JC 'fired' treasurer
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Valdosta, GA

#4 Apr 17, 2011
The former treasurer just got talked into taking a job she wasn't qualified to do. Well that and she thought listening to Jimmy Dean was smart. She isn't the first and won't be the last to get screwed over by doing that. The IRS will sort things out and find out who really ran things in the ground. I'm not sure it was criminal or just stupidity?
Robin Robertson

Equality, IL

#5 Apr 18, 2011
"The Fired Treasurer", apparently you people do not realize whether I pay my taxes through my paycheck or through paying them at the end of the year doesn't matter as long as they are paid.

I don't care about the refund, I prefer to keep my money and pay the IRS only what I owe them, which seems to be acceptable to the IRS.

As far as my life goes, I am no longer the City Treasurer, and my life is none of your business, and it is time to leave me alone and go on with your life. I did nothing wrong while I was in office, reguardless of how you would like to spin things.

I have put up with all the slanderous lies about me for long enough, it is time to stop. You got what you wanted now leave me alone.
jc fan

Valdosta, GA

#6 Apr 18, 2011
I agree with Robin, don't tar and feather until you have the facts.
Get it Done

Equality, IL

#7 Apr 20, 2011
Robin, you know first hand about all the BS that is going on up there. The MAYOR, RYAN HORN and Jimmy dean and GREG YELwhatever has completly destoyed this down. They are all crooked people and deserve whatever comes there way. I hope the new council can fix what they did.
Robin Robertson

Equality, IL

#8 Apr 22, 2011
Right now I could care less about this town, the new council, Karen Hatfield and Cathy Crabtree have destroyed my life, they have slandered me and defamed my character, and for what $150 per month and what they think is power.

In one of the other posts, they called the current council a bunch of clowns, well just wait until these bullies and troublmakers get in office, you want to talk about evil.
Robin is right

Valdosta, GA

#9 Apr 22, 2011
Karen Hatfield has been the downfall of this town since she got in office.
She is not smart enough to run the office, nor does she want to put the time in.
Crabtree is a bar fly bully who only wants to show off how loud of a mouth she is.
She cares nothing about this town. If she did now she would go away after having Chuck Crabtree elected.
Neither one think they are ever wrong. Of course with those two last names the entire family tree never thinks they are wrong.
concerned voter

Valdosta, GA

#10 Apr 22, 2011
Robin you are a joke. You go and say how Karen Hatfield & Cathy Fox destroyed your life- can't wait to hear this story. JOKE. BIG JOKE. and a LIE. Come on spill it. HOW did they destroy your life??
And what is with the last names? Bullshit. I like the Hatfields. Every damn one of them. The Crabtrees to. If you dont like a person, not like that person. But to say the whole family name is what you said is bullshit. I will ask Robin all aobut how "other" people destroyed her life next time I see her out.
It is easy to tell a liar when confronted face to face.
Foul Mouth

Valdosta, GA

#11 Apr 22, 2011
You talk just like the Helfrichs and Crabtrees. Every other word is a cuss word.
Sounds just like them.
Hillbillys fit in in Johnston City.
Robin Robertson

Equality, IL

#13 Apr 22, 2011
I don't have to explain myself, concerned voter, but you sound just like Cathy, nothing more than a troublemaker. You aren't worth lowering myself to argue with you.

Carterville, IL

#14 Apr 25, 2011
I don't usually get involved with all this nonsense but when my family name starts getting slandered, then it is time for me to speak up. First of all, we all know that one person can't be the downfall for dismissal of a job. It has to be the ACTIONS that are a cause. So saying that Karen Hatfield was your demise is not possible. She does not make those decisions. She is still in office so her not doing her job is not the issue here. Robin, we all went to school together and you calling Cathy a bar fly, well, I can remember you in the bars as well. I have heard facts stated and not rumors. By the way, these facts did not come from any of my family members. Also, when I say family members, that does include the Crabtree's. We all like to get together and cuss like hillbillies,ha!
concerned voter

Valdosta, GA

#15 Apr 25, 2011
HA. Robin might want to think about moving where no one knows her name...hey there is a song there too. But back to the topix, just think about the closure Robin could get if she just admit she didnt do the job RIGHT. When a person blames everyone else but themselves, I think that just about spells it out no?? What is so wrong with this is there was not a person checking her work. She got to enter whatever the hell she felt like it. And look what happened, it all caught up to her. Karen doesnt do the books. Cathy doesnt do the books. Come on Robin, fess up. Your chi might get settled, the diarrhea might settle down too, your hair will quit falling out, those boils might subside....just a suggestion. Fess the F up. Opps, i almost cussed. Hope foul mouth doesnt see this.
& look e there, a Helfrich commented and didnt cuss.
Robin Robertson

Equality, IL

#16 Apr 25, 2011
Gee, it wasnt me that called Cathy a barfly, apparently you can't read either.
concerned voter

Valdosta, GA

#17 Apr 26, 2011
that's all you got robin?? no fess up?? do you get to draw unemployment now?? i bet you cant adjust the books to have the least amount of taxes taken out of those checks.... sucks huh.
Greg Helfrich

Herrin, IL

#18 Apr 26, 2011
Oh boy!...here we go aging with the name calling!....btw, HOLY SHIT!...There's my effing sister!..How the Hell are are you Sis?..BWAAAAHAHA!
Campaign Manager

Mount Carmel, IL

#19 Apr 27, 2011
I will be the first to say it........GREG HELFRICH for MAYOR!!!!
2nd to none

United States

#20 Apr 27, 2011
Hey i will 2nd that motion!!!!!!!!!!
Greg Helfrich

Herrin, IL

#21 Apr 27, 2011
No way!..."cause some people think I cuss to much and that I always think I'm right!(btw, I'm just right about 90% of the time!) LMAO!
Get It Done

Equality, IL

#22 May 6, 2011
I love it when people[robin]f's up and wants to blame everyone else for her actions.Robin,come on, you know as well as everyone else you could not do the job right.You even said it in your interview with the news that you did not know what you are doing,right on tv! Now what? I know first hand you do not have a clue on what you was doing.And thats ok, just admit it! You were put in a place where you had no idea what to do.Not only did you mess up payroll,but put this city in debt along with Jimmy & Ryans help.I am so glad Ryan is Done and we have a new council starting! As for as for chuck grabtree goes I think he will do a better job alone than all of them losers [RYAN,JIMMY,GREG and COLT]could ever do! GOOD LUCK to the new council,cause they have there work cutout for them to fix all the problems the last council made.
Joe the Plumber

Dubuque, IA

#23 May 6, 2011
Robin is gone. Find another dead horse to kick. While you are at it go back to school and learn how to read and write.
Get It Done

Equality, IL

#24 May 6, 2011
Hey PLUMBER! Did we strike a nerve?

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