Public record for May 19, 2009

Public record for May 19, 2009

There are 22 comments on the The Janesville Gazette - Janesville, Wisconsin story from May 21, 2009, titled Public record for May 19, 2009. In it, The Janesville Gazette - Janesville, Wisconsin reports that:

DAWN M. KRUEGER, 37, Fort Atkinson, at 5:56 p.m. Sunday in the 3300 block of Milton Avenue, Janesville, on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Seattle, WA

#1 Jun 4, 2009
When are Wisconsin residents finally going to get control of your state government ?

Everyone knows that marijuana is a benign substance, less dangerous than alcohol, or even sugar, both of which kills multitudes of people every day, yet the only one who has lost their life from marijuana was shot by a cop. Marijuana alone has never ever killed a single person.

Millions of your tax revenue dollars are spent arresting and incarcerating marijuana users. For what ? Marijuana isnt hurting anyone. The laws you enforce in Wisconsin do hurt people. The only dangerous thing about marijuana is the laws. And that is a blatant fact.

The laws against marijuana are based on lies and deciet that Dupont, Hearst, and Harry Anslinger snowed America with over 70 years ago. Are you not tired of your sons and daughters being harrassed and arrested over laws that are based on lies ?

Wisconsin, quit being afraid of your own shadow and stand up. Everytime they arrest someone for Marijuana, you need to launch a huge protest.
March on the jail, the cop shop, and city hall demanding that they stop enforcing these barbaric laws. Nobody is that stupid anymore. Do not allow your government to hurt anyone anymore. This is a government of the people, BY THE PEOPLE. DEMAND what you want. You are the boss !

Small towns, make it a Friday night event in your town to march for reform of these stupid money waisting laws. Form groups. Unite the groups.
Become the controlling force in your lives.

Let them know that you are not going to tolerate these bogus and unconstitutional laws anymore, and you are not going to tolerate their Gastapo tyrranical rule over your lives. Do not tolerate the incarceration of good people for benign marijuana use.

If you people in Wisconsin continue to sit on your ass and do nothing, afraid of retaliation, you are always going to be ruled by the tyrants.

This is a drug war. That is what they call it. Get up and fight it for Christ's sake. There is strength in numbers. AGRESSIVELY fight their damn war and win. They will fall easier than you think. It's being done all over America. We all know the truth. This is not a war on drugs, this is a war on American People, a government that has declaired WAR on it's own people. Get your mindset corrected. Believe only the truth. Ask questions. "Who paid for the study ?"

It's time for you to rally the troops and tell your government to stop destroying the lives of good people over Cannabis. It's just sick to allow it to continue. Get real Wisconsin or always be incarcerated in Wiscomunism.

As the executive director of a medical cannabis group in Washington, and a 12 year soldier of the drug war, I have seen over and over again, the benefits that marijuana can give to the terminally ill. NO-ONE should ever be allowed to deny this to the infirmed.

Wake up Wisconsin and get your act moving.

Dawn M. Krueger, 37, of Fort Atkinson does not deserve to be harrassed by the gastapo for marijuana. She should be honored for standing up to the lies and deciet. My prayers are for her, and the people of Wiscomunism suffering at the hands of your government.
Sunny Delight

Albuquerque, NM

#2 Jun 18, 2009
Jon, how about you try going through life sober without any drugs or alcohol. You might find it enlightening!

Seattle, WA

#3 Jun 19, 2009
You might find it enlightening that I live in severe chronic pain, and I DO NOT use alcohol.

The drugs I do use are prescribed by my doctor, INCLUDING the marijuana. Why dont you wake up and smell the coffee. Or yeah, thats a drug too !

Seattle, WA

#4 Jun 19, 2009
You know, your comment is so ignorant that I cannot help but to elaborate.

I was injured on the job for working my ass off following my employer's proceedures for accomplishing the task at hand. That company is was A.K. Rubber Products Company of Elkhorn, Wi.

The minuet you become injured on the Job in Wiscomunism, you are treated like a criminal by the insurance carrier. They keep you so broke as an effort to get you to try and work. Everytime I see an ad on TV for Liberty Mutual Insurance I about puke, they are so phoney.

However, my lumbar spinal injury kept me in bed 80 - 90% of my average day. The pain is so intense that you cant help but lay there and moan and scream. Working is pretty much out of the question when you are in too much pain to sit in a chair.

A workers comp check for $200.oo would arrive about once in 6 weeks. I was expected to pay rent, buy groceries, and pay the bills with that.
I actually fired 3 workers comp lawyers because I did not believe they were doing their jobs, but that is just how bad Wiscomunism screws over injured workers. The lawyers can only do what WISCOMUNISM law allows them to.

Wiscomunism would not even give me food stamps for me and my 5 year old son, because I QUALIFIED for social security disability, and I did apply for it, but they also fight you for years before you even see a dime. And being that my millionaire parents are so abusive and dysfunctional, I wasnt getting any help at all.

To say the least, these tactics used by Wiscomunism's workers comp system did not help my recovery at all. Now 17 years later I am still in quite serious pain after 2 failed spinal surguries and untold hours of painful therapy.

So, if you dont mind there Sunny D, I dont have alot of choice but to use the meds that are prescribed to me so that I can at least take care of myself instead of dying a long slow lonely death in a nursing home, THANK YOU!.

Perhaps you might find it enlightening to give your comments some thought before you insult people who have a legitimate reason for using drugs. Not everyone who uses a drug is a recreational user. My drugs dont give me anything except pain relief, INCLUDING THE HIGH GRADE MARIJUANA I use. So stifle the ignorance dumb ass.

Janesville, WI

#5 Jun 20, 2009
Anyone reading this story should realize the importance of disability insurance. This situation is awful as described by Jon but it could be helped by owning some personal insurance. Our system is designed to push people back to work which I think is good but the problem is it doesn't know the difference from someone who is trying to take advantage of the system from those that aren't. It is best to not rely on someone else to take care of you. Take care of yourself and own some disability insurance.
Disability Insurance Scam

United States

#6 Jun 20, 2009
Disability Insurance is a SCAM. In most cases
people who have paid their premiums end up needing
an attorney to collect anything. The moral of the
story is that insurance companies hide behind a
wall of attorneys in order to not pay for BENEFITS
that they take in PREMIUMS for. They are as crooked as Wall st.

Seattle, WA

#7 Jun 20, 2009
First you have to pay for the disability insurance.
Any ideas on how to do that when you are broke as hell ?

Seattle, WA

#8 Jun 20, 2009
Moving to Seattle was my disability insurance. This state at least has compassion for the disabled. There are alot more programs offered in this state than in Wiscomunism.

If Wisconsin took care of it's injured workers, there would be no need to spend extra bucks on disability insurance. But it is easy to see how the greedy laws of Wisconsin force people to spend more of their hard earned on insurances.

Be honest now, what percentage of Wisconsin workers own disability insurance ? Not many Id bet. The wages in that state keep all the workers enslaved to the system. I dont know of many people that can afford the luxury of disability insurance. Plus, once you are disabled in Wiscomunism, there's no way you are going to afford that.

Besides all of this retoric, this thread is supposed to be about medical marijuana, I think.
Washington Med Cannabis

Seattle, WA

#9 Jun 20, 2009
In the state of Washington, the voters passed a initiative ballot measure in Dec. 1998 legalizing the use and possession of medical cannabis.

RCW 69.51a has since been amended and today a legal medical cannabis patient can posses up to 24 ounces of dried cured medicine ( A sixty day supply ), and grow up to 15 plants. That is a total of 15 plants in any stage of growth.

A common practice amoung medical cannbis patients is to grow collectively, or share a growing space. It is common for between 3 and 100 patients to share the same place to grow medical cannabis. In doing so it is possible to greatly reduce the cost of growing it, and the risk of "running out" is greatly reduced. Also the work load is shared, making growing the plant a bit easier. If you think growing medical grade cannabis is easy, try it, you will find out that it is a difficult task.

It is also a common practice for medical cannabis growers to turn over excess cannabis yeilds to a local dispensary, and the cannabis is then distributed to patients who cannot grow for a miriad of reasons, for a reasonable donation which in turn helps pay for the elctricity and supplies needed to grow high grade medical cannabis.

Patients must get a letter of authorization from their doctor before they can use medical cannabis. In turn, a medical cannabis club can then fax the authorization papers back to the doctor that signed them for verification purposes.

Most reputable medical cannabis clubs do not purchase cannabis from non-patient growers. This is to ensure that the Medical Cannabis community is not supporting illegal cannabis production.

All the reputable cannabis clubs in the Seattle area meet often to discuss standard proceedures for the growing of medical cannabis to ensure quality consistancy.

Anyone caught purchasing medical cannabis from a Seattle area club and reselling it on the street, has their membership immidiately terminated. The reputable clubs in Seattle have a no tolerance policy for illegal activities involving medical cannabis.

Over the past 10 years, police have reported that legalized medical cannabis has not increased illegal cannabis activity. Police however have made several mistakes in that they have raided legal medical cannabis being unable to distinguish it from illegal cannabis. My friend, Theodore Tucker, lost his life due to one of these wrongful raids.

It has been my experience that medical cannabis literally saves lives of some of the most infirmed people. I have helped patients with AIDS that were so ill, they were about to die at any time. But after using cannabis, they were able to eat, keep thier meds down, and regained strength and were able to return to work in a months time, when no other medicine helped at all.

America has been lied too about cannabis for far too long, and after 70+ years of the negative propaganda, too many people are brainwashed into believing that marijuana is a dangerous substance.

The goverment's problem with cannabis now is the fact that it is a direct threat to the bank accounts of the pharmacuiticle companies. Cannabis could replace up to 30% of dangerous chemical prescription medications. Pain meds that literally destroy your liver.

I may already be dead from the use of pain medications if I did not use cannabis. Cannabis greatly reduces the amount of prescription narcotics I need to control my pain. On good days, cannabis is all I need to control the dibilitating muscle spasms and radiculopathy that I suffer.

Seattle, WA

#10 Jun 20, 2009

"It is best to not rely on someone else to take care of you. Take care of yourself and own some disability insurance."

A very easy thing to say when you are NOT laying in bed in severe pain. How is one supposed to "take care of yourself" when you are in so much pain you cant walk to the bathroom ?

If I was being paid a fair wage for the work I was doing that injured me, perhaps I could have afforded disability insurance. And I reiterate, of all the working people in Wisconsin, what percentage have and maintain disability insurance? You are told that WORKERS COMPENSATION will cover you. But this is a huge fat lie that most workers know nothing of, or simply dont believe because it hasnt happened to them yet.

In Wiscomunism, workers compensation is a big farce, and they have it wrapped up so tight. You cant sue your employer instead of using the workers compensation system, that's the law.
You cant sue the state either. Wisconsin workers are nothing more than slaves to the system.

If employers and the state would tell the workers the straight up truth before they are injured, alot of this could be completely avoided, and the workers could make effective plans for their potential future, should they become injured on the job. The problem is, Wiscomunism workers believe what they are told about workers comp, and do not even realize the need for additional coverage.

PLUS, what insurance carrier sells disability insurance and will pay a claim to anyone who is already disabled ? I have never heard of an insurance carrier that will pay for a pre-exsisting condition. The minuet you are injured, you no longer qualify to get disability insurance
that will cover your injury. And even still, even if you have disability insurance, I am willing to wager that you will fight tooth and nail for a claim payment, and will end up with far less than you paid for.

We are / were all slaves. Nothing more. If you believe otherwise, you are in for a big disappointment when you get hurt on the job in Wiscomunism.

Milwaukee, WI

#11 Jun 23, 2009
I got prescribed weed by my doc next door. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I take my prescription (4x daily) I don't have a worry in the world. My anxiety goes away. I don't hear my mother nag me about getting a job. I am able to better concentrate on my gaming. It is a truly wonderful thing. I think they should prescribe it to everyone. The world would be a much better place to live.

Seattle, WA

#12 Jun 24, 2009
Medical cannabis is not intended to help one escape reality, it is intended to return a infirmed person to health and productivity, or at least reduce their suffering until the inevitable.

If you are just using it to get lazy, maybe your momma's not nagging you enough. But if you are permenantly injured and unable to get a job, then she needs an education.

Seattle, WA

#13 Jun 30, 2009
People who think that Medical Cannabis is just an excuse to get high, need to sustain a permenantly disfiguring, and dibilitating, extremely painful injury that is not relieved by any other conventional medications, and then re-evaluate their Medical cannabis opinions by trying it.

Milwaukee, WI

#14 Jul 6, 2009
So you have to be infirmed to appreciate the effects of weed? My anxiety is terrible with out my weed. I quite for a couple of days last year and my anxiety was worse than it ever was. I have tried to get a job but I fail my pee test every time and get fired. Big brother just wants to keep me down. It is a good thing Obama became president. He is going to fix everything so I don't have to work with my condition.
People like YOU

Cleburne, TX

#15 Jul 7, 2009
Jon-Im sorry that you were injured on the job. If your pain is THAT severe then I do believe in medical cannabis. But that it should be legal HELL no! Rather or not its as bad as alcohol who are you do judge? THe effect is different on different people. Also no one knows what that stuff is laced with when you are buying it off the streets! It takes over your brain, makes you see things that are not there, you want THAT to be legal? Drinking and driving is not legal, being drunk in public is not legal, if you want to drink in your own house then do it! WHen people get drunk their pain goes away...should that be medicinal as well?! C'mon people, quit standing up for the pot heads. If you need it to help you cope with pain, and those that are going through chemo...then take advantage...but if its not legal in your state, then your breaking the law, and deserve to go to jail. Next thing we know cocaine will be a pain reducer and everyone will fight for that to be legal! ehhh!

Seattle, WA

#16 Jul 7, 2009
People Like You said:

"Also no one knows what that stuff is laced with when you are buying it off the streets! It takes over your brain, makes you see things that are not there, you want THAT to be legal?"

WOW ! I am absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of people that still believe this bullshit. First of all, I grow all of the marijuana I smoke, I do not lace it with anything and never have. Im not stupid enough to depend on "the street" for my medical needs.

Marijuana has been proven to have neuro-protective properties, and does not destroy the brain. Also, I have smoked marijuana, and I mean some of thee most potent pot on the planet and I have never ever heard of marijuana causing hallucinations until I read your post. I have been using pot for nearly 40 years.

Marijuana is still illegal because there are too many people like you who are brainwashed into believing this crap. You are living a lie, "People Like You". Marijuana is one of the most benign substances on Earth, and it's time the public be educated with the truth about it.

Not one Person has ever died from marijuana use. The only one who has died from pot was shot by a cop. It is the laws against marijuana that are dangerous to people, not the marijuana itself.
Anyone ever killed in a car accident involving marijuana also involved alcohol and or other dangerous substances. I do not promote tokin and drivin but lets get our facts straight here.

The laws destroy peoples lives, not the pot. Sugar, alcohol,and even WATER kills more people than marijuana ever did.

Please visit You need to be educated with the truth, and not the lies of the government trying to protect the bank accounts of the pharmecuitical companies.

Another good read is "The Emporer wears No Clothes" by Jack Herrer. This book offers a $100,000.00 dollar challenge to anyone who can prove it's contents to be incorrect. In over 15 years no-one has ever collected the challenge because the book contains the absolute truth about the reasons behind marijuana prohibition.
Please let me know if you are able to prove it wrong. You will be the first since it's release able to do so.

I bet you didnt even know that the word "Marijuana" is a racial slur coined by the U.S. government ? It was intended to terrorize American farmers into believing that mexican "Marijuana" was a bad thing, but what the farmers did not know was, that marijuana and Hemp are the same thing, and it was hemp that corporate American Liars where out to get rid of.

This happened right after the invention of a machine called the decordicator that processed hemp fibers for textiles faster than ever before.

By banning "marijuana", chemical corporate America was able to delete their main competition, Hemp. The main corporations behind marijuana prohibition where Dupont, and the Hearst newspaper industry, who had just re-tooled their company to process paper from wood pulp. In the 1600's it was actually illegal to NOT grow marijuana, because of it's value in the textile industry.

Please get an education before you post your complete and total ignorance. Im sorry that you are confused by all the lies that we have been told for the past 70+ years, but it is time for the truth to be told.

Marijuana is a safe and effective medicine, and should be legal just like any other prescription drug. And by the way, cocaine is already used as a pain reliever. They just call it novacaine, benzocaine, and there are many many types of cocaine used in medical treatments every single day, including over the counter medications or sprays for children's owies.

This also holds true for Heroine, and many opiates. The prescription pain reliever Dilaudid is pretty much pharmecuiticle heroine.

Wake up a smell the coffee. Oh yeah, caffine kills multiple people every year also.

Seattle, WA

#17 Jul 7, 2009
I tried using alcohol to relieve my pain and it only made it worse. Alcohol also has all sorts of other negative side effects as does other prescription drugs. Cannabis does not, or at least cannabis has not had any negative side effects for me.

Jeepers is right. It is the laws against Cannabis that are dangerous to people. The cannabis alone has not caused any problems, only the laws have.

Seattle, WA

#18 Jul 7, 2009
In the past 12 years that I have been involved with medical cannabis, I have not heard of anyone that has "overdosed" or even gotton ill from the use of cannabis. I have however watched several people on deaths door from AIDS return to total health from using cannabis. It is UN-DENIABLE.
I have watched Multiple Sclerosis patients get relief. I have watched patients in severe tremor spasms STOP spasming in 10 minuets after tokin up Gods good meds. I know many people who cant keep down thier pharmecuiticle meds unless they use cannabis to relieve the nausea. Like Chemotherapy causes.

I have however wittnessed the deaths of a few people due to the police getting involved, who where otherwise doing fine before the police interfered.

It is definately NOT the Cannabis that hurts people. It is the stupid laws based on lies that we enforce that hurts people.

Not only hurts people, but cloggs up our courts and jails with otherwise good law abiding citizens, waisting millions of dollars yearly, destroying families and perpetuating lies.

Seattle, WA

#19 Jul 7, 2009
Further, it is MY DOCTOR who recomends that I use cannabis for my disability.

I trust what doctors are saying long before I trust what politicians are saying.

Cops, Judges, lawyers, governors, senators, congressmen, and presidents are not doctors, and can only have alterior motives for contradicting what doctors are saying.

Seattle, WA

#20 Jul 7, 2009
Have you seen the movie "Reefer Madness".

They actually expected people to take that seriously back then.

Now it's one of the most hillarious movies out there, especially the colorized version where they blow out different colored smoke from smoking doobies.

It's a great watch on a boring Sunday night, spark up a fatty and be prepared to laugh yer ass off.

It's amazing how easily brainwashed our society used to be, and still is to a certain extent. All you have to do is put it up on the big screen and they'll believe every word. HAhahahaha

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