Kathleen Quiggins


#1 Jan 29, 2012
I want everyone to know that any of the dicussion in regards to the Harbours has been filled with hatred and lies. It is unbelievabe that people would use something like this to spew out venom about others. We here at the Harbours need to go forward and try to heal and instead again some have found another way to slam and hurt others. Please don't let this continue there are enough bad feeling at the Harbours without making more. I know that people have a right to say how they feel about a subject but this is way over the top and should be stopped NOW!!!!!Unless you have something positive to say please don't keep this hatred up just let it go.What a shame.

Jeffersonville, IN

#2 Mar 14, 2012
If you really want to know what is happening at the place, check out the Facebook Group "The Harbours... Can you believe this stuff?" I am the moderator of the group. It is an open format group so anyone can go there from your FB homepage and read the comments or look at the docs and photos sections. If you want to post a question or comment you may join the group. I invite all current, past and potential residents and owners of the building to check it out there.

Kathleen Quiggins from the post above this was one of our first members of the FB Group. And I served on the Board of Directors there with her husband Ken. The people there are not just a bunch of troublemakers. There are people that have seen behind the wizards curtain and know what is really going on there. Others are people that just live there and want an easy fun way to communicate, and stay in touch with their neighbors.

Jeffersonville, IN

#3 Mar 16, 2012
I just learned today that Kevie Poo has used his influence around the building and with the staff to have a maintenance man at the condos, Terry Kessler, make application for a restraining order against my mother for stalking him. Mom only sees this guy in the common areas and hallways of the building so I do not know how a 57 year old man could think a 72 year old woman would be stalking him. I believe it is actually retaliation for starting the Facebook Group and telling everyone what really happens at The Harbours. Kevin has to go after my mom because he don't have the stones to go after my dad or me.

Terry is not The Harbours Maintenance man shown shoving my mother into the pool in the famous video shown on local news. That guy is Read T. Blasi. A court date for the jury trial in that Battery case has not been set.
Bob the condo guy

Jeffersonville, IN

#4 Mar 16, 2012
Wow, that's terrible. To have this guy, who has sent out child porn pictures to supporters of teams other than his beloved Cards in charge of your associations money and have free access to the building must be tough. Where is the rest of the board of directors on this? Are they involved too?
Bob the condo guy

Jeffersonville, IN

#5 Mar 16, 2012
So if I'm reading this one thread on the FB Group right. Kevin Zipperle is in the office after midnight most times. And has access to all the office computers, surveillance video, and electronic entry and exit information even though he is just a regular board member. I mean this guy has keys to everything like he owns the freaking place. Is the rest of the board of directors there brain dead. Does Kevin have pictures of them having fun with farm animals in one of his many rental units that probably have association paid for video equipment in it. This guy is sick.

Jeffersonville, IN

#6 Mar 17, 2012
Good point Bob. Kevin Zipperle spends a heck of a lot of time in the directors office watching security cameras on the office computer. If you rent a unit from Kevin Zipperle It may be a good ideal to have an electronic surveillance sweep done inside your home by a reputable private investigator.

Jeffersonville, IN

#7 Mar 22, 2012
Kevin Zipperle recently sent me a disturbing email. In this communication he expressed a desire to enter into an illegal wager for my as well as my parents condominiums. This offer was made after I caught him sending emails with other board members names attached to them. He also deleted email from board members inboxes before they could read them. This is possible because he has administrator powers over the win.net accounts of board members that have email through The Harbours paid web hosting network. I'll reprint the email below.

[email protected]
3:20 AM

to schandler1, me, wtroberts, leeapage, robynzapp, PCollinsHarbou., mltraut

Dear Boy Genius,

Here's the proposition... I'm so sure you think you know more about this IT stuff than the rest of us, I'm willing to put my condo on the line against yours. You pick us an IT expert, I'll pay the bill for his/her services, and we'll let him/her figure out if there's a lick of truth to your allegations. That's a good bet for you sitting in your 1BR/987sf vs. me in my 3BR/2,140sf. And let's throw Ma and Pa's E-plan in there against one of mine to really get everyone's attention!

If your IT guy can prove you're right, you win the bet and a couple of condos. If he proves you're wrong, I win and the entire Haley clan is out on the street. If it's a push, we move onto the next battle. Can't think of a better way for you to prove your point than to put your money where your humongous mouth is. And don't worry, we'll sign paperwork upfront so that neither of us has an easy out.

Your call, B.G. I've got my real estate agent on standby expecting some new biz for him. And C&P this on Facebook to make sure everyone knows about "The Great Condo Challenge"!!...KZ

Jeffersonville, IN

#8 Mar 22, 2012
Of course I did not answer such a crazy not to mention unlawful suggestion. So he responded a few days later with another email even more bizarre than his first. And so you will know what he means by having his wife sign off on the condo, almost everything he owns is in his wife's name. He truthfully has nothing to wager. I'll post it below so you can judge for yourself.

[email protected]
1:11 PM

to me, wtroberts, leeapage, robynzapp, PCollinsHarbou., mltraut, schandler1

Dear B.G.,

Instead of Facebook postulations, come back to the source for the real info. I'm always EZ to find...

Won't be a problem getting Ms. Z. to put her name on the line as the titleholder to any Zipperle real estate in the "The Great Condo Challenge". She'll even quit-claim title to me beforehand if a lawyer requires that.

Doug's told me previously that he doesn't want to be party to these kinda emails, so he was removed. Stacye in her role as property manager is trying to mitigate this stuff, not contribute to it. She probably reads it on Facebook anyway if you have the guts to C&P it there. You can forward it to the entire world for all I care--if it's on Facebook, it's there anyway.

And if gambling and wagering is the best issue you can back back at me with a counter, you've got a mighty weak hand.

So, step up big fella and deal with my proposition on point. I'll let you try to prove I wrote the email, and when you can't, I'll even help pack up the Haley moving truck.'Cuz despite your assertions, I'm really a nice guy! Time's a wastin'...


Austin, IN

#10 Sep 13, 2012
Well the Indiana Attorney General just named three board members in a civil suit and is suing them for damages. It sure would be nice if the local prosecuting attorney would follow up with some criminal charges for the trio as well.
Jeff Resident

Louisville, KY

#11 Dec 19, 2012
I wouldn't live in this building if they paid me. That place is filled top to bottom with whack jobs!

Someone needs to get that Quiggins lady (and I use that term lightly) some new meds, quick!

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