Grambling investigating pictures of noose lesson

Oct 1, 2007 | Posted by: roboblogger | Full story: KATC-TV Lafayette

“This is very serious. I will say that”

GRAMBLING, La. -- The Grambling State University president is investigating a case in which adults at the university-run elementary school on campus put a noose around at least one child's neck and the school ... via KATC-TV Lafayette

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the_truth_be_tol d2006

Columbia, TN

#25 Oct 5, 2007
Mother Africa wrote:
<quoted text>
Your arguments makes no more sense to me today
If you can't understand the simple correlation between the size of the White Community compared to the size of the Black Community, I feel sorry for you. I can not educate you in a chat room, may I suggest you enroll in your nearest elementary school. In no way am I "making up stats", it is a simple issue of mathematics and common sense, a concept that apparently you are unable to grasp. So be it, let ignorance be bliss then.
Name you a community that stresses the teaching of infammatory and exaggerated instances? Look no farther than the picture of this article. Do you know how many actual black lynchings there were? I bet you don't, because the truth was never taught to you.

3,446 over an 86 year period. Not nice, but not really the Holocaust that they make it out to be. Yet you insist on teaching this like it was a regular occurance, which apparently it was not. That is propagating hate.
Did you know that less than 2% of the White Population prior to the Civil War owned slaves? Yet you insist to include all Whites as the reason for you "oppression"? Why is that? To propagate hate?
Now lets examine the Black Family unit that you said is doing so well.
70% of black children born in America are born into family units that do not include the father.
80% of black children will be without their father at some time during their youth.

17.7% of black men have been to prison, compared to 2.6% of white men.
For children born in 2001, Black men have a 33% probability of spending time in prison, compared to .05% for White men

Blacks murders are committed by other blacks 93% of the time.
Whites commit fewer than half of all murders in the United States, yet more whites than blacks are sentenced to death and more whites than blacks are executed each year.
Though blacks account for just one-eighth of the US population, the BJS reports, they are six times more likely than whites to be victimized by homicide -- and seven times more likely to commit homicide.

Finally Black in education. Black enrollment in colleges is indeed up. Unfortunately blacks insist on going to historically black universities. No Black University ranked in the top 130 in the country. Blacks insist on majoring in subjects such as social work and Black studies. These don't pay well. So while more Blacks are getting an "education", it isn't a "good education". Less than 94,000 blacks are Doctors, engineers, or scientists. This trend doesn't seem to be changing.

If you really believe that you are doing well as parents...fine. The plight of the Blacks have little bearing on the White Community, except for occasional instances such as the Duke Rape Case and the Jena Travesty. The influx and growth of the Hispanic community will soon render the Black cause mute.
"There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life," Jesse Jackson said in 1993, "than to walk down the street and hear footsteps ... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved."

Madison, MS

#26 Oct 6, 2007
I totally disagree, there is no excuse to use this type of visual aid on 1st grade children. I support teaching the truth but no need to terrify young childred leave that to Al Sharpton.

Only question you need to ask is how would everyone respond if these teachers had been white? Please don't tell us that only blacks can teacher black children about history. I also noticed that none of these news articles ststed that the teacher's race so the only logical assumption is they are black.

Ask yourselves What would Jesus do?
Mother Africa wrote:
In my view, the teachers were trying to explain the march in Jena to the children and what the noose symbolizes to the black community. The brutality that many blacks suffered from by the lynching and symbolizes hate. I don't think that it was age appropriate for elementary-aged school child to actully have their head inside of a noose. Perhaps other sources could've been used to get the point across such as film or pictures, then again that maybe too much for them because seeing someone hanging from a noose is horrifying. The teachers should be cognizant and apply age-appropriate lessons to very young people.
However, I dont' agree with other posts that the teachers were poisoning minds and spreading hate because if a child wants to know what a noose is and how does it affects black people then it should be explained to them. The truth should not be hidden and it certainly isn't poison or hate it's part of our history.
In addition, blacks are not doomed. Just because some of our communities have major problems does not mean that we as a race are doomed. People like you continue to marginalize blacks in hopes that we will destroy ourselves but we are here to stay and we will survive.

“MAAFA (African Holocaust)”

Since: Sep 07

Location hidden

#27 Oct 6, 2007
BU_Jackson wrote:
I totally disagree, there is no excuse to use this type of visual aid on 1st grade children. I support teaching the truth but no need to terrify young childred leave that to Al Sharpton.
Only question you need to ask is how would everyone respond if these teachers had been white? Please don't tell us that only blacks can teacher black children about history. I also noticed that none of these news articles ststed that the teacher's race so the only logical assumption is they are black.
Ask yourselves What would Jesus do?
<quoted text>
Obviously, you didn't read my post correctly. I said that it wasn't age-appropriate and other methods could've been used. I understood what they were trying to convey but it shouldn't have been done that way.
Storms Ahead

Altamonte Springs, FL

#28 Oct 6, 2007
Mother Africa wrote:
Sorry, teaching history is not teaching hate. Should not Jews tell their offspring about the Holocaust and that the swastika is a symbol of hate, brutality, and intolerance, shouldn’t the Japanese tell their offspring about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the internment camps that their ancestors were relegated in WWll, shouldn’t the Native Americans not tell their offspring about how their land was stolen from them and all the broken treaties the occurred, shouldn’t the Chinese tell their offspring about how the British colonized them and how they built the railroads in this country and were discriminated against? All peoples have a history to tell and whether you like that history or not do not make it irrelevant today.
In addition, who cares if whites want to be around us? You act as though that's a prerequisite for our existence.
These statistics should clarify some of your misconceptions about blacks. Therefore, you will come to realize that your arrogance is unfounded since whites commit an overwhelmingly amount of crimes in this country which includes hate crimes. So, by the statistics you can tell what race has the most hate!
&#61607; Among the four categories of race reflected in UCR arrest data, 69.7 percent of persons arrested were white, 58.5 percent of persons arrested for violent crime were white, and 68.2 percent of persons arrested for property crime were white.
&#61607; White juveniles comprised 67.1 percent of the juveniles arrested in 2006.
&#61607; Black juveniles accounted for 51.0 percent of the juveniles arrested for violent crime, and white juveniles comprised 66.3 percent of juveniles arrested for property crime.(See Table 43.)
Racial Bias
In 2005, law enforcement agencies reported that 4,691 hate crime offenses were racially motivated. Of these offenses:
&#61607; 68.2 percent were triggered by anti-black bias.
&#61607; 19.9 percent were motivated by anti-white bias.
&#61607; 4.9 percent resulted from anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias.
&#61607; 4.9 percent were driven by bias against groups of individuals in which more than one race was reported (anti-multiple races, group).
&#61607; 2.0 percent were motivated by anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native bias.
(Based on Table 1.)
Reporting agencies identified 6,804 known offenders in 7,163 bias-motivated incidents in 2005. In the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, the term known offender does not imply that the suspect’s identity is known. The term indicates that some aspect of the suspect was identified, thus distinguishing the suspect from an unknown offender. Law enforcement agencies specify the number of offenders and, when possible, the apparent race of the offender or offenders as a group.
By Race
An analysis of available race data for the 6,804 known hate crime offenders revealed that:
&#61607; 60.5 percent were white.
&#61607; 19.9 percent were black.
&#61607; 12.3 percent were unknown.
&#61607; 5.2 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (multiple races, group).
&#61607; 1.1 percent of known offenders were American Indian/Alaskan Native.
&#61607; 0.9 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander.
(Based on Table 9.)
Educational attainment is not that far behind whites and others.

The Japanese killed and Estimated 20 MILLION Chinese in World War ll.

The Chinese are still waiting for the Japanese to Apoligize.

United States

#30 Oct 10, 2007
they should not tral mychal as a adult he still young.
MastersOfOurOwnD estiny

Orlando, FL

#31 Dec 29, 2007
Blacks commit more crimes than any other race. Look inside the jails, penitentiaries, prisons, holding tanks, halfway houses and you'll see black more than anything. Then there are the mexican/latino. Both races have gangs which fight each other like there's some "honor" in doing so. Problem is that neither were taught any standards/morals/values/respec t/ethics/@ home. Mom & Dad are to blame. I'm not saying that any other race does not do crime, drugs, etc. Blacks don't work. They get involved in drugs. That requires money. No job, no income=crime. All of you who're blacks can type words till your keyboard wears out but you'll never erase the truth nor the statistics.
In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites.But beneath America's complacent veneer are raw realities: out-of-control non-white immigration, rising racial friction, rampant black and Latino gang crime, violent and dumbed-down schools, unwed welfare mothers, widespread social dysfunctions and an ever-mushrooming national debt. Much of this is studiously kept unreported in the major media. For example, a rare attack by a deranged "white supremacist" is dramatized for many hours on TV (reinforcing white "racist" shame); but unreported are Justice Department statistics proving black-on-white violence 50 times more frequent than white-on-black. Unwed mothers, living in promiscuity and on Government welfare, are portrayed as "disadvantaged" rather than a moral scandal. Our bankrupting national debt of $5 trillion pays for social disorders such as gun violence in schools and illegitimacy that didn't even exist a few decades ago.(1) Skillfully indoctrinated by ceaseless media slant, the public is deluged with and absorbs massive misinformation. Driven by misinformation and Government-enforced racial integration, Euro-whites are rapidly surrendering their country to alien cultures.
MastersOfOurOwnD estiny

Orlando, FL

#32 Dec 29, 2007
This being the "Ruston" forum and just down the road in Farmerville there were laws passed about the asscrack jeans which young black boys wear. News reporters interviewed these upandcoming leaders about what they thought of being penalized for wearing jeans such that the asscrack and the underwear shows. Each and every single little black boy said "I don't care what they say or what the Police think I'm gonna do what I want". And that is the problem. Till the unwed black mother teaches that son to live by a set of standards and morals and teaches the boys to respect authority then and only then will much of this crime stop. I also say the DRAFT should be alive and well and in effect. Teaches young kids good lessons.
Move On and Grow Up

Orlando, FL

#33 Mar 1, 2008
500 years have passed and it's now 2008. Blacks are still complaining. If they've not gotten it together in 500 ain't gonna happen.
Each and every single one of us is the master of our own destiny. It's kinda like "get off your ass" and make something of your life and stop blaming everyone else for YOUR inability to graduate high school, go to college on student loans/grants and graduate, then get your ass out into society and get a damn job and support yourself.
Mexican illegals have far surpassed blacks in this last decade and that in and of itself is absolutely mind boggling.
Do you hear the call of GOD all you "helpless" blacks?

Since: Feb 09

United States

#34 Jun 1, 2009
and my wife says i type long posts, sheeeh!

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