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Taiyuan, China

#22 Dec 20, 2011
lmfao wrote:
they should have their a$$es out there workin for free bc we have to look and smell them at every dang flea market or public place and they talk $h!t in spanish behind our backs
I see no correlation between having "us" work for free and you seeing "us" everywhere! Get your thoughts together. If I'm walking down the street I can and ill speak, Spanish, English, French, or Italian without having some stupid person tellig me what to do. I'm so tired of all the stereotypes placed on Hispanics. I've gotten very far in life for my short age, and having some stranger say we should work for free....it makes we wanna laugh. lol
Well Said

Centereach, NY

#23 Apr 22, 2012
Assistance and help is fine as long as you're legal and actually educating yourself to get better. It isn't right outsiders get such freebies and not only do we need to get rid of the dead weight at the bottom, we need to at the top with these big banks who can pay money to buy off the voting system. On the South Shore of Long Island, NY you have some of the worst towns where these people have cash in hand, on assistance and still ask for money to buy ciggs and coffee refusing to apply for a job at the store hiring. I for one think Democrats and Republicans have their heads up their asses, both have FAILED to change a system for the citizens of America that needs to be redone. That's why Ron Paul was hated by both parties.

These illegals No-speak-ah-English , but when you whip out money they know 6 different languages.

And isn't it the Republicans who are the first to cry for help when their big businesses need rescuing?

A bailout is just a fancy term for welfare for the rich.
Angry MOM

Knoxville, TN

#24 Apr 22, 2012
Walgreen's gonna charge me $267.00 for meds mexican
in front of me got large bag of FREE MEDS
Stupid rednecks

Prattville, AL

#25 Apr 22, 2012
Every idiot on here needs to quit stereotyping everyone and worry about your selves... Quit trying to use the government for help grow the hell up go out there and make money that's this works biggest problem worrying about what everyone else does and not worrying about their own shit..

Hollywood, FL

#26 Nov 19, 2013
The major point is that we are BROKE!! If we can't even take care of our own taxpayers & veterans, how can we, or why would we, take on everyone else's homeless, jobless, sick and criminal & uneducated masses? I am not saying they all are. Our own bar has been lowered over the years by Americans taking less responsibility for themselves....but this is a country we love who many in our families have died or been injured to maintain her freedom. We used to attract people who would fight to be free & make their way. Now we are getting mostly freeloaders who are coming here with their hands out. I live in South Florida, and I have known many Hispanics, we have them coming out our ears. And every baby carriage is full of them. I cannot think of one I know that turned out to be honest. They are screwing our (stupid) men for green cards, splitting up marriages, slowing down our own kids in school while we teach them English so they can take our jobs. They have few morals & come from lawless places where corruption abounds. You can't blame them for that, but who wants them pouring in to make matters worse here? They don't care about this place. They are entitled! They think we OWE whatever they can get from us, and whatever they get, it is not enough. I just worked for a Cuban woman for years who is bilking the system for millions in health care and recently was found to owe the IRS 3.5 million PERSONALLY. Her kids, grandkids, friends and everyone who knows too much is on the payroll. 16 leased cars, four homes (one in another country to run to when crap hits the fan) Miami sees constant raids on Medicare fraud & I can't remember the last time I saw a name other than Hispanic being indicted. So there are a few good ones? Wish I knew them. This place will never be the same. I could see this happening years ago. Read the police blotter & see who is committing the crimes. Ever think about what it costs to give these people "due process" not to mention appeals, court appointed this & that etc? My daughter who is an RN with a Masters degree wants to have kids but will only have one or maybe two....she has to pay for hers.(And she is having them with one guy she is actually MARRIED to & has been with for 12 years!) I am heartbroken about how in my opinion, they have ruined the last bastion of freedom in the world. Congratulations!! If we came & ruined one of their countries in this way, they would be shooting us. Think they would go out & break their backs working for us?

Morristown, TN

#27 Feb 24, 2014
You ppl are sound like nazis im white and ya should stfu and and be thankful for life and also this is life all things will end quit hating on other races legal are not and i know for fact these mexicans are working on their citizenship not all but most are and most already have them so when most of them get citizenship my white and black americans you better watch out coz they will show the american dream while my ppl are lazy drug addicts bums not all but u get the point this country was theirs in the first place before our europeans ancestors fucked it up and now its a melting pot so shut up pussies and quit bitching and go out there and inspire someone change the world and make money peace and love to all the races in the world

Sedalia, MO

#28 Jul 31, 2014
I don't really mind if anyone can get free health care, but as an American, why can't the government pay more attention to their own back yard. We can't afford to eat, can't afford shelter and for sure we can't afford to die.

United States

#29 Aug 1, 2014
Tell them to go home. Too many become buddies with them and make it fun for them to stay in east tn. If we all let them know they aren't welcome, they will leave. Not to mention these stupid white women marrying them and allowing them to become legal just because they're screwing them.
Just my opinion

Beaverton, OR

#30 Aug 6, 2014
I never thought myself to be prejudice, although the amount of Mexicans that are here in Tn, seems to get my blood boiling. So many is coming here illegally and draining our Government. They speak Spanish, some can't even speak English, most use food stamps, drive new vehicles and why? Why does the counties give them handouts when our economy suffers? People who say that we should allow them to come here, I ask,--- when is it enough? When the stores run out of food due to demand and over population? When Government Assistance is dried up? When the highways and roads are so congested with vehicles that traffic is at a stand still for miles at all times? Our world would cease to function as we know it. It isn't logical to keep allowing immigrants to come here because eventually, we will have no place to put them, then what? If the rumors are also true and Mexican Cartels are crossing the border, then I can promise you that violence will be running rampant and we will have to protect our homes with our lives. I bet then all the Mexican supporters will feel differently, yet it'll be too late for any kind of hope. This demise is exactly what Obama is hoping for and many ignorant Americans can't see it.

Seattle, WA

#31 Dec 12, 2015
Sick and tired wrote:
I work my ass off everyday or at home trying to create a better life, an easier life for my family. I pay more around 35,000 dollars a year in federal income taxes alone stop and think about how much money that is for a moment!!!!! I have never never had any assistance from this corrupt ass government and as long as I'm breathing I don't plan on it. I see lazy ass people of all ethnic races, that are in my opinion a waste of fucking oxygen and nothing more, living a pretty damned good life at my and everyone else's expense. I could easily put my kids through college and who knows what other great things if I had the chance to keep some of the money that comes out of each paycheck to support these low life son of a bitches and for the illegal Mexicans, the towel heads, and the thug ass blacks that show no respect for this country or people in general I say fuck'm all make their life pure hell in anyway shape form or fashion, be creative!!!!!!!!
Since you're asking people to 'think about how much money that is':

You live in Jefferson City and make a quarter of a million dollars per year? Sorry, I call bullshit. Were you speaking out of your Ass or do you really not understand tax brackets?

If you somehow miraculously do make a quarter of a mil per year... You just made your own point moot.

'I have never never had any assistance from this corrupt ass government and as long as I'm breathing I don't plan on it.'-- wouldn't expect you'd need assistance at that yearly wage.

Morristown, TN

#32 Dec 12, 2015
Hey Math, the post sick and tired posted was made almost 5 years ago. Nothing like paying attention Dumb Ass.

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