Cold Case No More: Police Arrest Husb...

Cold Case No More: Police Arrest Husband in Heartsong Murder

There are 918 comments on the WBZT-AM West Palm Beach story from Sep 27, 2006, titled Cold Case No More: Police Arrest Husband in Heartsong Murder. In it, WBZT-AM West Palm Beach reports that:


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Woodford, VA

#384 Dec 5, 2008
Bob Sherin, get your ham radio buddies to do the research for. Tom, Brian, Dan, Mike and Randy will do all the research and they can spread their findings all over the radio so the whole world can hear. They will also blog the findings to death on the web. Get those ham radio fools to do your work as you routinely collaborate with them. How is the book about how the government was involved in 911 comming along? You are a looser just like your ham buddies!


#385 Dec 5, 2008
so tell us more about Bob Sherin, how do you know him


#386 Dec 7, 2008
I don't know how you got rid of Mr Sherin but..but that man should be writing fiction if anything. Have you never call your children by the other childs name Bob was buying two cars maybe he mix up the names. Why would you buy a teenager who just started to drive a new car? There are alot of things about Bob & Toni that Mr Sherin just doesn't know & doesn't need to know except Bob did not kill Toni period. Go find someone else to pick on.

Woodford, VA

#388 Dec 8, 2008
Bob is now talking as if he knows current military procedure and communications usage. I wonder if this nut ever served in the military? This dude is a real loon!


#389 Dec 8, 2008
good to see that many people see him (bob sherin) as a fraud, thanks for sharing. gave me alot of insight.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#390 Dec 11, 2008
A FRIEND wrote:
inappropriate behavior, he was irritating and disrupting,to the prosocuter, soren's,and all others in the courtroom. passing notes, allowing his computer to make noise, finally there were too many complaints and the judge had him remove from the courtroom and he was told not to return..
in fairness he was asked many times to stop being
annoying, i quess he choose not to stop..
After vowing to stay away from here, I find myself compelled to go on record again. So Friend, you thought you could slip by with libel once I left.

At no time was I ever thrown out of the courtroom or asked to stop anything; to the contrary.

While the Sorens initial reaction over a potential book was non-cooperative, we got along well as the trial progressed. Especially with Barry Soren, who was also a close court watcher.

Talk about falsehoods. Friend's above post cannot be more inaccurate, misleading, aimed at prejudicing the media. I certainly hope the media studies well every twist and turn of this enlightening thread.

Let me get to the gravamen of the Court circumstance. After Mr. Maxwell's closing argument, I panicked because I knew Ms. Burns was going to lose a case she could have won. She hadn't provided the jury with any details enabling them to convict. Court was in recess.

I thought I had a good notion of what those details were and, sitting there with a strong feeling to disclose, thought the prosecutor should tie it together at the end. Not wanting to bother Ms. Burns, I called the State Attorney's office, who sent over an investigator.

When the Investigator arrived in front of the courtroom, we began conversing about the subject-matter. And that's when the friendly Bailiff said to take the conversation outside. It makes perfect sense that anyone overhearing such a conversation would have been prejudiced by it. The Bailiff, doing his job, acted so as not to taint the trial.

We walked out, discussed my several points, which I had jotted on a paper that I gave to him. Then I went back to the courtroom.

So Friend finds it necessary to defame me for doing a civic duty. And he paints it in the most unflattering terms, wholly false.

Good people reading this board, this is the kind of deception I've been facing from close Heartsong supporters since I stepped down as his Web Master.

Friend, how can you fabricate this out of thin air? I mean, I know I've made factual errors I corrected, but they were honest mistakes. Yours is utterly deceptive a/k/a a big lie.

When Ms. Burns resumed on her closing-closing, she started up from her pre-preparation, paying no mind to Mr. Maxwell's closing and predictably lost. Given the way the trial was botched by the prosecution, the jury verdict is absolutely correct.

I know, the media is savvy enough to reject your manifest deception, Friend.

Happy holidays to all.

Woodford, VA

#392 Dec 11, 2008
Please inform us exactly what majority of hams think he is mentally disordered? I would think that maybe only 100 out of 600,000 hams even know the Canadian ham. We could push the figure to 10,000 and that is still not a majority of hams. Bob get your crap together and stop being a blowhard. You and your looser ham friends should investigate this murder mystery in Fla. Post your details on the komspig website so that the whole world can what dorks you are.


#393 Dec 11, 2008
as usual Bob Sherin, blames everyone else, i also have on good authority, he is a depressed man and has had suicidal tendencies, so we don't want to push him over the edge. the book he wrote, was published by him, and you can only buy it through him, with a penpal account, so very hard to believe it has made any impression on anyone. i have read it and it made no sense to me.
it's true, he was asked to leave courtroom and not comeback.. all his crediability will be destroyed on 48 hours and dateline. maybe it's you that need to get treatment for your disabilities.
peolpe of the board do a seach on bob sherin and you'll see many who thinks so little of this man. i haven't been able to find anyone to write something good about him.
and what is wrong with being a Heartsong supporter, Barry Soren is one.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#394 Dec 11, 2008
A Friend,

For the third time, you are propagating the BIG LIE.

No one asked me to leave the Courtroom. I was conversing in the hall with the Prosecution's investigator when the Bailiff asked us to take the material conversation outside. NO OTHER MENTION EVER REACHED MY EARS ABOUT LEAVING. Where are the journal's you promised to post and designation of the dates of those entries? Lots of charges, no delivery!

Whether TV runs with me or not is their choice. If they do, I know I can present a much stronger case under the First than the prosecutor did in the courtroom. The further away we get from the trial, the more outrageous I view the prosecution. Had they visually corollated the time lines to show opportunity, had they focussed visually on Bob's shifting story's to police point by point to demonstrate what he was trying to coverup, had they made purchase of the Mazda material to Bob's mindset when Toni vanished from from that picture altogether, had they put on the person to whom Bob confessed, had they done a better job with the neighbor, bringing on experts about the psychological state of such witnesses, they would have carried the day.

Though I'm not alleging the prosecutor threw the case, in retrospect it certainly settles that way within my mind. As well, there was a likely scenario of how and where the crime actually went down that explained much of the evidence, never touched by the prosecutor. It was as if Ms. Burns expected the jury to get it by mental telepathy.

When you look back, she didn't put one piece of tangible fact into evidence that anyone could hang a decision on. And her generalities, i.e. strutting back and forth with the knife, saying to the effect, "Bob certainly knows how to use a knife," struck at the heart of her credibility. So the "not guilty" verdict with which I agree doesn't speak to the reality of whether Bob did the crime. And I want to make certain the national TV shows get that point.

Let us not forget what drove this thread, and that was Bob's cause. I supported a domain, web presence and web service until I concluded I could no longer proceed in good conscience. I remained silent, Friend, until you began knocking at my credibility -- and that was solely from having stepped down, nothing else. Truth be told, my conduct here has been beyond most everyone else's. Kudos to the defense, of course.

As you all know I ran into this case through my book that most certainly was self published. Give its specific charges of Florida corruption, no major publisher would touch it. So, yes, I stuck my own neck out. Let's not forget part of that was for Bob's benefit

Results have exceeded expectations: It's been answered with an active reform movement in Florida that the national media is also on to covering. This is but one of many cases in my book, some of which are making excellent progress.

Mental disorder: yes, I was born Bipolar II. But under treatment, I've been doing great for many years.. This is made public only for the benefit of others who may be similarly afflicted.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#395 Dec 11, 2008
Buddy wrote:
Please inform us exactly what majority of hams think he is mentally disordered? I would think that maybe only 100 out of 600,000 hams even know the Canadian ham. We could push the figure to 10,000 and that is still not a majority of hams. Bob get your crap together and stop being a blowhard. You and your looser ham friends should investigate this murder mystery in Fla. Post your details on the komspig website so that the whole world can what dorks you are.
You could even be Karol Madero, VE7KFM, for all we know.

An indication of his bizarre behavior on mic can be found on our Standard Web Site, . A view of his entry shows 36,916 hits, whereas my high number is around 14,000. I've never seen as many hits as Karol has, and if you've heard his Al Quida rantings, you've got to realize that thousands of hams are familiar with him. But please, this Heartsong case is an important piece of history; don't sully it with ham radio.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#396 Dec 11, 2008
Careful Friend, I have utterly no history of suicide or suicidal ideation, pure fiction on your part. As hatchet man for the Heartsongs, you're trying to strike at my credibility while hiding behind a pseudonym. Posting serious defamation per se, you remain unaccountable, not a fair contest by any measure.


#397 Dec 11, 2008
bottom line is if the prosecutor could have proved her facts, she would have. she didn't call the witness who you claimed to have talked to heartsong in jail, because they found out they weren't ever in a cell together, and he was moved to anther prison, for many crimes he commited, but because you want so badly to blame this on him, you choose to believe convicted felonies. you put heartsong in your book before you ever met him, the website you made never helped him, it got like 20 hits. on trial it was ommited that the only reason they brought up the charges on heartsong, he was one of the 65 cold cases the put in to try and get the grant money, which pbso did get. this whole trial was about grant money and the pbso didn't care about the $500,000.00 it cost the tax paying citizens of this state. every news station felt you were a fool, why do you think no one took you serously, or made any attempt to contact you. as buddy put it stop being a blowhard!
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#398 Dec 12, 2008
Characterize me as you will, but it is untrue that TV hasn't contacted me. Some have. Have also been approached about doing a book.

With media, I limit comments to the case, not to you or other commentators. What you do not understand is that media must balance all sides to get the ultimate story -- and 20/20, as well as 48 Hours, are superb at doing this. Your put-downs, usual in their business, have sparked a dig below the surface. These are classy shows that get into all the nuances.

Maintaining lonely positions, unsupported publicly by others, in the face of the aggressive out to discredit, is difficult. But I've spent a whole life at this, reaching light at the end of many a tunnel. I know you think your drum roll is scaring off media, but it's doing the opposite. None of them are being conned, and all of them are into maximum essence.

You claimed to have read my book, but it's obvious you haven't. Because the grant angle is the subject-matter thoroughly covered in connection with Bob's case. Yes, I covered Bob when he was incommunicado in Palm Beach County Jail, answering the pleas of his friend, Paul Bismark. Approaching publication time, I had a decision to make: Go with Bob to help him, or omit him. I thought justice cried out for coverage and that I could trust Paul Bismark's account of Bob's military experience.

The point of the Web Site wasn't what it accomplished -- you are likely right in the small number of hits. The point evidences where my heart has been.

I don't know what confession you're talking about. The one I refer to was in the courthouse before a hearing.

According to the witness, Bob, hearing he knew something about law, slid down to talk with him. "You know something about law," Bob is reported to have said. "How good is DNA?"

"Like your fingerprint." the man responded.

When the savvy nonlawyer probed as a prisoner would, "You must have done a sloppy job," Bob is reported to have said, "That is an understatement."

Working from memory, I may not have conveyed the exact words but I've conveyed something very close, the meaning of which was unmistakable.

Bottom line about the prosecutor, in my view, is while she appeared highly experienced, it was drama, not evidence. The fact she lost does not mean a more adept prosecutor couldn't have won. You've got to have a modicum of intelligence to know this.

As I ponder that trial over and over, my belief now is that her efforts were sophomoric. But since we don't have double jeopardy, Bob is truly "not guilty" in the judiciary. Out in society is another matter.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#399 Dec 12, 2008
Friend, your challenge is being answered.

A writer, producer and reporter for more than 35 years, I'm taking several days to compile the rich body of comment to this Group. Permission to reprint is part of this process. In the meantime, Friend, you might start by reading Dennis Hamilton's smashing introduction in my book. Or go to and read my work in The Miami Herald.

In your attempt to trample truth, you're going to all ends to run down someone who's been a champion of justice, praised many times in the press.


#400 Dec 12, 2008
ďBipolar ll may also cause people to feel more talkative, result in inflated self-esteem, make people feel as though their thoughts are racing, and in some cases result in rash choices, such as indiscriminate sexual activity or inappropriate spending sprees.Ē

This is probably why Mr. Sherin canít stop or look at things as they are, letís just hope and pray he keeps up on his meds, so he doesnít get anymore delusional than he already is.

The witness you are talking about was not called by the state, for it was proven he was not in the holding cell with Heartsong at any time, it was Det. Van Houten, who was on the stand at the first bond hearing, who was quoting this felon, when the state figured that out, how could they call him.

20/20 is not doing the story on Heartsong, yes Dateline and 48 Hours will be honest and unbiased, but they have not contacted you, and have no intention of contacting you. Other than yourself, no one is interested in you writing a book on Heartsong, for your facts are so off, and your research is limited to others reporters articles.

I do feel sorry for you, not being able to see reality must be difficult to live with and I do realize itís not your fault, and itís an illness. Do all the research within your 122 pages, but to write a book you need to talk to all involved including the Heartsongs. I also find it funny that you are the only one that defends you or boasts about you, guess itís that inflated self-esteem.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#401 Dec 12, 2008
Yours is a rankling charge when it comes to my book. I can't imagine a coterie of folks I tried to help, two of whom saw the copy and approved it, including as to Bob's military career, coming down against me for trying to help them. If Bob's friend, Paul Bismark, could raise the courage to post here candidly, he'd set you straight fast.

Your report about media contact is incorrect. I most certainly have been contacted, and the news about coverage is not what you're expecting.

In fact, one of the articles I'll be posting is a favorable 2007 feature by Coral Gables Living Magazine. There you'll gain an understanding that neither you nor the mainstream media likely have about justice in Florida. Like Florida's link to 9/11, it was no accident that Bob got off in Palm Beach County.

Now let's get to that witness. I tend to believe you about the witness's credibility, because when I asked Ms. Burns about him, she said he wasn't credible. Because the police report was definite as to his knowledge, which was intimate, I'm still in a quandary about him. Think I'll contact Michael myself -- if that is the same witness we're talking about -- and take it from there.

I knew the moment Ms. Burns excluded that witness -- and it could well have been for good cause -- she was going to run headlong into hearsay objections with the other witness who overheard. And that's exactly what happened.

You needn't be sanguine about Bipolar disorder. Millions have it, including Ted Turner; it is easily treatable. As a mood disorder, it does not approach sociopathic, personality disorder. I find it distasteful to defame you with falsehoods. And when I err, I am quick to correct the record -- worlds apart from you.

Thanks, though, for your invitation, through challenge of credibility, to put out a potpourri of 35 years plus experience for all to see. Proud of my involvement in this case, it is strictly for others to judge where the truth lies.

I feign no monopoly on wisdom. Yet without me, I know, you'd have the Palm Beach Sheriff expending resources in quest of the murderer. What is important in this thread is the distillation of information, not the personalities.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#402 Dec 12, 2008
So your message, Friend, is: The notion that Robert Heartsong could have murdered his Wife, Toni, is a disillusion. Not a belief or opinion but a dillusion!
You might as well call the Palm Beach Post dillusional then.

Coming from the Heartsong camp, let media consider that when gauging credibility.


#403 Dec 12, 2008
you are wrong about the media, i know as a fact, i have been interviewed by them already and they don't plan on speaking to you.

you really think the Heartsongs will speak to you after all the misleading information you have put out there. they will never trust you, can you blame them.

you think it wrong to find the person who did this violent crime is a waste of money, just for a moment your wrong, then there is this fiend out there who could and will be murdering more innocent victims. to me that could never be a waste of time or money.

"I feign no monopoly on wisdom. Yet without me, I know, you'd have the Palm Beach Sheriff expending resources in quest of the murderer. What is important in this thread is the distillation of information, not the personalities." again you need to pat yourself on the back, let your ego go, you keep making this about you..


#404 Dec 12, 2008
Bob Sherin wrote:
So your message, Friend, is: The notion that Robert Heartsong could have murdered his Wife, Toni, is a disillusion. Not a belief or opinion but a dillusion!
You might as well call the Palm Beach Post dillusional then.
Coming from the Heartsong camp, let media consider that when gauging credibility.
not what i said, the pbso never had proff it was robert and they never did a good investication from the begining, for if they had, they never would have been able to use this case to gain their grant money. your theories are dillusional, with now facts backing them.
Bob Sherin

Miami, FL

#405 Dec 12, 2008
Perhaps those who interviewed you won't interview me, but I've already been interviewed. Can you identify yourself for posterity? Obviously you are either Bob or close to him.

You've got to realize I'm remote from this case. I neither murdered anyone, have been suspected of same, or am proximate to anyone ever having been suspected. Come on, Friend, let's not play child's games.

Bob was indicted. Burns did put on a case of sorts, bypassing the details that might have convicted. PBSO investigated a case against Bob, but Burns did not pursue proof of facts properly, opting for drama instead. We can call each other names till kingdom come, but, rather than the buzz of delusional and sociapathic, let's address facts.

For the third time, the grant angle is covered exhaustively in the book. And for sure, it is an element in Bob's prosecution, with quite a story behind the President's DNA initiative. Its purpose is both to solve crimes and to exonerate those like Bob where the State fails to carry the burden.

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