Caton Farm Bruce Road Project is COMI...

Caton Farm Bruce Road Project is COMING to burn you

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Chicago, IL

#1 Aug 1, 2007
Well it looks like our beloved Will county HIGHWWAY department along with certain county officals.. are going to fuck alot of resident up unnecessarily, just to put a bridge over the river from caton farm road to bruce road in lockport.

Here is the listing of officals who are creating a lot of headaches.. Personally, I do object to it due to that they want to divert Gaylord Road, which is at the most western part, in the county, which is located by caton farm, rt 30 and gaylord road. The beloved county in its wisdom, wants to divert over 12,000 vehicles a day into subdivisions on both sides of Rt. 30, just to make caton farm road more manageable.

• All routes begin on Caton Farm Road on the west in Plainfield Township, then head east and cross the river in Lockport Township, and eventually turn north to link with eastbound 159th Street in Homer Township.

• All routes begin at the six-way intersection of Caton Farm Road, U.S. 30 and Gaylord Road on the western edge. Then, the new four-lane Caton Farm Road heads eastward, past Richland School, Weber Road and St. Mary Nativity Cemetery.

• Oak Avenue-Bruce Road: Corridor crosses the river and then heads southeast to Oak Avenue. Oak would carry traffic east. Then the corridor curves northeast to Bruce, and then east on Bruce.

• Oak Avenue: Corridor crosses the river and links with Oak Avenue. Oak then takes traffic eastward. In this scenario, Bruce Road is not used for eastbound traffic at all.

Of course, they dont mention the traffic diversion.. Already City of CrestHill has passed a resolution objecting to the alteration of gaylord road.

I have writen a letter of objection which has been mailed, emailed and hand delivered to at least 25 people/organizations. This includes 3 to media outlets

Chicago, IL

#2 Aug 1, 2007
Here is the Listing of the Transportation Corridor committee who is overseeing this project.

Ms. Judy Batusich, Lockport Township Supervisor
Mr. John Argoudelis, Plainfield Township Supervisor
Mr. Andrew Fazio, Homer Township Supervisor
Mr. Lawrence Walsh, Will County Executive
Mayor Tim Murphy, City of Lockport
Mayor Russ Petrizzo, Village of Homer Glen
Mayor Nick Churnovic, City of Crest Hill
Mayor Arthur Schultz, City of Joliet
Mayor Michael Smith, Village of New Lenox

Chicago, IL

#3 Aug 1, 2007
This is the list of people I have contacted.. save the media, only one has contacted me back on my letter that I will be in the next posting will appear.

County Executive , Larry Walsh, Transportation Corridor Committee.
County Engineer ,Sheldon C. Latz Will Count Highway Department
Christopher Burke Engineering, Matthew Huffman ( [email protected] )
Plainfield Township Supervisor and board
Plainfield Highway commissioner
[email protected] v
[email protected]
WJOL, Scott Slocum
Illinois Dept. of Transportation
Janet Lundquist, Stewart Warren: Hearld News
County district 9 board members:
Mr. Steve Wilhelmi
Mr. Joseph M. Babich
Mr. Walter Adamic
Mr. Ronald Svara , district 7 *****
Joel Christell, P.E., Civiltech Engineering, Inc.( [email protected] )
[email protected]

** Mr. Savara is on the committe for Caton farm road project..

I encourage everyone to watch out for posting of the next public meeting.

Also I encourage for everyone whose is affected to contact their county board reps and complain and complain. And to write to or call mr. savara and tell him that you are NOT happy with this project!!!

Email [email protected] and tell them your displeasure.. this is taxpayers money being wasted...

Chicago, IL

#4 Aug 1, 2007
RE: Caton Farm Bruce Road study
To whom all it may concern,
My name is XXXXX, I live at XXXX XXXXXXX Street, Joliet, IL 60435, which in the subdivision of XXXXXXXX in unincorporated Will County in Plainfield township. I have lived here all my life. I recently was informed thru cable access of the City of Crest Hill, that there is several proposals regarding the Caton Farm Bruce Road Project. One aspect is of great concern, which is the proposal of culdasacking Gaylord road, and diverting it thru Sunnyland. This gentlemen, is a bad idea, and a potentially dangerous. The other aspect of the project I have no issues with, its just the proposal to alter Gaylord road.
Gaylord road has seen an increase of vehicle traffic as more growth has increased in the area. According to city of Crest Hill, 12,000 vehicles use Gaylord road a day. That is 500 cars an hour, 9 cars per minute is accessing Gaylord road, either from turning off Renwick road in the north, Rt. 30 from the south, and from residents//non residents coming off one of 13 streets, that feed onto Gaylord Road. Right now Gaylord road is good as it is, straight shot, plus it helps with traffic congestion especially vehicles coming off Rt .30. With that in mind, any alteration of the road may put the safety of local residents and any drivers using the road into harms way, and it may even hamper emergency departments (Plainfield township fire Dept.) to transport people from the area to St. Joseph hospital , which would be the closest hospital in my area. Not to mention also for the Cambridge Crest and Hacker subdivision,(Lockport Township fire Dept).
The following are fundamental flaws in alliterating Gaylord road thru Sunnyland.
1. Diverting Gaylord road traffic onto Flower street, then going south onto Rt. 30.
This is a safety issue, considering that forcing about 12,000 vehicles/trucks onto a residential area, which has families with children, senior citizens. This diversion is just asking for a fatality waiting to happen, Of course, the odds increase, when you add bad weather, and drivers not familiar with the area,
What happens if there is an accident. The traffic will have nowhere to go, but to start cutting thru our subdivision, or to the subdivision east of Gaylord road,(Hacker Subdivision), which is north of NuMark Credit Union.. Whose roads are narrow and just have stop signs, just to get onto Caton Farm road.
There is a safety issue for the church next to the proposed road will put their members at risk with the the traffic congestion that will occur if this plan is approved as is, not to mention another parking lot to cut thru.
Our area is getting a commercial development west of Kellogg road and south of Garden Court aka Rosedale subdivision.. Already this development has a plan to have vehicle access empting out onto Kellogg street. We will have to contend with traffic cutting through our subdivision to get to Renwick road. This proposed alteration is bad, since Flower street is about a block or 2 away from the Kellogg street exit. That means another dangerous corner being created. The corner has only a stop sign as the traffic control device. So now you have another problem, of vehicles going to tie up Kellogg Street, another location of high accidents just waiting to happen. Whose fault will that be in creating that problem, the local residents??

Chicago, IL

#5 Aug 1, 2007
The diversion of Gaylord road will also create a problem with NuMark Credit Union at the corner of Gaylord, Caton farm, and Rt.30. I see that the customers and employees being put at risk, mainly due to people that are currently cutting thru there parking lot to go from Caton farm road to Gaylord road and visa versa to avoid stop lights. I talked to the general manager of NuMark about this project and the impact it will have on them, both on safety and economic issues. Thou I didn’t inquire about the “cut thus” numbers, I can only estimate that it would increase by a 100...200...300% or more.
Personally, I would cut thru their parking lot in order to get home by Gaylord road, which I depend on when coming home from work, to go shopping in Crest Hill. Why should I have to jockey around more roads which more people will do if Gaylord road is altered. That means areas that are not currently affected will be affected, and their safety is going to at pearl. I rather use the current configuration to get home, which is turning off of Caton farm road to Gaylord road and then to home. Its nice and easy.
School children will put to risk. The Plainfield school district has bus routes in the subdivision. These buses go through out the subdivision during the day. This means children will have to walk in areas of high morning traffic volume, and of course in bad weather, the chances increase!! Not to mention that the school buses will have to contend with expected ties ups, and with the vehicles jockeying around onto other streets to get on Rt, 30, while the buses are either picking up or dropping the kids off from school.

Chicago, IL

#6 Aug 1, 2007
2. Roads: Who is going to rebuild the roads after the alteration and destruction?
Back in the early 1981, our subdivision created the Sunnyland Sanitary District, and all the resident were assessed a fee for 25% of the cost of the project, and tap on fees, that included the cost of new roads. 75% of the cost were pick up grant programs that the federal government was offering. Currently those roads installed back during the project, have not been replaced and a majority of them are still in good condition, which none have YET needed full replacement. This is due to not having a large amount of traffic using it. Under this proposal, these roads, in my view, will be damaged by large amount of vehicles using the subdivision as a major shortcut, since the current plan cuts off the current configuration of Gaylord road.
Of course, since this study did not consider the implications on the three subdivisions, along Gaylord road. I cannot say about Cambridge Crest, and Hacker subdivision, but assume, the city of Crest hill will have to redo those roads that are going to be torn up from the traffic. For Sunnyland, its Plainfield township, and I know that they don’t have enough money to replace damaged roads when the heavy traffic starts ripping the roads up. I doubt that Will county Highway department or the federal government will provide money for major road repairs or replacement due to this proposal of rerouting, even thou it is a Will County and federal government project That means that the taxpayers of Sunnyland will either be stuck with bad roads, or be forced to “pay” an a share to repair or replace our streets.. I don’t think everyone in the subdivision has some money to use for road repairs. Considering that the roads were put in back in the early 1980’s, the cost probably would be not a couple million, but several million. That means to the residents it’s another form of a tax.
3. Economic Impact.
Property values will also be affected, basically, it will drive down property values and that entails lower amount of tax money for local taxing bodies. Less for schools, fire departments, etc. Since people would be reluctant to buy a reasonable priced home in the area due to the heavy traffic diversion, and the hazardous conditions that the Gaylord road diversion would create.
NuMark Credit Union, would be affected I my opinion big time, who would want to go there and provide them with business, if easy access is non-existent, and their property is a major cut thru for cars wanting go to Renwick road avoiding congestion that the current and alternative. I wouldn’t give them any business. Because I would not feel safe !!!

Chicago, IL

#7 Aug 1, 2007
I have pointed out that I have no problem with the overall plan, except for the proposal to alter Gaylord road. For many reasons, mostly for safety reasons, economic reasons, and mostly not to turn residents way of life into turmoil. The residents are not in the project area, but yet we are included indirectly. Plus, if Gaylord road is NOT changed then some of the costs relating to the engineering and for the construction phase will be lowered. Plus, during the construction phase, Gaylord road could be more valuable as a alternative for traffic, when caton farm road may not be easily travelable. The question is who is knows the issue of Gaylord road more? The answer is the residents and businesses who are going to be affected. One issue that I have not covered is the county sheriff role. I can say for certain that the Will County Sheriff will be more busy in this area to deal with more accidents, more fatalities that will occur, maybe its good that the nearest facility for the the sheriff is down on Caton Farm road east of Weber road, sharing a building with the Will county coroner. They will not have to go far.

Please don’t alter Gaylord road…

Thank you

Chicago, IL

#8 Aug 1, 2007
Ok people i have started the war. I NEED help to fight this.. ALready there is a lot of opposition, but WE need to be heard and listened too..

joliet joe

Chicago, IL

#9 Aug 6, 2007
will county highway department suck
Area Lifer

United States

#10 Aug 9, 2007
Welcome this project! An alternate to the 9th Street Bridge is sorely needed. Like it or not, this area is growing.
Area Lifer

United States

#11 Aug 9, 2007
Don't know why, but this board listed my previous comment as Bensenville, but live in Joliet near Caton Farm Rd

Chicago, IL

#12 Aug 13, 2007
hi area.. your location depends on where you computer is.. so if you live in joliet, and computer that you are using.. is in an other area, then it will say different.. also another factor, which is the main factor is where your isp connection is at. People who are on AOL thier isp is dynamic, meaning that their numeric addy changes everytime they log on. If it is static, like if you are connected to like earthlink.. their illinois server location is in bensenville, or in some cases where your nearest connection is made.

It depends entirely on the ISP. If they do not provide the information, it doesn't show up.
The location that appears with your posts is determined by your internet service provider's location.
The decision was made to include location information to quell trolling in the forums and it has been successful in helping that issue.

Remember that users have the ability to post anonymously with choosing a pseudonym as a user name. Unless their isp location is the South Pole with almost no population, giving their city location should still allow them anonymity.

Chicago, IL

#13 Aug 13, 2007
Area Lifer wrote:
Welcome this project! An alternate to the 9th Street Bridge is sorely needed. Like it or not, this area is growing.
I can care less about the other issues with this project, but i do object to what they are planning to do im my area.. The bridge has no effect on me.. why shove 12000 vehicles thru residental areas when you dont have to ..

“Got to repel the liberal horde”

Since: May 07

United States

#14 Oct 10, 2007
I've always wondered why there is such a big gap between Ruby St in Joliet and 9th St in Lockport to cross the canal. How long has the Division St bridge been closed? Something definitely has to be done to reduce the traffic on both of those bridges, but diverting traffic through a residential area to turn the Rt 30 / Caton Farm / Gaylord intersection into a four way stop doesn't make sense and shouldn't even be a factor. A lot of traffic uses Gaylord Rd. If they cul-de-sac it then they'll increase the traffic on Essington, Larkin, and through residential areas. That doesn't solve anything.
East side

United States

#15 Oct 11, 2007
I have earthlink it'll probably say I'm in Indiana but I pay my bill to Evergreen park haha. The bridge (9th st.) should have been bigger when they first built it. As for another bridge hey what do we expect it's will county and joliet, they can barely afford to get us over the sewage canal downtown! I wonder if lockport had any say about the 9th st bridge and I remember 135th st and how long it took to reopen it. If I remember correctly, it's been a long time is'nt division a really narrow bridge. I haven't been there in 30 years?

“Got to repel the liberal horde”

Since: May 07

United States

#16 Oct 11, 2007
The Division St bridge has been closed for a long time, and I don't think there is even a structure there, anymore. As for the 9th St bridge, it's a joke. I can't believe it wasn't built 4-lanes wide. They must have tried to save money by keeping it 2-lanes, but now the whole area suffers because they underestimated how much traffic would go over it in the future. I don't know why it took so damn long for the 135th st bridge to open. It must have been closed for 10 years. It's a nice, wide bridge, now and lots of traffic crosses it every day.

Lisle, IL

#17 Oct 13, 2007
hi are right.. according to some friends.. the bridge was removed due to a barge hitting the bridge.. which is a habit at times in joliet... the bridge on division was 2 lane, but the approach onto the bridge was dangerous.. there were numerous curves and blindspots leading onto the bridge.and the speed limit was real low. Cars had to manuver around one curve at 5mph.. For 135th.. it was open until they straighten it out.. and i think there were enviromental concerns. I think the state had to aquire some land from texico..well formerly texico on the lemot side.. i dont think it was closed for that long of time..
in need of a bridge


#18 Mar 20, 2008
all I can say is we definetly need a new bridge.
When that ones done , then we need to start thinking about a four lane bridge on 7th ave.
Lets all work together to get it done

Crest Hill, IL

#19 Mar 29, 2008
be something funny if the bridge is out of service for a longer time

“Got to repel the liberal horde”

Since: May 07

Naperville, IL

#20 Mar 29, 2008
That would not surprise me. Every time a bridge in Will County is taken out of service for repairs it turns out they need some part that they can't get quickly. The bridge then stays closed for an extended period of time. That happened at Brandon Locks, and a couple of the the bridges in Joliet. I also remember 135th St bridge being closed for an extended time, but I'm not sure how long.

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