Brooklyn, NY

#208 Jan 10, 2013
oops!! silly me. Still sound like jerks.

Richmond, VA

#209 Jan 20, 2013
Guest wrote:
I noticed you can use EBT at Payless shoe store too....hmmm...
You can ONLY use EBT on FOOD. And not even hot food to go. Sorry no shoes...
ben bethune

Hartland, WI

#210 Jan 24, 2013
The Sarcastic Wit wrote:
So you can now use EBT cards at Sam's Club?...
I wonder how long before the taxpayers start paying for memberships as well?...
I mean, if you cannot afford to feed the family YOU created and the taxpayers are doing it, how can you afford to spend money on a Sam's membership?
Whats wrong with this picture?
I have a membership work a fulltime job and recieve food stamps. oh and im white too. im getting some assistance that as a taxpayer ive paid for.

Fargo, ND

#211 Feb 1, 2013
How about some of us working our asses of pulling 40 hour work weeks at walmart(who gives a free sams membership to each employee) and are taking 18 credits in nursing school to take care of judgmental people in the future... But im on snap i must be worthless

Fargo, ND

#212 Feb 2, 2013
happy wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sorry to say but yes they do. All it takes is for them to apply online and lie about their income. They just submit their documents and as long as the case worker can match the documents to what they stated they are approved.
Actually the irs checks everything out every six months and every six months you have to sumbit proof of income housing schooling everything even as a student if my hours got cut to below 20 hrs a week at work they would drop me from the program crappy but they are actually pretty stingy i do wish they would drug test for welfare programs in all states though its un fair that even working 40 hours and school that i get labled as a druggie government user because a few jerks found a way around the system

United States

#213 Feb 23, 2013
Me personally wrote:
<quoted text> hey at least it is food items they are buying. Did you notice that just about everything you mentioned is mainly kid food? So what you are saying is because they are deserving of food stamps they should have to live as poorly as they can? That is sorry of you to condemn someone that may not be as well off as you. Hell I think a steak is okay since it is food!!!! These people may have to work for minimum wage and that may be why they are on EBT. don't judge people by the food they buy Kids like treats sometimes and maybe just maybe an adult does to. Conceited people like you piss me off. God forbid you ever have to be in their shoes!!!!
I agree with this! Telling people they can only have certain food is really something a control freak would do. Food is food, beef is beef (ground or not).

Where are the Christians in these posts? Only few have revealed a Christian heart behind the words.

Jesus said...'Whatever you do to the least of my brethren you also do to me.'

If the posts in this discussion represent what the world has become, I wonder when God ever has time to smile.

Lincoln, AL

#214 Feb 26, 2013
To all of you that have made very very direct negative comments on ebt assistance programs I have a story for you. I know a family of Four, Mother, Father, 1 year old baby girl, and 4 year old little boy who are on the ebt program. The Parents both have College degrees. The father has a Business Management (bs) degree and the mother a Early Childhood/Elementary School Teaching degree (BS/MS), Yes a masters degree!! Both parents dated all through college and set a wedding date for the day after there graduation date. However, the parents had to move that date up because of a gift from god who decided to come 6 days post graduation day. Both parents had it all planned out...A)College B)Career Path C) Kidos...God had another plan..A)College/Kidos all at the same time then..Hardly a Career path. The Mother has applied in three states and interviewed for 9 jobs over three years since graduation. She has had to settle for substitute teaching when blessed with the opportunity. The father found that everyone else seemed to have graduated with the same degree and since the day he graduated the highest paid job for his degree is an entry level manager at the local walmart. The two parents never give up and are always pushing to find better jobs. They have tried everything. The father worked 2 jobs for two of the years but only gained sleep 3.5 hours a day for 6 days out of the 7 in each week two years and pushed himself to an early age mild heart attack and had to stop his second job. The second job mind you was still a min. wage job at its best! These folks love there family love the community and give thanks to the tax money that feeds there children! They are not embarrased nor are they to proud to say they need assistance for if you ask they will tell you, and what they will tell you is this. These are hard times that have forced us to give our all and fight harder than most. We have been given a constant struggle here as of late and have had a stressed marriage to start there lives to boot. Through the thick and the very very pencil thin in this worlds toughest time in divorce rate at 70 something percent they have been going strong for almost five years. They refuse to give up and they know, deep in there heart that they will someday be able to repay the debt they have pushed on the taxpayers who either genoursly or forcefully have to give each payday. That family I speak of is mine and I would not trade the struggles nor the turnout for all the money in the world!!! My family is my life and I love them all equally and very dearly. So to the taxpayer who sees us as a burden to your life I am so very sorry and I mean that with the most respect! I hope someday I can return the favor, you may never actually see a dime that I push back to uncle sam but one day I hope to bless you in some way the way you have all been a blessing to my family. In closing I have heard and seen some people disrespect the system and use it improperly but WE are not ALL the same. I hate that the best of us have to be in a category all the same. Thank You.

United States

#215 Feb 26, 2013
I see nothing wrong with this. They are buying food. Seriously? They using it for the right purpose. Btw i am not on food stamps and never have been.

Jackson, TN

#216 Feb 27, 2013
The government ( I believe florida) had a drug test for welfare beneficiaries. It did more harm than good. The government has to pay somebody to administer all those tests, quite a few people actually. And only an incredibly small percentage were using any illegal or non prescribed drugs. Unemployment, illiteracy, and hunger are a real problem. While there will always be "that bum" or "hood rat" to scapegoat, that is not a fair representation for the whole. 80% of people receiving governmental help are working families. I am not on welfare, nor do I hold copeous amounts of money. I am just aware and informed.

Tampa, FL

#218 Mar 16, 2013
Bottom line if you are a legal citizen that goes to the job search boards or legitimate school and can pass a drug screen. Then you should be able to apply. There should be a damn limit though after 3 kids your ass should be maxed out on the amount that you can receive. People should only have te number of kids that they can afford. I'm sure working people would love to have larger families but since the money is coming out of their pockets the have what they can afford. Since someone else is paying doesnt mean you should keep spawning year after damn year. If you aren't supposed to be in this country then I sure as hell shouldn't be taking care of you. We have enough people here that we are trying to support. If I have to pass a drug screen to work then you need to pass one to get my damn money. If you aren't working then you have time to apply for a job go to school get some type of training. Getting assistance should be a stepping stone not a damn career move.

Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#219 Mar 16, 2013
Well ppl in school have to go full time and work at minimum 20 hours a week to get good stamps. Work and school but ppl with kids can do nothing and get assistance that is not fair.the govt should be willing to help those trying to help themselves not those sitting around doing nothing

Chatsworth, GA

#220 Mar 16, 2013
It's not just single mothers that get assistance, there are alot of "business owners" that lie about their income, they are on foodstamps and tenncare. These are the people everyone should be angry with!!
Mary Rogers

Durham, NC

#221 Apr 2, 2013
Wow, I am constantly surprised at the level of hatred and greed in the country. If you want to hate someone, hate the government that sent all of our jobs to other countries putting millions of Americans out of work and causing them to need help. They are the real villains here, not the poor. My husband had been on his job for 23 years when his company did away with his entire department so they could hire subcontractors and not have to pay benefits. We had to take custody of my grandson because his mother was doing drugs and putting his life in jeopardy. I work full time and so does my husband, but we still are having a hard time making ends meet. I did not bring any of these circumstances on myself and resent being told that I am lazy, a free loader, or brought any of this on myself. I am sure there are a lot of others in the same circumstances. You need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you make blanket statements about anyone else's life.

Salt Lake City, UT

#222 Apr 4, 2013
I never wanted to be on EBT. My husband and I have four children two are very ill and have been in the hospital more times than I can count. My husband has had six heart attacks in 10 years, this last year had a five vessel bypass done, almost died. And he has been on dialysis for seven years now. He works 50 hours a week. I have MS and can not work. I think those who are so stupid to think everyone on food stamps is a loafer should be shot, because they are obviously are under educated and haven't seen what real life is like.
sydney elkins

Morristown, TN

#223 Apr 4, 2013
Me and my family just started getting food stamps and miight I say that those of you who think they know weverything you don't! I got laid of for starting a ffamily my husband barely gets 20 hours because of the new obama health insurence law so before you run your mouth and down gard people you should take a good look in the mirror and decide if you are as heartless as you sound!

Lilburn, GA

#224 Apr 20, 2013
Those "darkies" as you refer to people of another race do not make up the majority of those who receive food stamps or assistance. Your remark makes one think you are jealous that you don't.

Lilburn, GA

#225 Apr 20, 2013
Michelle wrote:
I never wanted to be on EBT. My husband and I have four children two are very ill and have been in the hospital more times than I can count. My husband has had six heart attacks in 10 years, this last year had a five vessel bypass done, almost died. And he has been on dialysis for seven years now. He works 50 hours a week. I have MS and can not work. I think those who are so stupid to think everyone on food stamps is a loafer should be shot, because they are obviously are under educated and haven't seen what real life is like.
So well said. Hope life gets better.

Haines City, FL

#226 May 24, 2013
yeah but wrote:
...at least not yet.
if they lose that house and that job, then, yeah, they will probably be in the EBIavaqsign-up line. And, yes, it will be largely their own fault for living beyond their means.
BUT anyone with current income sufficient to make a 1500-2000 house payment, for instance, and pay the utilities, phone, cell phones, homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, etc, makes too much to be eligible for an EBT card.
just sayin.
I have to say that unless you have been in a position where you need the help and have used the help, then you have no right to judge.

I am a single disabled mom. My ex doesn't pay but 1/2 of the child support. I owned 3 companies and made excellent money when I had my kids. Living well within my means. My husband of 20 years- decided to take 1/2 our stuff and just leave with the office secretary. I got sick shortly after with Lupus. I have worked since I was 16 years old. With my illness I am UNABLE to work and am waiting for disability. I'd much rather work - I love working, but am unable to now. So, what should I do to support my children? 1100 a month doesn't pay the bills. I went from a 2400 sq ft home that had a huge yard, pool, hot tub, etc. Beautiful home. Thowing parties all the time and loving life it was a home I owned with my husband now I am in a tiny 3 bedroom home in a so-so neighborhood. I drive a 2000 Mitsubishi on its last bearings..... But, my children need to eat too. I have worked my ass off for over 30 years and payed into the system. It's time they helped someone that has paid into the system and has worked, but is now down and out in luck. Try living my life for a week- you would then understand. I know people abuse the system and it pisses me off to see or hear about it. I do not abuse it. I use it exactly what it's for. It's temporary assistance until you can get back on your feet. Think before you open up your mouth!
nobody special

Humboldt, TN

#227 Jun 8, 2013
How about working to change the laws and qualifications to recieve welfare..in the time it took to post your hate messages you could have written an email to your govenor. Fuck off every situation is different. If the biggest problem you have is where someone spends their foodstamps you woke up better off than most of your neighbors.

Marietta, GA

#228 Jun 15, 2013
I think its a good idea. They can get more for the taxpayer buck. I would be pissed if it paid for the membership itself, but it doesn't, so I don't see an issue with it. People have to feed their families, and I would prefer them buy bulk than them buy junk.

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