young adult wrote:
Some of you people on here are so twisted and have no idea what its like to make something from nothing. I am a hard working 25 year old white male. I was delt a bad hand in life and nothing was ever handed to me. Every thing I own I worked hard for and bought. I went to school my entire life, I used to almost be jelous of the kids that had every thing and there parents would give them what ever they wanted cars cloths shoes, whatever. I bet they have no idea what the value of a dollar is worth. I am on link and am very thankful for it. it is very very hard to make it on your own . Rent, electric, gas, car insurance, FUEL, etc. I have a 3 month old son. I never even thought of asking for food stamps until I had my son and I just could not afford it. I needed help. 1300 a month only goes so far. No matter how bad my situtation was I never stole, cheated or lied to get what I needed. It is very hard to get a job that pays well. I am not lazy or a dirtbag robbing the system. If I was not on link I don't know how I would make it. the 350 A month the state gives me for food helps very much and not everyone on link is a crooked scumbag. However I do think in my opinion the state should drug test everyone who receives benifits. I notice there is alot of people out there taking advantage of the system. The people commenting on here that were born into money and had your path paved for you, you are the ones that had it easy. not every one had a paved path to follow. shame on you for assuming people on link are lazy alcoholics.
You shouldn't of acted like an adult if you were not capable of providing for a family. Now we have to pay for your irresponsibility. What if everyone was like you?