Adoptee Bill of Rights will not be vo...

Adoptee Bill of Rights will not be voted on- Weinstein to blame!

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Since: Apr 12

Willcox, AZ

#1 Jun 21, 2013
Sent: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 10:19 am
Subject: A909 the Adoptee Bill of Rights, NY
The following message is from Joyce Bahr of the Unsealed Initiative. The NY
Adoptee Bill of Rights will not be voted on this sesson thanks to Helene
Weinstein who (once again) got her way:
Because Weinstein was able to persuade some of our co-sponsors to go against us
Weprin was unable to move our bill to the floor. Weinstein orchestrated the
meeting of the Steering committee (leadership). I can tell you this is exactly
what Code Committee ( Joe lentol's ofc told us) they feared she would persuade
members to vote against us and say they wanted reform but they felt NY is not
ready for a retroactive law-so they would go for prospective. As u know we
already have prospective. Seems she doesn't know. Lorraine's assembly member
Fred Thiele was in the meeting for our side ( Weprin was not present, Weinstein
was) Gottfried led the meeting for our side. although a number of the 20 or so
members were for us we were not able to get the majority to dise with us. Fred
said some of those who are listed as co-sponsors on A909 went against us.
Meaning Hooper Titus and Boyland.
the 3 of them either signed on or moved up to co-sponsor right before the
meeting. Weinstein's friends Nolan and Hevesi removed themselves from A909.

Fred did think it was good we made it to leadership for consideration and they
did not kill A909.

Since: Apr 12

Willcox, AZ

#2 Jun 21, 2013
Get your DNA done! Weinstein can't stop that. prove who is related to who.
Karen Waggoner

Bethel, CT

#3 Jun 21, 2013
As a birthmother who surrendered in NY in 1966, I am totally in favor of opening original birth records and certificates to all adoptees, as are all the birthmothers I know.

Stop treating adoptees as second-class citizens who are unable to have records that pertain to them. Pass A909!
Michael Schoer

Bridgewater, NJ

#4 Jun 21, 2013
I'm an adult adoptee and I'll keep this short. I'm fine with being adopted. I have a family that has loved me unconditionally and that is what we should all want. However, as an adult adoptee, it should be my right to know my heritage and biological medical information and also that of my children. Adult adoptees deserve to be treated equally just like the non adopted . Why ahould adult adoptees be discriminated against simply because we're adopted? This is discrimination plain and simple.

*Question, how much is your heritage & biological medical info worth to you? Are you willing to give it up and live without it? I'm guessing NO. So why are adult adoptees any different. Assemblymember Helene Weinstein is wrong on the Bill of Adoptee Rights A909 /S2490A. She is allowing discrimination to continue in an age of equal rights. What if it were you? How would you feel & what would you do? Contact Assemblywoman Weinstein at and tell her to cosponsor this bill now. Thanks.

Templeton, MA

#5 Jun 21, 2013
Helen Weinstein should be ashamed. How can a supposed progressive state like NY support same sex marriage based on equal rights and totally ignore the rights of adult adoptees? The NY Bill of Adoptee Rights only asked that adult adoptees be able to request and receive a copy of their original birth certificate (OBC). However Oregon just passed a bill that allows adult adoptees access to their entire adoption file... and it was signed into law this month! Adult adoptees can receive a copy of their OBC if born in Maine, Rhode Island, Illinois, Kansas, Alaska, Massachusetts (if born before 1974), Alabama, Oregon.....what is wrong with NY State? This is what is wrong, a small hand full of misinformed "good old boy" legislators seem to have the power to decide the fate of thousands of mature adult adoptees born in the State if NY, and subject us to continued discrimination. I would like to have the same rights as a natural born person, and not feel at age 56, that I am in some way inferior, not worthy enough to be able to have a copy of the original record of my birth. Shame on you Helen Weinstein, shame. You apparently lack compassion for your fellow human beings. However, there are at least 6 million adoptees in the USA, and thousands of them live in NY State, and thousands are old enough to vote. You will hear us roar.

F adoptee born October, 1956, Binghamton, NY

Roslyn, NY

#6 Jun 22, 2013
Every time that I go to any type of doctor I am asked my medical history. I can't answer that question because my records are sealed. I don't know if I have relatives who are diabetic, heart problems, or have had any type of cancer. The New York State Assembly in the persona of Helene Weinstein has repeatedly denied me my right to know my heritage, my medical history and just to have this information. Ms. Weinstein can go on to the Internet and find out where she came from, I can't. This has to end. I deserve the right to know my history if I want it or even if I don't want it. Unsealing birth certificates of adoptees has been successful in quite a few states and countries. New York State has been a great believer in equal rights for everybody except those who have been adopted, now is the time for adult adoptees to get our due, the right to know our history, our medical history and the right to use that information.
Priscilla Sharp

State College, PA

#7 Jun 22, 2013
Big mistake, Ms. Weinstein. BIG mistake! The native New Yorkers are getting restless and angry. As one of them wrote to me this morning: Id like my birth certificate before my children sign my death certificate. I can see your approval rating slipping lower than Silver's.

Since: Apr 12

Willcox, AZ

#8 Jun 22, 2013
Here is what I wrote directly to Miss Helene E.Weinstein.

Dear Helene Weinstein, I run a search and support group for adoptees and parents who are looking for each other. What you did was very sad. We have people who are being ripped off by Paid companies to search for their children and parents. Sometimes they still can't find. Sometimes they do. Some people are getting scammed and being told they are their family member when they aren't. Well good thing we now have DNA and people are finding who they are related to with DNA.So if you think you are protecting anyone, think again. DNA will discover who ever you are trying to protect.

Yes, thousands of people are doing DNA. Adoptees and all sorts of people. From that like at 23andme and FTDNA, people are finding their roots. No you don't need to start with a name to know what DNA results will reveal.
Remember my name, Joan Edelman. As I will be updating you on the reunions.

please write to her too. Give your feelings.
Mary OShea

Lyndhurst, NJ

#9 Jun 22, 2013
Dear Assemblywoman Weinstein,
I am so angry and disappointed that you lobbied against this bill. When adoption records were sealed, it was done retroactively back in time. My father was placed as an indentured child with the family that ultimately adopted him. This happened in NYC. He was placed in 1919 and was not adopted until 1932. He enter the US Navy in 1937 and remained there until 1957. In 1978 he attempted to obtain a US Passport and could not because he had no birth certificate. He traveled the world with the Navy without a passport and now had great difficult getting one. He died in 1983 without ever knowing who he was. But I work every day to find out for him and for my family who their grandfather was. DNA will uncover the answer for me and many others. Even today there are men and women that are dying for our country in the military and are being treated as second class citizens and not allowed to know who they are and who their parents were. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you did to so many people. This is an assault against women. What is your PERSONAL agenda. What are you hiding? Who are you doing this for?
Sylvia Ackerson Reunited

Shallotte, NC

#10 Jun 22, 2013
Ms. Weinstein,
For 15+ years you and Sheldon Silver have kept this bill from being voted on. What are you afraid of if it is passed? Do you have a child out there that you don't want to find you maybe? I think it's time there is an investigation into your reasons. You can't seem to give a valid reason why you don't want adoptees to have their OBC. I promise you that one day it will all come out!
S Ackerson

Since: Apr 12

Willcox, AZ

#11 Jun 22, 2013
Sylvia Ackerson Reunited wrote:
Ms. Weinstein,
For 15+ years you and Sheldon Silver have kept this bill from being voted on. What are you afraid of if it is passed? Do you have a child out there that you don't want to find you maybe? I think it's time there is an investigation into your reasons. You can't seem to give a valid reason why you don't want adoptees to have their OBC. I promise you that one day it will all come out!
S Ackerson
please send this to Helene E. Weinstein..........

Since: Apr 12

Willcox, AZ

#12 Jun 22, 2013
Everyone can send direct messages too to Helene E. Weinstein

Let her know how you feel. Share this on your facebook. Hit the fb key on top and twitter, and any media you can. thanks,

Please share on other cities and states. I am sure there are people from ny that are living in other cities and states, and would like to know what is going on. Lets share, and track it, and keep this in the top of topix. thank you.

Altamont, NY

#13 Jun 22, 2013
I just submitted the following directly to Assemblywoman Weinstein's email:

For shame, Assemblywoman Weinstein, that you continue to sentence me to second class status for something that was done to me when I was an infant. I was the only one in the transaction who had no choice, no voice. So now all I'm asking for is what is rightfully mine -- my Original Birth Certificate and with it my heritage and medical history. While I'm not a constituent I am sure that many in your district would be shocked to know what you are doing to adults who are only asking for equal rights to personal information. Are you trying to hide something?

Cambridge, MA

#14 Jun 23, 2013
If I thought for a moment that my story or the stories of others would move your rather devious, intentional position .... I would share it... I don't believe in no means do I think that you are the only reason the OBC law doesn't even come to a vote after 17 attempts..... my own experience in state politics is that the web of favors owed, grafts shared, manuevers devised all come together to prevent embarrassing ... perhaps career ending... legacy changing.... events to happen....the fall of reputations...
Perhaps it's best not to underestimate the power of families who want to be together.... thousands of them.... it's enormous....
What's done is done...but the future... well that's yet to will have to decide if that's worthy of your consideration... and perhaps the consideration of those who stand so close to you....
Kathy Johnson

Since: Apr 12

Willcox, AZ

#15 Jun 23, 2013

Please read what people are saying on this issue on the Brooklyn, ny site too.

Hartford, CT

#16 Jun 24, 2013
I wrote her directly .. I am so upset with this decision. Not going to vote is getting to be old. Now what???? She or someone she knows is hiding sonething . That could be the only reason, why else would she risk slipping in the polss if she is not trting to shield someone . I am not happy .

Palma De Mallorca, Spain

#17 Jun 24, 2013
I wrote directly to her as well! I am hoping that she will answer as I am completely perplexed on why she lobbied against this bill. I took the time to look at the work she has done in the past and present and it just doesn't fit. There has to be some underlying personal reason. Hoping to hear back an explanation... that is if she has the courage

Since: Jun 13

Marshfield, WI

#18 Jun 24, 2013
The continuing question is -why? Does Helene E Weinstein's constituents have a right to know why? Doesn't she represent the people? Is she voted in to the position she represents? When is her term up? I don't understand what maneuver she made during the last vote for adoptees. What's her rationale? Can Weinstein be ousted from her position for misrepresentation? Why would birthmothers have more clout than adoptees?
I have a many questions but very few answers.
Kelly Moore

Columbus, OH

#19 Jun 26, 2013
This is the note I just sent to Ms. Weinstein.

Dear Assemblywoman Weinstein,
I hope today finds you well. I am writing to you today about how I feel at the end of June, and how I have felt at the end of June for the past six years. I was adopted in Albany. Every year my heart breaks when, inevitably, the Adoptee Right's Bill does not go to the floor. You can verify this with my therapist. It is my own kind of seasonal depression. I am an adoptee who would like access to MY original birth certificate, and each year my hopes are dashed. I get especially upset for all the adoptees who are getting on in age, and are missing opportunities to meet their birth families because they have already passed. I can't imagine to wait all these years just to be able to visit a headstone.
I do not understand why you are against this bill. I have not read anything, or seen anything put out from your office as to why you are against this bill. Please help me understand. My phone number is listed above if you would like to call me. I will call your office later in the summer to set up an appointment to speak with you.
I appreciate your time and I hope you reconsider your position on adoptee rights.
Thank you
Kelly Moore

Valhalla, NY

#20 Jun 26, 2013
The only people who CARED to keep my adoption a secret and/or PROFITED (i.e. social workers, foster system in NYC, lawyers, etc.) are most likely gone. My birth parents were teenagers who refused for 11 months to surrender me and so I was in the foster care system.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad to be in the family I ended up in, but the right to know where we came from is a RIGHT. Other states who have opened the records have not seen a whole lot of trouble. We are mature adults with lives, so get real!

Who are you protecting?

When I was adopted in 1972, my adoptive parents WANTED to talk to the foster mother about my routine and they wanted communication, but the secrecy was ridiculous! I was delivered to them at 11 months old with the clothes on my back and one stuffed animal and a first name.

I could not know (until DNA testing this year), nor could I know for my child, what my true ancestry might be or whether any ticking time bomb of cancer or disease was ready to explode.

We are not a loud or large enough group for these legislators to care about, but we are entitled to our birthright and our birth certificates! The children adopted this decade are entitled to it, so why aren't we?

I don't think people in power even know enough about this topic to pass judgement. Read The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler. There is a dark side to adoption they might be trying to KEEP covered up.

I suggest we all go down to vital records and sit in until they give us what is rightful our information. It is not just for us, but our children too!

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