how much at DCI biologicals?
for real

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#126 May 30, 2012
devestated wrote:
My husband has deserted me and although I work I need some more money. So how much do they pay and what do I need to do to get started?
take an id and yourself.

their bonuses vary, but expect 50 a week for two weekly visits.

breaks down to about 12.50 an hour for your time.

Titusville, FL

#127 May 31, 2012
I can't believe some of the idiotic comments on this thread.

When you donate plasma they are paying you for the 2-4 hours the process takes... compensating you for your time not the plasma.

Many people donate because they need the money but NOT for illegal drugs.

Plasma is used to create life saving or live prolonging medicines such as retrovirals for AIDs/HIV patients and treatments for cancer patients.

I've donated so i have money to make it to interviews and so i can help sick people. Some of us do still have compassion for our fellow people.
I even donate whole blood 2-3 times a year... and if a crisis happened in my town or in the US id donate whole blood.. even if that put me on the deferral list for donating plasma.

The amount you get paid varies by the center but the one I donate at
DCI Biologicals in Orlando,FL is
$20 first visit,$25 2nd visit,$25 3rd visit,$40 4th visit,$15 5th visit,$20 6th visit.
The give you coupons for on your birthday week, they give you a bonus for donating.

Pawhuska, OK

#128 Jun 3, 2012
Get real wrote:
<quoted text>
You are not donating anything, you are SELLING your plasma.
If you want to donate visit the Red Cross.
Some military bases don't let the Red Cross in due to the ridiculous amount of money they make off of dying soldiers. So if it were me, I'd go ahead and get a few bucks for my blood just like every other party involved. But you are right, technically they are SELLING their plasma. And get off your high horse.
you need help

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#129 Jun 30, 2012
First of all....ur fightng over blood. I am tryn to get some info and i gott read all this negativity about how ppl have to donate there blood.Blood is in deamand espically if you live in a area where there isnt a huge population. Which is why its important...howevere i notice how 1 negative commen just sparked a war on this messsage board...idk if one of you guys have degress in giving blood...donating or selling is still making a differnce. And you have no right to judge ppl for donating or seling it. You arent god pal...take a look at ur comments. and learn how to keep ur physco comments away from us normal people.
albuquerque dci

Albuquerque, NM

#130 Jun 30, 2012
OK so lets be honest everyone donates for different reasons and to each their own. This is America and we do what we want when we want and if you want to donate because you need gas money, drug money, or booze money then by all means go for it. overall I would say its 65% legit people who need some extra help for gas and food and 35% to feed a habit but that could just be my branch.

the process is easy and you can plan on about 4 hours for your very first visit as this is when you go over your background and they advice you of all the slim risks and give you your physical. after that most visits take about 2 hours. its pretty painless the techs are laided back and they always have movies playing. you get your finger poked to check your blood levels they weigh you and then its off to the back to donate, they prep your arm insert a somewhat larger needle then used to draw blood and then you donate. the plasma goes into the donation container and the red blood cells are given back to you, after that its remove needle bandage arm and go collect your money.

here in Albuquerque the money is given to you on a prepaid visa card issued on your first visit and is managed by citi bank you set up your own pin# and can use it just like a normal debt or credit card. if you are a new donor in Albuquerque you get $50 your first 5 donations after that you get 57 a week broken down as 20 and 37. here you can sign up for text reminders that gets you an extra $5 for signing up and then they will text you money bonus from time to time also here if you donate 8 times in a month you get an extra $10 on your 8th visit.

it really can help if you have the time to give. the plasma is truly a donation as you are paid for your time not the material you are giving. if you have more questions call your local office and ask, they will be more then happy to answer questions for you.
Wichita Falls DCI

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#131 Jul 2, 2012
Thank You, Albuquerque DCI
You did not get into the drama of who donates. Your information was very helpful to me and will be to others that just wanted information about donating.
does it matter

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#132 Aug 4, 2012
everyone has their own reasons for plasma donations.. some people actually wanna help other people... people don't only do it for drugs.. personally I do it because someone who donated plasma kept my son alive longer... and it is my way of giving back and helping save another life.... moral of the story is that not everyone has the intention of donating for drugs, or other bad stuff... but the fact that they let people in and donate who fail a drug test ... now that is the crazy part of it...

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#133 Aug 5, 2012
Donating plasma in this hot weather can give you a heart attack and at the least cause you to fall out on the ground

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#134 Aug 5, 2012
I like to donate for the extra money but losin that plsama makes my weiner go limp, guess that just one of the side effects they don't tell you about ,

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#135 Aug 8, 2012
the real get real wrote:
<quoted text>
what a dumb ass--I stand by what I said--if you want to sell your plasma for drug money go for it.
BUT it is not a donation you are SELLING your BLOOD for DRUGS.
Y do u assume I sell plasma for drug money n call me a n my roommates paid our light bill with last weeks donation...
Former employee

Jonesboro, AR

#136 Aug 8, 2012
omg you all are so freakin dumb! wtf does it matter to you why this person donates or why that person donates?! If you're a donor just go in,donate, get your money and go! STFU!
Maimou RN

Palmetto, FL

#138 Aug 12, 2012
Thanks Albuquerque. It's really not relevant why people donate. Myself, my husband was just diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency & will need IVIG for the rest of his life (most likely) with a minimum cost of $10k monthly. Now, we have insurance & the means to continue this insurance but I am considering selling my plasma because I have been really rocked by this diagnosis. I want to help both my husband & the other people out there with this disease (& other illnesses). The fact that I will make some money from this is just extra. It will pay for my husband's copays to get this treatment. Yes, I could go to my local blood bank to give, but their focus is on blood collection. With DCI I can donate the part of my blood most relevant to my concern, do it more often, and get a little reward. I don't drink or drug, & neither does my husband. What I also don't do is judge. Peace out.

Jacksonville, FL

#140 Aug 23, 2012
the real get real wrote:
<quoted text>
what a dumb ass--I stand by what I said--if you want to sell your plasma for drug money go for it.
BUT it is not a donation you are SELLING your BLOOD for DRUGS.

some of those products saved my friends life after he was wounded in combat so not all drug companies are bad. The red cross doesn't produce such products

Clearwater, FL

#141 Sep 5, 2012
I like turtles

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#142 Sep 12, 2012
the real get real wrote:
<quoted text>
what a dumb ass--I stand by what I said--if you want to sell your plasma for drug money go for it.
BUT it is not a donation you are SELLING your BLOOD for DRUGS.
I can't stand for someone to stereotype ppl when the fact is I know several ppl that donate and move of them including me are addicts or use any drugs for that matter....I am taking care of 7 kifs on my own with no help from the state or their daddies(2). Thats what I use my donation or selling whatever u wanna call it for
juan r

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#143 Sep 26, 2012
Im workin 35 hrs aweek and the extra money from donating is really lovely

Hoxie, AR

#144 Sep 26, 2012
I believe you should donate plasma out of kindness, not for money in your pocket. Someday the table may be turned and you could be in need. Just saying....

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#145 Oct 3, 2012
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....DRUGS.. .the plasma center should just pay us in pills!!!!!

Concord, NC

#146 Oct 9, 2012
trayvon martin wrote:
<quoted text>
but that opinion isn't free speech, or at least around here.
well actually it does because Arkansas is a very racist place. Trust me I was born and raised there for 18 years I know
Donor in Austin

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#147 Oct 11, 2012
This post is old but I thought I would include any info for people out there searching. Yes there are all kinds of people when you go donate. There are nurses, business people, students, and people down on their luck. If you've ever drawn blood or donated blood it feels about the same. Most annoying part is that when the IV is in I always seem to itch in that area!

My first appointment took me about 3 hours. Now when I go it takes me about 45 minutes to donate and maybe 15 to 30 minutes of waiting. So worse case scenario I'm at the donation center for 2 hours, normally much less. So if I leave with 30 bucks I just got paid 15 an hour, more than my everyday job.

Normally the donations average out to 50 a week, 200 a month. That's if you go twice a week every week of the month.

Bring a book, bring a blanket, and just enjoy it.

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