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#227 Nov 10, 2013
Of course I'm hoping for a best case scenario, where she acknowledges her mistakes and makes a real effort at change, where their family can get back together and live happily ever after. But with years of this behavior, it is very unlikely. I had no idea she was involved in so many online communities (how does a homeschooling mom with so many special needs kids have that much time?). I did not see the video nor do I have any screen shots, but from things said to me by her in the past I wish I had spoken up sooner. I long suspected she went looking for medical issues and had her kids poked and prodded needlessly, especially after her adopted daughter seemed to have all these random issues just like her bio kids. I had always thought Munchausen by proxy was when a caregiver caused medical symptoms so I didn't think Kate had that since I didn't think she would poison her kids. But I read it can also be when a caregiver misleads doctors by reporting all sorts of symptoms that truly aren't there, or are exaggerated. The goal is to gain attention and sympathy from others that is usually given to caregivers of critically I'll children. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what she has. I have no doubt her children have legitimate varying needs, but perhaps not all diagnoses (perhaps some self-diagnosed) are real.

I hope Hannah is thriving in her new home. She seemed like a sweet and happy little baby when I met her. And after Bethany's rough start in life at the orphanage, then on to a life of poking, prodding, and medicating, I hope she will be resilient and heal from all the trauma in her life. Does anyone else find it ironic that Kate said she was supposedly drugged in the orphanage only to have her drugged even more at home? Granted, it was by the doctors' orders, but they were I'm sure going by Kate's reports.

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#228 Nov 10, 2013
Here is her post from Mothering in 2008, before they adopted:

"I realized I haven't updated since June, 2004, and so much has changed since then.

Megan (16) has Tourette's.

Adam (15) has Tourette's, Asperger's, Marfan's, auditory processing disorder, anxiety disorder, learning difficulties.

Emily (8) has Asperger's, Chiari I, tethered cord.

David (6) has Autism, Chiari I (decompressed 2/05), tethered cord (released 8/05).

Sarah (6) has Chiari I (decompressed 7/04 & 2/05), tethered cord (released 2/05).

Isaac (4) has PDD-NOS.

Joshua (21 months) has Spina Bifida (spinal surgeries 3/06 & 4/07), Chiari I (decompressed 4/07 & 10/07), is primarily gtube-fed (since 8/07), wears UCB's to walk, is cathed every 4 hours during the day & is on Prevacid, Zofran, probiotics & Miralax daily.

I had thought I wanted another baby, but since Adam was just diagnosed with Marfan's (his was a random mutation, not directly inherited from dh or me), I'm thinking that I'm done. Having a "normal" child is obviously not in the cards for me."

So by this account, all of her kids had overarching special needs. And then "God led them to adopt" TWO MORE special needs children. In retrospect I'm not sure why the red flag wasn't raised a long long time ago on this woman...

Wichita, KS

#229 Nov 10, 2013
It is actually NOT the norm to donate a Ukrainian child's bank account money back to the orphanage. This is what shady adoption facilitators will tell a family, then they split the cash with the orphanage director. Scammers can be scammed.
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm pretty positive it was donated back to the orphanage as that is the norm. I don't want to cause any gossip or assumptions based on my above comments as I do NOT know how their taxes were reported by them.
On another note, I have met them IRL. Charley is a very sweet and compassionate person. Kate said a lot of things that were very odd and negative, and other things that raised red flags in my head. I could say some of the things she told me, but it was in private conversation and I'm not sure this is the venue to disclose anything she's said to me. But, I will say, many things said in this thread do not surprise me, sadly (self diagnosing, fundraising by guilt, etc). Also, she claims Bethany was drugged in the orphanage - that is pure speculation. And the fact that both the girls have RAD is very surprising as 1. That's rare with children adopted with Down syndrome and 2. No other children with Down syndrome adopted from that orphanage have it (that I know of, and I know of at least 6 others).
She did once lash out on Facebook about how people would change their profile pics to children of friends who were in critical danger (in hospital, accidents, etc) and was upset that no one treated her terminally ill son the same way (ie change their profile pics to Joshua). It was so rude!
Anyway, I do hope for the best for their family and hope they all come out okay after all that's gone on. I know they all have gone through a lot and there are legitimate health and financial concerns. I just hope things genuinely heal for them all.

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#230 Nov 10, 2013
Didn't know that. I hope the director and facilitator used it well if indeed that's what happened in this case.
Momof12 wrote:
It is actually NOT the norm to donate a Ukrainian child's bank account money back to the orphanage. This is what shady adoption facilitators will tell a family, then they split the cash with the orphanage director. Scammers can be scammed.
<quoted text>
ShockedandDisgus ted

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#231 Nov 11, 2013
I too followed Josh's (yeah I said Josh, take that Kate) blog for several years, prayed for him and cried for him. Also I read Bethany's blog from the beginning. I am truly shocked. I never donated because I just don't have the resources to do so, especially for people I don't know. I also followed McKMama...enough said. But if all of this is true, Kate makes McK look like a saint.... I wonder what she did besides fake their symptoms, like actively doing things to make these babies sick. Munchausen (sp) was the first thing that came to my mind. I too have a special needs child and it angers me that a mom would use her children that way and talk about their impending death, when their illness was inflicted/exaggerated by her! Just sickening. I am so happy to hear the children are well. I hope they do not go back into that home and that Kate gets whatever it is she needs to help her and stop her from hurting more children.

Fort Wayne, IN

#232 Nov 11, 2013
I have been following the CB site since 2011. I felt bad at first and found the conversations about God, heaven, and angels really fascinating. In the last several months of the blog's existence, I had begun to have doubts about things. The entries suddenly began being about Kate, and how much Joshua loved her, and how he told her she was the best mom. Lots of conversations between her and Josh, and if they weren't about death, then they were always about how wonderful Kate was. At first I didn't think much of it but eventually it started to feel like she was just patting herself on the back, and it seemed like the things coming out of Joshua's mouth about her were scripted more than anything. Of course I could be too critical, but ever since spring I have been instinctively recoiling a bit every time she posted something about how much Joshua loved her.

Like others, I also noticed the huge differences in Joshua's blog vs. Bethany's. I was amazed that one family had so many health issues. I never said anything, never commented, never donated.

I feel sorry for all the kids. Even the oldest two. I doubt they planned any of this, they only did what their mom told them. Looking at the pictures, I really do think Adam and Joshua were close.
ShockedandDisgus ted

Sellersville, PA

#233 Nov 11, 2013
The first thing that struck me was when I first started following the family, the fact that they would adopt two special needs kids when they already had their hands full, if everything is true about the other kids' issues. I don't buy the "God told us to" reason. This whole thing just baffles me. I read this whole thread right before bed last night and could not fall asleep from thinking about it and wondering how she could do that. I did a search because I was wondering about Joshua and Bethany but never expected to read what I did. I hope those babies thrive for a long time. I am blown away, Joshua attending school???? The way the CB site ended, the way I see things: "ok, Joshua is not dying, never mind the past few years,and all of the drama. Go back to your regularly scheduled lives. Move along, nothing happening here." Emotional blackmail at its finest. What a tool. UGH

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#234 Nov 11, 2013
Those poor children. I dearly hope that they were able to keep Josh as physically comfortable as possible while detoxing him off of the unimaginable amounts of narcotics he had going into his little body. I used to SMH when I'd read the dosages of narcotics being given to him. Despite her medical terminology rambling, a lot just didn't jive, especially when it came to her descriptions & constant emphasis on the brain stem failure Josh was experiencing & his symptoms just didn't seem to match her descriptions. And Bethany's RA. The biggest red flags to me was how the Drs. Could NEVER seem to really effectively treat her children because they were so unique. She never consulted any other of the experts around the country, you know why? Because they'd have blown her insanity wide open. She is one sick bitch

Grand Forks, ND

#235 Nov 11, 2013
I also followed their CB sites and wondered what happened. I to would like answers, so if anyone knows all of the details, Please share them with the rest of us that fell into her scam..Wow, I just love those two kids... The tears that I shed...this really ticks me off to think she could say all those things and that they are Not true. How could anyone that was sane spread such horrible lies about your own children?!

Salt Lake City, UT

#236 Nov 11, 2013
Not sure why, but I felt compelled to google Josh (after hearing of him and Bethany being removed). I always knew Kate was a crazy/evil person. Charley is no better..allowing everything to go on. He has no balls. Reading this forum makes my stomach turn. I am sooo happy Josh, Bethany and Hannah have been rehomed. I am so overjoyed to not be a part of that family.

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#237 Nov 11, 2013
wowjustWow wrote:
Not sure why, but I felt compelled to google Josh (after hearing of him and Bethany being removed). I always knew Kate was a crazy/evil person. Charley is no better..allowing everything to go on. He has no balls. Reading this forum makes my stomach turn. I am sooo happy Josh, Bethany and Hannah have been rehomed. I am so overjoyed to not be a part of that family.
How did you hear about them being removed?

Salt Lake City, UT

#238 Nov 12, 2013
My mom received a letter, which we found odd since she is not family.

Salt Lake City, UT

#239 Nov 12, 2013
I haven't known them for years, so I guess I can't say "he allows things to go on," but from my experience, I can only come to that conclusion.

Bay City, MI

#240 Nov 12, 2013
I don't get how the doctors who were treating him did not recognize or see the signs of this. Did he actually have all those brain surgeries based upon the mom stating he kept getting headaches? Did the surgeries happen?? Seems like the ball was dropped on many levels.Sad all around and Kate is sick and I have to remind myself for mercy on her since this is a legit sickness.

Grand Forks, ND

#241 Nov 12, 2013
Doesn't anyone know the whole story on this? I would think so, with some of you knowing them personally! Every time I think of this I get so mad, she sure had us snowballed!:-((

Bismarck, ND

#242 Nov 12, 2013
I am embarrassed to say I believed every word about Joshua. I cried countless tears over this poor, sweet, innocent boy. I am crushed with worry when my children get even a minor illness. I cannot imagine anyone could stoop to such a level to create illnesses and put their children through unnecessary trauma - physically, emotionally - the list goes on and on. It's beyond my understanding, that's for sure. May God bless these children who have been in our hearts and prayers. They deserve a better life and to be loved honestly and unconditionally.

Mount Pleasant, SC

#243 Nov 12, 2013
I have been in a fog since finding this blog yesterday afternoon. I cannot believe how taken in by Krazy Kate's Kareless Bridge sites (about Joshua and Bethany) I have been for the past couple years! Sure, sometimes things sounded a little whacky at times but hey, I KNEW better than to question it because poor, mourning, stressed-out Kate might attack me! There were so many little things that, as time went by, I really questioned. The biggest thing was praying like crazy that JOSH would live til Adam's wedding….. ok he made it, and kept living, and kept living…… Fast-forward to one of her last posts about them discovering the MEDS were giving him those horrible headaches, and lo and behold, when they cut back on the pain meds, he felt better! Wow!!! So that poor poor kid was drugged to the gills, having horrible headaches (side-effect of the drugs) that left him incapacitated and sleeping 20 hours a day.

Someone mentioned the first pics of Bethany, how happy she looked, and as time went by, she looked more miserable. That bothered me too, I really felt funny about that, but figured maybe her heart condition or something was causing her decline. Nah, she was just a poor neglected child who was being pushed aside.

I am so very angry at this. I can't wait to hear more of what's going on, and truly hope someone in-the-know will update us here on this blog. I pray that Joshua and Bethany continue to thrive at their NEW home, away from Krazy.

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#244 Nov 12, 2013
I hope that all new posters will look and see if they have any documents or communications with Kate about the kids. If you do, then I strongly encourage you to call CW in Oregon. I have no idea if they have charged Kate or not. However, it is very hard to prove medical neglect or intentional harm through medical means. Letters, etc can provide investigators with the opportunity to match medical records with what Kate has been saying. My biggest fear is that one of these children will wind up in her home again. If that is the case then we have failed them, again. Kate talks a good game and (conjecture) I think she brought them to very ill places only to have them have interventions at the 11th hour. Joshua was almost dead any number of times with an urn in the home waiting and angels conversing with him. She is sick and should not be trusted. We can't trust that the system will be able to protect them without words from us.
ShockedandDisgus ted

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#246 Nov 13, 2013
Not only did I believe Josh and Bethany were that sick, I also defended Kate against the people who were questioning her, because I felt bad for her. I didn't know what I would say or do if both of my kids were that ill and not expected to live. This is just another lesson about internet blackmail and to be very very careful. I am so sorry for the kids and for those kind people who were robbed of their money. JP read through the whole thread. The blog is gone, it disappeared suddenly a few months ago, I guess when things started to unravel. But basically she claimed her two youngest children were dying, scammed people out of money and caused a lot of heartache for people who believed her story. Yes, the kids have issues, but they are now reportedly thriving out of her house and her care. So that there tells you something.

Calgary, Canada

#247 Nov 13, 2013
Does anyone else remember Kate talking about Joshua being placed on Hospice and the company not wanting to take him. (Some reason she said was about the Dr's were not comfortable on the amounts of narcotics he was on.) and how mad she was that they did not know how to care for such a fragile child. I'm wondering now if the company wouldn't take him becasue she was the one asking him to be placed and they didn't feel it was warrented. Thinking back about her posts of how much medication Joshua was on, I remember looking up some amounts just to get an idea of 'how' much he was getting and thinking my God, how is this child even able to do anything. My heart broke thinking about how much pain he must be in that at even those massive doses he was only able to get his pain level down to a 3 or 4. She would always say how he would never live on this earth pain-free. That poor boy.....

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