11 Jamestown residents arrested in dr...

11 Jamestown residents arrested in drug bust

There are 419 comments on the GoErie.com story from Mar 20, 2008, titled 11 Jamestown residents arrested in drug bust. In it, GoErie.com reports that:

The Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force announced Wednesday that 11 Jamestown residents had been charged with operating a drug ring.

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knew him well

Waverly, NY

#307 Jun 5, 2008
miss you Quentin...everyday.

Delevan, NY

#308 Jun 5, 2008
It is a shame about what happened to Qunicy. Nobody deserves what happened to him, regardless. I feel so bad for his family and friends. I'm so sorry about what happened, and I hope they find the a$$$$$$s that did that to him.

Endicott, NY

#309 Jun 5, 2008
To this truth person--
First of all idiot, if you knew anything at all, it is ILLEGAL to sell babies in New York State. Hmmm... so what's better these women in this particular family to ADOPT these children out or use and cost New York State a lot of money to get free abortions? If you want to talk "smack" about people you don't even know, get your facts straight. Did you ever stop to consider the good these women from this family are doing to give these mothers who can never have children a baby? A lot of happiness for a lifetime has been brought to these mothers unable to give birth. And last time I checked, there isn't a family that exists in this world that doesn't have some kind of dirt in their histories. Give me a break! I'd love to know who you are that you had to leave a comment about "selling babies" on such a site. What about people like female guards in Mayville jail whose boyfriends have been dealing drugs for more than 10 years. Now there's a topic to be discussed. We have guards in there who go home and have drugs in their homes. Pretty sad.

Buffalo, NY

#310 Jun 5, 2008
Quentin is a dumb ass. He had no visible means of support but was pushing a Caddy and an SUV with rims and Nav and beats. Real low profile for somebody sitting on a Key of Coke.

They even have his dumb ass selling it himself to CI's in controlled buys! What an idiot! I guess he was a real "hands on" kind of guy, a "people person" if you will.

He took care of his family at the expense of the crackheads who are hopelessly addicted to his product and neglect their own families to feed their habit. Now that he's busted you want to feel sorry for him?

Quentin knew the risks and "benefits" involved when he decided to sling rocks. He got busted so now it's time to take the bad with the "good". If you can't do the time then don't do the crime.

Endicott, NY

#311 Jun 5, 2008
While I'm at it, the problem with the drugs and dealers in this town goes back many years. The system is the problem. One example is a person makes a mistake by thinking it's okay to deal and goes to jail, prison, drug rehabilitation, etc. Then, a few years or however many years later, they get out as a changed person, ready to work and lo and behold-- they cannot find a job because they are on probation or parole and no one wants to give them a chance. People do change. Our system needs to implement more programs (with our tax dollars on the state and national level) for people like this who want to come out and be something and someone with goals in life. If they come out and cannot get a job, they resort to the only thing they know. They have kids and they don't choose to sell again because they like it but rather because they have to feed their children. On another note, let's take the children who misbehave in the classroom at say, 7 or 8. They do something like cuss at the teacher or start a fire. The things kids do range from not so bad to terrible and yes, they should be reprimanded. But, what happens to these kids is they are labeled as a problem child at a very young age and teachers, school administration, etc give them a hard time. So, throughout the rest of their career as a student, they are always the troublemaker more times than not. So, in my opinion, this breeds the troublemakers and it often runs in families. I am not saying any of this against the Leepers. There are great Leepers and not-so-great Leepers. The problem is the systems (the welfare, the rehabilition systems, the government, not the educational systems themselves but the stereotypes formed by some of the people within them). Our systems should take a deeper look at the repeat offenders and ask themselves why people offend repeatedly. Well, because being in jail is sometimes easier for them than trying to make it in the real world. Some people (very few) do come out and get jobs but there are very few. You can't as a felon, change and go to college even, because you can't get any loans to pay for it. I don't understand. Even if our system does change in this respect one day, it will take years to implement and see the effects.

United States

#313 Jun 5, 2008
I have known GiGi, Saron and Quinton's mother for a very long time and she is a fantastic person. She was always on those boys to do the right thing and stay straight!! Roger was the one that led them down the path of destruction he ought to be real proud of himself. I know Saron very well and always thought he was a good respectable person. I don't know Quinton but I think he is just a sad case of a victim of circumstances beyond his control. One thing for Quinton he never really was a ladies man for as far back as I can remember he has always been all about Donna and she has been all about him and then when they had kids it really sealed the deal. I mean I never hear of him having kids running around with 5 different women so he does have good in him so if you don't know ,don't judge. Opinions are like assholes everybody has one?!!!

Buffalo, NY

#314 Jun 5, 2008
Last time I checked, Quinton wasn't being charged with cheating on his woman or having multiple kids with multiple women. He's being judged on all that cocaine they found in his house, which just so happens to be against the law.

Also, paragraphs are your friend, feel free to use them. It's easier on the eyes when reading your long posts.

United States

#315 Jun 5, 2008
maybe people need to start being good examples for their children and teach them to be smart and have work ethics and we won't have to blame the system. i'm tired of people blaming the system for their own faults. just like in new orleans, all those welfare bums living in projects off the government, expect the government to do everything for them. we are still paying for some of those bums 3 years later. that's the systems fault. it's not that hard to find a job. i mean deliver pizza's, work at mcdonalds, or go to a temp agency or something. no, people want the easy way out and get rich quick. it's tough when their parents and role models are all hoodlums.

Sayre, PA

#316 Jun 5, 2008
I'm sorry, anonymous from Jamestown, I disagree. I am an "upstanding" white female that has lived in Jamestown for most my life. I was raised by intelligent parents that "went by the book". Yet, from a "bad choice" I got pregnant when I was too young to properly take care of my baby.

I took care of him. I didn't give him up for adoption, I didn't have him aborted. I kept him and loved him. Because of this, I needed help from the government until he got old enough for me to get back on my feet and go back to work.

I remember that when I tried to go back to work, "they" (Dept of social services) told me that I made $11.00 too much to receive ANY help. Instead of helping me get back on my feet by taking away that $11.00 out of what they were giving me and weaning me off of the assistance, they were going to take away the whole shabang if I went to work.

It was at that point that I realized why "those welfare scums" don't go get jobs. Why would they? They go get a job at McDonald's or Pizza Hut delivering pizza's to make $200 a week if their lucky. They make "too much" and get no help at all now. Can't pay bills with that, can you?

The system fails it's people and forces them to stay on it and not work. I happen to be fortunate enough and blessed with circumstances that helped me get out of a system that was supposed to help me while I needed it. Had I not had those fortunate circumstances....God forbid...I would still be on the sh8t.

It's a vicious cycle that I would have never understood had I not been privy to it's "rules".

Not to say there isn't people that abuse the program, but I understand how easy it is to get caught by it.

Just wanted to clear that up for any of you who like to throw stones.

But, all said and done....what does all of this have to do with Quincy Turner and his family?
casual observer

Fredonia, NY

#317 Jun 5, 2008
Work is work...even if it is currently a prohibited business.
That aside....people can choose to conduct themselves according to their chosen profession...or not.
It's the " or not " that often results in something like the recent shooting.
I've seen it countless times....and more often than not the action is a justified reaction to another's belief their trust has been violated.
Rules ...and the consequences of breaking them, are a fact of life.
What surprises me is how many express their apparent outrage when corrective action is taken, rather than at the misdeed or violation of trust that initiated it.
It's a serious business, and to ignore the fact that everyone in the business knows this going in...is to be naive.
Break the rules...pay the price. It's not hard to understand.

Sayre, PA

#318 Jun 5, 2008
We've all broken rules. We've all paid prices. How high of a price is the question. A life? The ultimate price? Don't tell me that you think for one minute that the people who did this don't go around breaking rules. Who are they to judge? Who the hell are they that they can just decide who pays with their lives and who doesn't? If a bullet was meant for one of them...they would be singing a different tune, trust me.

So someone says they broke this rule or that? Pay a price. Bullsh8t! What happens when someone decides that a rule you broke deserves death? Do you think that is right for anyone but the Almighty to take into their own hands and decide?....JACKO
casual observer

Fredonia, NY

#319 Jun 5, 2008
I didnt say it was right or wrong...just that it is a fact of life.
And everyone in the business knows it.
My question would be...did the victim believe his own life or freedom was anymore important than those he so obviously had planned on sacrificing for his own?
And yes...rules are broken all the time...but this isnt school yard stickball...

Buffalo, NY

#320 Jun 5, 2008
I didn't say it was right or wrong either. The bottom line is that if Quincy had not chose to sell drugs he wouldnt have been arrested and went to jail. If Quincy hadn't agreed to cooperate with the police he wouldn't be dead. He would still be in jail but he wouldn't be dead.

Quincy made some really poor decisions. Did he deserve to die? It's not up to me to answer that question but apprently someone else felt that he did. That was their decision and hopefully they will pay the consequences for their decisions too.
casual observer

Fredonia, NY

#321 Jun 5, 2008
We all die at some point...I think it boils down to fear.
Fear of not knowing what prison is really like...fear of losing what you believe you have...fear of the unknown. Its a wasted emotion.
But I still think people need to wake up and realize their are bigger things to hold as important.Fear is a tool thats used to get people to break trust...to sacrifice others.
And honestly....I agree w you that he'd be alive if he hadn't agreed to cooperate.
And those who convinced him to do so hold half the blame. G'night
past stoner

United States

#322 Jun 5, 2008
Yeah. Leeper, name rings a bell. Damn, I go back before Bob, and remember when Len Howie and Wayne Leeper drove up to Swede Hill with a carload of thugs to start trouble on Chapin street, probably 1969, 1970 or so. Big problem for the Black gang from the Northside, however. Swede Hill and Southside Whitey were waiting for them, and I remember Howie being bounced down the stairs of the Sorenson's house, and Leeper and his buddies being dragged out of the car getting their asses beat. They never came back. Yeah, we had a close, tight neighborhood. Those were the good ole days.

United States

#323 Jun 6, 2008
I apologize Henry for trying to point out the human side of the issue, if I've offended you in anyway. I also didn't know we were being graded on our English paragraphs etc. My secretary usually takes care of any and all memos that I need. I'm only an attorney I'm sure you have far more education than I do???

“Bernie Goetz is my hero”

Since: Mar 08

Location hidden

#324 Jun 6, 2008
EYe-talian girl..You can defend those drug peddlers all day long and the only thing that happens is that YOU look stupider by the minute.

Freaks aways attract freaks..Misguided freaks still think it's cool to hang with the druggies.

Bottom line:

Stay in school..Or go back if you quit..You have a LOT to learn.

“Bernie Goetz is my hero”

Since: Mar 08

Location hidden

#325 Jun 6, 2008
EYE-talian girl I might add that you are a mealy moufed thing and all the EyE-taliontoes that I know would not put up with a foulmoufed brat like you.

When girls (even the uneducated and loonies) use the F word that makes you look like papa Goomba didnt do his job..

Jamestown, NY

#326 Jun 6, 2008
ey! Phester, non mi scazzare i coglioni! watcha de italiano !

Buffalo, NY

#327 Jun 6, 2008
unknown wrote:
I apologize Henry for trying to point out the human side of the issue, if I've offended you in anyway. I also didn't know we were being graded on our English paragraphs etc. My secretary usually takes care of any and all memos that I need. I'm only an attorney I'm sure you have far more education than I do???
A lawyer trying to point out the human side of things? So you're a humanitarian lawyer, thats quite the dichotomy. In the immortal words of Calvin Coolidge "the world is full of educated derelicts".

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