Cradic placed on parole

Cradic placed on parole

There are 71 comments on the Rogersville Review story from Jan 6, 2006, titled Cradic placed on parole. In it, Rogersville Review reports that:

ROGERSVILLE-After serving approximately 15 months of an eight year sentence for theft and money laundering Tony Cradic has been released on parole, according to the Tennessee Department of Corrections and ...

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Summed up

United States

#41 Jan 6, 2009
Did or didn't, right or wrong, hero or crook

None of this matters people because living well is life's best revenge.

From what I've seen and know, he's living very well. Case closed.

Roseville, MI

#42 Aug 5, 2009
Well I was employed at the Center when all this crap went down and it was ridiculous. He not only stole from the clients he also screwed the employees. I was screwed out of my maternity leave due to this chain of events as was alot of other women. Employees began loosing their job. their salaries, their vacation/overtime and their earned milegae payments as well. I know of clients who suffered also and it is not something to be tken lightly. I think it is insane that this matter was pushed tot he fullest extent of the law concerning Mr.Cradic and his sentence.

Ringgold, GA

#43 Sep 20, 2009
with all that going on with the tony cradic thing... i dont know. but i do know that the director now is not a very nice person. she is 2 faced and dont care about her employees. and as for the hr, lisa... god help. she is so fake!!! please get her out of there!!! thar jennifer girl that works in the center... she rocks!!! maybe she could be the director!!!
Tony C

Griffin, GA

#44 Jan 30, 2010
Is this the same guy: ?

Oak Ridge, TN

#45 Jan 30, 2010
tell me why THE DUCK GOBEE did not investgste cradic and the rest of the board could it be he was to busy in the back room him self i belive there was an other event that happened to the DUCK that got sweep under the rug.A SHORT TRIP TO MORRISTOWN

Chatsworth, GA

#46 Jan 30, 2010
I worked for chip hale durning tony cradic time . you people dont understand he stoled from people that were mental and physical handcapped he should be hung by the balls,because of his stealing staff helped buy clients groceries ,i know because i was there to get my paycheck when the tbi came in
let it go

United States

#47 Jan 31, 2010
I can not believe this crap is still being discussed. Reguardless of the past let it be known that CHC is doing great this day and time. It really does not matter now what happened or didn't happen but rest assured that GOD is the one who will handle ALL involved. Let this go and trust GOD to take care of it.
Tony C


#48 Feb 4, 2010
Is it true about his affair with an admin at a CHC vendor? Three people I know have told me that something was going on.
Some Guy

Seymour, TN

#49 Feb 4, 2010
Bring Cradic Back wrote:
I worked for several years at Chip Hale when Cradic was director and I'm still there 4 years later. Hands down it was a better place then. Better pay, better benefits, great place to work, AND THE CLIENTS WERE HAPPY!
All the directors that followed him cut pay, cut benefits and cut services to clients while blaming Cradic for doing so.
Come on, he was there for over 10 years and made the place work. Give me Cradic taking his extra cut over anyone since. Most people who've been there feel the same, just afraid to say it.
This new director is the biggest joke yet! I'm applying to Frontier Health.
I worked there when Tony was the director. He stole over $700,000.00 and you are wondering why you getting paid less? Are you serious?

Ringgold, GA

#50 Feb 5, 2010
Can you tell me how an individual stole $700,000 from an agency with a board of directors that was having regular audits? Sounds like the director wasn't the only one at fault.

Griffin, GA

#51 Feb 6, 2010
"Can you tell me how an individual stole $700,000 from an agency with a board of directors that was having regular audits?" - Ask your boy, Tony. He wrote the book on it.

Kingsport, TN

#52 Feb 7, 2010
The point of the question is that it must have taken years for this to occur and the public doesn't understand why the directors and/or the auditor didn't catch this before it reached the magnitude it reached.I have seen the list of the people who were directors during the time the theft occured and know the auditor is the same one who audits the City, so I believe there are lots of unanswered questions. Also, that is a trememdous amount of money. People didn't see Cradic living a high lifestyle during or after this. Unless it went toward the gambling operation local hot shots were involved in up there.

Griffin, GA

#53 Feb 13, 2010
Taken from the courtroom transcripts:

da Judge: "Hey, TonyBoy, how ya pleadin'?"

Tony, da defendant: "Guilty as a Mo-Fo, yo' majesty!"

da Judge: "You did all that craziness by yo'self?"

Tony, da defendant: "All dat and den some, boss!"

Question asked and answered.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#54 Feb 14, 2010
Iknow wrote:
tell me why THE DUCK GOBEE did not investgste cradic and the rest of the board could it be he was to busy in the back room him self i belive there was an other event that happened to the DUCK that got sweep under the rug.A SHORT TRIP TO MORRISTOWN
Rumor has it Godbee is running for DA.Can you believe that?
As Thick as Thieves

Dothan, AL

#55 Feb 28, 2010
Cradic is still the crook.
sheila cradic

Johnson City, TN

#56 Jun 22, 2011
he has not paid wrote:
shame on him, he robbed the handicapped and should be in prison for his under aged girlfriends as well. WTF, too nice? Tony Cradic who fooled many and stole while being trusted to run an important agency. He hasn't paid! Chip Hale Center suffered, his little child paid and will continue having to go through life with that on her daddy. Becky T. hit it right on the head. Thank God Chip Hale has a great Director now and staff and has moved forward and will continue. good people trusted nice guy cradic and they PAID for it.
I have just recently signed up for this website and it really angers me that people can go on here and run their mouth and judge when they don't have the complete story. Who are you to judge? Are you without sin? I don't think so!! We all make mistakes in life but the main thing is seek forgiveness from who or whom you have wronged and then from most importantly GOD! At the present time, Tony has gotten forgiveness and has 3 daughters and is very active in church. So before you cast that stone, take a long hard look in the mirror!
sheila cradic

Johnson City, TN

#57 Jun 22, 2011
Cradic Castaway wrote:
Cradic ruined Chip Hale Center's good name and what they stand for but with the help of a great staff that negative stuff will be forgotten just like Mr. smooth, so he thought, operator!!!! Go, Chip Hale Center, Go! You have a fine young leader now and he has proved he is what the facility truly needs so I remind the community that we must stand behind him and this great organization. Cradic is gone and Good riddens! He is somewhere managing porn and gambling rings while he robs the cradle!
And I suppose you have never sinned??? All of these comments about my brother just reminds me that people who judge like you and slander people will not see the kingdom of heaven!
sheila cradic

Johnson City, TN

#58 Jun 22, 2011
Judy R wrote:
Don't believe everything you read. My neice would have never gotten services and her family relief if it wasn't for Tony Cradic. I know several families he helped personally and they sure don't share your feelings. Made some bad decisions...yes, and I wish he hadn't. But the guy did the honorable thing and took responsibility. As for the Chip Hale Center, they turn people away now if their disability seems difficult to handle (i.e. no clients who require adult diapers, unruly behaviors). I seem to remember a time when the agency was centered on the person's needs and not their disabilty. Funny...that changed when Cradic left.
The comments about his wife show the lack of sophistication on the part of the person posting. Stick to the issue...don't be petty!
Thank you for believeing in my brother! He is a good person with a big heart and has gotten his life straightened out! God Bless You! My mother always taught us if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all!!!
sheila cradic

Johnson City, TN

#59 Jun 22, 2011
HUMMMM wrote:
I've heard all kinds of things, but something 'just ain't right' about all this. Look at the facts though: He pleads guilty to two Class B felonies each carrying 8 years and serves less than 14 months (not even 30%)in a halfway house where he can come and go as he pleases. He supposedly embezzled thousands but has no restitution and minimal fines. The story doesn't even make the front page of the Kingsport Times and only runs one day. No TV or radio stories at all. Several prominant people show to speak on his behalf at his parole hearing but nobody to oppose his release. He immediately starts in a new management job after getting out apparently doing better than was before all this started. He vacations in Hawaii (check out . Now maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but either this guy has better connections than the Enron guys (doubtful) or he's taking the fall for other people and it's being covered up. Sure smells funny. Explain that.
If all you cowards out there would post your real name instead of hiding behind a screen, I would have more respect for your opinion! But no, you don't have the guts!! What about Wendy Patterson? I know she better not ever cross my path because I will be the next Cradic in jail!!
sheila cradic

Johnson City, TN

#60 Jun 22, 2011
No surprise wrote:
I googled his name because I knew him in the Marine Corps. He was a snake then and I see nothing changed. He was forced out of the Marine Corps for lying and conduct unbecoming an Officer.I'll bet the "Chip Hale Center" never even knew about that. I'm sorry to see he got off so light, but then he's always been that lucky. He is scum of the earth.
Oh do please tell all!! About the lying and conduct part. I do recall he was Officer of the Year in the state of Hawaii! Every person who has condemned my brother on here...You don't know anything about my brother!! Yes, he was wrong and sinned but I know I will see him entering the gates of heaven before those who love to cast the stones!!

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