Maybe the new prez will get rid of the thieves that work for T&H. I applied for emergency assistance some time back, and received a $130. voucher for food. I was later told by a former caseworker that they had issued a check for $428. in my name, but was co-signed by the intake worker. I never saw the check and asked my friend how I could either get the money or get that person fired. She said that it happens so much that nobody paid attention to complaints.
The thing was that when I got re-instated on my SSI, they deducted not only the $130 food voucher, but the phantom $428 dollars that I never received. I complained to the social security admin that I didn't receive the money, and they said that If I don't have proof that the money wasn't given to me, I had to accept the loss.
There are so many things wrong with T&H that I cannot list them all here. For instance, they hand out contracts for housing repair tyo incompetent companies, and don't do anything when folks complain. My sister's house burned down two years ago, and it took the 'contractor' nineteen months to place a SALVAGED single-wide trailer on her lot, throw in some used appliances and garbage furniture, barely erect walls in the place, and had the Gall to charge her Sixty Eight Thousand dollars for the job. She was homeless the whole time, and T&H refused to assist her during that time. Then when she finally got the keys to the place, the city of Hoonah had the police drag her out of her home, kicking and screaming, locking the place down because they said it wasn't insured. I thought it was illegal to evict folks during winter time. That was in mid-november.
Granted, the lst part had nothing to do with T&H, but their lack of support had a lot to do with Sis's situation. If you have a complaint, post it here. The more we bring out in the open, the less likely crap like this will happen again.
Sis's housing dilemma has not been resolved to date.