biggest jerk doctor

Manila, AR

#329 Sep 2, 2009
go up the road wrote:
<quoted text> Then don't go, drive up the road to the Hilltop location. They have AWSOME doctors and really nice nurses, lab and office staff. They are also with NEA. You will not complain about that office. It's a new no ragged chairs or leaks there.
if any of you want a good family doctor use Dr Tim Shown NEA Hilltop.

Little Rock, AR

#330 Sep 2, 2009
anonymous wrote:
<quoted text>
Dr. MCClurkan is a great doctor! He left OBGYN on good terms Not everyones personality is going to "jive" with their doctor. You may not like him but there are thousands that love him!
Dr. Michael McClurkan , Is a horrible doctor, I know several babies that will suffer life long health problems due to him . He should have his license taken away.

Lubbock, TX

#331 Sep 2, 2009
cindy wrote:
<quoted text>Dr. Dow is a horrible dr. I went to urgent care because I was bleeding and didn't know why. He had the nerve to tell me my case wasn't urgent, but he would go ahead and see me anyway. Wow, thanks alot.
Amazing! He said the same thing to me in the exact same words. If I hadn't been so shocked by what he said I would have told him what for.
Former Patient

United States

#332 Sep 3, 2009
I was a patient of Dr.Sanders McKee for 10 years or so. He was always kind and I liked him. I had a condition which caused my heart to race and he sent me too a cardiologist. They ran test, everything came back ok. I have been on Blood Pressures meds for over 10 years. He changed when he joined First Care. I had just had my 3rd child, at the age of 36 by c-section. I could not get in to see my gynecologist. I went to First Care on STadium. They told me I could not be seen because my medicaid number was not showing up.(keep in mind i had used it all the time with Dr.Mckee at his Matthews location) Dr. Mckee was there and I had them to tell him who I was. He stated because of the situation, I could not be seen. I offered to pay cash. They said I could not because they knw I had the insurance but the system wasn't correct with the number. I was so hurt that he did this to me after all the years I had been his patient. He even tried to help me pick a name for my child. It is so awful the way Dr's change. I was really sick that day. I had been bleeding heavily for weeks and very sick at my stomach. I had the IUD miraina put in and it made me bleed for 9mths straight, badly. The other Dr I was going to just kept saying ,"Give it time, it will stop". That is why I wanted to talk to my family Dr of all those years about it. I felt betrayed and like I had been slapped in the face. Now, I don't have a good Dr and I really need one. I am just reluctant to search for one because none of the ones I have been to have a good bedside manner or take longer than 5 minutes with you. It is sad that healthcare has turned into a sort of assembly line. If the Dr's would take time to ask more questions then maybe you wouldn't see so much or the mis-diagnosing or over medicating. Sometimes they assume too quickly and just prescribe anything. What is the harm in getting to know your patient?

Booneville, AR

#333 Sep 3, 2009
Dr. McAlexander is the biggest jerk I've ever met in my life. He's so arrogant and rude it's unbelievable. He thinks he is God's gift to women, too. I personally don't find him at all attractive. He would flirt with me endlessly and even made some masturbation comment. When I wouldn't go to dinner with him, he seemed fine with it right then, but soon after started being a TOTAL ASS to me at my appts. When I had my surgery he was awful to me and treated me terribly. He was so rude to my mother too, who was there with me in the hospital. He actually said that he didn't have time to babysit me so if I needed anything else I was going to have to ask my nurse or, better yet, just get over it. And, no, I wasn't being a baby. I'm not one of those whiney terrible demanding patients. I have no desire to make a nurses job harder. Basically, I shot him down and his ego couldn't take the hit. I can't stand that prick and stopped seeing him right after my surgery, even though it would've been much easier to continue seeing the same surgeon who operated on me.

Jonesboro, AR

#334 Sep 10, 2009
Guest wrote:
Dr Dow is a criminal. I reported him to the Medical Board for over prescribing drugs to my mother. They said doctors can prescribe all the drugs they want for anyone. and FYI....Dr Dow came to Jonesboro about 10 years ago after he was disgraced over a malpractice suit. He left that town and found refuge in the immoral kingdgom of Jonensboro. He fits right in with the church crowd.
I am a relative of Dr.Dow's and also worked for him for five years. I know for a fact that he does not over prescribe medication. If he prescribes medication to a patient, it is because they need it. Was your mother going to several different doctors and getting medication? You are also wrong about your FYI! Dr. Dow has been back in Jonesboro for 18 years now not 10, and he has never had a mal-practice suit against him.(or as you said it disgraced over a mal-practice suit). Also, he was not seeking refuge in Jonesboro, but bringing his family back to the area where they are from. You should really get your facts correct before trying to bash people on Topix. Anybody that knows Dr. Dow knows that he is a very intelligent doctor that cares for his patients. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying about people that you apparently do not know anything about.

Bossier City, LA

#335 Sep 10, 2009
OH MY BACK wrote:
Well, I'm here to say that Dr. Tuck can't be beat by far in the nero sugery dept. I'm not from here and don't know Dr. well, But the hand of god helped her with me and im 90% better, I was addictied to pain meds, for 7 years like for rel od 3 times wanted to die and all,I have 7 yrs. worth of no life at all. Now im downto just 2 10 mlg, of meathadone pills a day, nothen like all the meds i was, and just 10% of pain , my gosh god and her saved my mental and phys state God bless her, pamela in in jan. 08
Dr. Tuck is the BEST Neurosurgeon Jonesboro has by far!!!

Terrell, TX

#336 Sep 10, 2009
Dr. Tate - horrible

United States

#337 Oct 10, 2009
llb wrote:
Who cares if they're jerks when the main problem I see is they're all a bunch of educated idiots!
Dr. Blachley being NO. 1 followed closely by
Dr. Gilliam and Dr. Jiu
Dr. Blachley should do all cancer patients a favor and RETIRE he's arrogant he doesn't have time to listen and will make a diagnosis within the first minute of entering the room and absolutely won't admit he's wrong. Same with
Dr. Jiu. Dr. Gilliam just doesn't know anything
I just read this today and absolutley disagree with you about Dr. Blachley. He was my doctor when I had breast cancer and he is also my friend now. He is one of the kindest and knowledgable doctors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is one of the reasons that I am cancer free after 7 years. I have great respect for him and his staff. I am sorry that you had a bad experience but cannot imagine Dr. Blachley being like you said and if he did give you a diagnosis then it was what he thought at that time and then I am sure that he would order tests to make sure and decide what treatment was needed. I hope it is a long time before he retires as I see him once a year now and would not feel comfortable with anyone else unless I had no other choice.
Margaret Rooney

Alexander, AR

#338 Nov 25, 2009
I saw Dr Barber at the REO concert in a mullet!
Jboro Med In the Know

Pacifica, CA

#339 Nov 25, 2009
Tammy Williamson Mobley wrote:
<quoted text>
I wish I knew he was my favorite. He was hard ass but when comes right down to it. He is an awesome doc. I would love to say hi to him again.
You are right Dr. B is an awesome doc. Unfortunately he is no longer in practice in his office or rural ER's. His health is very bad and he probably will not be here with us much longer. He was great to my family over the many years we saw him and the many times I have seem him until recently.

Jonesboro, AR

#340 Nov 27, 2009
I nominate Dr Barker because he cut me short and wouldn't listen to my symptoms, misdiagnosed me, and I almost died a couple weeks later with an ectopic pregnancy, in which they had to remove my left tube..

Alexander, AR

#341 Apr 3, 2010
Wat Yu Dnt Kno wrote:
<quoted text>
Shown's good, but his nurse is poison and will turn him against patients she don't like.
That was Nurse Abby, but he has new nurse now. She is very nice.

Lake Charles, LA

#342 Apr 3, 2010
Old coot with the last name of Pierce. Biggest ass ive ever met.

Jacksonville, AR

#343 Apr 3, 2010
ranchmama wrote:
<quoted text>
There is only one thing you'd be 'there for' seeing Dr.Scroggin,and,that is if you had a diagnosis of cancer.So,had you been diagnosed with cancer and were sent to him for treatments? Because:he is not a diagnostician,he is an oncologist,and all he does is treat cancer patients.
I did not give a flying hoot in **** about his bedside manner,I had Stage II breast cancer,and,all I wanted to do was GET BETTER.Dr.Scroggin did that for me.He may not have the best of bedside manners,true,but,hey,when you are talking life/death,that was a minor deal,to me.I just wanted someone that knew what they were doing and how to treat me,and,he did.
Well for the record, there was no cancer at all and no hint of it. It was a case of blood clots and another Dr called him for a consultation during that time period. He very arrogant and standoffish. I am certainly glad that he saved your life and thank God for that but the man is not going to win any contest with me.

Jonesboro, AR

#344 Apr 3, 2010
I Know wrote:
Marsha Taylor, she is hateful to everyone in general!
She sent me a letter dismissing me as her patient. Just as I was looking for another doctor. Was told a nurse that she was moving to California.

She didn't get her medical degree until almost 40. She couldn't decide whether she wanted to be a chef, dress designer or a doctor. Too bad she choose being a doctor. She's a pill pushing quack.

And Dr. Weingold the dermatologist should get the grand prize for being a real a-hole.

The best doctor I've ever had in terms of great personality, listening and just being a good guy is Dr. McDaniel at NEA Clinic off Parker. He's always sat and listened and just been a good guy.

Big Spring, TX

#345 Apr 4, 2010
concernedmom wrote:
<quoted text>
Dr. Michael McClurkan , Is a horrible doctor, I know several babies that will suffer life long health problems due to him . He should have his license taken away.
Oh my gosh, you have got to be out of your mind! He delivered my baby in 2006. Keep in mind that a Dr's job is to 'practice' medicine. They are not God and there are sometimes things that are going on, or going to happen and they cannot be prevented.
He is very intelligent, caring and attentive. No, he cannot work miracles, but neither can the others without God's hands guiding them.
You should really be ashamed of yourself for attempting to make it look like he is 'responsible' for babies health 'after' they are born.
Dr McClurkan is awesome !
Former Patient

Jonesboro, AR

#346 Apr 4, 2010
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
I had one experience with Dr. Marsha Taylor. I left her office crying. She wasn't wonderful and caring to me. That's the only experience I've ever had with a doctor like that.
She's a quack. I had a migraine and my vision was blurred. She made them give me an eye test and had me rushed over to Vision Care. The doctor there didn't know why she sent me. He said I had great vision, near perfect. Plus she prescribed me all sorts of meds over the course of a year. Every visit was a new med. Didn't check me out very well. I got another doctor. She graduated from St. George's Medical School. That's the equivalent of some online course from Phoenix Institute.

Lake Charles, LA

#347 Apr 4, 2010
HMMMMMM wrote:
<quoted text>
That is very funny, give me a brake! What does NEA have a total of 3 or 4 Internists? All whom will screen you for insurance b/f they treat you, if they don't have insurance they will send to SBMC b/c they don't turn anyone away b/c of payer source!
Your a fool if u think ur going to get decent medical care at the st bernards if u have no insurance. Ive seen them send people home with 'sorry theres nothing that can be done" when if it had been someone with insurance they would have pulled out all the stops. Case managers are all over the charts every day telling the doctors who to discharge.

Lake Charles, LA

#348 Apr 4, 2010
llb wrote:
It seems to me there are a lot of nurses on this site defending their actions and the actions of Doctors they work with. It's a shame that neither understand the importance of what they do. When a patient comes in for treatment they EXPECT that the Nurses and Doctors are educated enough to diagnose and treat any and all illnesses PERIOD!!!!!!<quoted text>

Well wouldnt it be a perfect world if doctors and nurses were that perfect!!--But sorry, we are people too. And yes the stakes are higher when we make a mistake, but lets fact it we alllll do.

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