felicia callaway and timmy shrum

felicia callaway and timmy shrum

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United States

#1 Jan 1, 2012
Wow what a nasty ass couple. Hell they make the perfect couple. Lmao. They both nasty as hell they both snitchin they both are dead beat parents they both have a std. Good goin y'all to. 2 sorry ass peices of shit. And a waste of space..

Chattanooga, TN

#2 Jan 3, 2012
yea you got that shit rite dead beat parents an drugies they get away with it because they snitch on people......great couple stay away from them please........

Columbia, SC

#3 Jan 3, 2012
I bet that skank wasn't snitchin until she met that peice of shit. He probaby is payin here to do his snitchin. People be aware.

Chattanooga, TN

#4 Jan 4, 2012
what does she look like,

Charlotte, NC

#5 Jan 4, 2012
A nasty trashy hoe that pregnant. Has trashy tattoos all over her body. Ya know that skank look.

Herndon, VA

#6 Jan 5, 2012
i love haters hw is people snitches wen they dnt ever talk 2 them lol yall funny the trash is the ones that talks shit on stuff like this but hey life is good and he always got his kids she not aloud 2 c hers her lil man wnt let her but who cares nt her they just fine wit there daddy they love him so much and he does everythin he cn 4 them keep on hatin yall haters

Dalton, GA

#7 Jan 5, 2012
timmy is a good boy

Cambridge, MA

#9 Jan 5, 2012
thanks sam he knws he is he takes care of them babies he knws who is a piece lol

United States

#10 Jan 6, 2012
That peice of shit has to quit sellin his drugs and doin his drugs just to watch his kids. That's a peice of shit and he knows it. He ain't nothin but a little bitch boy. And felicia ain't nothin but a skanky whore. Dam bitch are you gonna keep your legs closed this time and maybe after you have this kid you will stop cause hell looks like you are struggling yourself. Y'all really are the best couple y'all both nasty as hell.

Cambridge, MA

#12 Jan 6, 2012
let me knw who u r

United States

#13 Jan 6, 2012
Why is it any concern to you. I live in jasper. Hmmmmm any idea. Lmao

United States

#14 Jan 6, 2012
TONYA really needs to get a life and leave Timmy ALONE...so sad...he does take care of his kids...he is a great person who i call one of my friends...its time you grow up Tonya and help him raise yalls kids...stop being so childish...its not about you and Timmy no more...THE KIDS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE TOOK CARE OF...NOT SEEING HOW MUCH DRAMA YOU CAN CAUSE!

Lawndale, NC

#15 Jan 6, 2012
Who the hell is tonya. U a dumb bitch

Jasper, TN

#16 Jan 6, 2012
Ok Im not afraid to put my name out here for everyone to know.... For one FELICIA and TIMMY Im not the one puttin shit on here if I got anything to say to either one of yall I am a big enough person to say it to yalls mfuckin face so dont get me twisted for a weak ass bitch and for TWO I have split custody papers to see my kids but the piece of shit wont answer my calls or texts and neither does his momma he hold them from me because I date a black man and I have a mixed baby by him.... now how childish does that sound on top of that TIMMY even FELICIA and all ur ex girlfriends has let me know how u treat OUR daughter like shit and call her out of her name and make harmful threats to her and to do that to a 9 year old u need to rethink of who is being childish and who is being an adult and it sure the hell aint u and u have never been nothin but drama but hey u got a match made in hell that loves drama to and as far as Im concerned yall can get married and have 100 more kids bc I started dislikin u half way through our marriage and I would never ever in this world take u back under no reason not even if u paid me too! Oh yeah and u never got our kids u dumb mfucker u hold em and keep em way from me but yet throw em off on ur momma or whoever that will watch them when all u gotta do is call there MOTHER that has always been there for them.... u just started actin like a "daddy" since I left ur sorry but everybody knows what kinda piece of shit u have always been to me and the kids so u got alot of room to talk but REMEMBER I have a job and have been able to hold a job and work and pay for my shit like a normal person does but instead u rather be lazy and put my kids in danger bc u wanna snitch for ur money what kind of fuckin person are u for real! Like u told me last time I talked to u.... THE COURT SYSTEM WILL NEVER CATCH A CASE ON YOU BC U OWN THE POLICE if I recall thats what u said so back those words up mr. perfect daddy u claim to be and as for u FELICIA if I recall ur the one that has gave all ur babies AWAY to whoever u could put em off on in ur family but hey ur ppl is good ppl and I dk where the hell they got u from....but u know what it is bitch I aint scared of u nor intimidated by u so when u pop that baby hit me up bc u can get all of me u can handle u fake ass whore but until then just to let u know! I aint gotta put shit on topix if I got somethin to say I can say it to ur face and back it up 100% best believe that and TIMMY u can make all ur threats u want to to me but they will come back to bit u in the ass in the end.... and I try to take care of my kids but timmy is so jealous and caught up in wntin me to be miserable he decides to use the kids for bait bc he knows thats the best way he can get me so the DRAMA is TIMMY he is always startin shit and then jumps in his car and take off like thelittle bitch boy he is so whats that sound like DRAMA! Mayb u two needa look up the definiition of the words yall be callin ppl bc reality check! yall are talkin about ur self! bahahahahaha Mfuckers like yall make a smile on my face everyday bc yall not gonna make me nor break me and ima do me reguardless and keep it movin HATER! Match made in hell PERFECT COUPLE dont let the meth depart yall this time oh and I know ur next comment timmy u gonna call me and my man a coke head ha ha cuz thats the best u got.... have fun snitches and u found the perfect partner to roll wit u

York, SC

#17 Jan 6, 2012
U go girl. Like I said everybody knows felicia and timmy is a peice of shit.

United States

#18 Jan 7, 2012
Yeah I know and they call me drama! ha ha they can say what they want to about me bc I know what I do and dont do and I have been nothin but a good mother to my kids the best I can be but when I left his sorry ass and have to work my fuckin life away while he sits back and still dont work and makes his momma pick his slack for the kids then I have to suffer bc I cant see my kids like I should and need too! and he knows its the truth but hey krama is a bitch and it will come back to bite him in the ass in the end but only time will fix this little issue so get ready for it bc ima show ppl what I can do and what im about i aint no mfuckin bullshit my kids deserve better than what they got to deal with the best place for them is to be with their mommy all the time and be made for him to have supervised visitations! so they can keep hatin on me. Mfucker called me goin off sayin im puttin shit on here about him and felicia ha ha I gotta better things to do with my free time and the only reason why I posted is bc he brought it up so I figured I would check it out and take this shit to the bank and deposit my 2 cents in and get my $1 back lol I told him that its probably one of the girls he was talkin to right b4 he got back with felicia cuz he picked the kids up one day and said oh shit im gettin scoped out I gotta hurry and go she watchin me and sendin pics of some chic that he said was 30 somethin years old and he been stayin wit her and that was like not even 2 days b4 he got back wit her! ha ha bitch got alot to learn about that cheater he done it to me for years and I learned from my mistake I didnt go runnin back but she a gold digger and wanna get all she can get off somebody but she not the only one he fucks wit best believe that he can lie all he wants to and she wuld believe it too lol but hell what the hell am I talkin about she the same way! so fuck it! 2 tear drops in a bucket... fuck it! Later snitchin ass bitches!:)

United States

#19 Jan 8, 2012
Girl you are sooo true. She is nothin but a dumb whore. Hell I very surprised she ain't gettin paid for sex cause dam that bitch be givin everybody some. And also some of those stds that skank has caught. She don't take care of her kids either. They are both sorry as hell. Maybe she should close her legs and quit makin babys she can't take care of. Y'all laid yalls bed timmy and felicia now lay in that nasty bitch.

Jasper, TN

#20 Jan 12, 2012
hes a nark nd shes a nasty ass bitch tht uses a computer to speak her fights, she dont take care of ne of her kids so idk y she acts lik shes a mama, hell i hve no kids nd could b more than a mama than she wood evr think about bein!! tonya has always ben thetre for all 3 of her kids nd wrks daily! thts sayin to much for the sorry ass sperm donor she has!@ so nething tht has nething to say stand to me nd her both nd we wil see who rolls on top, prob the pos TImmy since her snitches all the damn shit nd the fukd up part felicia is blood to tonya, same blood same mama, my mama nd dad has ben a parent to wat both of hers stand to be. she knos who has got her back nd thats all tht matters me includin....so felicia come on babe were watchin nd waitin on youuu!!!!!

Jasper, TN

#21 Jan 12, 2012
Felicia- I dont know her, but if she's with Timmy, you can bet she's a NASTY hoe.

Tonya- I do know her, and she isn't nothing but a fake wanna-be and a nasty hoe herself... She be talkin dis an' dat, ya hurd hommie? Know what I mean? A VERY confused white trash girl.

Timmy- ah, little Timmy. I know this punk VERY well. Alot of talk, alot of bluff, but not man enough to throw those weak little knuckles. I dont know about his parenting ability, or lack of... that's all he said/she said between him and that hoe ex-wife of his. What I DO know, first hand, is that he's a loud mouth, scared... Well, if you know him, you already know this to be a fact. As I said, I know first hand from when I punked him out.

Jasper, TN

#22 Jan 12, 2012
Tonya calling ANYONE a nasty hoe is like the "pot calling the ketle Black" LOL
She's a shitty mother herself, so she need to shut her hoe mouth. And Tim aint nothing but a bitch.

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