meridian international on main st?
no matter

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#23 Mar 17, 2013
I just got a call from there and the lady seemed really professional and polite.....

Antioch, TN

#24 Mar 17, 2013
It's a scam. They're trying to sell you vacation package. It's stupid

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#25 Mar 19, 2013
they lure you in with the gimic "two bonus gifts", and the some crazy guy who seems like he's high on crack gets you in there and tries to sell you a vacation package. If they call u tell tell them where to stick it.

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#26 Mar 19, 2013
I also think they call EVERYBODY.

Mckinney, TX

#27 Mar 22, 2013
Did anybody else go? Got a call myself and was wondering what the deposits were on each prize?

Jonesboro, AR

#28 Mar 23, 2013
I was on the phone with a very nice lady this morning walked me through it all or the script and was setting me an appointment up for Tuesday as she was saying let me get my manager to confirm this some guy was ranting and raving calling one lady or someone a mfer and f this so I told the lady to remove me from this and pass it on. If those girls gotta listen to that man all day cursing I hope they get paid good that was very unprofessional in him.

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#29 Mar 24, 2013
My gf worked at the place and she knows all about it from the inside they are nothing but con artist and need to be reported to the better business bureau and get shut down anyone that reads this post don't fall for their scam!!!!
Definitely stupid

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#30 Mar 30, 2013
I've been to that place after I supposedly won. The man that does the speech is a complete asshole when he is trying to cram his sales pitch down your throat. If you don't want to give him 100/month to 'save' money. I wouldn't give that piece of road shit $1 month. All they are trying to do us sell you crap so they can get rich of you. It's easy to see through their scheme. Hopefully nobody falls for this, and this scam artist will leave.

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#31 Mar 30, 2013
Definitely stupid wrote:
I've been to that place after I supposedly won. The man that does the speech is a complete asshole when he is trying to cram his sales pitch down your throat. If you don't want to give him 100/month to 'save' money. I wouldn't give that piece of road shit $1 month. All they are trying to do us sell you crap so they can get rich of you. It's easy to see through their scheme. Hopefully nobody falls for this, and this scam artist will leave.
We must have gone in just after you left, and they said that because my mother had a boyfriemd he had to be there even though he doesmt cintribute to earnings im the household.

Jonesboro, AR

#32 Mar 31, 2013
I went there w my boyfriend and liked it the people who called me in was much nicer than the jerk upstairs wish they would've done it would have been better but everyone's experience is different than others

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#33 Apr 3, 2013
My husband and I are suppose to go on Sat. our friend who entered at the same time we did at the mall got a call too. Every experience will be different.

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#34 Apr 4, 2013
I can't believe people call for this stuff. 2013 and we are still ignorant..
Do we look stupid

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#35 Apr 6, 2013
They called me and my husband on the same day and told us we was grand prizes winners. So we got home both excited and started telling r good news and it was the same thing. So I looked it up on here and read what other ppl wrote. So we r not going n the morning we supposed to b there 4/7/13 at 12:30 but I'm gonna call them and give the a piece of my mind! They should do ppl like that. We Ll work hard for r money and dnt need scam artist taking it from us. So I sure hope they get what the deserve!!!! That's fucked up. So if u get a call like thT dnt fall for it !!!
My experience

Dexter, MO

#36 Apr 8, 2013
I got a call saying my name had been drawn in an entry for $25,000. They set up an appointment (4/7/13 at 10:00 am), said to be 15 minutes early, no pets or small children,(I have 3-4 months, 3 years, and 7 years old), to bring my check book or credit card to verify my identity, that my husband had to be with me, that my income had to be $40,000 or more, and that I was guaranteed 2 prizes. The lady was very polite and professional. My hubby and I were skeptical, but we wanted to get the 2 prizes so we went even though it was hard to ask our 2 church going mothers to watch our kids and that we had to show them a credit card or our check book put up huge red flags! We took 2 credit cards that we had canceled for proof of our identity. The building was nice but they had a printed sign with Meridian International Group taped up beside the door. We showed up after another couple and then 3 more couples were added to our group. We were taken up to a meeting room separately and had representatives tell us who they were and what they were selling. Then a guy (who did look like he was or had been on crack, and later turned out to be a jerk) did the presentation. It all sounded good and he hit the nail on the head about everything from how we all had had a talk with our significant others that we wouldn't buy anything before we came to how we all loved to save money. They sell a vacation package that allows you to save up to 50% on a lot of vacation things from condos and cruises to all inclusive vacations. You also can save on everyday items such as dining and oil changes. It sounded too good to be true and my hubby and I just about got sucked in because we have been talking a lot here lately about vacationing. After the presentation the rep put on paper exactly what this would cost us-almost $13,000!!! That's nuts!! We were getting ready to tell them no thanks when the "CEO" came up to us and offered us a deal-the same package for $5,000 at $150 a month with $650 down. That was workable for us so we actually started talking about it. He even told us that he would fire anyone else who offered us that, but since he was the boss he could do it. He got up to let us talk it over then the guy that did the presentation came up to us and we showed him what "his boss" offered us and he acted surprised, but then turned around and lowered it to $4,000 and offered a trial package. We decided to try it and they started bringing out papers for us to sign. They were loan papers. When they told us that we could not cancel the contract later and that they have to have automatic payments and would accept nothing else we decided to quit while we were ahead and leave. They weren't so friendly after that. The guy ripped up the papers in front of us and his whole attitude changed. I went to the restroom and my hubby said while he was waiting he heard the "CEO" shouting at a lady rep about some bottled water. We were taken to another room to do our scratch-off and open our envelope to see which 2 prizes we won. Of course we didn't win anything on the scratch-off, but we did get a 7-day land vacation and a set of watches. The watches felt like something out of a quarter machine and the fine print on the 7-day vacation said that we would still have to pay $199 per person. Thank goodness we didn't buy anything from those people!
a guy you pissed off tom

Jonesboro, AR

#38 Apr 23, 2013
and i can write what i want....owner is tom hopkins and go to missouri will pop up type his name in and you will see what kinda bull crap this is. all kinda lawsuits a felon....research before you go tom hopkins...branson mo and afew more places...
Meridian Rep

Batesville, AR

#39 Apr 25, 2013
A lot of people seem to think that our company is a scam. We are not, yet, set up to accomodate the Better Business Bureau with the information they need which is the basis for each complaint that is listed.

I'd like to apologize to everyone who feels they have had a less than desirable experience with our company. We have no control what the companies that actually distribute the gifts will charge, those monies do not benefit us whatsoever. We will endeavour to find gifts that are more appropriate and worthy of our clients in the future, and we will soon be unveiling a new and exciting promotion for our guests.

We are still working the bugs out of the new office, having just opened and still getting the right personnel and management in place to take care of our new friends.

Our business is to offer VIP quality vacation options to people who would otherwise not be able to afford or know how to access some of the most luxurious vacation properties in the world! We will soon be providing a website to field any questions or complaints from our friends and anyone who is invited to come take our little whirlwind tour!

Thank you all for your feedback. We will be using it to better serve you, and the entire Jonesboro community.
happy customer

Dallas, TX

#40 Apr 25, 2013
I took my wife to Orlando for 7 nights using their 'free' gift. Yeah it cost me about $365, but that beat the hell outta the $3000 it shoulda cost. Don't know about the gal who called but I liked the bald SOB who sold me my package. They're ok in my book
lovetotravel CordovaTN

Pocahontas, AR

#41 Apr 26, 2013
I attended the meeting and was very impressed. My wife and I had bought timeshare in Branson 6 yr ago and was affraid this was the same. We purchased our membership in j'boro and have already used it 4 times in 3 1/2 months. My wife has added up the difference in priceline (where we USED to shop) and our new membership. We have already paid for 70% of our purchase price. In 6 years, we NEVER has the flexibility with Westgate that we do with this. And my 2 children can keep it after we are gone... It is worth going to see. Reps are very polite and not pushy. Also, helpful to all questions after we left. Montego Bay in September...
Bs bs bs

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#42 Apr 27, 2013
It just so happens that right after a meridian jack arse posts all the phooey about it being a legit business that there's three happy customers in a row! How dumb do u think ppl are? Your scam is over here! Plz move on! Lmao!
If any of you ppl fell for their bs and purchased anything from these con artists I hate to remind u of this but it's always always true. If it sounds too good to be true then it is!!
Mrs donya

Jonesboro, AR

#43 Apr 27, 2013
I am or was in marketing and it was a very fun place to work I loved it very much and my boss krista and Tom explained these pkgs to and if wasn't employed by them I would have bought a pkg because my children could've used it after I was gone and saved alot on trips and vacations... I can say I did love my job
And my girls I worked w in my department. But each to own you know not all ppl have the same experience some like it some don't so I would say if you get a call try it out and you may love it or hate it but don't go by the negative on here come on it's topics folks. Although all three of us girls is gone now still be nice to whom calls you it's their job and don't go by what is said on here to make up your mind not all is true.

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