Man, 18, charged in fatal stabbing at...

Man, 18, charged in fatal stabbing at party

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A Local

Spartanburg, SC

#1 Aug 13, 2006
Was this self defense?
Jarrod Rommel

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#2 Sep 12, 2006
No it wasnt. His cousin(Matt) was getting in a fight at a party and he(Nick Armstrong) ran up an stabbed the kid twice in his chest. I mean he coulda hit him with something else besides stabbing the guy. Now he faces prison time and regret....
A Local

Powder Springs, GA

#3 Sep 13, 2006
Jarrod Rommel wrote:
No it wasnt. His cousin(Matt) was getting in a fight at a party and he(Nick Armstrong) ran up an stabbed the kid twice in his chest. I mean he coulda hit him with something else besides stabbing the guy. Now he faces prison time and regret....

United States

#4 Sep 21, 2006
then, he DESERVED to go to prison!

In my case, nothing happen to me.

I didn't end up in prison.

I am one of the lucky ones.
a local

United States

#5 Sep 23, 2006
SWC wrote:
then, he DESERVED to go to prison!
In my case, nothing happen to me.
I didn't end up in prison.
I am one of the lucky ones.
How do you know it wasn't a self defense issue? Why was the murder victim attacking people with a tree branch? Why was he groping girls and provoking fights? What if this WAS a self defense situation, and now a kid with NO prior criminal record who just turned 18 that week, is sitting in jail with the media judging him and presenting a picture of undocumented information? WAKE UP OUT THERE! Look past the veil of information the media wants you to see! The horrible part is this person died. But he bled profusely due to the toxins in his bloodstream, he put in himself! If he were sober, he would not have died. If he hadn't been groping all the girls at the party, and provoking fights..none of this would've happened. Listen to TV, but the real people who should be listened to are the ones that were there. Unfortunately, half the information in the statements are not being used. Police have called minors ON THEIR CELL PHONES and demanded they come in for statements with NO PARENT NOTIFICATION, then only bits of information from their statements are being used. What is really going on?
A sane person

Candler, NC

#6 Sep 23, 2006
What about the fact that there were a ton of underage kids drinking! Where the heck are the damn parents in that town?? Noone does a any parenting. But they all have great lawyers dont they?

Kid stabbed a guy and killed him. That is murder.
Self defense would have been to knock the guy out. Self defense says stab him in a non lethal area. Not the chest.
a local

Boca Raton, FL

#7 Sep 25, 2006
When you are being attacked, are you thinking?
a local

Boca Raton, FL

#8 Sep 27, 2006
To the 'Sane Person' in Asheville NC..
It will be a great day when the general public learns that the MEDIA IS OUT FOR ATTENTION......and that FACTS PRESENTED BY THE MEDIA are not representative of THE TRUTH. Yes, there was a stabbing. Very good. But to judge the circumstances from a news report? To judge parents so harshly and insult them.....someday maybe it will be YOUR life that will be judged by a ratings hungry reporter? And we can judge you for,.... lets see.....Hiding in North Carolina because you know exactly where someone should stab someone else when they PROTECT THEIR LIFE??? Actually, North Carolina is a great place for you. Please stay put.
nicks ex-girlfriend

Bend, OR

#9 Oct 10, 2006
i know nick and i know for a fact that no matter what he would not have killed anyone...unless he was drinking or on drugs.. i think it was self defense by talking to all teh people that were there becuase nick..i know...and he would NEVER kill anyone he was doing it in defense to his cousin and himself...someone told me that he started spitting on nick after he hit matt...which i dont know the truth but that would provoke a fight by all means ..he did not have to stab him but "a local" is right when you are in that big of a fight and you are under age drinking you don't take too much time to think and nick has always been too quick to react on things like these...he is a lover not a fighter but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time..i personally think that stupid 21 year old at a party with younger kids gropping girls and pissing people off... desreved to get his ass beat not killed but he was stupid for putting all of this on himself.he would not have died if those toxins were not in his body..he is stupid!
nicks friend

United States

#10 Oct 10, 2006
OK so we say that "free until proven innocent"? HA america is a joke to me personally. i love how half these people DONT EVEN KNOW NICK! I honestly feel bad for the collins. To have to lose their son in such a hard way, but what about his actions. Did they think about that? DID JOHN DO SOMETHING? not to deserve to die but he DEFFINITLY could have walked away, he could of not tried to fight EVERY GUY at the party.. or hit on EVERY GIRL!!! and just like nicks x said why did HE PUT HIMSELF! in that situation?? IF HE'S 21!!! WOULD HAVE BEEN 22!! you THINK he could of been MATURE ENOUGH 1) not to serve alcohol to minors 2) not start things between everyboy there 3) not been groping the girls that were what..15? 4) left when told to 5) not go after other people before that even occured! he told EVERYONE HOW FUCKED UP HE ALWAYS IS! well look were it got him. he must of known not to drink if he gets angry ... and by the way he was telling people he's always on drugs and drunk. he should KNOW! and him being on drugs doesn't help! im praying for the collins.. to get throught this and to OPEN THEIR EYES. your angry of course but what if john was in nicks situation! THIS 21 YEAR OLD is going AFTER a child barely 18...( should be consisdered a child b/c still in highschool and isn't allowed to drink ) how wouldn't this be self defense? he didnt go OH ILL DO IT CUZ IC AN~! nick NEVER fought HE FELT HIS LIFE WAS THREATHENED! NO ONE CAN TELL HIM DIFFERENTLY B/C ITS YOUR OWN OPPINION IF YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER!!!!! a threat to him could be different to those veiwing this! and that doens't mean he's lieing. it just means he's not a tuffy or "hard" peOple reading this pLEAse! just try to open your eyes an dput ur sons/daughters/brohters/dads/ ANY LOVED ONES in nick position! he didnt GO AFTER COLLINS. nicks life was in danger with no way out..what wold u have done??
nicks friend

United States

#11 Oct 10, 2006
Jarrod Rommel wrote:
No it wasnt. His cousin(Matt) was getting in a fight at a party and he(Nick Armstrong) ran up an stabbed the kid twice in his chest. I mean he coulda hit him with something else besides stabbing the guy. Now he faces prison time and regret....
UM actually MR. JARROD thats not how it was u werent at the party how thE HELL are u going to sit here and say that!??!?!!? your "boi" collins attacked nick.. and matt wasnt there so get your facts straight!
a local

Boca Raton, FL

#12 Oct 10, 2006
jARROD ROMMELL......I agree with 'nicks friend', how can you make statements in such 'knowing authority' unless you were there? Who do you know that was there? Do you understand you are saying that nick "ran up" and stabbed a man who was seen drunk, high and provoking fights? If you were there, you need to step forward. If you were not, you need to remember this is the year 2006. We are a nation of people who live in a country founded on truth. On justice and on the premise that people are ALWAYS innocent until proven guilty. There is only sadness for many things; the death of the 21 year old Collins, the loss of freedom of a boy who had just turned 18 less than a week before this, and the loss that we are all facing of a fair justice system. Spend time getting facts, not spreading slanderous mistruth.
Nicks ex girlfriend

Cumming, GA

#13 Oct 17, 2006
I agree with "nicks friend" and "a local" innocent till proven guilty. this would have never happened if "collins" didnt provoke it by trying to fight with people and trying to get with younger girls..."nicks friend" was right with every statement made.~serving alcohol to minors~starting fights~grouping girls~not go around telling everbody how fucked up he is....i think that callins is the idiot not to be mean he should not have died.and yes it was wrong.BUT!! WHO started it...nick didnt just go up and stabbed him and walk away.. i mean WTF! he's not if collins wasn't "fucked up" he would probably still be alive.and he probably would have beem smart enough not to start shit with everyone...its surpirsing to hear he is 21 becuase from what i haer he sure as hell didnt act like it..nick should be FREED.anyone talk to nick latley? how is he doing??
welcome 2 56ace

Brea, CA

#14 Dec 11, 2006
does anyone know if he's benn sentenced yet??
Dont Worry About It

Pompano Beach, FL

#15 Dec 13, 2006
you people need to shut the f**k dont know what happened...Matt was no part of it you f**k..i was there those my boys...what was done was messed up but it had to be nick it was self defense...if nick is freed god save him...i hate to say but he is better off in jail....
a friend of the ex

Greenville, NC

#16 Dec 22, 2006
I went to school with the ex last year. I have hung out with nick and ex-girlfriend a few times. I dont know nick a lot, but I DO know (from personal points of view and from all the things the ex used to say about him) that he wouldnt just go stab somebody. I wasn't there when everything happened. I do know that Nick will do anything he can to protect himself or somebody he cares about. I don't know what happened that night but I DO know that nick is not a murderer, he is a defender. Everybody out there that doesnt know nick or who doesnt know the situation...needs to just shut up, because yall are just talking to be talking. People who call nick a murderer are just insecure and trying to bring others down with them.
I hate the media and the gossipers that are trying to bring nick down to this mean murderous party-going jackass...because that is not nick at all.
god bless nick for all he is going through.

Brea, CA

#17 Dec 25, 2006
in my opinion nick deserves life in prison at a minimum that kid was an impulsive hot head and knew exactly wat he was doing when he took a fucking knife and ended someones life...he threatened to kill me before so the thought of killin someone wasnt fresh in his mind...self defense my left fucking nut he inteneded to kill collins and deserves the impending ass raping he will receive in prsion...hes emotionally unstable and is not able to function in society, therefore he belongs with the scum of the earth in a prison rotting away...he took something away that can never be given back, and should hve the same thing taken eye for an eye

Tucson, AZ

#18 Dec 31, 2006
Sounds like a lot of people that DON'T know nick think they do. How about comparing collins previous arrest and fighting records to nicks? hmmm

Birmingham, AL

#19 Jan 3, 2007
I was in jail with that kid he save4d me from getting raped in the butt....And that was def self defense
johns friend

Miami, FL

#20 Aug 26, 2007
nick desereved to be in jail and stay there. tomorrow is johns birthday, and i along with many others who love and care about him will be without him all day bc of somone- who had no right to take a young mans life from him. you want to be billy bad ass, please take it somewhere else. the FREE NICK bullshit really was all uncalled for. how bout BRING BACK MY FRIEND... in all honesty, anyone who commits murder needs to be locked up for good. anyone who takes another persons life, better be ready to give theres up to. i prey everyday for john and his family and everyone else i have lost... but you know what, i also prey for nick bc even though he did what he did god is still going to forgive him bc he died for us and for our sins.. so all we can do is prey for others who don't know better or who don't have the will power to do good... all i have left to say is. you all think you know nick but how bout john?? did you know him? bc there are alot of people who did and who are so ready to kill for him right now... it's not over... don't forget that. it should be but we all know it's not. i prey that it stops here. that's all. as for everyone who still runs their mouths about what they think they know really happened... check your sources. bc i'm one who knows exactly what happened that night and i know that nick really isn't -the sweetest thing in the world- and even though not everyones perfect, he definatley could've and had the opportunity to make another choice....

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