Mebane, NC

#21 Dec 14, 2008
Rallywoman, could you please update us on his condition? I have been wondering for a while now how he is.

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#22 Dec 14, 2008
Randy, were we customers of yours thru Brian C.? We lived in the boonies back in the 90's if this is who I think you are. I believe I remember you...

Yea, everything is pretty much true.

We want and need people to speak up. Next time it could be their family member,- a son in a coma, or a father. The victim got lucky to live, but for how long and with brain damage and a poor life never to work again. There were a ton of witnesses and all just stick their head in the sand. I would've come forward. I wouldn't have lost anything but a bit of time. The cowards at Shawbucks, they don't care, they just cover and be quiet. They wouldn't if it was their family. Why would they cover for idiots anyway? You'd think that they would talk so they wouldn't have to be covering for someone that isn't worth covering for and be majorly involved in trial if that is what it takes. God help them. Jamestown really stinks how they let people rule this area without justice, and law. God knows they rallied and think they were victorious when they got this "All important tire slasher" who sliced over 100 tires. Boy oh boy, that made them look great, but by GOD, practically kill someone and they take forever to solve this. They always said, go to Jamestown and you can get away with murder. God will get them caught I know. Thanks for everyones kind prayers and thoughts.

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#23 Dec 14, 2008
His condition is poor and is withering away, he doesn't eat and sleeps all the time. He dreams of eating and believes he has, but he doesn't because he isn't hungry. No use of his arm. Its screwed up. Cold all the time. Constant follow-ups rehab, constant worrying. Doctor's will try to straighten him up but only GOD will know.....
Average Joe

Ephrata, PA

#24 Dec 14, 2008
Moral of the story...don't go to shawbucks. yuck.

Mebane, NC

#25 Dec 14, 2008
Rallywoman, have you ever thought of posting some flyer's around town asking anyone with any information pertaining to this incident to come forward. It just might draw some attention to it. I am sure that there are alot of people who are not even aware that this even happened since it was not publicized. Tack them up on every telephone pole around Shawbucks. I am sure they wouldn't be there the next day but someone might see it. Just an idea, seems the more people that hear about this, the chances of someone knowing something would be greater. If you have any friends in business, see if they wouldn't mind putting one up in their windows for people to see.

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Lakewood, NY

#26 Dec 15, 2008
I don't think that many people know about this. I mentioned it to my husband and he had no clue. We usually stay on top of things that happen in the city, but not this! This is just horrible. It's a shame that Shawbuck's has gotten this bad! We don't go there anymore. Hang up flyers or put them on windshields! Something needs to be done!

Jamestown, NY

#27 Dec 15, 2008
This case is another example of the "old boys network" so prevalant in small town usa. If you know the right people, you can do just about anything and get away with it.

Endicott, NY

#28 Dec 29, 2008
yeah that was my brother how come nobody helped him cuz they r punks 2 i know if i seen someone getting beat like that i would of helped out not just stand there and think hey this iz like front row seats cool! so if u know something or seen it did u try 2 stop it or better yet did u tell the police!!

Mebane, NC

#29 Dec 29, 2008
I sure hope that the truth comes out concerning this incident. It is not going to do him much good now but at least who ever is responsible will have be held accountable for what they have done.
Even if they never find out the truth, just remember everyone has a judgement day. You reap what you sow!!!

Jamestown, NY

#30 Dec 30, 2008
Who is this man and is there anything we can do for the family? Like benifit or something to help with bills?

Mebane, NC

#31 Dec 30, 2008
I think some kind of benefit would be great for this family. They certainly could use some assistance. I don't know if the family would like for someone else to disclose the identity of this man, that would have to be done at their liberty.
But it would sure be great if someone would do something for them. I live out of state so my hands are kind of tied as far as organizing something. There are some family members posting on this site, maybe you could insert your email address so that someone could contact you concerning this matter. I am sure that anything anyone had to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Elmira, NY

#32 Dec 31, 2008
Yeah. Wonderful upstanding behavior by the PR wing of Shawbucks. What an image breaker you have there Kurt. This incident, this event.....should be able to speak just for itself and under normal conditions....would. But because it is so outrageous, comments need to be made and I am glad to see that so many have been made. Big and bad bouncers....how nice you are. HDH overload I bet or something. Sheeeesh. Grow the EFF up boys. This junior and senior high mentality should have stopped when you graduated but apparently has not. You feel big and bad and oh so almighty because you can do what you did and overdo what you did all for the expediency of just WHAT? FOR WHAT? Yes, I am mad and damn mad because this attitude is so at the core of those in ever so desperate need of some VERY serious anger management. The truth needs to be told....yes all of it. The field of play needs to be levelled and this sugar coating, this covering up, whatever else.....needs to be stopped. For one thing, Shawbucks has lost business because of this. In this day and age, with the economy being the way it is, can THEY afford to lose business? JPD wants help with crime stopping and they want respect.....well when some of their officers carry themselves the way they do ike the way some of them are relating to this situation, I quite doubt it that they are helping their image any. I shake my head in wonderment, wondering why things happen the way they do. This case is no different....unfortunately. If these bottom feeders feel their behavior is doing them or those around them any justice....dream on. Taint going to happen. YES....very mad....infuriated in fact. Too darn bad this kind of stuff happens. I just hope in the long run, the ACTUAL right things are done to help the victim and those around him to do the RIGHT THING. If not? Shame on EVERYONE that either committed this act of low end of the food chain behavior....and also has not helped to protect and to serve. All we ask here in Jamestown is that the right and fair thing be done to right this hideous wrong. That is NOT too much to ask.

Elmira, NY

#33 Dec 31, 2008
Not sure of how to do this, but whatever way it can be done, we need to do something on behalf of the victim in more ways than just financial support. We need to make our points on how we feel, to Shawbucks and the City and whatever avenues it takes to make sure this situation is properly dealt with and those involved in this incident are also properly dealt with....IN A LEGAL MANNER. Since the victim was not served and protected the way he was supposed to be, well then maybe with continued diligence never ending until the right thing is done by the legal system, the victim will be fairly dealt all the help he deserves. Not sure how to go about it. This is probably something in which he lead needs to be done by family and/or close friends. I have always held on my sleeve, the badge of fairness and just behavior. It needs to be given here until all of it is given....LEGALLY. I say LEGALLY the way I do because to get done what needs to be done, it should not be done with the mindset of the offenders and those else that would have hopefully helped the victim but have consistently ignored the rights of others.
A point needs to be made and it will and should be made. Jamestown is so better than this and we should not let a small group of its citizens have their way in this. PERIOD !!!
Tony from TFF

Fredonia, NY

#34 Dec 31, 2008
I will not comment on this case directly, as I do not have all the facts and was not there... What bothers me a little though is that a lot of other people who were not there and do not have the facts seem very certain of what happened.

I will, however, comment on my experience with bouncers and the "bouncer mentality". By the nature of their job, bouncers must be quick to recognize a situation and act. They also must be the type of guys who can muster a fair amount of physical strength quickly and lets be honest, dish out a good ass kicking when need be. This combination can lead to misjudgements and unfortunately, overreaction. On a whole though, bouncers are very important and if they didn't act the way they do, many more bargoers would be hurt, raped, sexually harrassed and even killed. I see the drunken dregs of our area with sober eyes on a weekly basis, and I must say that some of them NEED to be dealt with in a strong physical manner. The problem is that bouncers see this behavior on a nightly basis as well and I'm sure if taints their opinion of the drunks. Even the best of us, when forced to deal with enough BS, will eventually snap. Police officer, soldiers and bouncers all have to sometimes deal with bad people (or at least people ACTING badly) in a physical manner. There is always the potential for it to go too far. Also, I know a lot of "good" people, some who I'm even related to, who when they drink to excess, deserve a beating. Its all a balance of protection vs subjugation and necessary force vs excessive force. To condemn all bouncers, or even all Shawbucks bouncers is unfair. I hope this man can recover, and if people acted criminally, I hope they come to justice. However, to make assumptions without witnesses, evidence and without knowledge of the events that led to the incident, I will not support speculation or a witch hunt mentality.

Jamestown, NY

#35 Dec 31, 2008
Maybe they did do what they thought they should do ,but when the man didnt get up,the right thing to do was to call 911,not let him lie there to die.thats where they were wrong.We all do stupid things when we drink,but no one deserves that.

Vestal, NY

#36 Jan 23, 2009
this is not the first time the bouncers there have done this. altough this is the worst case ive heard of.i pray for this man and hope things get better soon. does anyone know if these cowards are still working there and who are they.

Vestal, NY

#37 Jan 23, 2009
hey tony since when did it become a bouncers job tonearly kill a person. are theynot suppose to escort them out and then call the police if problems persist.or is it their job to haul them out back kick the shit out of him and just leave him.you seem to know what a bouncers duties are.and also is it because several of the jpd drink there alot of times to the point of being highly intoxicated that things are not gettin done.everyone knows kurt has his nose right up their ass.

Binghamton, NY

#38 Jan 24, 2009
About 8 years ago I was escorted out the side door by 3 bouncers at Shawbucks for an argument with another patron inside. I should not have been arguing but antways. I was pushed out the side door. Instead of them just going on their way they followed me out. 3 of them and me. I asked why they followed me outside when they had already got me out. They were hostile and one got nose to nose with me, put his hands on me and I slammed him to the ground. The other 2 pulled my coat over my head and beat me. Lucky for the guy on the bottom ,I told them I d let him up if they let go of my coat. They had too or I had rights to the tough guy on his back.
All I am saying is they had no reason to follow me outside and get confrontational. 3 on 1 is hard plus I had been drinking a bit. If I would have been there , knowing what I know about these particular small city tough guy bouncers, I would of helped that poor guy out in a second. They tried doing that to me.
All of you people who saw it and did nothing are cowards. And you are just as much cowards for not coming forth. Please do the right thing and tell what you saw that night. This is the first Ive heard of this and am angry it happened here in Jamestown. Remember he could be your brother, friend, Dad , relative ect. Dont be afraid come forth, this is Jamestown, not NYC, your safe if you do ,I promise

Elmira, NY

#39 Jan 24, 2009
Did come forward. obviously very little if anything has been done. geeeeee, i wonder why? that place has lost business because of this situation. good. sometimes seems like shawbucks has become the heir apparent to the rusty nail mentality and way of doing things. not going to waste $$$ at a place that once used to be a pretty darn good bar to go to. now? i could care less because i won't go there. as with alot of others. guess the powers that be there are not overly concerned with image and such. unfortunately, though not ALL the time, that when you DO report something and DO the right thing supposedly, you get watched, marked and followed sometimes. though not always...just sometimes. so much for incentive to wanting to feel safe and protected. yes...very jaded because it is very frustrating to be doing what IS the right thing and find that when you and others do the right thing, it falls on deaf ears.

Jamestown, NY

#40 Jan 25, 2009
Tell everyone you know about this. Tell them about this site and how to get here.
Talk about it to your co-workers, family, friends, people at the dentist's office. Word of mouth can travel far.
I wish you could ask your laywer (I assume you have one) about posting ways someone with info. could contact him or her.
Isn't there lots of camara's downtown?
Exactly what night did this happen?
Who do you know that was there that could give you names of people who may have seen something.
I think you need a PI of your own. Maybe one not from Jamestown directly.
I'm so fired up over this, I can't believe the things in this town People don't know about!
I have not been in Shawbuck's in yeears, but I remember even way back when they first opened 2:00 the doors shut and you better not step outside without your coat, purse, husband etc. because you're not gettin back in!
-first time blogger

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