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Since: Oct 10

Pflugerville, TX

#1 Mar 3, 2011
I was wondering if anybody else has had problems at Franklin Woods. I just got out of there and some of the nurses were horrible Some of the nurses should not have a job as a nurse. I just wondered if anybody else has experienced this.

Nashville, TN

#2 Mar 3, 2011
I agree! I just had my daughter there last week. The nurses and xray tech were extremely rude and lacked patience. The doctor wasn't bad but not very thorough. But then again, JC Med center stinks too....can't expect too much from Franklin either since they are all connected :(

Kingsport, TN

#3 Mar 3, 2011
I can't say much for the ER department either. Send someone home to turn around later and take them to JCMC.

Since: Oct 10

Pflugerville, TX

#4 Mar 3, 2011
I was in intensive care and there were 4 nurses who treated me terrible. Don't ever take a loved one there. I heard this from plenty of people but only after my treatment

Johnson City, TN

#5 Mar 25, 2011
I just got home from that place, and I am well, pissed off at the way I was treated. The bruise on my arm from the (necessary?) IV, is horrendous.
I am going to file a complaint.

Since: Oct 10

Tomball, TX

#6 Mar 26, 2011
Wendy. There are a lot of people filing complaints and they should. I was treated horrible by the 4 of the nurses on 3000. I can't believe they are nurses. I am definitely filing a complaint!!

Chatsworth, GA

#7 Apr 7, 2011
Contact Pamela Gray she is the Nurse Manager at Franklin Woods. She is a very nice woman and will take care of your concerns/complaints.

United States

#8 Apr 17, 2012
Let me guess.. Was his name brad! I was there & he is a nurse on the 3rd floor & he is a JERK! Very rude & acts as if he hates life! Some of these nurses today I just have to wonder why they chose this profession if they are so miserable & want everyone else around them miserable too

United States

#9 Oct 11, 2012
I was just there last night because my doctor told me to. I have an ear infection in both ears and an absess tooth and the pain is unbearable. The doctor did nothing! Prescribed me medicine for Vertigo and when I saw a prrdcription for Ultram I told the nurse I cannot take it because it tears up my stomache. So he gave me 6 loratab 5s? Told me he thinks Im in there too frequently for pain meds. I had been there 3 times in a year!

Chatsworth, GA

#10 Oct 11, 2012
I have a feeling that all the comments here are negative because people don't take the time to sit down and make nice comments. When you come across an employee who takes good care of you and has a nice personality, do you send in a comment about that person? Call in to praise them? Get online to tell the world what a nice nurse you had? Of course not.

Wendy, some people bruise when they have an IV. Some people do not. It usually has a whole lot to do with each individual person's anatomy and very little to do with the nurse. If your arm got infected or infiltrated (swelled up) from the IV then that is one thing, but bruising is pretty common. I'm assuming you're an adult. It's a bruise. It will get better. Move on.

"aggrivated," three visits to the emergency room in one year is a lot actually unless you're really unlucky and have a whole lot of car crashes in which case I would recommend you stop driving. Contrary to popular belief, the ER is for emergencies. That is why it is called an emergency room. I realize that tooth pain can be unbearable, but that is a problem for a dentist, not the ER. Why do you wait until the tooth is so bad and the pain is unbearable to seek treatment, and then seek it at the wrong place? You know that the doctors at the ER can't do anything for your tooth. The only thing they CAN do, if they're willing, is to give pain medicine. That would be a logical explanation for a doctor assuming you were there for that.

I also realize that a lot of people do not have dental insurance. There are clinics for those people and the clinics are a great resource if you use them. Of course, you can't show up on the day your tooth is throbbing and expect to get free care. How about preventing the situation you just had from happening again by going to one of those clinics and seeing a dentist before your tooth has rotted out of your head.
oh lord

United States

#11 Oct 22, 2012
Hmm.... thank you. People dont utilize the urgent care clinics in this area. If you have chest pain, car accident, other emergencies please go to the er, if you can go to a first assist and not wait 4 hours in an er do it! Hello! You come in with something smaller and want to go in before a true emergency patient? I dont think so. But then complain about the wait time. And yes ppl bruise from iv or lab draws. We have to puncture ur skin to get to the vein. It goes away in a couple days. I work on a fabulous floor and have daily compliments from patients bc i am good and like my job. I treat ppl with respect. Now as in every CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB there are some mean people who can really try your patience but you should always keep a positive attitude toward the patient. If those ppl werent then thats not the msha difference;)

United States

#12 Oct 22, 2012

Nice, but pointless:

A) it's real people. You are far too logical for them
B) it's the Wellmont PR hate machine fresh off the Unicoi message boards.
pissed and unsatisfied

Ooltewah, TN

#13 Nov 26, 2012
let me tell yall bout my trip 2 franklin woods er. they were very rude and refused me treatment. i had never been there before and they treated me like a damn junkie. go figure, if u dont like ur career as a nurse or doc find something else 2 do. y does that place treat everyone like junkies? thats all i wanna know. they say they dont treat cronic pain lol well they told my mom whom has heart disease that they dont turn anyone away lol isnt heart disease cronic? i woulnt send my dog 2 that damn place.

Satellite Beach, FL

#14 Dec 12, 2012
I had two trips to the emrgency Room and six days in the Hospitol. I was treated with nothing but respect and the care I received was some of the best care I have ever seen. The nurses were kind and helped in any way they could. I don't have any family working there or know anyone prior to my stay.
In their defense I did see during the first trip to the ER a lot of people sitting around that had problems that appeared to have been very much treatable at a walk in clinic, had they not waited until after they closed?? Now I know some smart A** will say what was I doing there and the answer is I was told to go there by a walk in clinic first.
My wife got very sick in the middle of the night and EMS personell responded. They stated yes she probably would be better off going to the Hositol under normal circumstances, but the ER was so crowded with the "Regulars" looking for pain meds or who figured on going to the ER after hours and get free treatment that she would be better to stay home and go to her regular doctor or a walk in clinic in the morning, that it was so bad she wouldn't even be able to use the bathroom at the ER.
Emergency Rooms are for real emergencies not some drug addict's quick fix when they run out of drugs. I know My deceased son was an addict and was at the ER two or thre times a week. They are aso not for someone who has slept all day and decides their cough is worse or little Johnney has not gone to the bathroom in two days, Both will survive until the next day.
The only way to stop this abuse is to start a triage program and start sending away non emergency cases. We can no longer afford to pay such high insurance premiums caused by these people doing this.

Knoxville, TN

#15 Dec 12, 2012
mountain state health alliance is nothin but a joke u people need to get over it my wifes doctor sent her to the er and they told us to go home there was nothin wrong come to find out she had a non alcohalic fatty live and an inlarged spline we had to go to kinsport to find out what was wrong.

United States

#16 Dec 13, 2012
I am in my 9th month of a fairly rough pregnancy I am a resident of Johnson City moved here from Blountville . I kept my obgyn in Kingsport. I was having some really bad cramping around 1am and instead of driving to Kingsport I went to franklin woods for a quick check on me and the baby. And the Dr(if you wanna call her that) came in my room and flat out asked me why I came there and that I shouldn't have and that I was pregnant and pain is normal and that I looked tough that is could handle it she stood there with a rude look on her face for 5 minutes I could tell she even embarrassed the nurse that was in the room my bp shot up to 158/105 I checked myself out 5 minutes later I was disgusted. Btw my obgyn told me it would fine for me to go to a nearby hospital if I needed to.

Johnson City, TN

#18 Jun 2, 2015
I went to Franklin Woods one time. Concerned about possible broken bone in my elbow I went into the ER. The woman who greeted me at the desk was extremely nice. I was taken back to radiology when they took x-rays of my arm. It was determined that nothing was broken and it was put in a sling and I was told to rest it for a while. This was my only experience there but I was treated very nice and everyone from the time I walked in till I left were great.
Over it but not

Johnson City, TN

#19 Aug 13, 2015
I had my baby there. Most awful experience imaginable. There were so many horrible things about it but one of the worst aspects was that this doctor was clueless and because of her carelessness/lack of knowledge, my son will go through life with a scar on his face. I even contacted a lawyer about it and they said since the network is so big, no expert would be willing to testify that there was any wrongdoing by the physician. Just doesn't seem right.

Bristol, TN

#20 Jun 27, 2016
I guess I was that out of it but I was treated very well they save my life. After being in there for 8 days, I was treated with respect I felt so bad when I arrived they stayed with me nurses an doctors everbody
Wise ole owl

Johnson City, TN

#21 Jun 27, 2016
Good health care is a human right and should not be considered a privilege. Those who treat you should not act as if they are doing you a favor by treating you. It is their job to treat you in a respectful and humane way and if they can't be asked to do this then they should go into another field of employment.

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