Prescription Drug Overdose Problem In...

Prescription Drug Overdose Problem In Walker County

There are 66 comments on the WIAT-TV Birmingham story from Feb 27, 2008, titled Prescription Drug Overdose Problem In Walker County. In it, WIAT-TV Birmingham reports that:

“She almost died, and I don't want to go through that again, and I don't want anybody else to have to go through that again, my daughter lived.”

The issue came to light after 3 fatalities in an 8-hour window over the weekend, in which the victims all died from prescription medication overdoses. via WIAT-TV Birmingham

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United States

#45 Nov 14, 2011
I just went to Dr. Boswell after learning his medical license was on probation indefinitely. It was a circus. None of the nurses seemed to know how to operate equipment or do any testing. Now that the office can no longer prescribe narcotics, the staff seemed lost. I guess the probation is in place for this "Dr" to prove that he is in fact a doctor. It seems as though all they knew to do was write a script n get 'em out. I don't believe this practice will make it now that the dope show is over.
former resident

Birmingham, AL

#46 Nov 14, 2011
So, that's the deal with Dr. Boswell? Anyone know what's going on? I know I have a family member whose actual previously dx'd health problems weren't ever treated by this dr. But boy, did he sure pack them down with the controlled substances. Boswell never ran any tests or diagnosed anything. Never talked about referrals to specialists. Never got prior treatment records to see that there is definite history of abuse & diversion. Just kept the script pad hot, smoking out those Rx's.
who business is this

Pell City, AL

#47 Jan 23, 2012
I have a question, I went to Dr Ali's office and was told I would have to provide a written signature that someone in my household is aware what prescription medications I have been prescribed. Is this legal? I was also told the practice is not owned by Dr Ali himself. Does anyone know if this is true?
Citizen of Walker County

Jasper, AL

#48 Jan 29, 2012
who business is this wrote:
I have a question, I went to Dr Ali's office and was told I would have to provide a written signature that someone in my household is aware what prescription medications I have been prescribed. Is this legal? I was also told the practice is not owned by Dr Ali himself. Does anyone know if this is true?
I find this hard to believe! I am pretty certain that you would not have to do this! I mean, I cannot even pick up my wife's list of medications for insurance purposes.
Just Me

Birmingham, AL

#49 Jan 29, 2012
Sounds to me like the person from Fayette needs to report this as a HIPAA violation to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. This is a violation of HIPAA/medical privacy laws. You should not be forced/coerced or expected to give up your federal right to medical privacy. These doctors offices don't even understand the laws that apply to them, and they make up stupid, arbitrary policies that not only humiliate patients & rob them of their dignity, but that also place them at risk. Let's consider those who have family members that cannot be trusted to know this type of information. This is definitely a violation of HIPAA. Go to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services HIPAA website. Just Google it. You'll find it. This really needs to be reported so HHS can see that this idiotic practice ceases.

You guys are just as protected by federal privacy laws as anyone else. Don't let anyone bully you. It's worth it to read up on what your rights actually are.

Warrior, AL

#50 Mar 9, 2012
Dr. Ali in jasper, al is a freaking joke, and a legalized dope dealer. I used to see him about my problems, and when you go in there to see him he says " hey buddy, anything changed? Do you need more medication?" and that's it, your out the door. That's not a doctor......... I finally found a good dr. That was willing to help me with my problem and is giving me the therapy that I need to help me work and support my family. Without a whole bunch of rediculous pills. Thank god for a real doctor.
concerned patient

Haleyville, AL

#51 Mar 24, 2012
who business is this wrote:
I have a question, I went to Dr Ali's office and was told I would have to provide a written signature that someone in my household is aware what prescription medications I have been prescribed. Is this legal? I was also told the practice is not owned by Dr Ali himself. Does anyone know if this is true?
This is true, I had to do it. I also have BCBS and he has quit taking this since December of 2011 and I have not been informed yet. My guess he will inform me on my next visit and ask me to pay a bulk payment or refuse service. As for the family members DL, maybe he is using it to scam patient ID.... I dont know, but how do I report him?

Arlington, TX

#52 Mar 24, 2012
What's the best drugs to use?

Birmingham, AL

#53 Apr 5, 2012
A Former Patient wrote:
Do we have the names of these doctors? I would like to find that info out because I was almost killed last year by a doctor in Walker Co that overdosed me on medication.
These people are OVERDOSING! It is not the doctor's responsibility to hold the patients hand. People need to stop trying to make all of us truly chronic pain sufferers hurt because your ADULT kid CHOSE to be irresponsible.
How to report

Birmingham, AL

#54 Apr 5, 2012
How to report a violation of your medical privacy rights under HIPAA -

Contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Go to their website:

It is through the HHS Office of Civil Rights that you report HIPAA violations. If you go to that link, look for instructions on how to download a HIPAA complaint form. The information on how to complete and where to submit are simple.

This nonsense needs to stop, and these people in that medical office need to be shown that they are required to follow the law and respect our privacy rights just as much as any other medical office. What they are doing is against federal law and a violation of our basic privacy rights.

You can also contact the state licensing board for physicians and see what they recommend doing on the local or state level, if anything. Bottom line is, these people should know that what they are doing is illegal.
concerned patient

Fayette, AL

#55 Apr 22, 2012
no longer a patient, as he will not except blue cross, guess its easy to scam medicaid. He is asking his patients to pay up front and one of those crazy ladies behind the window told me my insurance wasnt paying. I called bc and they have paid, Hummmm I wonder if they will report no payment anyway, as they will not send me a final bill... something is going on, not sure what tho.

Birmingham, AL

#56 Apr 22, 2012
You do know that it isn't just that he "does not accept Blue Cross Blue Shield." When a doctor doesn't accept a certain type of insurance anymore, that means that the insurance company has DROPPED the doctor and will no longer cover that doctor. Most of the time it is because of complaints against the doctor or problems with investigations or violations against their medical license.
You do have a right to call your insurance company, Medicaid and Medicare included and report any mistreatment from your doctor and yes, even those crazy ladies behind the window. I know how they talk down to people and treat everybody like trash and believe me, the insurance companies want to know because the insurance company represents you, the patient.

Pell City, AL

#58 Sep 9, 2012
dr ali, allegedly still writing 300 methadone a month. how the hell does he stay in business ?
I know

Jasper, AL

#59 Sep 11, 2012
shocked wrote:
dr ali, allegedly still writing 300 methadone a month. how the hell does he stay in business ?
He stays in business because he is legally able to write prescriptions

Geraldine, AL

#60 Mar 31, 2013
MOTHER and a Nurse wrote:
DR. BOSWELL, IS A PILL PUSHER, I have seen addicts use him for pills to keep there supplys going. He's nothing more than a pill pusher. He over prescribes, knowing patients are addicts he still throws Lortabs,oxcodone, Zanax, and the whole mix at them.. Not stingy either.. 180 pills per month, some more! We wonder why people are dying. Yes, Dr.s are a BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM, WHO ever says there not is WRONG... My son became addicted to pain meds. thanks to Boswell, as have amny other young people, These dr.s ARE A BIG PART OF THIS PROBLEM.. I work in the medical field and see it everyday! No the Dr.s do not make the patients take the pills, But for Gods sake, they think if the Dr. says take ten a day they have to take ten a day! After a year ten a day doesnt work anylonger, and up goes the doseage and often changes to harder more addictive opiate type drugs. Thus we are CREATING DRUG ADDICTS RIGHT OUT OF THE DR.S OFFICES! It really needs to stop. Bowell needs to be barred from medical pratice as do some of the other pill pushers in Walker County! I hope the DEA throws him under the prison systems. I do not know how he can sleep at night with the blood on his hands of so many people he has assited to their demise.
I just lost my daddy and Im not saying he wasent at fault because yes he was but what I am saying is because of these doctors never once saying no and writting deadly mixtures and at an ungodly crazy amount and really really high doses (I cant stress how outrageous the large quanity mixtures,and variety they wrote enough) I will never have my only parent and best friend the only one who ever understood me couldve felt me cry from across the contry, or herd me plainly with out me ever sayng a word in this world again nor will my kids hear the man they loved the most in this world play the guitar and sing them to sleep again. No amount of money could ever bring that back so dont think Im trying to sue for our loss. I just wish that if someone knows anything that I could do to keep these Dr.s from doing this without giveing a seconds thought of how many peoples lives it could be destroying through that one person alone not even to mention the fact they dont give anough of a damn to find out their medical history or even their present medical state...let me know please at [email protected] Thank you all and my prayers are truely with you all

Belton, SC

#61 May 6, 2013
Y'all r all jokes it ant doctors fault that they overdose people but we all think its doctors but remember u half to make a appointment and u can say no to the drugs I did

Lithonia, GA

#62 Aug 25, 2013
Hey, my son shot somebody and is in prison now. Im going to sue Smith and Wesson for ruining our lives. The victims parents are suing as well. Thats what you people sound like. Insanely stupid. Theres alot of shit you are going to do that presents some sort of detriment to yourselves and others albeit at varying degrees. Every roll thru a stop sign bc you are on your cell phone bitching about your sons overdose? Probably have but it is a roll of the dice to whether someone crossed simultaneously or whether they did not. Someone may or may not be killed. OD is a drop in the bucket compared to wreckless driving fatalities when you consider how many people take painkillers. And like dying in a crash, it depends on the speed they are taking them. Lets sue jack daniels for my uncles death r/t fulminant hepatic failure. Lets sue McDonalds for my fatass aunt's myocardial infarction. Heart disease is the number one killer in of the brave, home of the whopper. See where im going. Yes, your loved ones death is a tragedy.....but everyone wants to blame everyone else. And they dedicate their lives to meaningless cause. We are all going to die. Then what happens??? You going to find god and stab him for making death the counterpart to our pointless lives? So many people with a stupid agenda. Just accept the fact that we all live and we all die. Life is here then it's gone. Everyone needs to stop trying to derive meaning from something that is clearly meaningless.

Lithonia, GA

#63 Aug 25, 2013
Oh let us not forget about cigs. How many people is that shit killing? Just bc you dont die right then doesnt mean it doesnt fucking kill you! I know that many of you in Japser are busy chain smoking viceroy or mistys when you arent busy making tater wedges at the chevron station. At least 80% or more in Jasper. And the other 20% are on disability.....and smoke marlboro. So now we have established that 100% in Jasper smoke. Thats why there are so many tornados there. Theres just plumes of cig smoke that permeates the Jasperian ozone thus changing levels or argon and carbon dioxide, which makes carbon hills, which in turn produces carbon hillbillies. So remains the vicious cycle of chain smoking and drug addiction that looms amid jasper. I hope Jesus doesnt die of acute nicotine toxicity when he splits the Eastern Sky. Nevermind he's not going to Japser bc smokers wont get called up in the rapture bc they have an addiction......which does become a metabolic issue at some point so I really dont understand why they would go to hell for a medical condition, but hey, Im not the guy who wrote the bible. You will need to talk to Mel gibson or Pat robertson about that one. Speaking of which its almost bible/bedtime now. So im gotta jet. Well that and, this crack aint gonna smoke itself.
single mom winston co

Haleyville, AL

#65 Sep 5, 2013
isn't DR Ali muslim ? talk abt the American ppl taking it up the @ss.....

Oxford, OH

#66 Sep 12, 2013
single mom winston co wrote:
isn't DR Ali muslim ? talk abt the American ppl taking it up the @ss.....
could be this is the way for the doc to take out as many americans as he can and do it legally. Every muslim secretly hates america and wants the good ole USA to fall in history.

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