Police Blotter: Caught Green-Handed, ...

Police Blotter: Caught Green-Handed, Busted Bus Windows, Shattered Shelter

There are 37 comments on the Patch.com story from Jun 21, 2011, titled Police Blotter: Caught Green-Handed, Busted Bus Windows, Shattered Shelter. In it, Patch.com reports that:

SUNDAY, JUNE 19 Driving While Scorned Police were called to the 4800 block of 157th Street because a caller said a man was being chased by a woman in her car just before 10 p.m. Brandi R. Sumowski, 26, was charged with reckless driving.

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Jen G

Los Angeles, CA

#24 Jul 6, 2011
Sorry all, but no matter how mad one gets, no self respecting mother would be chasing down her boyfriend in a car. I'd say her priorities are quite screwed up.

Chicago, IL

#27 Jul 7, 2011
Lol I love all the profile names by the way!!!

Quincy, IL

#28 Jul 7, 2011
beautiful curves...

Must mean" fat ass with a slimming mirror"

White people starting race wars eh? lol.....

Chicago, IL

#31 Jul 8, 2011
Wow sounds like you got your information from the Maury show!!! Who is the baby daddy?! Hahaha these gotta be all women because you will never catch men repeating themselves about the same thing over and over again!! That's why I prefer male friends because only women use another womans kids and family to antagonize them or even the "your a hoe whore slut" deal. Brandy If you read this at all this is all these women can come to you with is a low blow to your family and woman hood because someone has a jealous vendetta against you to really not have a logical reason besides to try to get a rise out of you because they have no lives and think they're untouchable and from the sounds of your police blotter, don't let these people blow your temper and end up behind bars for murder be a mom and take care of your man!! I've seen pictures, and I must say you 2 make a gorgeous couple and have two beautifull kids to raise!! Do YOU MAMA!!

Chicago, IL

#33 Jul 8, 2011
bridgetteT wrote:
Well brandi, haters make you famous right? How does it feel to be "famous" for running someone over and working them jaw muscles! I think all of this is side splitting hilarious! Not sure what everyones talking about with the whole race war thing, cuz in my eyes it dont matter if hes black, white, korean, japenese or indian, I still give him credit for taking care of you and Definitly 1 but possibly 2 kids that arent his, He will learn soon enough if
he hasnt already, what kind of a person you
are......Oh and let me adress the Kid situation,
Not everyone in this world has horrible children
that need to be hovered over because they're
always doing something bad, because we raised
ours right, also most of us have family that are
willing to help out when we need a break
because we deserve it, unlike Brandi who has
burned every stable bridge she has come
across...Oh and for the record, Im still LMFAO @
Brandi and her fake attempt at redemption!(all
those fake names really, did you think people
were gonna believe that you have that many
supporters,) oh and by the way, everyone that
knows you, knows that kim dont want anything to
do with you, so stop acting like shes gonna stick
up for you, cuz shes smart enough to stay out of
all the DRAMA you bring to YOURSELF! and
incase you didnt notice, Im not faking a profile
O WOW!!! Are you smoking CRACK lady?! All I keep hearing is " O you're Brandi!, NO! You're BRANDI! No I think that ones Brandy!! No! This time I really think it's her under that name!!"
YOU ALL sound like a bunch of paranoid crackheads!! AND lady, you do NOT know me, NOR Do you know ANYTHING about me, So I'd appreciate it if you'd stop posting my name like you're my best friend, THANKS!!

Gary, IN

#35 Jul 8, 2011
Kim wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't want people from the sumowski family to woop your meth smokin ass so I suggest you shut ur face bitch!!
I must have hit a nerve with Brandi, oh the poor little scared child! Uh oh! Im scared! give it a fucking rest, no one will ever do anything to my clean for 9 years meth smoking ass! its funny if ANYONE thinks Im afraid of them! Im not even intimidated that you need your whole family to fight me, but Brandi wont on her own, ya all of you are tough, atleast internet tough! but its ok because Im above all that, at 1 point in my life a long time ago I smoked meth and did other drugs that made me a bad person and a low life but it takes an even stronger person to rise above that and stop what they did wrong in there life...Can brandi say that about herself in any situation she is in...No, she sure cant because everything that she has done wrong in the past she hasnt done anything to better herself, she is still a HS drop out, she is still a Skank, she is still a drug addict(coke weed pills), she still cant keep a job or a good man and she still causes trouble for herself! So again Explain to me how Brandi is better than everyone?! ya I didnt think you could! So Im done with this "Im internet tough" bullshit, if brandi is that upset about my factual statements, she can come and see me! Until then (which is never) PISS OFF! Still LMFAO @ U!!!!!

Chicago, IL

#37 Jul 8, 2011
One more secret so I can LMMFAO on this whole thing.... Ready 4 this?? Brandi don't know about this website!!! BWAHAA Rotflmao!!! All this shit for nothing!! O gosh I'm gunna pee myself!!!!!!!

Chicago, IL

#38 Jul 8, 2011
This tickles me so bad!!!!!!!!!!

Gary, IN

#40 Jul 8, 2011
Dont worry Im still LMFAO, at the whole thing too, she'll figure it out when she (or anyone else) types her name into google.....Im laughing right along with you, but were laughing for differant reasons! ;)

Chicago, IL

#43 Jul 11, 2011
Um that's dumb?? Do you really know what you'd pay if you went to jail??? It's not 100$ anymore they take the law very serious now they will take your kids if you have them and hit you with more than one charge. Trust me as a man with a brother as a correctional officer, I know how harsh they can be. And all of you slandering this womans name can go to jail too. Use your brains gosh women never grow up or even know how to speak or act like adults!! Tis why most women are shit starters because they have either no job, no friends, no life, and no REAL MAN. Uhem because you're all losers and brainless fools :)

Chicago, IL

#44 Jul 11, 2011
How do you bail yourself outa jail anyways?? Like I mean if your in jail? And again I can't stress BRAINLESS enough! Don't you read papers before you sign??? If I'm correct I've read every post on here and no where do I see a person saying that they are her or her sister!!!! You haven't read last weeks personal ad in the news paper either?? Ok dumb brainless female like every female on earth( hence why Im o so gay) she announced her marriage and moving to texas with her husband!!! So if you all know she ran that particular person over why are they getting married!!! How in baby Jesus will you fight this woman if she's gone? Are you all feeling ok. Obviously the inevitable is evitable if she's doing that good for herself she can't be THAT much of a screw up!! Cmon people let the woman live and be happy and raise her family. If she's getting married she's grown up and not a whore she's in love and obviously he is too :) I think marriage is so adorable!! Hate her but don't ruin her if she's trying. That's all I can say, if she's making a life for her kids, let her if she isn't interfering with your life or kids. Don't listen to the devil, let bygons be bygons and move the F on!!! This world would be so much prettier with out hate and death... That makes me sad that's why were going down in 2012. GOD DONT LIKE UGLY.

Chicago, IL

#45 Jul 11, 2011
Right?! These dumb females think I'm her SISTER!! Lmmfao!!! Hahaha nope and yea her n her sister talk alot """FYI" """ I agree with "Blandness" that you all need to get a life though, because who would sit and make different profile names to make it seem like THAT many people hate her? You can't give your own game away buy pointing it at someone else!! Wow that was worthless. Did you get anything out of this?? For all the adults that read this they are laughing at how grown women can't find anything better to say than the same b.s drama over and over again. If anyone knows Brandi, they know shed do anything for someone she could like give someone a meal or a place to sleep. If she doesn't have it what are you expecting from her?? I mean you all can hide behind a mask and talk down on her and her family, do you think they really care?? They know about what's being said, but to them, you mean nothing so why would they get upset?? Why would she?? I mean in my opinion she's doing great and has had the same man 4 years now so how is she a whore?? And she has her own place so how is she a bad mom and she works so how is she a drug addict??? She does have a high school diploma too!!! Just so you know every other "adult" thinks just like I do, there for is why you are the only ones posting and repeating the same bullshit!!! If you know so much about her pussy you must have slept with her to know she has something! Do you have proof?? Didn't think so!! Do you have proof who her kids belong to??Her daughters father pays for his responsibility therefor, it's his child! Her SONS father is living in the same place taking care of His SON and planning a wedding for September, there for, it's his child!!! Do the math people! She's my friend and I'm telling you about her life right now in this present day, and I guarentee if you make her piss in a cup shell pass a drug test!!! I know that for a fact because we work together and get RANDOM tests. Also she has no std's because she can prove that on paper too, but why she would waste her time trying to prove to inadequate illiterate dumb people if they will still say the same thing just trying to embarrass her. She's happy every day I see her and so is her kids and husband to be, she don't ever talk about anyone or even care what they say. I know. I'm her friend. All I can say is god does hate ugly blandless, but karmas a bitch and people never realize the problems they cause themselves by being so negative untill it's too late. Grow up people is my final and last words. Quit repeating yourself on here to make yourself smile because if that's what it takes to make a person like you smile, your not human. I feel sorry for yous.

Chicago, IL

#46 Jul 12, 2011
I live next to her and no she didn't run her boyfriend over she went after some crackhead that killed her daughters dog. All of you are stupid imbisalls. You read the blotter and no where in it stated her boyfriend was being chased. If you read other blotters it states when they are in relation that's WHY it wasn't charged as a domestic duh! She was being a protective mother while you all got shit to talk! From dumb crackheads like yourselves that try to cause a threat to her family.

Chicago, IL

#47 Jul 12, 2011
I mean yea she was scorned, that dog was a part of her family. Her and her daughter are devastated.

“Where is Tonka?”

Since: Feb 09

Neda, stay with me! Charlie

#48 Jul 12, 2011
True dat!
Dudes be gettin runed over by their ladies all da time cause they standing inbetween her and a dog murder!

I remember once some beyotch run down 3 of her boyfriends doin that!
Lies wrote:
I mean yea she was scorned, that dog was a part of her family. Her and her daughter are devastated.

Chicago, IL

#49 Jul 12, 2011
She didn't run her man over goofy!! She went after a crackhead that killed her daughters dog!!

Chicago, IL

#51 Nov 9, 2011
Burned evry stable bridge? Really, because stable is not even close to what id say shes lived in! Whats stable? From what ive seen SHE LEFT every supposive "home" because of it not being fit for her daughter! You mean to say every piece of shit so called friend offered her stability? Yea ok! Stable doesnt mean living around drunks,drug addicts, chesters,n whores..stable doesnt mean threats and mental abuse. Stable doesnt mean demeaning her or her children. That little girl of hers aint horrible shes very smart she just knows who the good people are in her life and thats her family! So to all you ignorent losers, get a hobby! And Bridgette, that bitch dont like you and never has so stop acting like you knew her,theres a REASON SHE WAS TOLD NOT TO HANG WITH YOU, or any of that other scum she hung with as a kid. Looks like she took good advice, because the sht people say about you is the same shit they say about her, so looks like you got yourself stuck in a situation there partna, thank god its you and not her!!! Atleast she was raised to learn that trash belongs with trash! Dont worry hunny you finally found somewhere you fit in ;) BRANDI YOU GO GIRL WERE PROUD!!!

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