of Holocaust Survivors, Noemi Ban
I could have gone sliding naked down Rusty Razorblade Mountain with my Nazi buddies but instead I went to Glacier High and listened to Noemi Ban - where I fared no better. Darryl Kistler began the Shoa by quoting scripture “love Ye therefore the Stranger for you were once Strangers in the land of Egypt.” He’s right! The word “stranger” in this scripture means “racial alien” and we didn’t fight our way out of racial captivity in Egypt! Unfortunately Kistler was only trying to teach our children that “God wants the races of the Earth to mix into one common race” which is why he didn’t quote something like “the stranger shall not dwell in thy land lest he make ye sin against me” or any of the other multitudes of scriptures commanding interracial and interfaith separation – which is the Christian Idea which the State of Montana and Our United States was founded upon.(We also have 1,982 years of our Racial History calling ourselves Christian and practicing racial separation to back that up for the unbelievers.)
But then, the whole event ran right off the tracks when Kistler called Ban “a victim of anti-Semitism.” Kistler must not have been aware that Ban is an Ashkenazi Jew because right there in Darryl Kistler’s Bible it says “Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth, the son of Gomer,” and therefore not a descendant of the middle son of Noah, Shem,(from which the term “Semite” is derived) and not in the lineage of Israel (Gen 10:3) In fact the descendants of Ashkenaz are the Hittites, the Assyrians and the Edomites which are the foresworn enemies of Israel - and his father, Gomer is where the original “Sin City,” Gomorrah, got its name!
Then wading right through the middle of the theological train wreck came Ban. Her weepy voice brought visions of Aryan bloodhounds snapping at her before her first sentence was even kvetched. Noemi said “I am victorious because Hitler is dead and I’m still alive!” Well Noemi, he would have to be 123 yrs.-old if he was still alive. Then Noemi spoke for twenty minutes about an imaginary conversation she had with her mother in the cattle car on the way to Auschwitz because the Nazi guards forbid them to speak – complete with the obligatory “play by play” of bowel movements in the cattle car that I suppose these survivors incorporate in their stories just to get other Jews to listen to them. On inquiring of the whereabouts of her family a fellow inmate pointed to the smoke belching from the five chimneys of the synthetic rubber plant and said “there is your mother, your father, your brother and your sisters.” I suppose most of our high school children (whose attendance was mandatory - vive Stalin) probably knew that crematories were purposely designed not to give off smoke because by now their attentions were more focused on texting and grab-assing than listening to some spiteful old reptoid pander for sympathy. It was struggle for us grown-ups, too! Seven months in Auschwitz with the required brush with Dr. Mengele (he must have been something like a Wal-Mart greeter there) then to Buchenwald where Noemi said she miswired bombs for the Nazis for another seven months (makes you wonder what she did to gain such a position of trust in the first place).
Karl Gharst

Kalispell, MT

#2 Sep 28, 2011
The Bernie Madoff of Holocaust Survivors, Noemi Ban

Noemi said “and at the end of the war the Nazis bombed the camp to hide their crimes – but all the bombs that were dropped on the camp were duds!” There you have it. Noemi single handedly saved all the inmates of Buchenwald at the end of the war!(Funny, none of the print I have read either about Noemi or WWII mentions the Germans bombing Buchenwald in advance of Patton’s soldiers. Perhaps Noemi got it from a bathroom wall at Flathead High School where she had spoken at another mandatory “political education” get-together two days previous.)
Noemi also told us “ I seen the gas chambers,” and then said “the way the Nazis gassed the Jews is the SS men through gas grenades into the showers.” Now, where these gas chambers were located and how she knew how the gas was dispensed and why her story of gas grenades differs from all the other testimonies of Holocaust Survivors, Noemi left to the imagination of our high school students!
Oddly missing from this Hungarian history teacher’s lesson was the history of Hungary. Noemi Ban wasn’t yet born when the famed “Dueling Premier” of Hungary, Tisza, was shot dead by a Jew assassin’s revolver while walking down the street - giving way to the World’s second successful Communist Revolution. The gang that took over Hungary was ran by the ruthless Jew Bela Kun who is known to have looted the treasury for Lenin and murdered up to a million Christians in just a year and a half. When Stalin came to power a squabble ensued over just how much plunder wasn’t making it from Budapest to Moscow and Stalin withdrew his support and the Christians retook their country. Kun escaped to Russia where Stalin put on a fantastic show-trial for him and executed him as a lesson to other Turko-Mongol warlords to pay their Khan. So Noemi was born in a country that had good reason to be suspicious of her kind, yet apparently lived peacefully with the Hungarians until WWII where once again assassinations, bombings and partisan activities against National Socialists, Christian Democrats and other decent people became so intolerable that the Hungarians forced them to live in their own selected communities and ultimately allowed Germany to deport them for labor. Noemi never mentioned her fellow Jew Laszlo Rajk, Stalin’s choice for Chief of Police of Hungary after the war. Equipped with brand new Ford vans from Moscow via Detroit, Rajk formed the dreaded AVH secret police and sent his rape, loot and murder squads at among the surviving war populace. During the Oct 1956 uprising the Vatican reported 200,000 Hungarian women raped and one half million Hungarians murdered during the regimes of Jewish gangsters Laszlo Rajk, Frenc Nagy and Zolten Tildy. Since the decline of Communist power in Europe documented reports have increased these numbers to 2 million civilians murdered in the first seven years after the war and over a million women and children brutally raped by Red soldiers and their commissars.
Noemi lived in Hungary during this time. Why didn’t she say something about this to our high school children? Was she helping Laszlo Rajk and Joe Stalin subjugate the Nation of Hungary under total Jewish Domination until 1952 when she came to our shores? Was she aiding red terrorists and subversives during the war against her Hungarian neighbors and what part did her parents have in the horror story that was Bela Kun’s government? Well whatever it was it paled in comparison to having to work 14 months in a labor camp.
Karl Gharst

Kalispell, MT

#3 Sep 28, 2011
The Bernie Madoff of Holocaust Survivors, Noemi Ban
Noemi did say something I thought was probably true! She said “as we were being marched to the cattle cars the people came out and lined the streets, a few of them were crying but most of them said “Good Riddance.” Having Noemi on our shores for 53 years bad-mouthing the good people of Hungary who never caused her any harm, and, rather than thanking the Germans for keeping her in the only unbombed places in Europe and feeding her when they, themselves did without – I know how those people saying “Good Riddance” must have felt and I think tells us a lot about why she was locked up in the first place.
I have been showing movies at our local library challenging Hollywood’s version of history since we have had a stranger for a president (Deut 17:15). I have invited Darryl Kistler and his entire Judeo-Stoogianity Church (we call them Church of the Talmudic Christ and His Gangster Disciples), McAdam and his (sub) Human rights group, Stalin Loyalists, Red Army sympathizers, anarchists, every nut and flake in Montana that would call me or protest me to “come into the library and watch these films” and discuss these important events in a civil manner. We can always find a way to get along when we try to get along. I have invited them to bring their facts and promised to exchange ideas that would be beneficial to all sides. I only got called names and so far, they, along with their media yip-dogs, have only told lies about me! If bringing such an obvious fraud to do a Vaudeville act on our children is the best they can do, then I’m going to go ahead and declare this a great victory and ask God to protect the righteous when His swift justice comes upon these people.
I passed out some literature I thought was appropriate to all the students I noticed who didn’t clap at the end of Noemi’s speech. I figured they would be the ones suffering the same fate that our Hungarian brothers and sisters suffered - so as long as these vampires were allowed to roam freely in our streets and this thing called truth remained hidden under the cloak of the Rabbis.
But on the bright side I learned a valuable the lesson about the Holocaust from Noemi’s visit to my town!“Making a Jew work is far worse than killing him!” Your friend in Christ, Karl Gharst
Sheik Yerbouti

Richmond, IN

#4 Oct 12, 2011
Dob you like having imaginary conversations with yourself? Take your meds!!
Karl Gharst

Kalispell, MT

#5 Oct 12, 2011
Rabbi Yerbouti, How much longer do you think you are going to be sitting at the white man's table and eating the white man's bread? If I were you I'd put all my racial theories into practice and go somewhere that there is no white people to trouble you. If you continue to demand your citizenship among us - yet curse us with your every thought and breath - you'll be standing trial with the Grand Grabbi.
Sheik Yerbouti

Warrington, PA

#6 Oct 12, 2011
Please take your meds! You are obviously severely demented. You are nothing more than a loudmouthed right wing sissy boy!
Allah the blood god

Campbellsville, KY

#7 Oct 12, 2011
Sheik Yerbouti wrote:
Please take your meds! You are obviously severely demented. You are nothing more than a loudmouthed right wing sissy boy!
Change the record dip-shit, your repeating yourself over and over and over.

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