Review: Little Chicago Tattoo Company

Review: Little Chicago Tattoo Company

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Springfield, TN

#1 Jan 12, 2012
Super nice place, but better than that. They treat you like they are glad you came. It's ran like buisness. Check out Tim, he's really good.

Johnson City, TN

#2 Jan 13, 2012

We appreciate the positive review and look forward to your repeat business.
Thanks again

United States

#3 Mar 21, 2012
Tim quit because of the poor quality of work and unsafe practices, they cross contaminate to the point to where someone is going to get infected with something. Not to mention they harass people at the neighboring bars pushing they're cards on them, good for you Tim u didn't want your rep tarnished by working in a crap shack like that

Springfield, TN

#4 Mar 23, 2012
You sir are pretty mis informed of why Tim no longer works there. It's funny that when someone gets fired they always say " I guit they crappy job". It's a clean place and nice work. If you don't like them then don't go there.I will gladly fill the empty chair. Sounds to me like just another hater. Competition brings out the worst in people when they are losing.
Not buyinit

United States

#5 Mar 23, 2012
Will wrote:
You sir are pretty mis informed of why Tim no longer works there. It's funny that when someone gets fired they always say " I guit they crappy job". It's a clean place and nice work. If you don't like them then don't go there.I will gladly fill the empty chair. Sounds to me like just another hater. Competition brings out the worst in people when they are losing.
Competition?? Look at the quality of tattoo work in little Chicago as opposed to other shops the quality is barely mediocre. If the tattoo business is a competition the little Chicago will definitely not be placing. Work speaks numbers in that kind of business , and that shop talks crap. Everyone is aware of the quality if not then they find out the hard way. I know 4 people who didn't know any better they went there and will not be back. 2 gave already had the tattoos they got not only fixed but covered up due to poor quality. It's up to the person up research the best shop . That's obviously not little shitcago.

United States

#6 Mar 23, 2012
Hate on haters. Same person does this on shops as well. The is what shops that have nothing to do set around and do all day, lol. Weak

United States

#7 Mar 23, 2012
My girlfriend and I go here all of the time, love it!
Never again

United States

#8 Mar 24, 2012
Dave dug me out and scarred me for life I have a huge puffy scar in my tattoo

Johnson City, TN

#9 Oct 8, 2013
I've had plenty of piercings done here, and I love them!

Jonesborough, TN

#10 May 16, 2014
You know here is what I think about this crap. I live in greeneville we have one tattoo shop which is cravin ink they do good and bad work some of there stuff looks ok and some has the puffy scar. But he gets good reviews cause no one is here to compete. In jc there is tons of comp. and your going to have guys and girls saying crap. Best thing to do is find someone who has been there talk to them. I've read the good the bad on a lot of shops I'm wanting my arm sleeved and trying to find the best shop I'm going to go to little chicago and check them out if I feel they give me the best deal and can do the best work I'll let them do it if not I'll keep looking.. But I'm sick of hearing folks bash each other cause they mad or something if you have had tattoos there leave good reviews to help folks like me. It's hard enough to find the best place without the fussing.
Clean Skin

Kingsport, TN

#11 May 17, 2014
Good Lord, kids! Why do you all have to have a tattoo? It's not like you were part of a unique and life saving unit or something. Everybody wants a tattoo to be original, but from what I've seen it is just a replay of the funny papers on skin. Art on skin isn't all that. Over time it gets all blurry and grotesque and in the end your eagle looks like a buzzard as years go by. Everybody wants to be unique and have a personable statement on their body...just like everybody else. I've seen some of the most stupid tattoos on kids, from Ninja Turtles to embarrassing script on your arms like "F*** Fear" and such. Grow up before you grow old and have to put up with such foolishness imprinted on your body. You might as well have a tattoo saying "dumb ass" to look at later.
anonymous 69

Charlotte, NC

#12 Mar 17, 2015
Went to get Angel bites there and was pierced extremely crooked. One of them goes up though the bottom of my lipand out at an angle. The other one not so bad but still crooked. Not to mention the fact that one of my close friends went there a few weeks later, got his tongue pierced and it was extremely crooked and went through his webbing.$10 piercing? Nope never again.
Gal in Greene

Johnson City, TN

#13 Mar 17, 2015
! On January 31st, I went to Little Chicago tattoo in Johnson City with friends and received some piercings from Beth. I had my tragus, nose and a ear cartilage piercing called an industrial. She used two pieces of jewelry to pierce them with and informed me to return in 6 weeks if I wanted to change out my jewelry. 6 weeks to the day on March 14th I came in to have Beth change out the two jewelry pieces in my industrial to the standard bar and my tragus piercing. My tragus change out was fine. However, I am unsure if perhaps it was to early to do so, but the pain of changing out the jewelry for my industrial was worse than the initial piercing. My eyes watered and it felt as if someone had touched a burning pan to the side of my head. I informed Beth how much changing out the jewelry hurt and she informed me to put a cotton ball of tea tree oil on it, I told her I had tried that with another sore piercing (my nose) and it had swelled. She shrugged and told me to stick to cleaning my piercings as I had been, twice a day with H2ocean. I left, with my industrial piercing still burning. I came home that night, noticed it was red, very tender, throbbing and angry. I cleaned it as instructed and went to bed on clean sheets not sleeping on that side. The next morning I awoke with a larger than normal amount of "crusties", my ear had swollen considerable more and the redness continued, throughout the course of the day (Sunday) the pain intensified by the hour. By that evening I was in tears. The pain was radiating through my jawline and whole right side of my head. I didn't dare touch my ear, I couldn't even touch it with a q-tip it was so painful. I was unsure as to leave the piercing In or not, the tattoo shop was closed and I knew I would walk into my doctors office the following morning (Monday). I went into my doctors office and was instructed to remove the piercing at once, that I had a staph infection and was given an Rx for antibiotics to take twice a day. I also have to return to my doctors office on Wednesday to ensure the swelling has reduced, that I don't need to have it drained and to make sure the staph infection is being taken care of by the antibiotic, if not I will be prescribed a second antibiotic, I also will have follow up the following week to check for any disfigurement. After removing the jewelry, within hours the pain had subsided to a tolerable level. Now, I only blame myself for getting the piercing in the first place, however I don't think it's best business practice to have one piercer working 15 hour days doing non-stop 10 dollar piercings. I understand the volume makes up for the price. However, My 10 dollar piercing has cost me considerably more then that. Please make informed and rational decisions about your tattoos and piercings folks. Also knowing that even if you follow your cleaning instructions properly, things can still go seriously and painfully wrong. Now I'm not cussing, bashing, or getting hysterical. But this post was deleted from their Facebook page along with the attached photos and I'm banned from their page.

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