WorldVenture, DreamTrips ?
Living the dream

Dallas, TX

#162 Feb 21, 2013
tyi wrote:
I make money off it every month
Same, I make money every week
Living the dream

Dallas, TX

#163 Feb 21, 2013
Guest wrote:
Who has ever actually taken a trip with WV??
I have, best vacations every. Better yet, I used travel dollars to book the vacations and I got PAID while on vacation.
Travel Man

Mount Juliet, TN

#164 Feb 21, 2013
I got a new silver BMW. Just for helping my friends and family save on travel.
Living the dream

Dallas, TX

#165 Feb 21, 2013
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
Take the time and do a little research on how MLM works. It's not sustainable long-term. Even if you do bust your butt and make a little money and get a few trips, it won't last. These things are only set up to make the top of the pyramid rich. I have seen many of these pyramid schemes and they are all pretty much the same, but the "product" is different. Wake up and realize this!!! I hope you haven't quit your job or your family is going to be starving in a few months when all of the people "under" you bale out.
Every heard of Amway or Mary Kay??? Enjoy your day job and clocking in. While I travel the world and get paid exactly for doing that!

Jackson, TN

#166 Feb 21, 2013
By luring people into a business that they may or may not be able to handle. Such a good person you are! I hope your next cruise ship sinks. Have a wonderful time!
old timer

United States

#167 Feb 21, 2013
It's funny to watch the younger generation. They get caught up in this type of scam, because its billed as " the greatest idea ever". I've seen these types of scams for years. They change the names of the so called companies , and prey on the get rich pretty quick crowds that will be gathered by the "recruiters". Nothing that's cheap is valuable. That's just a fact. The opportunity is only there for the individual at the top. There is no free, or deep deep discounts. It's a mirage. Don't quit your day jobs. If you want to be financially well off, then follow the principles of hard work and time. You essentially only making the ones at the top if the heap richer while living your same old crappy lifestyle. All the while believing, your ship will come in eventually. But It's still fun to watch
Billy Bob

Lexington, TN

#168 Feb 21, 2013
WV is the biggest money maker ever.

You just get people to go to the website and watch a short video. They sign up like crazy. You get paid for everybody you recruit. And you get paid for people they recruit and so on. Before long you are getting rich off other people.

Now the travel deal is not very good. You can book your own travel online for less. But people sign up to make money and don 't care if the travel savings are true. You tell people they can travel cheap or free by signing people up. They fall for it. The travel service is just a way to make it legal.

Some people will take cruises or book a hotel with it. So it does work. We are not a scam. Just sign up people and make money. I can't wait to get my new BMW!

Brooklyn, NY

#169 Feb 22, 2013
antipyramid wrote:
If anyone doesn't see it's a pyramid scam you deserve to be taken advantage of.
how is it a pyramid scam?? They have a product!! And ur job is a pyramid you'll never make as much money as the guy on top! Go back to work!

Brooklyn, NY

#170 Feb 22, 2013
Lmao because you working your ass is going to make you as much money as your CEO. Go back to work

Brooklyn, NY

#171 Feb 22, 2013
SMP wrote:
Pay me now or pay me later :) keep yelling scam, but that's ok! That's why this is an invite only kind of thing, we wouldn't want to travel or do business with you with that kind of attitude & stinkin thinkin!
We will keep showing, going & growing. You just sit back and watch!
love it!

Jackson, TN

#173 Feb 23, 2013
Hmmm CLUE# 4283479023750923740957230


Jackson, TN

#174 Feb 23, 2013

Oh its real.....

Oh it works....

Keep your 9 to 5

I'll take my WV
Cold Hard Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#177 Feb 25, 2013
Did you print that all by yourself? This reminds me of the ALLSTATE commercials, you know the one where the blonde believes EVERYTHING she reads on the internet... Do some research on Earnst & Young all they do for a living is check company's like Worldventures for fraud, and guess what!! WE ARE STILL SEVEN YEARS STRONG< I think if we were doing something illegal they would have caught us by now. We only have a public domain a corporate office on Texas and Ceo's you can actually talk to. Why you silly people still think its a scam just shows you tiny little brains are not EDUCATED!!! <quoted text>
"You tiny little brains are not EDUCATED"

Great representation you are for WorldVentures. You guys sure love to pull the "not educated" card. Ironic, seeing as though you people specifically target the uneducated (which I'm assuming you are as well). If that deposition was fabricated and since it's in the public domain, then why have there been no charges filed against the lawyer and former WV employee for what you believe is slander?
old timer

Mckinney, TX

#178 Feb 26, 2013
Truth is, its not illegal. That being said, it doesn't have to be illegal to be a bad business decision. I've seen them all. This one is no different than all the other so called "business opportunities". I say that tongue in cheek. It's a suckers bet. You are making someone a lot if money. Problem is, It's not you. If you are involved in this , and refuse to see the truth, then you deserve to fail. It's inevitable

Jackson, TN

#179 Feb 26, 2013
Boy they love to push that Ernst and Young thing...
Cold Hard Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#180 Feb 26, 2013
guest wrote:
Boy they love to push that Ernst and Young thing...
Yup, and I notice Ernst is frequently spelled wrong (WV version: Earnst). I wonder if it's the same person typing it?

Jackson, TN

#181 Feb 27, 2013
Cold Hard Truth wrote:
<quoted text>Yup, and I notice Ernst is frequently spelled wrong (WV version: Earnst). I wonder if it's the same person typing it?

Bumpass, VA

#182 Feb 27, 2013
Cold Hard Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
Yup, and I notice Ernst is frequently spelled wrong (WV version: Earnst). I wonder if it's the same person typing it?
Yes it is. And her name is Laura Jackson.

Toronto, Canada

#183 Feb 28, 2013
scrub wrote:
I have a friend who has been in it for 2 years and pays $50 a month til he gets his 6 people in. At $50 a month he would have saved $1,400 and he hasn't even taken his dream trip cuz he doesn't have his 6. It's a legal scam for people who believes in get rich quick scams
Actually you're friend is totally wrong, refer 4 pay no more.
Maybe all of you people who think you know something about this "scam" should actually look into it a little more.
I went from never being on a plane or a vacation in my life to going on three amazing trips last year.. And I have about six other ones booked for this year which includes going to Guatemala and help building a school.
I've been in since July of last year.
I make money off of this every month, I have my freemw as well thank you.

What are you doing with your life that's so great? You all sound pretty miserable ;) if your friends are "tricking" you into this then they're not doing it right at all. That's not what we're about.

Toronto, Canada

#184 Feb 28, 2013
Oh, and also this company has already retired my fiancé who went from working 70 hours a week.
He's not even 30 yet.
So all of you haters who think they know everything about this company because you found it on the Internet, think again.
Have fun working until you're halfway dead.
We'll be on the beach ;)

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