Mississippi judge jails attorney for not reciting Pledge of Allegiance

A Mississippi judge jailed a lawyer for several hours for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, ordering the attorney to "purge himself" of contempt by standing and repeating the oath like the rest of the courtroom. Full Story

Booneville, MS

#1970 Apr 8, 2013
You assume that I didn't know this to be the case before I joined the military.

Is this the case, or did I know full well that it was so?

“Let's X Change!!”

Since: Feb 09

B4 HOPE Is Gone...

#1971 Apr 8, 2013
maestro wrote:
"Think about it! "
Nothing is free, people need to work for what they get including condoms. We need to fix home first the world is not ours to rule.
well....dude....you said that being american is being part of the world population. you said that america steals from the other countries of the world. you said you don't stand with america.

so......get out of the country, go help a less fortunate country that you're in agreement with. go do your world;y duty and hand out rubbers!

or is it someone else's responsibility to do the work that you see fit?


Booneville, MS

#1973 Apr 8, 2013
Oh no, Rite, you have to understand that working for a living is for suckers, but when he works for himself, he's not working for a living, he's intentionally unemployed but is employing himself... the whole thing becomes really very confusing unless you're as touched in the head as he is.

Sumrall, MS

#1974 Apr 8, 2013
Anyone here a sovereign citizen?
Ms Pond

Tupelo, MS

#1975 Apr 9, 2013
" said you don't stand with america."
So the only choice is a multiple choice? A Skinner/Pavlov conditioning of standardized testing? The world is not a few teams you have to root for. Each individual contributes a unique flavor of humanity and we do not belong to countries. They belong to us.

In Tupelo 60% of the children are born to a single parent. This parent most likely depends on Government assistance. The government steals to make that happen. If we stop the government dependence we stop the stealing.
Ms Pond

Tupelo, MS

#1976 Apr 9, 2013
korre wrote:
Oh no, Rite, you have to understand that working for a living is for suckers, but when he works for himself, he's not working for a living, he's intentionally unemployed but is employing himself... the whole thing becomes really very confusing unless you're as touched in the head as he is.
Ever create a patent? How about speaking or consulting? How about creating or art? You do not need to be employed to make a living from your own inspirations.
Ms Pond

Tupelo, MS

#1977 Apr 9, 2013
Nine universities are testing technology that allows them to track their students’ progress with digital textbooks.

Booneville, MS

#1978 Apr 9, 2013
... craaaazzyyyyyy...
Ms Pond

Tupelo, MS

#1979 Apr 9, 2013
Taxes are also key to creating the first markets that operate on cash, since coinage seems to be invented or at least widely popularized to pay soldiers – more or less simultaneously in China, India, and the Mediterranean, where governments find the easiest way to provision the troops is to issue them standard-issue bits of gold or silver and then demand everyone else in the kingdom give them one of those coins back again. Thus we find that the language of debt and the language of morality start to merge.


How did this happen? Well, remember I said that the big question in the origins of money is how a sense of obligation – an ‘I owe you one’– turns into something that can be precisely quantified? Well, the answer seems to be: when there is a potential for violence. If you give someone a pig and they give you a few chickens back you might think they’re a cheapskate, and mock them, but you’re unlikely to come up with a mathematical formula for exactly how cheap you think they are. If someone pokes out your eye in a fight, or kills your brother, that’s when you start saying,“traditional compensation is exactly twenty-seven heifers of the finest quality and if they’re not of the finest quality, this means war!”

Money, in the sense of exact equivalents, seems to emerge from situations like that, but also, war and plunder, the disposal of loot, slavery. In early Medieval Ireland, for example, slave-girls were the highest denomination of currency. And you could specify the exact value of everything in a typical house even though very few of those items were available for sale anywhere because they were used to pay fines or damages if someone broke them.

But once you understand that taxes and money largely begin with war it becomes easier to see what really happened.

Hattiesburg, MS

#1981 Apr 10, 2013
America Already Has a State Religion. It’s called ‘Government’

Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/04/america-a...
Ms Fawn

Tupelo, MS

#1982 Apr 10, 2013
Deligirl wrote:
America Already Has a State Religion. It’s called ‘Government’
Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/04/america-a...
Secular Humanism?

Lexington, TN

#1983 Apr 11, 2013
Wow....Mississippi smh not a shocker no wonder its the fattest n poorest state of the union

Lucedale, MS

#1984 Apr 11, 2013
heyitsfranklin wrote:
Wow....Mississippi smh not a shocker no wonder its the fattest n poorest state of the union
Says the person from the 4th fattest state in the Union. Sorry, but calling states out on being the fattest is like a kid a fat camp calling another kid out for being fat.....sorry, but we're all fat sh*ts now. I will say that our budget is balanced however, how about yours?
Rod Knox

Tupelo, MS

#1985 Apr 11, 2013
Mississippi't budget is balanced after the Governor takes in the welfare from Minnesota, New Jersey, Maryland,etc. For every dollar that Mississippians pay in income tax Washington sends back TWO from the workers in blue states, Pathetic. Mississippi's highways, bridges, schools, universities, football team uniforms, coaches salaries and cheerleader uniforms are just part of this states ENTITLEMENTS. Maybe the Governor should get food stamps.
Ms Fawn

Tupelo, MS

#1986 Apr 14, 2013
korre wrote:
... craaaazzyyyyyy...
Tomas Young's life nearly ended nine years ago when he was riding in the back of a water truck in Baghdad's Sadr City. Two rounds from a sniper's AK-47 hit him; the first severed his spinal cord and the second shattered his left knee.

Modern-day medicine saved him. A critically acclaimed 2007 documentary, "Body of War," made his injuries -- and objections to the Iraq war -- widely known.

Now, he lies again on the verge of death.

This time, he is not in a bed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center but on a futon in his home in Kansas City, Missouri. This time, no one is trying desperately to keep him alive. Young wants to die.
Rod Knox

Tupelo, MS

#1987 Apr 14, 2013
The Pledge of Allegiance was written to insult the elected representatives of the defeated Confederate states during reconstruction. The senators and representatives and judges from Mississippi and the other southern states, most of them veterans of the Confederate army, were forced to humiliate themselves by reciting the Pledge before they could be sworn in to their offices. And "under God" was not in the original Pledge. The Pledge of Allegiance tells southerners where they can stuff their "Stars and Bars" but the rednecks of Mississippi are too dumb to recognize an insult.

Since: Apr 13

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#1988 Apr 14, 2013
Umm... you do realize that the pledge was written almost 40 years after the war was over, and that it was not adopted by Congress as our pledge until 1942, right? There weren't any confederate veterans left almost 80 years after the war ended that were trying to get into office.

Look, you guys have to just get used to the fact that the south lost the war and that there's no big conspiracy to embarrass the south considerably over 100 years after the war ended. Stop being so psychotic.
Ms Fawn

Tupelo, MS

#1990 Apr 15, 2013
" Stop being so psychotic. "
National control still does not work. States should have veto power over federal control.
It is not a matter of the north and south but the tyranny of central control over individuals.

“Uzi Does It”

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#1991 Apr 18, 2013
There's nothing patriotic or conservative about the socialist progressive pledge of allegiance and I have no clue what Vietnam or Korea have anything to do with the pledge other than it makes us more like them.

Since: Apr 13

Hernando, MS

#1992 Apr 26, 2013
Despite how you feel about America its supposed to be people like you in our justice system that is to set an example. After all you are suppose to uphold our government system.... but sounds more like your one of those ambulance Casper kinda attorneys given your comments. Guess we shouldn't expect much out of some one like you. Very sad that you have given up and joined in with the rest of the idiots.
Good Attorney wrote:
Good attorney! I do not recite the pledge either, nor do I salute the flag. Why bother, given that the country is overrun by illegal immigrants, that public employee unions bribe our politicians, that activist judges overturn the vote of the people, and that racial and gender quotas are used instead of merit?
The only thing this country MIGHT do for me is pay back what I put into Social Security. Then again, maybe it won't.

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