who killed darlene
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Kalispell, MT

#1 Oct 4, 2007
so dose anybody remember the Darlene Wilcock case?
what ever happen with that?

Conroe, TX

#2 Oct 6, 2007
I believe that is still an unsolved murder.

Kalispell, MT

#3 Oct 8, 2007
hmm no suspects no nothing huh? seems odd sense it it a small town.. so nobody's heard anything more about it huh

Kalispell, MT

#4 Oct 8, 2007
Nope?? seems like it just went away and everybody has seemed to forgotten all about it
the plasticman

Kalispell, MT

#5 Jan 25, 2008
It's amazing that in this "small town " we have this unsolved muder that everyone has just sweep under the rug and has chose just to forget about it. Are there active police people working this case? what ever happen to the DICK dasen connection his sperm was found under the body on the blanket but then the hotal admits that it dose not wash the blankets all the time so it must have gotten there on some other viset with his " crank hoes". How can our police cheif retire and not give this case a second thought that happen on his watch? Why is that on the anniversy of that repoters death in some other state we have a full page in the paper about but the darlen wilcock case gets no mintion ever.

Since: Jan 08

I Love The Flathead

#6 Feb 1, 2008
It boils down to money and like in high school, who is the most popular. It disappoints me that this is a unsolve case and that the family has no closer. Is there something bigger that was not mentioned in the press. This is making me believe that maybe some one in the law inforcement might have a hand in the case. Maybe law inforcement is covering something up that might get some one higher up in a lot of trouble. If some one has any information they should call some one any one that will help.

Kalispell, MT

#7 Feb 1, 2008
It seems like when you know the right people in this town, things just fade away--just like in this case. I think the total sentencing handed down to Dasen was a joke.

Since: Jan 08

I Love The Flathead

#8 Feb 8, 2008
very much a joke
what r we to do

Kalispell, MT

#9 Feb 23, 2008
so how do we this this back in the minds of people?
interrested party

Kalispell, MT

#10 Mar 19, 2008
Then there is the matter of Dasen's DNA, which the state crime lab says was detected on a semen-stained bedspread in Room 233 of the Kalispell Motel 6 -- the room in which Darlene Wilcock, 26, was found strangled in April of last year. No one has been arrested in her death.

A law enforcement official familiar with the woman's autopsy report said that semen from two men was found on her body, neither of them Dasen.

The discovery of Dasen's semen at the crime scene, this official said, may simply be a coincidence, the kind of thing that can happen to a man who often has sex in motel rooms where bedspreads are rarely washed. A number of women have told police that they had sex with Dasen in the Motel 6.

interrested party

Kalispell, MT

#11 Mar 19, 2008
As part of her job, Neise said she intimidated new recruits by describing the murder of a woman named Darlene Wilcock, who police discovered strangled to death at a nearby Motel 6. While DNA from Dasen was found underneath the victim, he was never a suspect in the case.

When the two girls went to Neise's townhouse to close the deal, Neise explained that Wilcock's fate awaited anyone who told police about Dasen.

“I told them that's what happens to girls who go to the police, is they end up dead,” Neise said.

“Dasen wanted her to use the threat as a tool, so girls would do what he ask and not go to the police,” Beck told jurors.

The attorney said the girls were scared when Dasen finally arrived at the townhouse, at which point Neise left the home.

The events that followed were witnessed only by Dasen and the two girls, Beck said, but Neise described the “aftermath.”

When Neise returned, the girls were frightened and upset. They told Neise how Dasen had become physically involved during their encounter with him.

“She had that deer-in-the-headlights look, like she was trying to detach herself from the situation,” Neise said.

During cross-examination, defense attorney John Bohyer aimed to discredit Neise, reading transcripts from the woman's previous criminal testimony in which she lied.

interrested party

Kalispell, MT

#13 Mar 19, 2008
A Serious Post
A year ago, I had a bit of fun at the expense of Dick Dasen Snr., a wealthy Montana businessman who spent millions to have sex with various poor/drug addicted women in Kalispell, MT. over a period of years. In 2003, Mr. Dasen's activities intersected with a murder when his DNA was found on a bedspread at a local Motel 6 where a 26-year-old woman, Darlene Wilcock, was found strangled. By all reports that I've seen, including this one, local law enforcement says that Dasen had nothing to do with the murder; he had just been a former occupant of the room where Ms. Wilcock was killed.(However, it was alleged that Dasen referenced Ms. Wilcock's death as a means to intimidate his own victims.)
It's been more than three years since Darlene Wilcock was murdered, and her killer or killers have not been found. There's some suggestion that police identified a suspect, but have don't have enough information for an arrest.
Ms. Wilcock's aunts have created a webpage at which they've posted a request for e-mails or other assistance from anyone who might know anything about the murder:
The family has put up fliers as they work to solve the murder. They've also written letters to "America's Most Wanted" about Darlene's case. But so far no interest has been shown from the show. There's also been little interest from the public on the Web site the family set up for Darlene in her memory and hoping that someone would read it and leave a tip on it. "Don't be afraid. IF IT HAS TO BE ANONYMOUS, it can be. Just anything, if you know something and aren't saying , just say it," said Darlene's mom, Marla Friske.
Now police are still taking tips on this case. If you have any information, call the Kalispell Police Department or go to NBCMontana.com news and click on the Wilcock Murder Fast Link. That will connect you with the family's website and you can leave a message there.
(Note: The NBC link is gone.)
Given this site's small readership, it seems doubtful anyone reading this will have any information. I'm posting this because I can't imagine the pain caused by the unresolved loss of a beloved family member. I hope that Ms. Wilcock's family will find answers to their questions and whatever justice is possible in an unjust world.
interrested party

Kalispell, MT

#14 Mar 19, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

April 17 2006 will be the third anniversary of my sister, Darlene
Wilcock's tragic murder.
On the night of April 16 2003, she was getting ready to meet up with
some friends at a local bar. The next morning when she did not show up to
work friends and family started to get worried. Later that afternoon is when
we found out that Darlene had been found in a local motel room dead. That is
when my crusade to find my sister's killer started.

We found out from the autopsy report that her cause of death was strangulation. The police had started their investigation and had interviewed many people including family members and have discovered many unanswered questions during the investigation.

My sister had encountered many people that night whom later became
suspects in the case. Her fiancé was one of those people. Little did
we know of all the lies that he told Darlene and our family. We found out through the investigation that this man was married , and he had lied
about seeing her that night, and even about knowing who she was with. That was not all though. Darlene and his relationship were built on nothing but lies. He had everyone, including Darlene believing that he was still driving a semi truck and making a honest living. When we thought we had heard enough our family found out that Darlene took out a life insurance policy and named her fiancé the main beneficiary.

The second person that meet Darlene that night and has become a suspect
in the case was a friend of a friend. This man was not well liked by
Darlene ,(not even in the slightest) but he claims that they were involved also. Darlene made it known to everyone that this man and her were not involved and never would be.
Our family doesn't understand why Darlene would have a relationship with a
man she so desperatly disliked.Yet his DNA was found at the murder scene.

The last suspect is a well-known executive in our small town.
Solicitation of prostitutes, embezzling money, and having sexual relationships with minors was the reason why this well-known man was arrested in the first place. The reason why this man has become a suspect is through confessions made by the women and girls that have testified against him. They have made
statements "in not so many words" in court that if they were to tell anyone about the incidents of their encounters that the girls could end up dead like the
girl in the motel (meaning Darlene). Many local people think that his money did a lot of talking. Yes, they had also found his DNA in the same room that
Darlene was in, but was over looked because they said it could of been there from a previous time.

Very rarely do I get a phone call from the investigators keeping me up
to date with the new information. I call them once a week prying
information out of them.

Three years is a long time with little or no information on
some one who was so close to me. I just want the person or persons
responsible for the murder of my sister to get the justice they deserve
and allow our family to get some closure on this and to go on with our lives.

I ask you to please help me find the person or persons responsible for our tragedy or any information that you can find out pertaining to this case.

My family and I just want to find out what happened to our daughter,sister,and aunt.


Miss.Holly Wilcock

Letter written by Darlene's sister, Holly Wilcock, for America's Most Wanted

holly wilcock

Englewood, CO

#15 Mar 21, 2008
thank you so much for the fact that there are still people out there who care enough to say something and voice an opinon,if only we had more people who cared enough to say something.Imagine if it was your family meber,would'nt you want justice and peace. so please i am asking if any one knows anything please let us know or go to the web site,you can be confidental when leaving a message.

Since: Feb 08

United States

#16 Mar 21, 2008
Holly......the best way to get people to hear you is to start talking........LOUD......Use any forum that you can.....I can ONLY imagine what you are going through knowing that there is someone out there that knows everything about what happened to your sister that night and everyone is turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to some pretty obvious evidence. My heart goes out to you and your family, You stay strong......for Darlene because eventually if the dead don't talk the guilty do.

Kalispell, MT

#17 Mar 27, 2008
back up

Great Falls, MT

#18 Mar 28, 2008
I truly feel sorry for the Wilcox family. I think the police are covering someones ass. I personally think that Dasen is a suspect and if not he knows who did it.
caring person

Englewood, CO

#20 May 12, 2008
i think there is more to the story and facts then what people re willing to say. i think the police know more then what they are letting on to, and holly i think u should keep pushing and demanding for answers, everyone desirves answers, make your sisters case well known ,good luck.
caring person

Englewood, CO

#21 May 12, 2008
i have to agree with u i think this case is a cover up case and people are being bought off. what happend to standing up for whats right and giving greaving family answers. holly i think you should keep pushing for answers and dont let this fade away. someone knows something it's just a matter of pushing the right buttons to get the answers.

Since: Jan 08

I Love The Flathead

#22 May 15, 2008
great story in the Flathead Beacon


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