I am not Mrs. Calvin Borel. I occasionally receive emails for her, such as I did on Sept. 10 from Erin Fischer, Communications Manager for the Jeffersontown Chamber, attempting to inform Calvin and Mrs Borel where to show up for the Gaslight Parade. I promptly informed Ms. Fischer that I was not her party, and provided her with the correct email address so that she could save herself the embarrassment of my telling the Borels the information had been misdirected. I just want everyone to know what really happened and why Calvin and Lisa were not at the parade. Today, when I received an irate email from Denise Wills demanding to know why Calvin was not at the parade, after I told her I was not the Lisa Borel she was looking for, she STILL asked me to have Calvin attend a function.
I would really like everyone to know that Calvin and Lisa are not at all to blame for missing the parade. There was a communications mix-up, it was not their fault.
Lisa Borel
(just not Calvin's wife!)