The prevalence of crime is no wonder or surprize. Crime is a profitable business for our judicial system. No one gave any attention to Mr. Gomez untill these thugs created an opportunity for more business. It will take years of postponed trials, court appointed attorneys, bailbondsmen etc. Why, because they just made money and added to the profitable business for judicial players. If a bad guy is amongst you, eliminate them swiftly and with speedy trial. You seen someone commit the crime, you judged them accordingly, now eliminate them from our society.That should not take long. But no that won't happen, because that does not make money for the elected powers to be and all the judicial crap. So it's no surprize, when a thug pulls the trigger, they have just made money for all the aforementioned. It's more like "Thank You For The Business",
and to add insult to injury, the Gomez family will help pay for these thugs meals, care and defense with their tax dollars. No country for an old man, because this sure the hell is not the one our fathers set up. What a stupid society we have set up!