Voodoo Spice (Killer New High for Kids)

Voodoo Spice (Killer New High for Kids)

Created by Tobacco Dealer on Jan 28, 2010

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Is it Synthetic marijuana ?

Or an Herb for Huka Pipes?

New legal Drug to get High on?

Costs $28.00 for 1/2 oz?

Love to hear your comments

And your experience.

Should we keep selling it?


Russellville, AR

#43 Feb 4, 2010
HERE IT IS! It's called K2 incense, voodoo spice is just a brand name. Apparently it is being smoked, and marijuana users who have tried it say it's a lot like pot, but contains no THC...looks like this stuff may not be legal for long...check it out here:


also: www.k2fire.com

apparently it contains no salvia after all, but some kind of herbal blend. and no it's not synthetic marijuana as someone said, the word synthetic means man-made. Anybody who tries to get high off this sh*t is a total dumbass. Get some pot, that way at least you know what you're smoking.

Lubbock, TX

#44 Feb 4, 2010

Cordova, TN

#45 Feb 11, 2010
Guest wrote:
Crap, is this stuff really marijuana? It sure looks and smells like it.
I tried it and it was a very different high .it was a familar high from back in the 70's

Cordova, TN

#46 Feb 11, 2010
I tried it and I got stoned, didn't last long.If you shouldn't somke it then why would you smoke it in a hooka pipe. Who ever said that must be high on Voodoo spice, waht the hell

Traverse City, MI

#47 Feb 13, 2010
you guys are retarded, yes its a new legal way to get high and it does the trick pretty dam good. take it from someone that has been using it for months, no "bad feeling" afterward, very good feeling when smoked, and death? come on. people said marijuana kills if you smoke it but its humanly impossible to overdoes and die from weed.

United States

#49 Feb 15, 2010
1st you all are talking about it being kids that smoke it and the affects on them..it's only sold to people over the age of 18. their shouldn't be a lot of kids smoking it should there?

Banks, AR

#50 Feb 16, 2010
I am 29 and I tried the Voodoo Blueberry and mint it is amazing but I do not suggest that children use it I am grown and I use it bcuz weed has THC in it V-spices does not yet it gives the same affect as weed. this product can not be detected in a drug screening bcuz it is herbs and spices such as Jasmine and orange slice peelings.

Banks, AR

#51 Feb 16, 2010
guest wrote:
actually u dnt always knw whats in weed cuz drug dealers r so triflin these days they will put almost anything in their product so it can be #1

Conway, AR

#52 Feb 16, 2010
Okay lets get something straight. As we all know, If your itching that bad to try something that will kill you. Let me tell you before you do die, I won't be at your funeral.
have smoked weed for many a years, and I am still alive. Trust your own judgement, and don't be stupid.

United States

#53 Feb 16, 2010
Where did u get it?

United States

#54 Feb 17, 2010
Half the military smokes it. haha.
Tried Voodoo Spice

Virginia Beach, VA

#56 Feb 18, 2010
I came on google and decided to look up what this voodoo spice thing was.I came across it by a friend of mine who said it was sold as an incense in a pipe and tobacco store. The store owner was putting alot of military guys on to it because it has the same high as weed but doesnt show up on a drug screen.
On some of the labels it list various herbs that are in it. But the ones that i saw never came in a white bag with a skull. They had names like peach, hamster...things like that.
I did do it a few times and haven't had any adverse effects and it did feel the same as marijuana. needless to say im not educated in what types of herbs are ok to smoke.
being that i am going in to the medical i do kno that just having those herbs in your system with out being aware what they are and what they interact with, it isn't a smart idea to start or continue the use of this "voodoo spice". If you happen to take something like an OTC just for a minor headache or what have you, there can be major side effects from mixing the unknown herb with meds.
Tobacco Store Employee

United States

#57 Feb 23, 2010
We sell voo doo spice at my store. We sell it as an herbal incense.you can put in on a charcoal table and burn it. Our customers are smoking it of course. I myself tried it out. I smoked it out of pipe. The only thing it did for me was make me really hungry(the "munchies"). I had more or less a head change, not really a high. We have severaly customers that say it affects them almost the same as marijuana and considering most jobs drug test they are able to enjoy the same high as marijuana and pass a drug test.


#58 Feb 28, 2010
guest wrote:
Whats a huka pipe?
he meant hookah pipes google it


#59 Feb 28, 2010
guest wrote:
41 posts and nobody knows what is in this voodoo spice. Nobody will say. I don't believe the sh*t even exists there's nothing on the internet about it.
For the last time, what is in voodoo spice? what is it made for? I really think you're full of sh*t.
It's probably just some weird flavored tobacco, if you're supposed to use it in a hookah, that's a tobacco pipe. You're somking tobacco dumbass. You can't get high off tobacco.
well i havent smoked it but this is what i know 1.its coming from eouston.2.ive read the back and its got really weird names of a bunch of herbs e.g dragon tail, so i guess u can call it a mix of 15 diff herbs 3 ive spoke to a few users and they say that the buzz or high differs from person to person

Lake Charles, LA

#60 Mar 2, 2010
This stuff is basically synthetic pot. It is not salvia. The only reason for it being "not for human consumption" is based on laws. If it was intended for smoking it would quickly be observed, and made illegal. Since it is an "incense" , you will not get arrested, fined, it will not be made illegal, etc.
This product is similar to k2, smokexxx, and so on. These products are a blend of herbs, along with chemically made substances. There are many forms of jwh, but this is the basic chemical put into these.
JWH-018 is a cannabinoid receptor agonist from the aminoalkylindole family, has been found in herbal mixtures sold legally under various 'spice' names, such as Spice Gold and Spice Yucatan Fire. The mixture is sold as incense, but is smoked to get high. This substance has been made illegal in many countries, and we will be next.
It is basically synthetically made thc, and yes, it gets you high, and is very similar to pot in most ways.
Yes you can purchase it here in jonesboro, along with many other towns.
I hope this better educated you....


#61 Mar 3, 2010
It's just a mixture of different herbs. Smoking it isn't good for you like any smoke in your lungs. I know people that smoke it for the buzz plus it's considered legal & they can pass the drug test at work. Now what are the effects in the long run..I don't know. You could probably walk in your backyard take different leaves from plants & trees smoke it & give you a buzz too. Just like the energy drinks, people don't realize they aren't healthy for you. Marijuana is cheaper than Voodoo Spice but of course it's considered illegal..and oh by the way anything can be abused such as food, water etc.

United States

#62 Mar 3, 2010
I rolled it and smoked alota of it & I'm alive & my friends too

Russellville, AR

#63 Mar 3, 2010
it's just been outlawed somewhere in Missouri I hear, won't be legal for long anywhere. smoke up while you can, I guess.

Dallas, TX

#65 Mar 4, 2010
cheech wrote:
it's just been outlawed somewhere in Missouri I hear, won't be legal for long anywhere. smoke up while you can, I guess.
That was k2, not Voodoo Spice. Big difference between the two. The Tobacco Superstores can't even keep it stocked due to it's popular demand. For some reason they are carding people to buy it. What the heck!!! Why card if it's not tobacco? Any ideas?

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