HOKIE SMOKIE BBQ (2104 W Mountcastle Dr, Johnson City)... was the worst dining experience I've had since moving to the area nearly 2 years ago. Our waiter could have cared less about waiting tables and taking care of his customers! Its sad when you see him sitting in the kitchen TEXTING when you have an empty tea glass or wondering where your appetizers are. Then after ordering and sitting for 20 minutes he wanders back over to say they're out of ribs ... gee ya didn't know when you put the order in?!?!?!!? After making new selections, he's back to texting and after another 20 mins. we paid our bill and went somewhere else! Poor man in the next booth waited that entire 40 mins we were there for a turkey leg ... did ya have to go hunt the bird??? SORRY SORRY SORRY service & management!!!! I assume the person sitting in the back booth that asked if there was a problem with my food was the manager ... how dull are you to ask if I had a problem with food when I never got any food!!!! NEVER WILL GO AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO STAY AWAY!!!!