Walgreens Problems?
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Jefferson City, MO

#1 Apr 7, 2007
Does anyone in the Jefferson City area or others have any stories about Walgreen's? If you are an employee or customer with prescription issues or employment issues, PLEASE talk about it! I would like to know if problems I know about with Walgreens are wide spread and if people are just not talking or if there are no problems.

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#2 Apr 9, 2007
Walgreens on the West side is fine, but the one on Missouri blvd is horrible and has been horrible for many years. I understand they have major mgmt. probs. I never go to that one anymore, only the Truman location,

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#3 Apr 9, 2007
I have had terrible service at the walgreens on Missouri blvd for years. The West side one has been fine thought.
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Festus, MO

#4 Nov 14, 2007
I have lived in multiple states and all over Missouri. Walgreens pharmacy is horrible everywhere. I once went to fill a prescription for a sick child and was told to come back in TWO HOURS!!!!! And then I had to wait for over 30 minutes becuase of the line! If they hadn't been the only pharmacy open, I would have went elsewhere. I was told that time it was because they got a "new system." So, when I had strep throat on a Sunday morning, I waited for the grocery store pharmacy to open. It took about the same amount of time!

I usually go to a small "hometown" pharmacy. I can't even finish reading one magazine article before my medicine is ready! Patronize your small businesses. They actually CARE!

(p.s. I feel the same about Walmart pharmacy but they do it so that you will shop and spend money in their store.)

Jefferson City, MO

#5 Nov 16, 2007

Jefferson City funeral director Reid Millard was charged Tuesday afternoon with statutory sodomy, for having "deviate sexual intercourse" with a 16 year-old boy.

Millard, 46, was arrested, then released from the Cole County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Prosecutors said the charges followed an Aug. 28 incident at Millard's Apple Creek Farm near Centertown.

The boy, who was not named in the charges, reported the incident to the Cole County Sheriff's Department that morning.

Sheriff Greg White immediately asked the Missouri Highway Patrol's Drug and Crime Control unit to investigate the boy's allegations, because Millard had supported a different candidate in last April's special Sheriff's election and because several deputies also work part-time for Millard's business.

Cole County Prosecutor Bill Tackett said Tuesday the charges were filed shortly after the patrol submitted a report on their ongoing investigation.

"For right now, we feel very confident in our charge," Tackett told reporters Tuesday afternoon. "Obviously, these are things that we don't take lightly.

"And we've analyzed this case like we would any other case, and we've charged it."

A probable cause statement by the Patrol's Sgt. D.A. Rice, released with the charges, said the victim had been working for Millard for about a month, "doing odd jobs and grocery shopping."

On Aug. 27, Millard bought "several hundred dollars worth of personal clothing" for the boy at the Columbia Mall, then took him to the auto races in Lebanon, investigators said.

When they returned to the Apple Creek Farm, the boy said, he went to bed fully clothed, in Millard's bed, but woke up the next morning with Millard rubbing the victim's body.

The victim then said Millard touched him in a sexual way.

The probable cause statement said DNA evidence found on some of Millard's clothing and bedding at the farm, during a search, supported the boy's story.

The statement said Millard acknowledged the trips to Columbia and Lebanon, but said he and the boy only watched cartoons together for about 30 minutes before Millard went to another room.

Tackett said Millard's contributions to Tackett's political races had "zero effect" on his decision to file the charge.

"If someone commits a crime, they've committed it," he explained. "I have, literally, hundreds of people who have helped me in some fashion or another.

"If you started ducking cases based on that, you'd have half of your cases gone. As long as there is no conflict of interest in my mind, or the appearance of that in the public's mind, there's not a problem."

The probable cause statement said some of the DNA evidence was "a sample from an unknown subject."

Tackett would not comment on that sentence, but noted the patrol's investigation is continuing.

He does not know whether that will lead to more charges.

Posted: Tuesday, Sep 20, 2005 - 06:48:57 pm CDT

Bridgeport, PA

#6 Feb 18, 2008
maybe if we weren't so busy, we could get it done a lot faster. It is for your own safety that it takes so long, it has to be checked to make sure indeed you are getting the right medication. Just to let you know it is not as easy as "taking A bottle of the shelf and handing it to a customer", as one customer told me when she waited twenty-five minutes for a prescription during peak hours.
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Festus, MO

#7 Feb 19, 2008
my 2 hour wait was at 7pm to 9pm! I would think peak hours are tad earlier than that, you know, when people leave the dr! And if those are peak hours, HIRE MORE STAFF!!! YEs, I appreciate the safety issue of taking time, but get real. It is poor staffing. Expecting too much from too few people!

Fort Myers, FL

#8 Apr 29, 2008
OK yes the company should hire more staff yes we need help back there to dispense the drugs faster but it not our fault the direct employees who are dispensing the drugs. the consumers need to express this to the heads of the company. Walgreen pressure there employees to the extent of feeling like we wanna quit after a day's work.
Better answer


#9 May 19, 2008
Don't believe the SeniorPharmtech.....It's bullhockey!
I live near the Truman location and Walgreens has ALWAYS been TERRIBLY slow about filling scripts....The part about safely filling scripts has merit, but when there's nobody else waiting and it takes an hour or more...Well, you get the idea....
I always take my scripts to Super D, and nobody in town fills scripts faster than they do. Even if they aren't just around the corner from Truman, like Walgreens is.....
Phoenix Walgreens

Chandler, AZ

#10 Oct 1, 2008
I have been with Walgreens for years, yesterday was the last straw. I am a diabetic, and this is the second time the store has majorly screwed up my medications, and told me they didn't have anything from my physician in regards to a refill. I have a letter from my physician stating that he had in fact reordered what medication I needed - then Walgreens 'instantly' found my prescriptions! amazing. That was the last straw.

Warrenville, IL

#11 Nov 30, 2008
Phoenix Walgreens wrote:
I have been with Walgreens for years, yesterday was the last straw. I am a diabetic, and this is the second time the store has majorly screwed up my medications, and told me they didn't have anything from my physician in regards to a refill. I have a letter from my physician stating that he had in fact reordered what medication I needed - then Walgreens 'instantly' found my prescriptions! amazing. That was the last straw.
I just moved from Az to Il- big red flag right there!!! Anyway, the only pharmacy hiring near me is Walgreen's. I started "training" November 15th. My "trainor" was in my life a whole ten minutes to show me what programs on the computer I was to read thru- that was it, haven't seen her yet. So, after 10 days of getting thru the computer programs, I had 2 hours left on my shift. I walked into the pharmacy for the very first time ever- their training sucks. It is no surprise to me their staff screws up- there is no training that would benefit a patient at all. Some poor woman had to wait 20 minutes to get her birth control pills cuz the regular staff left me- keep in mind I wasn't even given a sign on for their lousy cash register. The pinhead pharmacy tech I had the mispleasure of "working "with- I worked , she hung out with the NP in the clinic, was the most unpleasant miserable sod I have ever met.
Lake Aurich Il, Walgreens pharmacy sucks- if you have to go there, I pity you.
Walgreens St Louis

Saint Louis, MO

#12 Jan 23, 2009
Walgreens Hampton Village St. Louis Missouri. This walgreens is horrible. Takes hours to get your new prescriptions filled and monthly drugs have complications that are horrid! I called to get my script refilled and was told it was too soon, with that I called the doctor because he knew I was taking medication more often and asked him what to do. He called the Walgreens and told them to release my medication to me. A few hours later I arrived to get my medication and they refused to give it to me. Stating I need to come back tomorrow and get it (which was 5 hours later). Totally Crazy!! I asked them if they spoke with my doctor and the lady said yes but I'm not giving it to you till tomorrow, its too soon. Now my pharmacy knows better than my own doctor. HUH!! So here I sit waiting for midnight so I can go get my medication that I've been out of all day (and I'm supposed to take it three times a day).

United States

#13 Jan 28, 2009
I went to pick up my moms script after surgery and I watched the nurse call it in allmost an hour before and still she had to wait 2 hours in the heat. (this past summer) We will never go back they need to close it down or employ people who want to work.

Houston, TX

#14 Feb 4, 2009
First of all, the two hour wait is nothing. The 2 hour wait is for your safety people. If you guys were smarter, then you should have dropped off the medication and picked it up the next day. One day without the medication will not literally kill you. So calm down people, there is still tomorrow.

Tulsa, OK

#15 Feb 11, 2009
I have been treated very very poorly by the pharmacist at Walgreens, he actually slammed his hand on the counter and yelled at me for not picking my meds on time! I recently received my medication that Ive taken for years, but theres something wrong with it,.. I usually take half of a half of this pill and its takes effect ten minutes later, but whatever they gave me has a terrible zombie effect the next day, and they absolutely have no original effect as the ones Im supposed to get,, I mean they look the same but they aren't the same!
Mike Antioch Illinois

La Grange Park, IL

#16 May 19, 2009
My daughter has been treated poorly by Walgreens pharmacy staff. She takes a multitude of medicines and Walgreens has repeatedly made errors on the pill counts, and/or makings errors on the dosage labels. Recently she realized her pill count on the bottle was way off. The bottle read 3 tablets twice daily then it had 60 tablets for the bottle qty. It should have read 180! She was wrong not to notice this when she picked up the prescription but the hell she had to go through to get this rectified was sickening. The Walgreens staff except for one person simply didn't care and wanted to move on to the next customer. She had to get her doctor involved to try to help. It was a clear label and pill count error yet Walgreesn made her pay her co-pay AGAIN. Walgreens runs a poor business model, poor computers, overworked staff with a revolving door of employees yet they make millions and don't care. Walgreens your're FIRED. She is taking all her prescriptions to OSCO. That is the only way to hurt these lowlifes. Take away their business. They look at us like sheep, once they slaughter one there are hundreds more begging to be killed.

Bragg City, MO

#17 Jun 19, 2009
This could have changed, but a Walgreens pharmacist I became friendly with in 2004 told me that the staff is required to make you wait at last 45 minutes to make you shop their stores. Thankfully, I was nice to her and would come in after 10 p.m., so she would fill my scripts immediately.

Walmart tends to be worse in my opinion. I knew well the Walmart pharmacist where I grew up. He told me that the store required a two hour wait to make you shop the stores as well.

It can't be just safety that slows down the process as current pharmacist can fill my script in less than three minutes, and he always gets it right. I've been to much larger pharmacies that could fill a script in less than 10 minutes. Target will usually fill an Rx immediately if you are willing to wait at the counter.

I had problems with a St. Louis Walgreens who actually argued with my doctor about one of his prescriptions. He called their corporate offices personally, and I noticed there was suddenly a major change over in staff in that store!

Portland, OR

#18 Jan 11, 2010
Walgreens advertises how convenient and good their pharmacy is, but my wife and I have not had a single month go by that they didn't screw up something. Today was the last straw. I ordered my Diabetes medication 12/31. It needed an authorization which also took place on 12/31 according to their own records...but apparently they waited six days to fill it so that insurance would not cover it (new year so even though I have current coverage, it does not show up on their records yet). They didn't tell me that insurance didn't cover it (they knew for 8 days). I am now completely out of my medication. I asked for the prescription number so that I could have it filled somewhere else, but they would not give it to me. I am sick of polite people who give me three or four excuses every single month as to why my meds are not filled properly. What a mess. I will never go back

Festus, MO

#19 Jan 24, 2010
anonymous wrote:
First of all, the two hour wait is nothing. The 2 hour wait is for your safety people. If you guys were smarter, then you should have dropped off the medication and picked it up the next day. One day without the medication will not literally kill you. So calm down people, there is still tomorrow.
If WE were smarter?? Oh geesh, you are truly a dumba$$! Most of the medication I need is on an immediate, dr says I need it or the kids need it to begin NOW! If the dr wanted me to wait until tomorrow to fill, he would call it in then and guess what, I sure as hellwouldn't be filling it at Walgreens!

Belle Plaine, MN

#20 Jan 27, 2010
Only fa gs go to walgreens

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