Understanding Honduran Men

Understanding Honduran Men

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Since: Sep 07

Lou, ky/ present: Joplin, MO

#1 Sep 20, 2007
Since living in joplin just under 3yrs of my military tour and not even thing of dating after been hurt over and over. I thought i had meet the most wonderful guy here in joplin, it didn't matter to me that he was from honduras. All that i wanted was to make him happy, and be a faithful novia to him. until one day he came to me to borrow money from me to send home to his mother until he got paid. that was three weeks agao. he just stop talking, coming over the hole nine yards. i set and wonder why he chose to risk our friendship and uncondition love i had for him.
Enigma reply

United States

#3 Feb 26, 2008
Enigma wrote:
What did expect? Grow a brain. Then maybe you can spell and type coherently too.
The only one that can make you stop being a loser is you.
"What did expect?" is not a complete sentence. Perhaps you should "grow a brain" as well.

United States

#4 Feb 4, 2010
Hopefully,he actually sent the money to his mother alot of these men are married and send everything to their teethless wives in Honduras. The women of honduras love to use their children as insurance itīs their way of ensuring that the man will always provide for them. Heaven fordbid they get off their lazy asses and get a job like a real AMERICAN woman...no itīs much easier just to spread their skanky legs....side note...where u found him their are ten others just waiting to take his place..
Cindy in Indy

Indianapolis, IN

#5 Jun 14, 2010
be careful, careful, careful around people from Honduras....they are more conniving and cold than the other illegal latinos coming up here....and the others (majority of them, anyways, are bad enough) People from honduras are usually thinking about one thing and one thing only: money
Spend some time around them and you'll see what I mean. Again, please be careful and proceed with caution with those folks.





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Memphis, TN

#6 Aug 10, 2010
i think honduran men are very controlling and jealous i know because i am with one now and ive been with them before all of them are the same except different names so be careful ladies

Winter Springs, FL

#7 Aug 13, 2010
My boyfriend is from Honduras. He needed money for is car insurance, said he would repay me when he got paid and guess what HE DID. Just like men from all around not all are the same. About the controlling part, I'm starting to see that in my boyfriend and I've heard the same thing that Honduran men are extremely controlling. I will just have to wait and see.
Cindy in Indy

Pearland, TX

#8 Aug 24, 2010
I didn't post what i did a few months ago to be mean-spirited--I did it out of concern for the people who can potentially get taken advantage of by these types---all i said is, and i will say it again---proceed slowly and be careful.

United States

#9 Aug 25, 2010
i met a man from honduras i am americam puerto rican mix and 5 years older even though we look the same age he has been very sweet soo far an far less controlling than the men I am used to works constantly very well maintained family have decent jobs he has been very sweet papers are not important to him as he was in a 4 year relationship and had a child with someone who could have given him papers and would have so i think alot of men are coniving i had relationships with two black men extremely coniving bottom line yes latinos are possessive and jealous its culture know what your getting into and me i am an educated women with traditional upbringing even for the u.s my spanish is terrible he teaches me and gives me the traditions i did not have growing up so again its who you choose to deal with and always be leary a real man does not take anything from a women in latino culture the man pays and protects the women unlike american men!!!!! so to me its a trade thats even all men want a women to look beautiful cook clean have babies and love them unconditionally
Cindy in Indy

Pearland, TX

#10 Sep 2, 2010
Again, ladies, be careful........I've been taken sexually and financially by latinos , usually sexually, more times than i care to count....central american is a culture of "take" not respect.....and most latino men look at an american woman as a FINANCIAL OR SEXUAL OPPORTUNITY along with any true feelings they may have for you....get ready to give, give, give---because they are geared up to take, take, take--in one way or another---this is not written in the spirit of racism but rather in the spirit of women looking out for women....and we all need to do more of that for one another.

Austin, TX

#11 Sep 2, 2010
well lets react on this topic, i have been happily married to someone from honduras we have two beautifull little girls he is respectfull gives me freedom we both work and he never ever used me in anyway yall are giving honduran men a bad name just because you cant pick the right one or you are just dumb enough too fall for idiots doesnt mean all honduran men are like that. it is kinda stereotypicall and give good honduran men a bad name.
Cindy in Indy

Pearland, TX

#12 Sep 7, 2010
check back with me in a few years....we'll see if you're still as happy as you think you are right now....once the burn comes down.....

Houston, TX

#13 Sep 13, 2010
you have to be careful with all men my relationship from which i wrote has ended he had to many problems in honduras but never asked me for any thing I dont regret the relationship because of where he was from but because of him he is just him I AM LATINA MY MOTHER AMERICAN you have to watch all relationships I still stand on what I wrote earlier but I will never deal with him again he had too many issues

Austin, TX

#14 Sep 18, 2010
cindy what makes you think that i should check back with you in a few years why do you say that?? like i said we have been together for 10 years!!! every relationship has its flaws but we are actually really happy but for the record though i am not an american i am european total different perspective i guess why is it so hard to believe that there are truly good men out there?
Cindy in Indy

Indianapolis, IN

#15 Sep 24, 2010
you got abusive with me, saying i was "dumb enough to fall for idiots"--i was trying to have an intelligent conversation on here--you're the one that got juvenile with me, "gringa" in texas....and i still am highly skeptical of people from Honduras...be careful....
Honduran Man

New York, NY

#16 Oct 17, 2010
I agree with most of the disparaging remarks directed at all the men from Honduras. Some people argue that stereotypes based on preconceived notions based on television shows or individualized personal experiences are inherently flawed. I disagree, as is evident by my agreement with all those comments vilifying people like me (I am a Honduran Man). While some people criticize those that argue that it is better to stay away from Honduran men because they will steal from you, I believe that they are correct. Those that argue that the real people to worry about are those that enslaved their fellow man, subjugated others based on their religion, committed genocide in furtherance of ideologies based on hate, are just plain wrong. Those that argue that the real people to be wary of are those that wear nice suits and "invest" your money, or your union's money, or your mutual funds money, or your 401k money, but really keep it for themselves are just plain wrong. Honduran men are the real villains. Sure they have not engaged in widespread genocide of Indians or Jewish people or Africans. They have not enslaved their fellow man, or dropped an A-bomb killing 115,000 mostly innocent people. They haven't taken the lands of American Indians, Mexicans, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, etc., but they are bad nevertheless. I agree that generalizing about an entire nation of men is acceptable where there is a basis founded on objective facts that support the conclusions drawn therefrom. Facts based on history. History that clearly shows a criminality that might be something that is inherited and not learned. Yes, some people are pure evil and we need to point the finger. And on that note, and in closing, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to point my finger at the real criminals of history.
Cindy in Indy

Indianapolis, IN

#17 Oct 18, 2010
Man, what is your point? Because the wealthy and connected in this world have victimized people from Central America for centuries, that gives Latinos an excuse for coming up here and victimizing American women?! please, give me a break...
Cindy in Indy

Indianapolis, IN

#18 Oct 18, 2010
Okay, upon reading my June 14th post, I agree, it went over the line....I shouldn't say all people from Honduras are like that....but there is a problem w/ illegals coming up here and victimizing women for money...I'm not going to back down on that point.
believer 333

United States

#19 Oct 20, 2010
There are good and bad in every race. Depends on the upbringing. I was married to a Mexican woman once and have two handsome boys by her. She wouldn't quit cheating on me and I had to give up. But I wouldn't judge the whole race by her.
jasmine47 montgomery ala

United States

#20 Oct 23, 2010
i want say all hunduras men are bad,because i am a black american woman and i have been with one for 8 years and he has allways been there for me,he has been a protector and provider,he stepped up to the plate and has been the father to my 3 kids,he took the responsibility that there own biological daddy did'nt do,

United States

#21 Oct 25, 2010
i have been with many different types of men. black men, white men, hispanic men. the list does not go on forever but in all my experiences being able to "read" the "signs" is the most important tool we as woman have for protecting ourselves.

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