JC Employees Laid Off

Des Moines, IA

#126 Jul 6, 2011
The city has been in trouble for years with more money going out than was coming in. Rather than fix the problem with cuts, they just kept borrowing from the water department, library and park. When that ran out, they hit every bank that would float them a loan. Too late to change the past, so don't blame the current board for the sins of the past. They are out of options. Ask Dean, he just says he's been out of the loop for the past few months. Lenda can't even balance here own checkbook much less run any part of the city. Colt is in Deans pocket over a stinking ticket! Greg is too busy playing Magnum PI.
Not getting any

Des Moines, IA

#127 Jul 6, 2011
And JCRResident1948 has a lot of pent up anger in them. Must of not gotten laid in a long time, Huh?
Caution JC Beware

Des Moines, IA

#128 Jul 6, 2011
This 40% Water & Sewer Increase is completely Insane. This is nothing more than City Organized Robbery. I guess now we all have to pay the price for waisted overtime & financial abuse by the Street , Water & other Non Emergency positions. When all along our poorly skilled city leaders should have been doing their job instead of sleeping , hiding in work trucks & no telling what else. I personally will do my very best not to spend another dime in this town. I will drive to another town even if I pay a little more for the travel expense. I know it sounds like a crazy decision but I do still have the right to support who I believe will at least manage the cities revenue properly & obiviously its not JC !!

Chester, IL

#129 Jul 6, 2011
Yea home rule.

Aurora, IL

#130 Jul 7, 2011
What would be the cost of a liability lawsuit at a fire wherein a medically unfit fire chief in a five person department if a citizen or child or firefighter dies and his lack of physical abilitycontributes to it? What if the Teflon twin who can not pass the lowest level of certification noatter how many times the city pays for him to get trained? Or the brother who burnt up his gear llying burning coals like he is. What a Movie star?structure was a total loss so he destroys thousand of diollars in gear??? Oh yeah that was another insurance claim' he was the laughing stock of Williamson co and p-burg that night.
Magnum wants apolgy

Aurora, IL

#131 Jul 7, 2011
Colt if you have a ticket you need an attorney not a Dean. There is one in town. Shop local.
Dean guess you fell out of favor with your buddy Horn? Or did you back away to create distance from possible obstruction chargs? But how can you be trusted if you claim your out of the loop? That seems like your admitting incompetence? You missed the whole last two years? Wow
But seriously jcr1948 you owe Magnum an apiolgy he always solved his cases. Yelenich seems more like someone who bought a detective kit. How come you left Bart out?
Know it All

Herrin, IL

#132 Jul 7, 2011
If you want to know why JC is in one of the worst towns in Illinois all you have to do is read these posts. Why would anyone care to serve as mayor or a member of city council in this town? Rains, Dean Boyd , Greg, Mitchell etc. are all giving their time to help this city. I don't blame them if they all quit. Give the job to some of these know it all on Topix's.
Three stooges

Dubuque, IA

#133 Jul 7, 2011
What is wrong with Johnston City?
Horn was mayor, Mitchell is mayor and Lind acts/wants to be mayor.
The three stooges.
KIA is right

Aurora, IL

#134 Jul 7, 2011
These self-less martyrs should save them selves but mostly all of us and resign.
Same ones posting

Des Moines, IA

#135 Jul 8, 2011
Didn't know we had so many folks from Dekalb interested in Johnston City.
Could it be Chad Smith posting now that he has so much time on his hands.
The streets look better with nothing being done to them than when we had a street dept. LMAO LMAO
A tank

United States

#136 Jul 8, 2011
Wait til a water main or something happens that we need someone. Oh wait! Maybe that rumor of Kobler coming back is true, he could do both jobs, why not ?! He tried to do em both before.
new chief

Dallas, TX

#137 Jul 8, 2011
I don't understand why the city does not make the fire chief work the overtime shifts it would save money is that not why he is in that job to cover for the fireman
new chief

Dallas, TX

#138 Jul 8, 2011
Also why does the fire chief not work a shift and layoff one of the untrained and untrainable twins aka... Former chief and thief

Galatia, IL

#139 Jul 8, 2011
Like it or not we are all in this together, the whole town. The blame games need to stop. Not one person is to blame for what has happened to JC. Part of the problem is the state has not paid the city in ages. The city is owed close to half a million dollars from the state. That is devastating to a town this small. If we can all work as a team maybe we can get JC back on it's feet.Has anyone took the time to call the mayor or city hall to see what they can do to help- mow, weed, or anything else ? Probably not. You would rather hide behind a computer and trash the town, employees ,mayor and council.If everyone thinks JC is so bad why not run for office or mayor, or are you afraid that you would find you couldn't do any better yourself. Walk a mile in their shoes, it is not an easy job. Change can only happen if the townspeople will allow it too.
Bart Lind

Valdosta, GA

#140 Jul 8, 2011
Thanks to Jeff and Penny Stallings for mowing and cleaning the lot west of Linemans and DR. Albert Memorial lot. Also to Larry Milligan for mowing the Memorial and lot by the train depot. Any thing that can be done by citizens to help the city is greatly appriciated. I know I will probably get slammed for this post but it needed said. Thanks

Valdosta, GA

#141 Jul 8, 2011
obviouisly none of you folks know what i know....... How about pointin some fingers at past dept heads that drew a SALARY of over 35,000 per year and done absoulutly NOTHING but sit his ass in a backhoe and drive his dept issued car to a local V.F.W to drink while suppose to be on city time. This is why Johnston City is broke,or tearing up water and sewer line in a backhoe which the CITY paid to fix and replace..oh and this is while on city time and while carrying a (police badge and gun) Look at all the city workers (when working) that sit in alleys and read the Southern illinosian news paper on city time.. this is a part of why the city is broke not the twins..... The twins yes probably helped by soaking up the overtime HOWEVER theres a reason they got the overtime.. its because every other firefighter in the city was to damn lazy to work the shifts, or kept calling in sick... well somebody has to staff the fire station why not let it be someone who is dedicated to protecting Johnston City.. if i had my choice Girolamo would still be the city Fire Chief. i think he actually cared enought about J.C to get the things in the fire dept done, not saying hes perfect just done a good job at ,ost thing he did do.. Tom Burton is also takin great care of J.C.

Valdosta, GA

#142 Jul 8, 2011
JC Citizen wrote:
Tony Kendrick was one of the best police officers JC ever had his only issue was he would not follow the currupt ways of the JC Good O'Boys !!! It will all be revealed in time Tony, your better off not involved with this group anyway.
Tony Kendrick IS A PIECE OF SHIT......... He cant keep his penis away from other girls... I know for a fact he use to sit at the grade school and get license plate numbers of attrative females, run them and find out where they lived then follow(STALK) them..... come talk to me i can give you all kinds of reputable info on Mr Kendrick. Tony doesnt desearve to be a cop... At least hes over on the west side of the county with his convicted felon friend Chief Harvel.....
back at u WTF

Dallas, TX

#143 Jul 8, 2011
You say learn from the past well the police chief is gone don't think he will b back so y keep bringing it up just talk about the thiefs that still work for the city.... as for Tom really I think there was a big lesson that everyone seams to want to forget I think someone went to Jail over that "screw" up and that was on city time and in the fire dept and happened more than once that ended up costing the city more money then a water pipe that happened all under Tom's watch and he knew about it so y not give the guy another shot at that job it has been a few years... And as for Twins they are a joke if you knew as much as u say u do u would know G can not pass a general fire test and when he was chief I would like to know how much money went missing from the fire dept I hope u can tell me that as I believe that is why he lost his job as jr chief that's all he ever really was.... as for C ya he can at least past the basic fire test but I have heard he also padded his pockets when his bro was in charge glad to see what or donations went for
JC Joke Town

Des Moines, IA

#144 Jul 9, 2011
Other towns are laughing their asses off at Johnston City and its keystone cops, bucket brigade fire dept, lazy water dept employees, card playing sewer dept and thieving/dope using street dept.
Dont forget

Valdosta, GA

#145 Jul 9, 2011
Don't forget there are a majority of the CURRENT full time police dept are well trained, hardworking individuals, deserving of respect. And there are at least two full time firemen who have not been complicit in a sex felony against a child, have not had to sign secret agreements stating they will never serve in a position of authority again because of the $ they stole and fraudulent signatures they made, and have not caused serious life long injury to a young cadet by telling him to "shake it off". There are also several part-time cops and firemen that do an excellent job and many great volunteer firemen. People out of JC arent laughing at these people or even most of the citizens. They are laughing because the leadership of this town are a bunch of short sighted, power hungry, chest beating fools who would rather have incompetent, criminally minded, boobs in charge that they can manipulate rather than anyone that could actually run the departments. I suggest we let them have fun in their sandbox and look for other ways to make the town nice that completely subvert their authority. Some already do it with church, little league, community programs, etc. You can't fight against incompetence. It will suck your will to live. Just wait for it to implode. The only way you will get any satisfaction will be providing your own positive influence on the community.

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