Celebration Of Life for former Studen...

Celebration Of Life for former Students who attended JHS

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Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#1 Feb 10, 2010
We have a web site if you would like to go join and see the names,also if you have names of people we don't have on the list please let us know.And yr they graduated or would have graduated.The Celebration of life will be in Early October.



Bedminster, NJ

#2 Feb 10, 2010
I think this is the greatest idea !God bless you all.....

United States

#3 Feb 11, 2010
Is this the same Bertha that used to go to lunch in the girls locker room? I hear she and her running crew is bad on drugs now. She gets them straight from the source. Where does she live in Jellico anyways--pill hill?
Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#4 Feb 11, 2010
Well I see nothing is sacred for some one as childish as you. I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to make such untrue
and ignorant comments .I will not let anyone or anything negative stop me or the others I have working on the Celebration of life.
You need to grow up and see that these people on the list are what's important here!Trashing the people that are working so hard
on something so wonderful is just simply uncalled for.Were not in grade school anymore and this isn't a competition so get over yourself.
Oh and don't hide behind all your different screen names and get a life.Stop the negative comments and jealousy !

Bertha Smith

United States

#5 Feb 11, 2010
yeah probably right curious, celebration sounds pretty gay!! I like watching cougers. Is she good looking? Whose her girlfriend?

United States

#6 Feb 11, 2010
i just visited ur site Bertha &that video is beautiful!where can i buy one?

United States

#7 Feb 11, 2010
they all look like lizzys from the pics and names on there. Just a couple of guys and they are known queer. Yeah, I wondered when they would mention money. Aren't there any good honest Christians on here anymore?

United States

#8 Feb 12, 2010
No, she don't live in Jellico, bit in Clinton, everyone over there knows Bertha is on drugs. She would do anything for a pill. You know anyone would that would give a 91 year old man head would do anything. No balla, you on the wrong site son.

United States

#9 Feb 12, 2010
poor,poor Derek!What's the matter you need a little attention so you have to start some drama?Cry baby!Go tell grandma she'll give you a stack of money and make it all better!Give it up trying to trash these ladies and the excellent work they did on the memorial &are doing for this Celebration!Just because you can't think of anybody beyond yourself doesn't mean these women are what you say.I for one know this is you &just pure hatefullness!I also know Bertha yea she was mean in school,but she was a kid!She grew up now what's your excuss&as far as drugs are concerned shes not on them.She couldn't hold down the job she has for over 20yrs what's your excuse ?She's very well liked and respected and has a heart of gold.Stop the remarks it only makes you look so ugly and spitefull!Give these girls a break.God is watching you and he will deal with you someday..I know I'm praying for you but just give it a rest.
Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#10 Mar 24, 2010
Here's the list we have so far this is teachers
Mr. Carl E. Baird teacher, Superintendent of Campbell Co Schools(1988-1992), Mrs. Mabel Baird Miller librarian during WWII and post-war-eras, Mrs Rita Gibson, Mr Clay Faulkner,Mrs Maude Alexander, Mrs Margaret Vermillion, Mr David Harkness, Mr Bill Barton, Mr Sam Davenport, Mr Everett Lowe, Mr David Chitwood, Mr Earl P (Doc) Shoun, Mrs Maureen M Shoun, Ms Louise Cantrell, Mr A.J Bruner, Mrs Grace Moon, Mrs Julia Adkins Ellison, Mr Paul Bostic, Mrs Aleen Jones, Mrs Ida McDonald, Mrs Aleen Davenport, Mr Jerry Davenport aka Cannon (Art) class of 74, Mr.Roger Faulkner (History), Mrs Elva Morton, Mr Hoyt Morton, Mrs. Dorthy Baker, Mrs. Ramona Tiller Mr Darren Owens, Mrs George Adkins, Mr Aubrey "Frog" McNeely, Mrs Edna Dabney, Mrs.Geneva Payne, Cecil Weaver, Ms.Romona Tiller, Mrs Lois Surber, Mrs Marcella Lindsey, Mrs Novella Chambers (guidance counselor), Mr.Marshal Rasnick, Mrs Mabel Gleaves, Miss Daisy Peace, Mr. Charles " Webb" Lindsay, Mrs Frances S. Alley, Mrs. Amy Cox, Ms. Grace Hicks, Mrs. Nell Wheeler, Mrs Salley Provins, Ms. Juie Templeton, Mr. James F. Petrey, Mr. Robert Petrey, Mr. James E. Douglas, Mrs. Florence Smith, Mrs Edna May Chandler (English, American&World History, French, Home Ed), Mrs Kathrine Wright (Biology), Mrs Eva Sharp (Librarian), Mrs Marie Henson, Mrs Clara Johnson, Mrs Geneva Anthony (cafeteria), Mr. Charlie Day (building trades), Mr.Carl Ellis (building trades), Mr J. Will Taylor (English), Harry Hatfield (custodian), Mr.Walter Heatwole (bus driver), Mr Charles Artis Jr
Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#11 Mar 24, 2010
1937 C.R Lay, Fredia Anderson, Frank Anderson
1939 Rita Lay, Clide Edward Elmore, Charles Artis, Jim Elmore, Frank Zecchini
1940 Emanuel J "Hawk Bill" Smith Sr WWII Veteran, J.H Williamson WWII Veteran
1942 Mildred Baird Owens
1943 Hattie B Lewis, Irene Russell, Juanita Carter, Charles Mills, Herbert Sowder, LeJune Farmer, Charles Shelton, Lewis King, Charles Vermillion, Dorthy Finley Large, Addie Prewitt Lively, Loring Click, Joe Beaver, Lenna Brassfield, Earl Posey, Delores Reeves Ross, Lois Jane Brassfield Brummett, Ruth Bell Buck, Leo Murray, Majorie Tidwell Johnson, Beryl Leach, Mary Louise Thaler Brooks, Georgia Mae Douglas Scarsella, Juanita Baker Hill, Mollie Ruth Johnson Adams, Joanna Rosenbaum Smith, Berta Sharp Farmer, T.J Wilson, Payton Neely, Virgil Music
1945 James Tidwell Jr
1949 Myrle Chitwood Shook, Joe Paul Faulkner (2/25/29-11/29/05), Billy Lay, Wilbur Proffitt WWII Veteran, Joseph Proffitt
1950 Emma Ruth Smith, Paul Anderson, Biddie Davis Taylor, Virginia Gilburth Bullock, Anna Marie Perkins Hibdon, Ray Don Leach, Earl Worthington, Joann Lovelace Larish, Ray Henegar, Paul Powers
1952 Emma Jane Smith Cummings, Billy Ballard, Don Dobson
1953 James "Fuzz"Baker, Helen Gilburth Owens, Rita Wilble Douglas, Marion Sue Scott Wright, Mildred Moses, Raymond Chance, Bob Solomon, Bobby Hale, Herman Baird, Joe Petrey
1954 Barbara Eleanor Davis Bowlin, Robert "Bob" Johnson, Jerome Hill, Frances Falukner Payne, John Sharp, Anna Mae Stephens, Sentenual Blankenship, Floyd Carroll, Helen Morgan Grubb, Mary Rose Perkins Simpson, Paul Webb, Joan Cox Cornett, Ruth Herron York, Vera Ann Baird Blankenship, Bessie Douglas Sanders, Barbara Jones Ingram, Glen King, Shirley Cox, Peggy Petrey Russell, Ann Hackler Ness, Peggy Brown Hicks, Franklin Woods, Yvonne Cox, Ralph Davis, Tommy Farmer, Joy Hackler Herrell, Fannie Rigney Albertini, James Dobson
1955 James Ed Branam, James "Jim I" Gilreath
1956 James David MosesII, Rose Bray, Ellen Hackney, Carol Dulling, Ollie Mae Small, Edward King, Jean Etta Moon, Jim Moses, Letha Prewitt, Larry Rayburn, Lowell Thomas, Jerry Wilson, Clyde Owens, Robert Petery, Shelby Jean Massey, Truman Lamb, Janice Provins
1957 John Lee West, Berdenna Douglas, Myrna Lynn Marlow
1958 Patsy Ann Ellison Sims, Andy Bill Gilreath, Nona Surber Sloan, Willard Sims
1959 Patricia Murray Rosato, Jimmy Miller, Franny Reid Ellis, Carol Ketcherson, Mary Ann McNeely, Sue Lindsay Timmons, Billy Joe Lindsay, Pearl Long Botts, Evelyn Massey King, Milas Stanford, Clarence Brown Jr (Sparky), Roger Stanfield, Jimmy Dobson Sr, Roger Faulkner, George L Douglas
1960 christine Andrews, Carolyn (Lay) Baird, Joe Bill Bowlin, David Davis, Bill Dobson, Gordon Douglas, Jack Gilreath, Johnny Queener, Peggy Rue Moses, Irene Perciful, Charles Porter, Sally Ann Reeves, Clara Lois Richardson, Effie Jane (Shoun) Davis, Jimmy Albertini, Earl Singleton, Tommy Stanfill, Gordon Douglas
1961 James Parrott, Terry Lee Bowlin, Peggy Kelly, James Overby, Jimmy Branam, JoAnne Carroll
1962 Carol Moses Hartley, Linda Kimberlin Mobley, Betty Honeycutt Brown, Robert Earl (Bobby) Williams, Verlene Davis Evans, Jimmy Johnson, Wayne King, Frankie Muse, Jerry Parrott, Joe Carl Perkins, Martha Thomas, Tommy Heatwole Sr, Patricia Hatfield, Gloria Jean Weaver Bell, Joe Effler
1963 Mary Duel, Jack Keck, Sue Price, R.D. Rigney, Johnny Todd, Larry Walker, Roger Walp, Linda Spradlin, Eddie Beck, Connie Lambdin, Lewis Pierce, Polly Kelly, Bobby Rowe
1964 Carl Baird, Linda Boles, David Chitwood, Harrison Cox, Brenda Fawver, Roger Lawson, Karen Neal, Billy Owens, Billy Rue, Daniel Walden, Phil Williams, Harrison Cox
Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#12 Mar 24, 2010
1965 Ulyss Brooks, Roy Wortham, Ellis Charles Claxton, Larry Douglas, Frankie Ann Muse Turner (8/7/47-9/30/99), Janice Gregg, Joy Zecchini Hill, Albert Kimberlin, Richard F. Lambdin May 27, 1947 � January 9, 2009, Betty Parrott, Jimmy Ray Gilburth March 8, 1947- May 21, 1964
1966 Carl Stephens, Glenda Kitts Fredricks, Martin Hackler, Stanley "Butch" Lynch, Tommy Muse, Wayne Stanfield, Lonnie Gibson, Ralph Baker, Kenny Ivey, Troy Rutherford, Gary Neal, Nancy Collins,Edward Meryl Leach Jr,
1967 Linda Kay Asher, Arlie Spencer (KIA Vietnam), Ted Douglas, Tommy Collins, Robert Lee Davis, Larry Swafford, Elaine Artis
1968 Lonnie Gibson (KIA Vietnam Sept 28,1969), Carolyn Fuson Bowlin, Roger Blue, Virginia Humfleet, Herbert Hackler, Gene Rutherford
1969 Kenneth Edward Lawson (died 9-07-2005), Judy Ann Terry, Marilyn Stanfill, Carrie Creekmore, Lois Ann Lay Sellers, Lynn Rhoden, Robert Johnson, Audera Owens Warmbrod
1970 Sandra Compareni, Charles Slagle, Bill Queener, Walter "Sunny" Davis, Robert Ellison 11-10-1951to4-14-1974, Larry Leach, Paul Shelly, Johnny Long, William "Billy" Elliott, Linda Teague, David Slover
1971 William "Bill" Elliott, Wayne Muse, Lucy Byrd Jeffers
1972 Phyllis Anita Lawson (died 3/04/1991), Joe Lamb, William "Billy" Perciful, Loraine Teague
1973 Colonel Lindsay, Ralph Kellogg, Roger Williams, Larry" Pig" Perkins
1974 Sharon Smith Knowlton, Lee Privette, Robert "Bob" Reynolds, Arnold Overton, Bill Owens, Gail Bolton,Robin Dople
1975 Tommy Byrum, Larry Proffitt, Ada Gail Evans,. Anna Mary England, Alva Potter
1976 Tommy Buckner, Harvey Douglas, Tori Etter, Ray Monday
1977 Gary Harp, Kathy Fraizer
1978 Mark Collins, David King, Minton Davis, Rita McNeely,David Joe Webb
1979 Marshall Hicks, Jerry "Rat" Douglas, Rebecca "Hopper" McNealy, Ernie Broyles, Gary "Pollock" Dopel, Joyce Buckner
1980 Tonya Forman, Billy Davis, Christine Monday, Randy Louden, Estee Monday, Sheila Lamb Lambdin, Kenny Dopel, Joyce Buckner Blankenship
1981 James Leach, Teresa Ann Kimberlin Medenhall (02/27/63-01/31/2008), Bridgett Bridges 05-01-63-04-23-82, Bob Terry, Rodney Ellison, Denny Crawford, Randy Wood, David Llewellyn, Jim Owens, Louise Douglas Thurman (2001), Patty Jackson (12/07/07)
1982 Lloyd Michael, Tony Blankenship, Kenny Claxton, Johnny Morgan, Tony Johnson, David Lamb, Tony Perkins, Joe Honeycutt (-September 11,1984)
1983 Richie Browning (Darren Burns 07/16/09), Mike Buckner, Jay Davis, Pam Norman, Ronnie Stokes, Janna Thomas (10-21-82),Barbara Huddleson 1984 Kenneth Allen, Mike Nunn, Richard Bolton, Terry Richardson, Terry 'Red Rider" Dopel, Jeff Garrett, Andy Lay, Marty Marsee, Jerry Morgan, Eddie Smith, Gary Surber (-July 1980)
1985 Tonya Lee, Emma Sue Marlow, Billy Parton, Sharon Blankenship
1986 Stacy Allan (-June 2,1997), Tony Hamblin, Elvis Hicks, Neal Lay, Robert (Weebob) Malone, Douglas Yancey, Missy Young, Donald Lay
1987 Darryl Marlow, Richard Webb
1988 Henry Lewallen Jr, Tammy Winters, Joe Taylor, Tammy Wender, Todd Lay, Colen Decker
1989 Virgil E. Carr, Jr.(March 2, 1971-September 6, 2002), Robert Allen Cooper, Jr.(Feb. 17, 1971-May 28, 1993), Ricky Lee Dabney (Sept. 4, 1971-Sept. 1, 2006), David Lance Dople (Aug. 20, 1971-June 25, 1995), Delores Gail Johnson Huhs (April 26, 1971-Jan.25, 2009), David Wayne Ivey (Mar 28, 1970-Dec 12, 1999), George Quenton Ivey (June 25, 1970-Dec. 12, 1999), Alfred Barton Siler (November 11, 1971-May 25, 2005)
1990 Marshal Hatfield, Darren Keith Dopel, Lee Dewayne Smiddy
1991 Allen Osbourne
1992 Bill Silcox, Eddie Sowder, Craig Cool, Martin Terry
Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#13 Mar 24, 2010
1993 Chasity Hamblin, Angela Marlow, Joseph Reid, Darren Douglas
1994 Brian Johnson
1995 Steven Lay, Joey Muse, Jason Small, Joe Dan Halcomb
1996 Kim Taylor
1997Jewell Cheel, Josh Bowlin
1998 Scotty Angel
1999 Scottie Manis
2000 Christopher Lee Clevenshire, Derrick Campbell
2001 William Earl Osbourne
2002 Brandy Botts
2003 Darren Owens
2004Joyce Ward (03/27/86-05/28/2004), Eric Partin, Michael Terry
2008 Ashley Bruce
2010 Ashley Dople

Passed but uncertain year of intended graduation:
George Etter, Mattie Lou Hackler Herrel, Jetta Singleton McNeely, Donald Hicks, Frannie Ellis, Jimmy Dale Smith, Jewell Child, Sherrie Cox, Harold Wibbel Korea Veteran, Sterling Baird
Bertha Smith

Tell City, IN

#14 Mar 24, 2010
As you all can see the list is very long and will continue to grow as we get more names.If you know someone who isn't on the list please let us know or someone who is listed that shouldn't be on it.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us information or pictures,or has helped us work on the list...
good job

United States

#15 Mar 24, 2010
Looks like you all have been doing alot of work to keep up with all these names.God bless you all for your hard work and your efforts.My aunt is on there I am so proud and honored that you all are doing this.Thanks

Albion, IN

#16 Mar 24, 2010
Hi, I remember Tommy Heatwole buss driver, & His son Tommy, grew up with Him, went to Jellico Jr High,before they closed it, moved away. please look and see if my name is on your list, Margie Slagel,Thank you & God bless

Corbin, KY

#17 Mar 24, 2010
I am happy that someone took the time to care. I know that this took alot of work and time. Thanks Bertha and if you had any help, I thank them to. Thank you as well for sticking to your guns when someone tries to bash you. I like that you didn't back down. They are just jealous because you done something and you are getting so much credit and praise. God bless you Bertha!!

United States

#18 Mar 24, 2010
Please check about Eddie Joe Carroll I didn't see his name on the list. Not sure the year of graduation should be in the 60s though. 6banks for your time!

United States

#19 Mar 24, 2010
I meant thanks lol

United States

#20 Mar 25, 2010
Thanks for all your hard work Bertha. For all you people bad mouthing her you should get a life what do you care who she sleeps with? And people do grow up unlike you. God Bless you Bertha Isaw a video you did abouth the memorial I cried it had my brother on it. I do miss him so much it meant so much to me that other people cared about him as well. GOD BLESS YOU!

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