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Big Dogg

Honaker, VA

#211 Dec 6, 2012
Hmm are the hours good? M - F?

Jonesborough, TN

#212 Dec 7, 2012
So I worked for ACT twice, once in 2009 and this year which I used my vacation time and never came back. This place is truly a hell hole. So for prospective employees who are looking for work, here's a little information I have for you.

Ericka the ops manager for uverse at fairview, I've personally seen her all wired out on blow and I've also seen her leave a known coke house over in keystone on new orleans ave at a run down blue house.(Drove by going to friends house). I've known of 2 instances of her screwing 2 employees. Scott who was promoted as a trainer (young scott) just days after the training class and another guy named Ryan, who was promoted into management just after training due to screwing ericka.

Jason, a homosexual manager at uverse has had many complaints of sexual harassment, yet he is still employed. He asked one of his subordinates to pull up his pants repeatedly, which he didnt. Jason took it upon himself to reach down into the employees pants and pull them up. Another instance was he hit on a close friend of mine, persisted in asking him out and going back to his place, and my friend is very straight.

A few years ago, there was a site director named Pete, he was fired for embezzling commissions earned by employees when it was ATT Bronze.

ACT is very proud of its "commissions" which are rarely awarded. Commission requirements change based on how many people reach it, so they dont have to pay. Started out if you made $1000 in revenue per month you earned, then $1500,$2000, now when I left it was $3000, so if you earned the company less than that per month, no commissions are earned, and if you make the quota, commissions are rarely paid out with some BS excuse saying ATT refuses to pay out and ACT is trying its hardest to pay its employees.

In training class, had this idiot crush a tab on the window seal and snort it infront of the entire class of over 30+, everyone spoke about it. He was fired 3 days later for attendance issues.

As the old saying goes, sh*t rolls down hill, and at ACT you're at the bottom of the hill.

When I worked at bronze a few years ago, we handled people who called in about their landline account and DSL, and it was simple enough. Now in uverse blue, you have to deal with very slow systems which you are told to lie to the customers and tell them your system is "updating" yet it takes 2-3 minutes to pull up an account, then a few more minutes to authenticate and half the time their bill wouldn't load up at all so you couldn't help them.

Employees are at the mercy of the failed IT department are constantly written up and scrutinized for their handle times (time of phone) when they have zero way to fix it. I've had customers call in and want new internet services started. It would take 3 minutes to pull the account up and there were about 10 screens to place an order for internet. 3 minutes per screen = 30 minutes for a simple order that should take 5 minutes. You will get yelled at for this. You will also get yelled at if you cant meet goals per day even if its system issues. If you wanted new services added onto an existing account and it takes 30 minutes, you would probably hang up too, and customers do and I don't blame them.

after each call you have to do paperwork, which it seemed like every 2 weeks they added something new.. First all you had to do was note the account using the software. Then they had you write down on paper who you transferred and why and your sales sheet of what your sold and to who. Then they added you needed to write down every call, if you offered or not and why not. Then needed to write down what the call was like (was the customer upset/satisfied etc and the reasons for their call. It ended up taking between 1-2 minutes per call to fill out this crap. and if the system is running slow which is always was, customers would hang up and you would get a call instantly after.


Jonesborough, TN

#213 Dec 7, 2012
Then you have to do all your paperwork for the last call during the one your on, and you cant have any "dead air time" where the phones are silent.

So again to the IT department, my system was running slow as always and 2 guys from IT were putting stickers on all the computers. I asked them to fix the systems and they thought they were funny and told me to suck it up.. I flipped out and thats when I decided to start planning to quit again.. You're in the fucking IT department and everyone knows the systems are fucked up and it takes two people right next to each other to put stickers on computers.

You can never win at ACT, if your handle times too high because of systems, expect to get bitched at, if your sales are low due to systems, you will be bitched at. If your handle times too low under 620s you will be bitched at for not offering, even though you may offer on every call they will bitch at you regardless. You will get bitched at for transfers,which most of the time you cant help.

Here's an example of a call that you would get bitched at for..

Customer calls in and their account is past due. They want to make payment arrangements for the account and thats a different department (accounts receivable) and when an account is in "treatment" or past due, you cant add any services or upgrades, except a prepaid gophone. Getting through System X can be hard for a lot of people, it's confusing. It also takes on average of 20 minutes to place an order for a simple prepaid phone.. You will get bitched at for it taking that long (handle time) and when you transfer them, you will get bitched at for that even though you cant help them at all.

A customer called in and the only thing available was 6mbps uverse hsi. They were glad to take it but sometime in september 2012 they said only 12 mbps or higher can only be sold, so if a customer wanted internet and the highest was 6mbps, then you were supposed to say internet was not available in their area and not try to sell it, if you did you got into trouble. So now you have an opportunity to sell whats available to the customer, but now you cant then you get bitched at for not meeting goals and then they have another reason to bend you over and fuck you on your commissions.

Ny training class started with 38 people, which after the first month of training was down to 18.. We went through an "nesting" phase of 2 weeks, before the first week we were down to 12 and only 9 people made it into production. Less than 3 mths after the hire date less than 5 people from my class were still working, out of 38. Sure many people just stay for training and ditch, but the rest are due to people realizing how shitty ACT is or just really need the cash.

The CRFT system, and if you dont know what that is, when you call a company up about something and 24-48 hours later you receive a survey, at at&t thats CRFT.

The scale is based on 1-10, 1-6 are very dissatisfied, 7-8 are satisfied and 9-10 are very satisfied.

The goal per month was like 57%, and that doesnt seem hard and its not without ACT & ATT having their foot on your neck in water. So a 1-6 gets you a -100% a 7-8 gets you a 0% and 9-10 gets you a 100%. So if you had two 10s and a 8, your score wouldnt be above the 57% required. and of course get bitched at. A lot of times there are bad scores you get that are mistakes. I had a coworker who received all 10s for Professionalism, Courtesous, Handled in Timely Manner and something else. But the customer put a 1 instead of a 10 for the final score and the agent received a very dissatisfied score. which to people with common sense, the customer surveying forgot to put the 0 after 10. The agent tried to appeal it but it was denied and went AGAINST her.

Back to the IT systems, theres this one program which most peoples login IDs do not work, only a handful of hundreds of peoples worked.


Jonesborough, TN

#215 Dec 7, 2012
I've seen people get right at 18 deviations and terminated then people get 64 deviations and still have a job. If they like you, they will keep you, if they don't you are GONE.

I could write a book about this hell hole, and maybe I should. I will say that my direct supervisor was amazing, and I understood her being hard on me was due to the fact that her boss and bosses boss etc were shitting on her. I understood what she went through and even to this day I still consider her a friend. Her (Shanequa), a supervisor named Colt looks kind of like Leonard from Big Bang Theory and Wendy,(ops manager or something from combined billing now) and Travis (floor supervisor) are great people to work with, the rest of them can go fuck themselves. The rest genuinely spawned from a putrid cess pool left by one of antichrists steaming pile of shit. How ACT stays in business is beyond me, but if the day comes when they go to court (again) I will be the first to sign up to be a character witness against the company, I gaurenfuckintee it. You may think this is just some pissed off former employee, but look at the previous posts here on topix or just a google search, you will find out that my wall of text does have relevance and I'm sure more former employees will confirm stories here as they already have.

If your still an employee, please finish what I tried to do in secret with fellow employees. Try to unionize ACT, otherwise, you'll be better off stocking shelves for Wal-Mart than working for ACT.
act junkie

Charlotte, NC

#216 Dec 8, 2012
There are some.good people at ACT, but most of the idiots that work there are either on probation/parole or on the run and are not smart enough to get in out of the rain.
ACTLOL is right. The place is a hell hole and its nasty. Some of the supervisors and managers think they are a big deal with a good job. Again, this shows how stupid they really are. These are the same losers that got fired from their last "career" in fast food.

Bristol, TN

#217 Jan 5, 2013
prettybrowneyes wrote:
Aw I work with that same boy (pretty sure we're talking about the same guy)! I think he works in the ATT project. We run into each other for breaks and stuff every once in a while.
Yeah he's pretty! Prettier than alot of actual girls, in fact. Totally thought he was a chick the first time I saw him. Very sweet guy though!(:
His name is Mattie. Matt is his name but everyone I know that talk to him calls him Mattie. I met him over in Uverse when I first came in. He helped me some with systems when I first started.

He has a Facebook if you want to see.
keep going

Bristol, TN

#218 Jan 5, 2013
I never felt safe there with the trash hanging around in the parking lot after closing hours and the security guards are a joke. Keep looking for somethig else.

Johnson City, TN

#219 Jan 5, 2013
I worked there for a couple of years. I think I set the record for most deviations ever recorded, but still was able to maintain my job until I quit ha. Have a lot of friends who still work there though, there are some good guys who work there but most of them are looking for drugs.

Tucker, GA

#220 Jan 8, 2013
What jobs are available at act to work only m-f?

Bristol, TN

#221 Jan 9, 2013
They only do swab tests. The only drug that would stay in your system for an extended amount of time if marijuana, but that's only if they piss test.

You can pass pretty much everything on a swab test after a week or so at the most. I know a girl that smoked the day before and still passed the swab test if that tells you anything.

Bristol, TN

#222 Jan 9, 2013

No jobs there do a simple Monday-Friday. You'll possibly have a weekend off every now and then, but usually you work a weekend day on a consistent basis.

Depends what department you get hired to. GE works every day of the week, AT&T works Monday-Saturday, and the other department (forget the name at the moment) works every day of the week as well. That's at the Fairview location, not sure what Boone's Creek works regularly.
Big Dogg

Honaker, VA

#223 Jan 9, 2013
What is GE? How many people work at the Fairview center? Is it big?
ACTis a joke

Johnson City, TN

#224 Jan 10, 2013
Scott Fox is the biggest piece of shit in the whole place!! He sleeps with all of his female employees and if you dont then he will try and make your life hell. Who know what STDs he has. Stay away from him cause he is dirty!!!

Bristol, TN

#225 Jan 10, 2013
GE is collections.

Scott does seem a bit easy. I among others have heard him talk about his sexual conquests back when I was in GE. Why some of these girls would hook up with that turkey is beyond me.

My advice to the girls that he approaches is that if he blatantly treats you differently because you won't hook up with him, go to HR over it. I doubt it would be his first complaint.

Bristol, TN

#226 Jan 10, 2013

Big Dogg, Fairview location is pretty big. 2 main buildings. The main office building has AT&T Uverse and another department.

The second building has combined billing for AT&T and GE. Pretty good amount of people.
Big Dogg

Duluth, GA

#227 Jan 10, 2013
Is it any better working there now or is it still bad?
stuck in hell

Charlotte, NC

#228 Jan 12, 2013
Everything I've seen in these contents is true, I work for AT&T U-verse, unfortunately I'm stuck there because I'm a felon. I would say a true statistic would be that 97 percent of the people there are either on drugs have charges or are old, or foreign. I myself have seen agents supervisors and operations managers do drugs. Ive scene 14 people in management either do drugs or drink around me. since 2009 I have seen fights people taken to jail for warrants people do drugs people have sex in the parking lot or sexual acts. I've also seen managers and operations managers still money that is meant for agents sales and many other miscellaneous fraudulent activities and stealing. the list goes on it baffles me how this place has been up and running for this long.

Kingsport, TN

#230 Jan 18, 2013
ACT still hiring everyone.
Hate My Job

Jonesborough, TN

#231 Jan 18, 2013
Unfortunately stuck there as well. I don't get how that place keeps on going, it's like a damn roach, ACT will still stand strong even after nuclear warfare. Many people tried to call in due to weather, they didn't care. A few people wrecked yesterday when the snow was bad, they didn't care. A few people slipped on the frozen tundra they call a parking lot and were really hurt, they didn't care. Care were sliding all over the road to the call center and they could have/should have been scraping or throwing down salt or called a company to do so, they didn't. Why? Because they don't give a damn, it's all about the business, people are just sheep and easily replaced, little more than a number. ACT is a roach, and it's fucking breeding. How bad are the roach spawn at the other locations?
Snowed In

Bristol, TN

#232 Jan 20, 2013
^I know right!

I just called in anyway. I've learned they will complain regardless of what your reason for missing is. But my thought process is that if I happen to wreck my car, and get myself injured in the process, are they going to replace my car and/or pay my medical bills? Hell nah.

Common sense is something this place lacks in many areas. You would think they would be considerate, as not all of us live within walking distance from the place.

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