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curious mind

Melvin, KY

#1 Mar 18, 2012
What's up with the crazy mayor of Jenkins. Fires one, then hires him back, now fires another, and God only knows why. Also, has an inmate, possibly convicted felon making bank deposits. Has he lost his mind? Let's vote him out next election and get someone who knows how to treat people and run the city properly, not just how he wants to run it whether it is legal or not. Who agrees with me?

Mount Washington, KY

#2 Mar 18, 2012
who is the inmate or felon?

Melvin, KY

#3 Mar 18, 2012
wow wrote:
who is the inmate or felon?
She is the new female working in there. Check it out.
curious mind

Pikeville, KY

#4 Mar 24, 2012
curious wrote:
<quoted text> She is the new female working in there. Check it out.
Her name is Lydia.

Chesterfield, MO

#5 Apr 17, 2012
Maybe some people are just bitter over getting caught..not Mr. Kincer's fault that people are just stupid.

Leechburg, PA

#6 Apr 18, 2012
I think the power has gone to his head. He is not the president. He needs to realize that democracy is for the people by the people & that they voted him in. He works for them, not the other way around. they have the RIGHT to vote on everything he does. I think the council needs to put him in his PLACE.

Leechburg, PA

#7 Apr 18, 2012
Impeachment sounds like it may be knocking on the jenkins city hall door! All citizens need to talk to your council and fix this problem!

Pine Ridge, KY

#8 Apr 18, 2012
If I understand correctly, the entire Jenkins City Council would have to unanimously vote to impeach Kincer. I don't see that happening.

The next council meeting is Monday, May 7th at 7 PM. Everybody you know should go to this meeting. The Mountain Eagle isn't printing any of the comments (and several called in PRIOR to the deadline). It has been reported that when they get phone calls against Kincer they will allow him to come listen to the calls. How's that for privacy!

City workers are telling so many lies about the people they "fired" I don't know how they keep up with them all. One guy was told his services were no longer needed, but they brought a friend's son in to take that job. The one they got rid of had all the certification to do the job, the new one has NO certification. They demoted the chief of police and put in a new guy that doesn't really have any experience in the field. Some of the city workers are out spreading flat-out lies about these people and they need to be made to tell the truth or lie to their faces.

They said nobody in Jenkins was getting oil & grease on their clothes except the one guy that worked there, but several people called in about the problem. They hid the report showing there WAS oil in the so-called treated water, and didn't want to do anything about it. I sure hope you guys aren't drinking that stuff!

If your clothes are getting ruined from this you should bring them to the next council meeting. They can't deny what they say on camera. That will come back and bite them in the butt.
Me too

Leechburg, PA

#9 Apr 18, 2012
I too have had these spots on my cloths. what is causing them. I started to call and report it but I know what kind of stuff happens at the city so i didnt even bother. not much of a need to ramble. People like Kincer and Depreist can do what ever they want and nothing will ever happen to either of them.
y r u judgemental

Brodhead, KY

#10 Apr 18, 2012
If u paid your dues and changed your ways then u haved earned another chance this is america the last time i checked if people r trying 2 do the right thing then we should leave them alone and worry about your own house

Leechburg, PA

#11 Apr 18, 2012
What has changed? the only thing that keeps changing are good people are being fired, citizens are being lied to,and the people that have put in many faithful years are being put out wrongly by a mayor that has been there barley over a year. If they lasted thru however many other mayors, why would he keeping getting rid of them, why lye to the people, and why do things that the owners of this town" the people" don't want. HE WORKS FOR US!!! If 20 people are in a room and 19 of them have different ideals but all get along and talk about the problem, yet the 1 keeps making the other 19 mad, sounds to me like the 1 has the problem. Do your job. Which is all the people really want. The job done right. I think there are too many people having a say so and influence on the mayor that he does not need to listen to.
its a shame

London, KY

#12 Apr 18, 2012
i also have had brown grease looking spots on my clothes after getting them out of the washing machine!! at first i thought it was my washer but i thought it couldnt be cause its a new washer!! and i to find it funny how a couple of city workers has been fired!! i dont understand this when a few of the ones thats working there now are on pills and spread lies about each other! to be honest i think it all boils down to whos kissing whos a**!!!

Pine Ridge, KY

#13 Apr 19, 2012
If the people who have these problems will come to the next council meeting, they can't ignore us. A whole lot of people are planning on being there. I've heard that they might refuse to answer questions, but IF they do that it will be on the government channel that they are ignoring us. Then we will go to the next step. If you still have them, bring those stained clothes to show them. They can't lie when confronted by the truth with multiple witnesses! Be there! Monday, May 7th at 7 PM!

We can't go with no evidence, or like we are looking for a fight because that will just give them the excuse to cut us off. Trust me, we WILL be heard!:D Smile and enjoy the ride.
SHOUT it out

Somerset, KY

#14 Apr 19, 2012
I do not have stains on my clothes--but sometimes the water smells like clorox---and then other times dead fish. Have actually called about the bleach smell and was told that people living closer to the plant will have more chemicals in their water because they have to put in enough to carry the “safe”water to all the homes. Then there are the times it runs out brownish--(it is not teh plumbing in my house).
Lily Pads

Somerset, KY

#15 Apr 19, 2012
The lake is already beginning to fill up with lily pads. Is that the source of the toxins in our drinking water? Wasnt the lake supposed to be drained? I have not researched it, but even if cutting the tops off the lily pads will not kill them would it at least slow down the growth?We casnt even put a small boat in the lake to fish anymore. Fishing from the bank is almost useless too. Just too many darn lily pads!
Lily Pads

Somerset, KY

#16 Apr 19, 2012
I am tied of getting the little letter every 6 months that something in the water is too high---but I am not supposed to worry---it can only be a problem with prolonged exposure...can someone define that a little more clearly? How long have we been getting those notices? Would that be considered "prolonged"?
Each time the little letter arrives I look to see how they are going to fix the problem. Looks like it is always the same plan. DUH! If it hasnt worked by now-think you need to get a different plan. Wasn't it Einstien that said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?...FIX the problem!
After you Mr Mayor

Somerset, KY

#17 Apr 19, 2012
Mr. Mayor-u are ultimately responsible for making sure the water man fixes the water. If he can not-or just will not--then fire him and find someone who can. You would have a reason-even though you really do not have to give an employee a reason. Mr. Kincer, do you drink the city water? or are u like many of us who buys drinking \cooking water? If you dont drink it--then you should not expect anyone else to do so. So at the May 7th meeting let everyone see you go to the water fountain and fix you a big glass of city water. Tell us, honestly if you can, if you drink the water at home. on your water bill how many gallons of water do you use? So, Mr. Mayor---you take the first drink---then ask the public to have a glass of water with you. See how many will.
new city worker

Somerset, KY

#18 Apr 19, 2012
y r u judgemental wrote:
If u paid your dues and changed your ways then u haved earned another chance this is america the last time i checked if people r trying 2 do the right thing then we should leave them alone and worry about your own house
That depends on the city policies. Usually certain jobs are not available to a felon. Think about it-a felon can't even vote. yes i do think people change and deserve every opportunity they can get. At the same time employers have to follow the guidelines. Are the city policies or bylaws available online?

And yes, I have written several posts under differnt names. I like for my name to be related to what I am writing about, like a suject line on an email.

Pine Ridge, KY

#19 Apr 19, 2012
He probably would do it to "show" the public, but at any given time he always has CASES of water on his porch. He might hide them now, but everybody knows he doesn't drink the water. And he got rid of the one guy that knows the truth about what they're doing. That told me all I needed to know!

The lily pads are part of the problem, and the duck/goose poop doesn't help. They have been saying for YEARS that they are going to dredge the lake and get rid of the lily pads, but nothing is ever being done. I don't guess they have the money to do it unless they got/get a grant. They do however have money to move into a new building, renovate it (and the renovations were NOT covered by a grant), add new people to the city insurance which they didn't allow in previous administrations for new employees, paying for city employees & their families to go on a fun-filled day at Dollywood on OUR dime, the gas it takes for the mayor's wife to drive her dogs around in the new "police" vehicle, and for city employees to go work on G.C.'s radio tower. All this drunken sailor spending and they have the nerve to say they need to add an occupational tax on everybody that works in the city limits? Most of these people make minimum wage or close to it, and have applied for transfers. Mr. Kincer said he wanted to help the city grow, yet he's running off what workers we do have with his rabid wasteful spending. This is NOT Washington mayor, and we aren't stupid.

Leechburg, PA

#20 Apr 20, 2012
Everyone with Face Book check out the Jenkins KY Community action page.

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