my husband who has very hard seizures has several spots in three lobes and needs meds 3 times a day. my brother has diabites, high blood pressure, rods and pins in his back, and no fluid in his neck. went with my son and a friend to the lake. a place we were told was a good spot to drink. they took two of the dogs with them. they did not see anyone on the way. stoped the truck opened a can of beer. they were thrown down had guns shoved at their heads. told if they moved even their heads they would be shot. beer was spilt on my brothers face, he asked if they would wipe it out of his eyes and was told no.
the friend was searched 3 times and on the third there was drugs which he did not have. my husband and brother were not given any meds or treatment i even called and informed them but was told they were not to give them.
the judge will not give them a chance to speak. we can not hire a laywer nor will she appoint one.
on ssi we have no money to do so.