Bristol, TN

#233 Jan 21, 2013
why didnt you report the sexual harrasement to police turn the pig in...
TurdFerguson75 wrote:
I spent 16 months at Advanced Call Center Technologies. To say it was the worst experience of my working life does not do it justice. If God bases whether you go to heaven or hell based on your suffering in life, well, I will go to heaven. I already spent my time in hell. It was ACT.
The management treats employees with disdain and an attitude bordering on the slave-master relationship found during the 19th Century in the American South. Employees are not valued. In fact, they are treated as a necessary evil.
In my department, the operations manager was a sexist pig who sexually harassed the attractive young women. I still contend that he had a sexual relationship with several of them since they had no obvious skills, yet they were advanced to higher positions in the ACT food chain.
Management would also frequently change employee schedules at the last moment without telling anyone. I believe they did this in an attempt to deviate employees and keep them from receiving their perfect attendance and performance bonuses.
Many people also don't know that ACT receives a $1000 per employee sign-on bonus for each new hire from Bank of America. Even if that employee spends only a day in training, ACT still pockets that bonus. What does that mean? They're going to intentionally hire mouthbreathing idiots who have no chance, so they can turn around and hire more a couple weeks later. It's easy money for ACT ownership.
People talk about the drug use at ACT. And yes, it is there. I've seen it on a near-daily basis. That being said, the level of stress created in that environment fosters drug use just to cope with it. ACT can "crack down" on drug abusers or say they are cracking down all they want. If they would simply start treating employees with respect, it would go a long way to dealing with the problem.
There are some scumbags at ACT. But there are also some good people who work there. Single parents just trying to make a living. Young people who can't find a job anywhere else but want to work. These people are undervalued and beaten down by management and ownership. I don't believe in unions, but unions exist because of hell-holes like ACT.
There are only three reasons for working at ACT:
1) You can't find a job anywhere else and have bills to pay. It is slightly preferable to starving and living on the streets.
2) You have a drug problem. I guarantee you that you'll stay high on a pretty frequent basis, for as long as you have money or you're a woman and have your body to use in trade.
3) You're a masochist and enjoy being abused by people in positions of authority. If so, you will LOVE ACT and thrive.
Short of those three reasons, I suggest avoiding Advanced Call Center Technologies as you would a concentration camp or a sexually transmitted disease.
Just some girl

Bristol, TN

#234 Jan 21, 2013
btdt wrote:
Horrible, horrible place to work. They do everything they can to take away your self respect. The only way to survive is to kiss ass, literally. Oh u can also go around with your boobs hangin' out--they like that. Place is ran by fat woman and wimpy men. Its dirty, full of druggies, rude, rude people, they break into your car, damage it in the parking lots, steal your lunch. Its no place for a self respecting person and you won't find many there. Sups are mean, look years beyond their age, they get alot of bs too & u know that goes downhill. But it is a paycheck.......... Don't take the job home with you, look at it as a temp situation. When u walk out the door u hve to close your mind to the place. This job will NOT look good on your resume.
AT&T pays much better. I worked for them for over 8 years and worked for ACT. AT&T started me at 11.23 please get your information correct about pay rates.
been there in jc

Lenoir City, TN

#236 Jan 25, 2013
terrible,terrible,terrible i worked at there jc location on fairview ave and it was terrible we had days when we had no running water they expect you to do your job perfect when the supervisors cant even do the job dont get me wrong some of them can but the big guys know nothing about the job or the programs you will be using it is a job for desperate people if you have any sense about you you wont stay past training its not worth it
ex employee

Chatsworth, GA

#237 Feb 13, 2013
Jacob Harvey that works there is a manager and a lil bitch who likes to scare the girls that work there so they are afraid to loose their job if they don't do what he says....nothing but pill heads work there I don't even see how the place stays open......

Bristol, TN

#238 Feb 13, 2013
its a job but it would be a lot more productive if supervisors would do something. i mean on the ccc side for att and probably uverse too. seems like all they do complain about having to take sup calls. good luck getting one to take one over for you. normally they make the floor support people do it because they cant be bothered because they are too busy stuffing their faces or chatting with someone at their desk. basically not worth a shit. there are a few good ones, but they have their fair share of bad ones that greatly outnumber the good ones.

and is it just me or has anyone else noticed that most of the supervisors for att are fat? guess being lazy is a requirement, which if you have ever worked in uverse or ccc, you already know this.

Alcoa, TN

#239 Feb 13, 2013
Probably going to quit soon, as I do not have any drugs or liking for the nasty people that hit on me. I also hate the systems, and asking for help is like testing a bears ferocity. For 8 bucks an hour, it truly is no longer fun once you get out of training. I'll take my paycheck and go someplace else hopefully. Not worth being yelled at and forced politeness spewing from your mouth for 8+ hours a day. It's definitely a place to go when fast food places are overstaffed.

Since: Feb 13

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#241 Feb 21, 2013
Catherine is so hottt. She da best supervisor.

Bristol, TN

#242 Feb 22, 2013
She also the only one worth anything in CCC. Tara is okay to but might as well not even bother with the rest.
Former Employee

Johnson City, TN

#243 Feb 24, 2013
ACT has called me 3 times in the past month asking me to come back to Uverse, I guess they ran out of suckers here in East TN. I told the woman the first time they called fuck no in many, many ways.. Two weeks later she called back and I said I would come back for $25/hr and of course she said she couldn't. The bitch called back a 3rd time Friday and I guess they can't get the picture through their thick skulls that I would rather dig ditches or shovel shit than work for ACT again.
Former Employee

Johnson City, TN

#244 Feb 24, 2013
@AJC ATT Clients observed everything all the time!!! At one point in time last year they had 5 ATT clients there at the same time! Jeffrey Horvath (Manager over the project for ATT), his slave master (forgot her name, tall skinny and kind of hot) and 3 ATT trainers.
Don't forget, there is also a HR rep at the facilities too.
Courtney quit last year, not sure if she's back.. But she loved munchin on carpet so the lack of dick is why she was such a c-unt.
Former Employee

Johnson City, TN

#245 Feb 24, 2013
Also, check this out http://www.hulu.com/watch/180899 funny as crap about ACT..
Jacob Harveys num 1 fan

United States

#247 Feb 27, 2013
ex employee wrote:
Jacob Harvey that works there is a manager and a lil bitch who likes to scare the girls that work there so they are afraid to loose their job if they don't do what he says....nothing but pill heads work there I don't even see how the place stays open......
HMMMM.....MAybe you should tell that to Jacob Harvey's FAce......See how that works for ya. See the problem with half of you fucktards is....YOU ARE TRASH and could not make it at ACT> Its a shame they work with people so much and yet you East Tennessee Trash people are unable to do one thing..... COME TO WORK....LOL Maybe you should try taking responsibility instead of bashing a company that paid your bills..... LMAO WACK ASS EX EMPLOYEES!!!!!!

Bristol, TN

#248 Mar 2, 2013
I was happy, amongst probably everyone else, that I was able to pay bills.

But the problem is with the job itself in actuality. ACTs biggest problem is just how it conducts itself and treats employees. There are obviously "horror" stories in many aspects. Just because it can pay your bills doesn't mean it's a "good place" to work.

ACT employees are underpaid, in comparison to most call center jobs. Couple that with *some*, not all, but some upper management that make it far too stressful to be worth it at the end of the day. I think the cons outweigh the pros with this place, but that's just my opinion.

I know it can't look good to other businesses because ACT really is always hiring. All the time it seems like. You'd think they would show a bit more respect and appreciation to their employees, and then maybe they would want to hang around. They are certainly NOT easy to work with when it comes to days off, having to leave early for an emergency, or even not wanting to have to do the overtime. You aren't given a choice in those matters, almost as if they expect you to not have a life outside of work. Sure you can leave early for an emergency, but you get guilt tripped and borderline threatened about your job for the majority of the time. I don't consider that working with people. I consider that insulting more than anything.

At the end of the day, people want respect. At ACT, the sad truth is that you might as well forget it.
gee whizz

Greeneville, TN

#249 Mar 12, 2013
has anyone thought about forwarding these disparaging comments/feedback about this call center to who pays the bills, like AT&T, BOA, etc? this is a huge tarnish on their name brand.

Johnson City, TN

#250 Mar 13, 2013
ex employee wrote:
Jacob Harvey that works there is a manager and a lil bitch who likes to scare the girls that work there so they are afraid to loose their job if they don't do what he says....nothing but pill heads work there I don't even see how the place stays open......
Isn't ACT Call Center run by Bank of America. Not sure, just what I had heard. If that is true, well...
Happy Former ACT Employee

Lincoln, NE

#251 Mar 14, 2013
curious wrote:
<quoted text>
Isn't ACT Call Center run by Bank of America. Not sure, just what I had heard. If that is true, well...
No ACT is a separately owned company. BOA/ATT/Sallie Mae & more hire ACT to answer & make calls for them. Why pay costs of building new infrastructure and pay employees better wages when you can hire ACT who already has it's own centers and pays their employees a lot less. This means larger profits and happier share holders for the clients.
Just like if you called most major companies, such as microsoft, you get some guy named Sam in India, all it is it outsourcing.

Johnson City, TN

#252 Mar 14, 2013
ex employee wrote:
Jacob Harvey that works there is a manager and a lil bitch who likes to scare the girls that work there so they are afraid to loose their job if they don't do what he says....nothing but pill heads work there I don't even see how the place stays open......
F$CK that douche bag lil bitch. Oooohhhh. Im a OP's manager and so successful. Lol. That lil bitch wouldn't make it in a real job.

Elizabethton, TN

#253 Mar 23, 2013
AJC wrote:
Its a shame they still dont have their act together. Even with a pay increase it still sucks. Sups are still lame. Only ones in my department worth anything are Catherine and Tara, and Brittany when she was still there. The rest might as well not be there since the dont do anything. I mean ANYTHING except sit at a desk all day watching over their team like a vulture. If its a blond sup, they dont do a damn thing. Emilly and Courtney would rather give you a 10 minute bitch session on why you cant handle your own calls than to just sit down and have a customer happy in about half the time. Thats how bad it is.
Like I said the only ones worth their pay are Catherine and Tara, which is sad since there are at least six supervisors on the floor. Four of which (Courtney Sarah Emilly Travis) don't pull near the weight they should be. I wish Human Resources or even the ATT clients could observe them in their natural habitat. I think many things, and people, would be changed.
Yea Sarah has a criminal background of embezzlement & Elderly abuse! i looked it up! My friend started working there last week and is o=in training telling me what a dream job it is, she dont believe me, lol

Johnson City, TN

#255 Mar 26, 2013
Sorry to go against the grain here, but I'm currently working there, and so far I like it. Most of the people seem like they just don't care, but there are a lot of people here who are pretty nice and the trainer I have is really cool about helping you figure stuff out. He's a bit tough, but he made the training more enjoyable. The security detail, depending on who you get from one shift to the next can be rude, but some are nice. they have a guy that cleans the bathroom on a regular basis, pleanty of snack, snadwhich and drink vending machines on premisis, and the supervisors and trainers are willing ot answer questions and stuff.

Bristol, TN

#256 Apr 1, 2013
Give it about 4-6 months and we'll see if you still feel the same, especially if you get moved over to CBC.

Good luck though.

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