Fly By Nite Trash Service

Fly By Nite Trash Service

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Beckley, WV

#1 Apr 11, 2011
Just to give everyone a heads up....I seen the trash guys from Fly By Nite going thru everyone's trash at the club this morning as they were loading it into the compactor. They were ripping open bags and going thru everything. To some people this may not be a big deal, but what if there is something in your trsh that you forgot to shred and they get your info? I spoke to the manager at the company and she said that they go thru the trash and read papers to make sure that nobody is doubling up on trash service and to get cans out. I told her that if they were to ask people to do so, most people would bag their cans seperately so they could have them. The point I am trying to make is this: If I throw something in the garbage and tie my bags up and pay a comapany to haul it to the landfill, I do not expect them to "inspect" it first. I do not know who this "Joe Blow" is that is picking up my trash and what he is looking for, but I do know that he has no business snooping in the trash! His job is to pick it up and take it to the dump--and that is it! So people if you have this careful what you put in the garbage!

Beckley, WV

#2 Apr 11, 2011
*sorry for the typos...was trying to do this really quick!

Oak Hill, WV

#3 Apr 19, 2011
i do have a problem with that! also, i saw the men who drive a pickup truck dump a truck load of trash on the side of the road in a wide dirt spot, and LEAVE it, for one of the big compactor truck to come pick it up... totally UNATTENDED, again, that may not seem like a big deal, but just junk mail is all ppl need to steal ur identity now.... i think trash service should be more reliable!!!

Daniels, WV

#4 May 2, 2011
some people throw away some good things that are not trash like if someone moves or dies and could be used again . if you throw away anything, that means you don't want it and you want rid of it, the guys at FBN know when to look in bags that are worth looking into. one mans trash is anothers treasure.unless u don't pay for your garbage pickup and you r putting your garbage out with someone else thats called littering and is illegal. you could be fined . thats the only time they look for info on whos thash is out.

Clay, WV

#5 May 2, 2011
If your identity is stolen, you know where to send the cops to.

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#6 May 31, 2011
i just wish they would take all the trash, they come to my house full and then they just pick what they want to take because they don't empty before they come, there for awile they wouldn't even take small bags of kitty litter if my 6yr can pack it they can lift it, or paper boxes i see other companys take boxes but not ours and if the bags outside the bin then they won't get it either even though all it is is paper
good service

Ridgeview, WV

#7 Sep 1, 2011
I don't have any problem with them i have had good service. I try to remember they wont take more trash bags than they are suppose to and if i have more i call the company and pay extra to have them pick it all up. And as for cat litter i have a cat as well i am careful to double bag and put into garbage bag as well they have to pick them bags up cat litter is nasty wouldn't want the bag to bust open on them i don't make the bags so heavy they can't pick up you have to think and be considerate of these things

Beckley, WV

#8 Jan 21, 2013
Sparkle your a liar u couldn't of seen any fly by nite service truck dump any type of loads there trucks are regular ford trucks they don't have lifts they have to go to a compactor to be released of there truck load its the only way of emptying it!! And then the manager in princeton his self comes to take that compactor to the stanford dump.. anyone who has seen these work trucks would know this!! And also on the lookin through trash ordeal if they have any type suspicion to other people doubling up trash they have rights to look and see cause that's cheating the services. And believe me it happens more than once a day people trying to cheat on there trash. Other than that... what other trash service is going to work every single work day even in 4 foot of snow to make sure ur happly picked up sure isnt gonna be beckley garbage or oakhill whatnot they stay out at times more than 15 hours in the snow to make people happy! No service can top that...
fly by nite driver

Ardsley, NY

#9 Apr 26, 2013
We only go thru trash if we think its not a customer and report it to the cops you have nothing to wary about we r not crack heads or crooks Wher just do ING r jobs
just cruzin

Beckley, WV

#10 Apr 26, 2013
I think the guys do a great job and service! If you dont like call someone else.9478
Jill Thompson

United States

#11 May 2, 2013
I also had problems with fly-by-night... THERE NAME IN MY BOOK ¤ BYE-BYE-FLY-BY-NIGHT ¤ They left bags of garbage. Wich is against the law... Even if you put 20 bags they have to take it all & bill you... It's a health hazard.... REPORT THERE ASS to charleston & FIRE THEM..

Chesapeake, OH

#12 May 2, 2013
Well I see pl ha e nothing better to do with there time but get on here and make false accusations against us drivers first off all I take pride in my job it is hard to come by jobs 2 not every company can satisfy stuck up pl and 3 there are limits on the bags and most pl do not have respect they think o there just trash pl well let me tell you something bye bye if you don't like the service I do my job well I try to be fair with pl if pl have to many bags I call my boss and let them no and if they tell us to leave it then we have to leave it 70 percent of pl want something for can't stick all those nags out when there is a limit on how many we take usually the nice kind customers call in and tell them they will have xtra that's because they no the rules.were out here doing a job just like the rest of you people and I bet you don't even work quit as hard as we go run your mouths idc I no the job I do is fine we are not slaves we pick trash if we make a mess because pl usually use cheap bags we clean the mess although we don't have to we still do out of kindness but I can say a company will not always beable to please every if your not happy then don't call for service fly by nite is the ONLY trash company that runs everyday of the yr Monday-Friday we don't get time off we are a good company and do the best that we can.why dunt u get out here and do the job and see actually about how hard it really is you all act so tough but if it came down to it you wouldn't beable to do the job takes a strong tough hard working person to do the job.we have limits on bags Nd weight limits when you call to get on the service they inform the new customer about it what's so hard to understand..if u don't like it don't sign up bye bye!!!!:)

Princeton, WV

#13 Jun 13, 2013
Fly-By-Nite is terrible! They have a new woman driver on one of their trucks and she is awful. They will not pick up over 6 bags even if for the past 6 months you have only had 2 bags a week. Never had trouble with this company until she started. She is very rude!
friendly trendy

Springfield, NJ

#14 Sep 12, 2013
We are limited on how many bags we can take first of all and the two women who work at fly by nite have each been therer for well over four years that's a lie and yes they do only take six bags black or 13-14 white they even tell u when they sign up on service so if u don't like it then kick rocks.I deal with it so you will too or you can cancel service threw them yall pathetic I heard threw a few pl about this page also said only losers get on here and talk crap time to grow up pl this is 2013 say it to there faces n see if they have a they won't xus those r the rules also and Jill Thompson report them??haha your just as pathetic also we all have our opinions but to put it on here this is tediculous there is Wright's limits just as well limited on bags and don't speak the name of company if you don't like get out there and do the job they do that's a hard job not easy but for yall to sit behind windows n watch or even some pl watch them struggle with 100 pound bags if I worked there I would shred that bag all over there lawn leave or even knock on the door and watch them lighten there trash up.but like they say you no how a person lives by there nasty trashnoone understands from a hard workers point of view bunch of preppy ignorant self centered selfish people around here.bye bye like I said don't like it kick rocks!!!

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