Re: Request More Police Human Entrappment Sex Drones .

Dear Joplin Teen's:
For years year after year underage teen females and some males allways seem to find their way to my hotel room dr or Apt Dr offering me sex I allways refuse and decline the offers state to state city to city yet they keep comming like when Amber Woodendorf
showed up at my apt dr in Florissant Missouri River Chase Apt when she was 14 and Mandy age 11 or 12 or Ashley Todd age 11 in Symrna Tennesee in the middle of the night ect... Gangs in Florissant Missouri tell me Gangs in Jennings St.Louis Missouri used of of these sex drones for pistol target practice and she was shot up really bad while another they claim was chopped up mixed with hog feed and fed to hogs in Hati Missouri and anothers head they suspect was chopped of and her body left along the I-55 Interstate near Festus Missouri ????? Jezel showed up at 2:00 AM before day in her night gown and slippers when she was age 14 in Poplar Bluff
Missouri claiming she was looking for her mother????? I don't want sex nor do I trust any of them showing up at my door like that as gangs claim police are pushing them up to this ruse to entrapp me?????

I send as much data and info on most of these sex drones on to Cartel's be they Oil or Drug's and it's not my problem what happened to them or whom did what to whom and why as I tell them to refer those comments to the parents of those they claim got killed or missing as yet again they gangs claim the family that may have pushed Heather Kulhorn runaway from Bridgeton Missouri up to comming to my door at the Royal Inn in East St.Louis Illinois in 2005 their 18 year old son was shot dead recently still thats not my problem and nor was Heather able to convince me she was 18 years old as she claimed. It did not matter how old she was because she had nothing I wanted despite how cute she was as the rest of them .

Please call President Barack Obama's wife 1st lady Michell Obama and ask her to contact Police and have them send as many of these underage sex drones as they can and remind them I still don't want sex and it's rare if I ever have sex with adult females on American
Soil what I do what is to make sure I warn gunners for the Cartel's they may be or become targets of these sex drones and if they open fire and kill them thats not my problem nor does it concern me. So please tell them to send more as many as they can
I have the car tag numbers of the ones here in Florida what ever info or data I get tags, social security numbers, cell phone numbers ect... If gunners show up and kill them or the whole family rumored to be killed in Northport Florida kids and all hey not my problem.

SG-22 E-Com U.S. Army (Ret.)