How do you feel about Joliet.
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Bolingbrook, IL

#165 Jan 4, 2011
i've lived here my whole life (well, crest hill). the real problem is the general attitude of the people here. "fix my problem, cause doing it myself is below me", lol.

i like the mexicans on the east side, mexican culture is very respectful. problem is, their kids put on some baggy pants and a hat and think they're, as i say, "giggitty gangstaaa" (and the guns/knives).

the black problem is more severe. through mismanagement and corruption the gov't has allowed multiple generations of these people to grow up in the same projects. c'mon man, get em jobs, wtf. they've been there so long they could've started their own gangs by now. and i'm really saddened that i can't take my grandma to the house she grew up in (bottom of "the hill", fairmont). she would really enjoy seeing it (minus the crackheads and gangbangers).

on jobs, that is a huge issue. can't find one... just can't. that and i've noticed that the police routinely avoid the bad areas. why? because joliet pd are some of the highest paid in il (avg over 100k if i'm not mistaken). they ain't gettin shot for you...i've been commuting to wisconsin wasting gas and the life of my car. spend some money on local projects, and hire local people. and by that i DO NOT mean the same bs contractors that suck up all the money already (and a lot of the drugs lol, sad but true)

joliet is safe though,*if* you're in the right parts. venture too far away and who knows.. i wouldn't be too worried about that if i had kids. i'd be worried about the MASSIVE drug trade going on here. it is by far easier for a kid in joliet to get weed, coke, crack, heroine, and meth than it would be for them to get a case of beer. thats some messed up bs. i don't even have the heart to say how many friends i've seen go down that path. and don't think it's limited to joliet. joliet is merely a distrobution hub for all you people who think you're safe a few miles south. ever wonder why so many cars get towed on 55 and 80? drugs.

and now onto my favorite topic, the tea baggers, err, party, thats the one. with all the problems i just highlighted these a clowns are seriously trying to ignore them all and instead butt heads between politicians. what a joke. read a book, better yet. read a book on history, you'll learn quite a bit!

and this comes from a 26 year old unemployed hard working guy. obviously have some skills and ideas too. "i love my country, but i hate my government" about sums it up..

Bolingbrook, IL

#166 Jan 5, 2011
gotta add a bit to that, mainly a quote

"Tea Partay-er
Roselle, IL
Reply |Report Abuse|Judge it!|#161Jul 28, 2010

Did you see what Joliet did to the small community of Sunnyland? Jacked there sewer rate 10 fold. Joliet employees are overpaid! They make an average of 84 thousand a year. They want to maintain their lifestyle by taxing the living piss out of us working and or laid-off class! They think they are untouchable! States attorney, You had better help us!!"

notice the roselle, il. at the top of the post, wtf are you doing commenting on sunnyland? that happens to be a crack haven. unincorporated will county in the middle of joliet. with almost no taxes (hello, unincorporated, 30 seconds from joliet mall) really, are you oppressed? by police? if you got chased out of sunny land it was over drugs, no contest. i'm so sick of blow. makes me sick.

on that note, please get some police dogs at the mall and train station. i think that'd do more good than scaring kids at the gas stations/dunkin donuts.

Morris, IL

#167 Jan 5, 2011
Instead of concentrating on the problems within the city limits,especially downtown, they chase some wet dream all the way out to Rt 47. Mezera is nothing but a crooked idiot.

Wilmington, IL

#168 Mar 3, 2011
THEAprof wrote:
Interesting...where I live in Joliet is NOT "like that." So you either knowingly lie or really don't know Joliet.
I'm sure Wilmington and Morris are safe places to live; however, they strike me as being very "rednecky" with even less to offer culturally than Joliet.
<quoted text>
I lived in Joliet for over 20 yrs and moved to Wilmington 6 yrs ago. Wilmington and points south get that "rednecky" and backwards people" reputation and I feel its often underserved. This area is more country and rural, so you will see men wearing work boots and farmers. I have gone grocery shopping after working in my barn and there may be a little mud on my shoes and my hair put up under a baseball cap. The people in small towns are friendlier and in general more caring.
As far a culture, I never considered Joliet a hotbed of culture to begin with, so I am not missing culture being here in Wilmington.

Since: Feb 11

Location hidden

#169 Mar 3, 2011
Will county watcher wrote:

I have to agree with you about the decent restaurants, shopping, and cultural activities. Take a look at the crime index for will county and you might be surprised, many things in the Joliet and will county are not always reported, mostly Joliet worries about building some obscure path that is to be very rarely used while not worrying about road conditions or general repairs to Joliet's infrastructure.

If Joliet's city council would use common sense this area Joliet would look great but it's the same old thing, promises that go no where.
I agree that Joliet needs more decent restaurants.

I was so sad that Hot Skillet went out of business. Where in Joliet can you go now when it is the middle of the night and you want a dinner?

I don't think Joliet needs any more chain restaurants either.

Chicago, IL

#170 Mar 28, 2011
Glad to be gone wrote:
I moved out of Joliet 9 years ago and have never looked back. I live in a small town south of Joliet now. Joliet is a horrible crime ridden town. I was mugged there with my 1 year old daughter in my arms. We sent her to private school for 4 years, and when we did enroll her to public school she was BEAT UP on her first day because she white! Needless to say she was back in private school the next day. I don't even shop there or drive through there anymore- I go to Morris for everything now. We finally ended up getting of that hell hole when I showed my husbaand on the internet that in our area where we lived there were SIXTEEN registered sex offenders! I grew up in California in Oakland and Joliet is the worst place I have ever lived.
Glad I'm out of there!
Thatz wat go's down in da j fool.
Stay Ur sorry ass home, don't go buy crack n no one will f--k wit u... FYI
tired of the race card

United States

#171 Aug 19, 2011
Stuck in Craptown wrote:
There was nothing racist in my comments about Joliet. You simply choose to see it through the glasses you choose to wear. When I mentioned the Black, and Mexicans there was never a derogatory slur against either race. I know wonderful Black and Mexican people. The problem with Joliet (and most town like it) is not one of race but of culture. The American Black culture for example tends to see life through the prism of racism - even though I know many blacks who are economically bett5er off than many whites. They live their lives with a constant chip on their shoulders - even when they are rich. The Mexicans have another culture that says that they do not have to learn English or melt into the existing culture but simply squat and take over territory never choosing to actually become Americans but simply turn America into a new Mexico. But by far the biggest problem is one of entitlement attitude that the minorities have - and many whites as well - that they deserve a free lunch because some politician says they do. How do you encourage a person to start a business when they run the risk of getting shot, robbed and having to foot the bill for those very same criminals to receive free health care, food, housing, etc? It is an nonviable economic system supported by selfishness and propagated by politicians who seek to obtain and hold power. Socialism is a failure everywhere on the planet so why do we Americans still believe in it? Because we are stupid. What other explanation can their be? Joliet's problems are endemic to America. We need a return to God, personal responsibility and individual liberty - and stop listening to opportunist politicians who use scapegoat-ism and racism to hold and obtain power. Only then can places like Joliet be cleaned up from the inside out!
you att do right.I couldn't have said it better.
Adolf Delphia

Bolingbrook, IL

#172 Feb 3, 2013
Joliet is full of White and Black Trash!!!!!! I can't stand working here. The people are scum!!!!!!

Plainfield, IL

#173 Feb 5, 2013
Too much corruption.Three major entities running the city.

Joliet, IL

#174 Feb 5, 2013
Adolf Delphia wrote:
Joliet is full of White and Black Trash!!!!!! I can't stand working here. The people are scum!!!!!!
Oh , And I guess you should know coming from high class place like Bolingbrook.....LOL

Plainfield, IL

#175 Feb 6, 2013
Many local leaders and their kids are above the law.They do the crimes and the law turns their heads.Plus the media is to blame also
Time for change

Chicago, IL

#176 Dec 21, 2015
Cronyism, nepotism, and getting jobs because you are a friend of a friend is the Joliet way. Read the Joliet Herald News, and you will see that it's still going on in Joliet in 2015. When I move back there someday, one of my goals is to run for city council and eventually mayor of Joliet. I want fairness across the board, and I want you to be part of city government based on your skills and qualifications, and not because you are one of my buddies.
Time for change

Chicago, IL

#177 Dec 21, 2015
I applied for a city job in Joliet years ago, and truly believe that I was passed over because I was not part of the good old boy club. This is one of the reasons why I want to be part of their city government to see that hardworking, qualified people get the city jobs they deserve, not the old way based on cronyism and nepotism.
Time for change

Chicago, IL

#178 Dec 21, 2015
I love Joliet, and want to do good for the city and its residence.
Beyonce's Weave

United States

#179 Dec 22, 2015
I pooped there once. It was 'ok'.

Plainfield, IL

#180 Apr 6, 2016
From childhood to right now as an adult I have had the worst times growing up. friendships were almost too impossible to develop due to bullying and disability discrimination, relationships and love never really existed to me because I don't get to be lucky in love despite being outgoing at times. There's just no finding anyone for me, the only guys I would ever attract are nasty, trashy, ghetto gang bangers, rapists,and/or old perverts old enough to be my dad or grandpa in town which makes me wanna vomit and which explains why I've been single for nearly ten years and I haven't dated since I was 21 and in juco. As for career, STILL don't have one sadly because everything I had ever hoped for has been completely shattered no thanks to the rudest employers and teachers I had ever had who were responsible for ruining my life. Went from the worst highschool to the worst beauty school with the pettiest asshole bitches ever. I have at least only three friends who are all disabled because nobody else wants to befriend me because I don't fit their ideas of "normal." I have been judged and hated around simply for being different. Same with my two other friends who have been working the same job for like around ten years at least and still get treated like shit because the vocational organization they came from FAILED to give them the best employment services by giving them the best jobs. Plus they're services aren't fast enough. There's always some kind of pathetic excuse. My friends and I are rather purest at heart with positive intentions and don't deserve to live the way we do. I seriously wish like mad our parents NEVER though of moving to this miserable, pathetic town. I was even more disgusted at the fact that cheapest movie theater as well as Sonny's Delite went permanently out of business. So the one and only thing I EVER liked best about this crappy town is it's Ace Rootbeer Stand. If some one else were in my shoes, they'd kill themselves along time ago. It's amazing that I'm still alive after all this great misery I've been suffering of. Right now, I STILL live at home, unemployed, single, and STILL abstinent. FMPL! That's fine if you choose to be unsympathetic, but don't judge me either incase you don't know what it's like to be left outside the crowd, incase you don't know what it's like to feel left out, and incase you don't know how it feels to be your own best friend when it seems the whole world's against you, on the outside looking in.

Joliet, IL

#181 Jun 5, 2017
Joliet sucks everything closes early when the city comes and do work no notice shut the water off on whole block don't tell anyone. Even when they clean the streets no signs saying don't park on the streer this day smh.Joliet need to get it together.
Robert Thomas

Lockport, IL

#182 Jun 5, 2017
Corruption second to none. Little Detroit. Those overpaid city workers Pensions will dry up soon. Detroit retirees ended up with ten cents on the dollar. $70,000 pension will shrink to under $10,000. Voters did not pay attention and they will suffer.

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