hillary edwards

Frisco, TX

#1 Jan 13, 2010
Please get a life. Thank you and goodbye.
The Judge

Helotes, TX

#3 Mar 24, 2013
Hmmm.. why don't you get a life and learn to keep your legs closed.

Helotes, TX

#5 Mar 26, 2013
dirty homewrecker
Hey Hillary why dont you put the crackpipe down and take care of your kid?
Richard is always putting stuff about his son on fb why not you?
oh yea you post a few things. but then again how could you find the time to be a good mom when you cant seem to get off your back and knees and stay away from your "friends" boyfriend.
Ill tell you what Ive seen you lose friend after friend and monica was the ONLY friend you had. I knew that and so did everyone else. You are a damn fool for doing that to her because now all you have is your mom who talks trash about you on fb hahahahahah!!

Beeville, TX

#6 Mar 26, 2013
true dat ^^^

Helotes, TX

#7 Mar 29, 2013
That chick is so nasty! she used to be married and messed around with her boss. he even paid for her abortion AND took her to florida! she had sex with so many guys that she worked with and her poor husband worked there to. He must have felt like a fool to have tied the knot with a true whore.

United States

#8 Mar 29, 2013
Her husband will find someone who deserves him.

Helotes, TX

#9 Mar 29, 2013
WOW! yea Hillary is just about every bad name ANYONE can think of. I bet she is gonna be mad about all this shit talking how about we all just stop, In fact, why dont we give her a new name, just let her start over. Oh! I know the perfect name for her!! Chlamydia!

Helotes, TX

#10 Mar 30, 2013
damn, I see that girl at sonic and she acts all happy like nothing happened. she must not realize that makes her look 10x worse.

Helotes, TX

#11 Apr 1, 2013
DisGGGGGASTING!!! This woman needs help!! MAJOR HELP!! I mean who in their right mind, sober mind, would do that? And This girl was ALWAYS with monica and MONICAS kids! Doesnt she have a kid? Guess she must not care to much to take him around. Blah Blah, I know the story. Doesnt suprise me AT ALL! Jeff is a druggie and whoopdido so is hillary. to bad monica, I mean are you suprised that you caught them? that they were sneaking around? Looks like you gotta be into the same stuff as them to get invited to their all nighter. Think about it first though. Is it really a loss? Those two? Open your eyes woman, THEY DID YOU A FAVOR! they got eachother OUT of your life!!! Dont worry. Your always sad, I know. But when you GRADUATE your gonna be glad your not serving burgers at sonic like that skank :)

Tyler, TX

#12 Apr 3, 2013
I'm sorry I can't help that I'm a drug addicted hoe its who I am.

Lockhart, TX

#13 Apr 4, 2013
How pathetic is she. I feel bad for her son but then I don't because from what I hear Richard is great father.

Houston, TX

#15 Apr 16, 2013
I want to hit it she got a big booty

Lockhart, TX

#16 Apr 16, 2013
I wish Richard had custody of his son, he is a great father. Hilary is not a good mommy, all she is good at this being past around like a bottle of crown. She has no morals and needs to give up her rights!

Lytle, TX

#17 Apr 22, 2013
f**king slut Monica is an awesome person and one of my own personal friends! how could you do that!
Truth teller

San Antonio, TX

#18 Apr 22, 2013
Monica is a pill head, smoked crack right along with hillary and Jeff . She doesn't work, slept with her moms boyfriend , and goes to diff docs to get her Valium refilled. She sells her ass, does acid, and will drink anything u give her! She acts like a poor sad victim, but she's a trashy , skank. Oh not to mention a thief....yeah shoplifting , busted! Arrested , and booked ....WITH HER BABY.... Yeah what a freakin saint! She's gonna graduate from what? Another school certificate she doesn't do anything with?
And Richard ...a great dad? Cuz he posts stuff on is FB? Really? That's your definition of a dad? Hahahaha stupid ghetto!

Y'all all know that about hillary ....you were there doing it too? Lmao y'all are so dumb. Y'all are probably all the same person...MONICA talking shit cuz you know hillary has more of a chance at becoming something besides a pill head loser poor pathetic victim loser mom of 3 kids.....atleast hillary only made a stupid mistake once by having only 1 kids with a loser guy, instead of 3. And at least he wanted to marry her ....Monica....not even close!
oh what an insult....lol she walks around all happy at sonic? Good for her....it's a job! Don't hate!

If Richard is so great, I dare you ....go be with him...hook it all up! See for yourself. Be careful, watch out for those needles....between the meth and the steroids, never know what's floating around in their....

bunch of haters ! Soooo stupid, and the peeps who know her, forgive....any friend younthinkmshe lost, was no loss. Stupid asses.
When y'all make it to your 10th birthday ....invite us
Monica Salinas

Helotes, TX

#19 Apr 22, 2013
Hmmm really? Ok heather Brumage or Hillary Edwards. I'm guessing this is Heather because Hillary is to stupid and chicken shit to say anything. See my name right there? Yea, this is ME telling YOU that I don't care what you say. Of course your gonna talk crap. Good ahead tell lies. Like I'm not working? Yea, your an idiot because I DO have a job. Go out? Sell me ass? Smoke crack? Really? I NEVER go out EVERYBODY knows that. Yea I am going to school AGAIN to further my education is that really something I should be ashamed of? Hmm, well I'm sorry if you think so. I've made mistakes and bad choices throughout my life it's not a big secret but my kids will NEVER be one of those mistakes!! If Hillary wants to think of her 1 child as her 1 mistake that is her choice. Yea I did have 3 kids with a man that hit rock bottom and cheated on me with my "best friend" guess what my kids made those 6 years WORTH IT!!! And you are right I never married Jeff. If I didn't care about a proper wedding I would have gone and signed the paper LIKE HE WANTED!! I am poor, I do have three kids, I am in school and I do work I did put myself in this situation. The difference is I WILL push myself to do everything I can for my kids! They are not mistakes! I will better my life as much as I can and I'm sorry I don't work at sonic so I guess that means I'm pathetic? Really? Haha!! I'm not even going to waste my time playing this stupid talk shit anonymously game. I said what I had to say back when she did what she did. I'm over it. And as for you saying I'm talking crap on here honestly you would know. I have no problem making sure you know I'm talking shit. Go ahead, tell everyone more about how I'm not working lol oh and I'm stupid for going back to school to be something better in the medical field. Tell everyone how insulting it is that I didn't marry a man that cheated on me with my best friend! I may have been dumb enough to put up with his shit but I wasn't dumb enough to marry him!!! Go on!! Try your hardest to make me look bad. Oh and as for the drugs, if I was so into drugs then why the heck wasn't I doing it with them? Huh? If I was worse then why do I even have custody of my kids? I can understand why Hillary doesn't even have custody of her son the only reason she is around him is because she lives with you. Say what you want. Do whatever you need to so you can sleep easier tonight.
Monica Salinas

Helotes, TX

#20 Apr 22, 2013
Btw I know about it because I saw the pipe on a dresser when I caught her there! I don't know why I wouldn't be right there getting high with them if I was so into drugs lol. Instead. They were sneaking around getting high together oh what did Hillary say that day when I asked why? Other than "idk why", "I'm sorry" and "I thought you were at school" she said "cause you would have been mad". Now, if I loved drugs why would I have been so mad? Then again, your gonna continue to help your daughter make excuses for what she did and she will never face her mistakes. You would get so mad heather because of the way she is but you don't realize that you push her to that level when you treat her like crap. Yea Hillary fucked me over, she broke my heart. Jeff wasn't the only one I loved, I loved Hillary. And you made her vulnerable when you would put her down and tell her she was crappy. Yes, you let her stay with you, use your vehicle, eat your food etc but when things didn't go your way heather, you would take it out on her. It was evil. I'm not trying to drag this on. Just stop acting like you've never said all those things that won't put on here. Like I said I'm not going to drag this out. Say what you want. I've said everything already no need to repeat myself.

Houston, TX

#21 Apr 22, 2013
Monica when gonna get with a man who is gonna treat u an those kids good im a,good man an ur hott as hell

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